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Bei-rrachd, barr'àchg, eloquence, wit,
wagger)'. Is.
BeI/RRadair, barr'-à'dàr', n. m. a wit, a
wag; a satirist.
Bel'brax, barr'-an, n. in. a witty, prating,
garrulous, little fellow.
Beuradh-theixe, bar'-ur'-haa'-nya, n.f. a
meteor, a falling star.
Beus, bas, n. m. and /. moral quality ;
manners; character: fo dlieadh bhevs,
under a good character ; fo dhroeh blieus,
under a bad character ; conduct, doings ;
aithneachar leanabh le 'bheiis, a child is
knownby his manners, B.A. ; virtue ; righ
na beusa mora, the king of lofty virtues,
O. ; custom, habit, practice, use and
wont ; gheibh thu beus is gnath na dùth-
cha, you shall get what the use and wont
of the country sanction, or what use and
wont sanction, Islay ; beus na tuath air
am bithear is e a nithear, the habits or
customs of your associates (farmers) you
must follow; beus an aite anns am bit-
ear 's e nitear, the use and wont of the
place you dwell in, must be conformed to.
P. sub.
Beusachd, bas"-achg, n.f. moral rectitude,
modesty ; manners, morals ; inoffensive
Beusaichead, bàs3'-èch-ud, n. m. degree
of moral purity or modesty.
Beusail, basS'-al, a. See Beusach.
Bel'sax, ba£3'-un, iu m. morals, manners;
deadh bheusan, good morals; droch
bheusan, bad morals,
Beutai, bàt"-al, a. a cow ; kine. Ar.
B'fhearr, bbyarr, (for bu f heàrr) it were
better, it is preferable; 6/ Aearr leam, I
would prefer ; bfhearr dhuit, it were
better for yoji ; bfhearr dhomh, it would
be, or it were better for me ; bfhearr
dhoibh, (dhaibh, ghlv) it were better for
Bh", uv, for bha, before a word beginning
with a vowel ; as, an duine abk' ann, the
man that was ; a bh' arm is pronounced,
uv'-vhann. Is.
Bha, vvhà, prct. ind. of bi, was, were.wert ;
an duine a bha, the man ivho was ; a blia
is thus pronounced uv'-vhà, which is the
reason for doubling the v.
Bhac, vvhàchg, as/, of bac, to hinder;
bhac e an duine, he prevented the man.
Bhagair, vvhag'-ur, p?rf. a. of bagair, to
Bbaihd, vvhatj, as/ of bard, a poet; mac
a bhàird, màehg uv'-vhàrj, the poefs son,
or the son of the poet.
Bharr, fàrr, pre. off, from off; bhàrr na
talmhainn, /rom off the earth.
Bharbachd, (a.) vvharr' achg, as /. of
banaehd, moreover, besides ; a biuirr-
achd air a cheud ghorta, besides the first
famine ; pro. uv'-vhàrr-àchg.
BHEAcup, vvhechg, as/, of beachd, an
opinion ; a reir mo bheachdsa, according
to my opinion ; mo bheachd, pro. muv'
Bheac, wheug, as /. of beag, little ; cha
d' f huair iad a liheag, they got little or
â– nothing; uv'-vheug.
Bheairt, bhyart', as/, of heart.
Bheax, when, as /. of bean, a woman ;
a bhean, uv'-vhen, his wife, or, wo-
man !
Bheaxnaich, wnyann'-èch, pret. a. of
beannaich ; an ti a bheannaich thu, the
one tliat blessed you ; uv-vhyann'-ech.
Bheir, vvharr, /. a. of thoir, to give,
grant, bestow ; cò bheir comhrag, who is
he that wiU give battle? 0.
Bhixn, vvhenn, of binu, melodious; and
binn, a sentence, a decision ; thoir binn
a mach, give a decision, pronounce sen-
Bhlais, whlash, pret. a. of blais, to taste;
bhlais mi, / tasted.
Bho, VÒ, pre. this is the way all the Islan-
ders pronounce the pre. O, whether
single or compounded; thus, bhuam,
vvhùàm, from me ; bhuait, %'^hùàet,
from you, at a distance frorn you;
bhuainne, vvhùàèn'-nyà, from us, at a
distance from us; bhuaibh, vvhùàèv,
ftom you, at a distance from you. Dr.
Smith uses bho in his ancient Celtic
Poems ; but modern autliors prefer O,
uam, &C.
Bhobh, vvhò'.uv, int. O dear ! strange ; O
bhohh, O dear I strange, pro. òv'-vò-uv.
Bhos, vvhòs,prf. this side, on this side;
oftener a bhos, pro. uv'-vhos ; thall 's a
bhos, here and here, hither and thither.
BnuR, vur, more often ar, poss. pro.;
spiorad òftiirn-inntinn, the spirit of your
minds; gu'm fosglair Mursuilean, tiiat
your eyes shall be opened. B.
Bi, be, the verb to be, be thou or you; p.
tha ; tlia gu dearbh, yes, indeed, it is so
indeed; bithidh, shaU be; bithidh iad
an sin, they shall be there; bhithinn, I
woidd be; bithibh, be ye or you. See
Gram. ; bUhidh cron duine cho mòr n
beinn ma'n leir dha fèin e, a man's fault
will be as huge as a mountain before he
himself can perceive it ; bithidh na gobh-
air bodhar 'san fhobharradh, the goats
are dec fin harvest.
B'l, be, (for bu i) it was she ; am b'i bha
siod, was it she that was yonder.
B' IAD, b<;ud and (bead. No.) for bu iad, it
was they; i' iad am feaigar agus a

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