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Book I. AnEPICPOEM. 13
on fteel, helmets are cleft on high. Blood burfls and fmoaks
around. Strings murmur on the polifhed yews. Darts rufii
along the fky. Spears fall like the circles of light that gild the
ftormy face of the night.
As the trembled noife of the ocean when roll the waves on high ^
as the laft peal of the thunder of heaven, fuch is the noife of battle.
Though Cormac's hundred bards were there to give the war to long ;
feeble were the voices of a hundred bards to fend the deaths to future
times. For many were the falls of the heroes ; and wide poured
the blood of the valiant.
Mourn, ye fons of the fong, the death of the noble SithalHn*.
Let the fighs of Fiona rife on the dark heaths of her lovely
Ardan. They fell, like two hinds of the defart, by the hands of
the mighty Swaran ; when, in the midft of thoufands he roared ;.
like the fhrill fpirit of a ftorm, that fits dim, on the clouds of Gotr
mal, and enjoys the death of the mariner.
Nor flept thy hand by thy fide, chief of the ifleof mifl f; many
were the deaths of thine arm, Cuchullin, thou fon of Semo. His
fword was like the beam of heaven when it pierces the fons of the
vale ; when the people are blafted and fall, and all the hills are
With ftreaming blood the flipp'ry fields Horrible difcord, and the madding wheeU
are dy'd, Of brazen chariots rag'd, &c.
And flaughter'd heroes fwell the dreadful Miltcn.
tide. Pope. * Sithallin fignifies a hc.ndfime nun^-—
Statius has very happily imitated Homer. Fiona, a fair maid ; — and Ardan, pr.cle.
Jiimclypeuichpeis,, f The Ifleof Sky; not irrproperly cp.1-
Enfe minax enf:s, pede pes, fS" cufpiJe led the ijle of miJI, as its high hills, which
cufpis, i^c. catch the clouds frorti the weftern ocean,
Arms on armour crafliing, bray'd occKfion almtft continual rains.
8 burning

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