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Brìich-chrann, bri-chrann, n. m. a top-
BkAiGHiD, brij2, or bri'-ej, n. f. a pair
of hems ; a collar about a thief's neck.
Braighleab, bri-gh"-IIeb, n. m. wood-roof
of a house ; sarking. Sc.
Braighleag, brrièl'-ag, n. /. a whortle-
BnAiGHLiCH, bril -lyech, n.f. noise, crack-
ling ; blustering, swaggering; v. make
noise, crackle ; bluster, swagger.
BRaigh-sheol, bri'-hhyòU, n. m. a top-
Braigh-shlat, bri'-hlilat, a topsail-yard
See Long, a ship
Braight, brijt, n. f. an enormous large
fire ; a bon-fire ; in old times, the fire
that the Druids had on the top of
mountains, (braigh-aite.) This word
must be the true etymon of the English
word bright. It is peculiar to Islay and
other two of the islands. See Dr. Mac-
Leod's Collection ; also Druidh.
Braightseal, brijsht'-shyàl, n.m. a fire on
the top of a hill, as a beacon, (old;) now
used for a large fire of any kind, particu-
larly in time of rejoicing ; a volley ; a
broadside; a billingsgate, or a terrible
scolding of ladies ; s ann agaibh a th'
am braightseal ciatach, whnt afine hlaz-
ing Jire you hai'e; a cheud bhruightseal
a leig iad, the first broadside or 7'oUey
they fired; 's iad siod a thug am braight-
seal, what a billingsgate those (ladies)
Brailis, bràl'-èsh, n.f. worts.
Brainn, brienn, n.f. the belly ; a bulging.
Brais, brash, n. f. a fit, a convulsion;
tha na braisean trie, the fits return
Braisd, broshj and bràshj, n. m. a broach.
Braise, bràsh'-à, n./. impetuosity; keen-
ness; rashness.
Braisead, bnish'-ad, n. /. degreeof impe-
tuosity ; rashness ; impetuosity, fervour,
ardour ; wantonness ; forwardness.
Braiseil, bràsh'-al, a. keen, impetuous,
Braisgeul, brash-skèul', n. m. a romance.
Braithreahchas, bràr"-hyur'-ach-us, 71.
m. brotherhood, friendship, partiality.
Bran, bran, n. m. the name of Fingal's
dog, the name of several rivers in the
Br.AN.NA, brann'-a. gen. of brainn, the
Branxach, brann'-ach, a. corpulent, hav-
ing a big belly ; n. /. a corpulent fe-
Branmairb, brann'-àr'-à, n. »». a corpulent
Branxamu, bran'-nuv, n. m. a coat of
Branndaib, brannd'-ai-*, n. m. a sort of a
Braoileag, bràoèl'-ag, a. whortleberry.
Braoisg, bràoèshg, 71./. a grin, a distortion
of the mouth, as in contempt
Braoisgeacii, bràoèshg"-3ch, a. grinning,
gaping ; liaving broken teeth, notched ;
71. /. a female with broken teeth ; a grin-
ning female.
Braoisgeil, bràoèshg'-èl, n. f. prating,
Braoisgire, braoeshg'-èr'-à, n. m. a grin-
ning fellow, one that distorts his mouth in
Braox, braon, n.m. drop; gach braon,
da f hull, every drop of his blood ; drizz-
ling rain ; le braonaibh na h-oidhche,
with the drops of night ; Iraon nan sion,
the drizzling of the blast, Am. ; light
shower; v. drizzle, distill.
Braonach, bràon'.àch, a. showery, drizz-
ling ; rainy; dewy; 'sa rahadainn iAraoTU
iach, in the dewy morning, M. L. ; an
duibhre braonach, the dewy gloom ;
falling in gentle showers.
Braoxaciìd, braon'-àchg, n. f. drizzling
rain ; genial showers ; showery weather.
Braonan, braon'-an, n. m. an earth-nut;
braonan nan con, dog carmUlion. H. S.
Bras, brass, a. keen, rash, impetuous,
fen'ent, ardent, incautious; inconside-
rate ; bras le d' bheul, rash with thy
tongtte ; sruth bras, an impetuous cur.
rent or torrent ; each bras, a mettlesome
horse; mar steud shruth bras, like an in>
petuous torrent, 0. A.; tras-bhuileach,
ready in dealing blows ; irai-chaoin,
quick and pleasant ; bras chomhrag,
Brasailt, bràsh'-àèlt, n. m. a panegyric,
Brat, brat, n. m. hair cloth for a kiln, an
apron. Is. ; a covering, a mantle, a veil ;
crochaidh tu am brat, thou shall hang
the veil, D. ; brat iirlair, a carpet ; a gar.
menti agus ghabh Shem agus laphet
brat, and Shem and Japhet took a gar.
Brat broin, brat'-bròèn, n, m. a mort-
Bratach, brat'-tach, a. banner, flag, col-
ours, ensign ; a' bhratach mhòr aig righ
nan lann, the great banner of the king of
swords; bratach aluinn righ nam magh,
the beauteous banners of the king of
fields. 0.
Bratag, brat'-Sg, n.f. the rough, w cater-
Brataich, bràt'.èch, v. kindle. North. -
Bbath, brha, n. m. knowledge, infonna-

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