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Fintan — Kilintag (Morvern), Glenfintaig (Lochaber) § 110
Fintan (Munnu, Mun, i.e. mo-Find-u) —
Kilmunn (Holy Loch), Eleanmande (Appin).
S. Munde's Island (Invercoe) ; with Llann-, and -an
Lumphanan (Mar), Lumphinnan (Dunfermline) ; with
Inis-, and^-an Inchinnan
Flannan (reà), Flannan Islands (Lewis)
Fotinus, Pothinus (of Torry, Aberdeen) hence perhaps
Kirkpottie v. sub Fiachra
Francis, TeampuU Frangach (Strath, Skye)
Fyndoca f. — Findo-Gask (Dunblane)
Glascianus (i.e. Mungo) — Kinglassie (i.e. cill-mo-glass-i, near
Kirkcaldy), Kilmaglas or Kilmalosh (Strachur) i.e.CHiH-
ma-ghlais .
Gorman Suidhe- Ghuirmein (Glen Urquhart)
Herald Killespickerrel (Muckairn)
Hilary, with to-. Teller's Well (Drumblade)
Inan ( =Adamnan)
with to- Tenant's Day (Beith), and S. Inan's Well,
S&uthenan (Capella Sti. Annandi)
Kennere f. Kirkinner (Galloway)
Kentigern v. Mungo
Kessog (Maclsaac), Kessock Ferry (Inverness) : with do,
Kin-t-essack (Forres) : with mo, Feil-ma- Chessaig (Cal-
lander, Cumbrae), Tom-ma- Chessaig (Callander) Eccles-
Malesoch, or Eglis-Malescok (Mael-Isaac-oc) i.e. Carluke;
also Kil-mal-isaig
Kevoca f., later m. (Caemh-og, mo-chaemhoc) —
5. Quivox, S. Evox (Ayr), Kevockburn (Eaglesham)
Laisren (lassar, lassair f . flame ; ed, Aed fire, and for the
idea cf. the Heb. Seraphim burning ones). The name
is perhaps divided into two (1) Lais- (2) -ren, with the
Svarabhakti vowel, -iren -eren whence Ern, Ernan, etc.
(a) with mo-, Mo-lais-i Kilmalash, Lamlash (Eilean-mo-
Laisi), Mo Li-o
(b) with do-, Do-lass-e, Da-lais-e : F.M. 638
Laurentius Lawrencekirk

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