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nor thy soothsaying is worth much, and
be thou taking another road.' ' Well/
said the soothsayer, ' I make thee sure
enough of that ; I see it in clear form
in my own mind. 'Well,' said Colum
Cruitire, ' that cannot come to pass ; I
and my wife are of great age, so that it
is not possible that there ever shall be
offspring upon us. I do not revile thy
soothsaying — I have no right to do
that ; but that is the thing of which
I am sure, that there never has been
and that there never shall be offspring
upon me or upon my wife. But that will
suffice ; more of thy soothsaying I will
neither seek nor receive, since thou hast
made the soothsaying without sense.'
And Colum Cruitire allowed the sooth-
sayer to go away, whether he did or
did not give him a gift.
The soothsayer went away. That is
not deriding the story, but the sooth-
sayer was not long away when the wife

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