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lo F I N G A L, Book. L
Peace, fiiid Cuchullin, to the fouls of the heroes; their deeds
were great in danger. Let them ride around * me on clouds ; and
fhew their features of war : that my foul may be ftrong in danger. i
my arm like the thunder of heaven. But be thou on a moon-
beam, O Morna, near the window of my reft ; when my thoughts
are of peace j and the din of arms is over. Gather the ftrength
of the tribes, and move to the Wars of Erin. — Attend the car of
my battles j and rejoice in the noife of my courfe. Place three
fpears by my fide; and follow the bounding of my fteeds. That
my foul may be ftrong in my friends, when the battle darkens round
the beams of my fteeL
As rullies a ftream -}- of foam from the dark fliady fteep of Cromla;
when the thunder is rolling above, and dark-brown night on half the
hill. So fierce, fo vaft, and fo terrible ruflied on the fons of Erin.
The chief like a whale of ocean, whom all his billows follow, poured
vaJour forth as a ftream, rolling his might along the fhore;
The fons of Lochlin heard the noife as the found of a winter-
ftream. Swaran ftruck his bofty fhield, and called the fon of Arno.
What murmur rolls along the hill like the gathered flies of evening ?
* It was the opinion then, as indeed it As torrents roll encreaj'd by numero'-is
is to this day, of fome of the highlandtrs, rills
that the fouls of the deceafed hovered With rage impetuous down the ecchoing
round their living friends j and fometimes hills ;
appeared to them when they were about RuHi to the vales, and pour'd along the
to enter on any great undertaking. plain,
f flf i' on ^[liAxp^oi OTorajMoi, xxr Roar thro' a thoufand channels to the
ofsripi fiovTii main. Pope.
E« iJiKs-ydpAilxi) c\)y.Qsl\?^(Tov oSpiusv Aut ubi de:itrfurapid)di mont'tkuialiiSf
\jSuf, Dantftnitum fpumc/i amnes, tf in aquora
KfanMD £>c i/.iyoi'Kiity xo/Aj;? sWoirSs x^- currunt,
felior,c, Hoji, ^"Ifque fuum fopulatui iter, ViRG.

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