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in the bird benumbed with cold and
sore with hunger, I myself will doubt
thy speech and thy faith. But, as I
believe in thy speech and in thy faith
that thou didst teach me, I myself will
let in the bird.'
And Deirdire arose, took the bar off
the leaf of the door, and she let in the
hunter. She placed a seat in a place of
sitting, food in a place of eating, and
drink in a place of drinking, for the
man who came home.
* Go on and eat food, and thou
needful of it,' said Deirdire. 'Well,
I was that, needful of food, and of
drink and of warmth, when I came
home to this knoll,' said the hunter ;
'but may I never enjoy my health if
these are not gone from me as soon as
ever I beheld thee, maiden.' ' Oh, food
and clothing ! thou man who camest
home, is it not upon thy tongue the
running is ? ' said the woman. * It is not

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