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P E E F A C E .
This collectio'n of Modem Gaelic Poetry was first
published in 1918 as a conipanion volume to Rosg
Gàidhlig (1915; 2nd edn. 1929). In the present edition
the entire work has been revised, and the Notes and
Vocabulary extended. Indices of Place Names,
Personal Names, and Names of Authors, which were
omitted from the first edition owing to scarcity of paper
at the time, have been added.
It is satisfactory to know that the book has been
widely used and appreciated. It is hoped that in the
revised and enlarged foiTn it will be found of still
greater service.
At the present time, when so much of ovir excellent
Oaelic poetry is out ol print and inaccessible to
students and to the Gaelic people, nothing is more
urgently needed than a comprehensive scheme of
republication. We want a Scottish Gaehc Text So-ciety
or its equivalent. No language can live without a
literature, and what is essential for the preservation of
Oaelic as a hving tongue is that its speakers should
become also its readers.
It is a pleasure to thank the Printers for the care
and patience with which they have executed the
difficult work of alterations and additions in regard to
Notes and Vocabulary.
W. J. W.
PiTLOCHRY, September, 1932.

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