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4 F I N G A L, Book I.
on thy arms ! Calmar lift thy founding fleel ! Puno ! horrid hero,
rife : Cairbar from thy red tree of Cromla. Bend thy white knee,
O Eth; and defcend from the ftreams of Lena. Ca-olt ftretch
tliy white fide as thou movefl along the whiftling heath of Mora :
thy fide that is white as the foam of the troubled fea, when the
dark winds pour it on the murmuring rocks of Cuthon *.
Now I behold the chiefs in the pride of their former deeds ; their
fouls are kindled at the battles of old, and the adions of other
times. Their eyes are like flames of fire, and roll in fearch of the
foes of the land. -Their mighty hands are on their fwords ; and
lightning pours from their fides of fteel. They came like ftreams
from the mountains ; each ruflied roaring from his hill. Bright are
the chiefs of battle in the armour of their fathers. Gloomy and
dark their heroes followed, like the gathering of the rainy clouds
behind the red meteors of heaven. The founds of crashing arms
afcend. The gray dogs howl between. Unequally burlts the
fong of battle ; and rocking Cromla -f echoes round. On Lena's
duflcy heath they ftood, like milt | that fliades the hills of autumn :
when broken and dark it fettles high, and lifts its head to heaven.
Hail, iaid CuchuUin, fons of the narrow vales, hail ye hunters
of the deer. Another fport is drawing near : it is like the dark
rolling of that wave on the coaft. Or fliall we figlit, ye fons of
• Cu-th6n — themournfulfoundofiva'ves. So when th' embattled clouds in dark
t Crom-leach fignified a place of worfhip arr^y,
among the Druids. It is here the proper Along the fkies their gloomy lines difplay ;
nameof ahillon thecoaftof UllinorUlfter. The low- hung vapours motionlefs and ftill
J ii<p'iK-niTiv tomore? a!ft Kpovluv Reft on the fummits of the (haded hill,.i . !
Arpifjifc;. HoM. 11. 5. V. 522.

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