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bheaehd, keep that steadily in view ; 's e
sin a bha 'm bheachdsa 'san am, thct is
what I had in view at fie lime.—" Trans-
lating the Gaelic word for word is what
spoils it." Murray.
BEACHDACHADH, bechd'-ach-S, n. tti. p. me-
ditation, contempiation ; p. attentively
and most minutely observing, paying tlie
greatest attention; meditating, contem-
Beachdaich, bechg'-èch, v. attend, look
steadfastly, perceive, observe ; cha
bheachdaich sùil a h-àite, an eye cannot
perceive or discern her place, S.; re-
view, criticise.
Beachdaid, bechg'-àj, n.f. an observatory,
a watcb-tower.
Beachdail, bechg'-al, a. keenly obsenant,
attentive; sure in aim; nach beachdail
an t-sùil a th' aige, how keenly observant
his eye is.
Beachdaih, bechg'-urr, n. m. a keen ob-
server, a reviewer or critic.
Beachdaireachd, bech'-ar'^chg, n.f. cri-
ticising; reviewing.
Beachdaidh, bechg-è, sure, certain, posi-
tive; tha thu beachdaidh gu'm bi, you
arequite certain it shall be so ; gaheachd-
aidh, most assuredly, most decidedly so.
Beachdalachd, bechg'-àl-àchg, n.f. keen-
ness and sureness of perception, great
punctuality in observing, sureness of aim.
Beadach, bèud^'.àch, a. impertinent, pert,
petulent, pettish.
Beadachd, bèud2'-achg, n. m. imperti-
nence, pertness, petulance ; for beadaidh.
Beadag, beudS'-ag, n. f. a petulant fe-
BEADAGAN,beud'-S-gan, n.m. petulantman.
Beadaidh, beud'-ag, a. impertinent, petij-
lant, impertinent, pert, capricious, fasti-
Beadair, beud'-ur, v. fondle, caress, in.
dulge ; cajole, coax.
Beadarrach, beud'-urr-aeh, a. fondled,
caressed, spoUed as a child; fond of;
Beadradh, beud'-rX, n. m. and p. fondlinp:,
toying, caressing; flirting; a' beadradh
r'a leannan,_^ir;ing- with his sweetheart.
Beag, beug, a. little; short; diminutive;
disagreeable ; trifling ; rud beag, a little
thing; gnothuch beag, a trifling busi-
ness or affair ; duine beag, a diminutive
person; uine bheag, a short time; is
beag orm thu, you. are disagreeable to me,
I hate you ; is beag orm coimlithional
luchd an uilc, / abominate or hate the
congregation of evil doers; iadsan air
am beag sibh, they who hate you; is
beag so, this is a (trifling) light thing,
Bible; is 6ea^ an dolaidb, it is no great
harm, he or she richly deserves it ; n. m.
little, nothing, any, the least, the young ;
cha d'fhuair thu a' bheag, thou hasl
Jound nothing, B. ; am bheil a' bheag do
mhaith air, is it worth any thing; am
beag is 3m mòr, both great and small ;
cha 'n f haigh a' bheag bas, nothing shall
die ; a' bheag a dh" aon ni is leatsa,an!/ (tlie
least), the least particle of what is thine,
,B. A.; is beag, almost; is beag 's nach
do mharbh e mi , Ae almost killed me ; rud
chi na fci^, 'seninai;^; is rud chluinn-
eas iad 's e chanas iad, what the young-
see, the young do; and lehat they hear
they repeat — as the old cock crows the
young cock learns; v. lessen, destroy.
Beaoaich, bèug'-èch, v. lessen ; a reir
teircid nam bliadhnachan beagachaidh tu
a luach, according to the fewness of years
thou Shalt diminish the price thereof,
(lughdaehaidh tu a luach.) Bible.
Beaga\-, beug'-an, n. m. a little, a few;
cha 'n 'eil bacadh air an Tigheam saor-
adh le mòran na le beagan, for there is
no restraint with the Lord, to save by
many or by few ; a lion beagan is beagan,
by degrees, by little and Utile; nisinn ea
lion teagan is beagan, we u-i'll do it by
degrees; beagan eile, a little more; beag-
an eadail, a little sleep ; air bheagan
tuaireim, possessing little sense ; fan
beagan ni's f haide, stay a little longer;
beagan uisge, a little water ; air bhe gan
maith, worth little, of no great value, if
no great interest.
Beageagalach, bèugà'-gal-ach, a. fear-
less, bold, intrepid, undaiuited.
Beag>'arach, beug'-nàr-àch, a. shameless,
impudent, impertinent.
BEAGN"ARACHD,beug'-nàr-achg, n.f. shame-
lessness, impudeni.'e.
Beairt, byàèrt, n. /. a loom; eige 'sa
bheairt, a web in ti.e loom ; harness; da
steud to bheairt, two steeds in harness,
Slaclachline, Ar. ; beairt thuaimeir a
lathe ; a trace; beairtean, ship's rigging.
31. L.
Beairteas, byaèrt"-tyus, n. m. wealth,
riches, abundance, opulence.
Beairteach, byaèrt'-tyach, a. rich, weal-
Beairtich, byarrt'-eeh, v. rig, trim, equip.
Bealach, byair'ach, n. m. a gap, a breach
in a wall or fence ; a gate- way, a gate ;
gorge of a mountain ; tog am bealach,
build the breach or gap.
Bealiidh, byàl'-è, broom. S';e Mealaich;
bad mealaich, a tuft of broom,
Bealamas, byal'-am-us, n. m. the refu.scs
of a feast, the crumbs that fall from the
table, from the mouth, (lit.) beul-amas.

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