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F I N G A L,
In S I X B O O K S.
CUCHULLIN * fat by Tura's wall; by the tree of the rufl-
ling leaf. His fpear leaned againft the mofly rock. His
ftiield lay by him on the grafs. As he thought of mighty Car-
* Cuchullin thefonof Semo and grand- fole manager of the war .^gain(l Swaran
fon to Caithbat a druid celebrated in tra- king of Loch'in. After a feries of great
dition for his wifdom and valour. Cu- aftions he was killed in battle fomewhere
chuliin when very young married Bragela in Connaught, in the twenty-feventh year
the daughter of Sorglan, and pafling over of his age. He was fo remarkable for his
into Ireland, lived for fometime with Con- flrength, that to defcribe a ftrong man it
nal, grandfon by a daughter to Congal the has pafTed into a proverb, " He has the
petty king of Ulfter. His wifdom and flrength of Cuchullin." They fhew the re-
valour in a fhort time gained him fuch mains of his palace at Duiifcaich in th;
reputation, that in the minority of Cor- Ifle of Skye ; and a ftone to which he
mac the fupremc king of Ireland, he was bound his dog Luatb, goes ftill by his
chofen guardian to the young king, and name.
B bar.

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