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Alt, àllt, turn, a joint ; as an alt, out of
Joint ; a method; ni sinn alt eile air, we
will use another method ; air na h-uile all,
at all events ; v. dovetail, indent.
Altachadh, alt'-ach-X, n. m. grace before
meat; altachadh heaXha, welcoming, sa-
luting; dh' altaich iad beath a chèile,
they saluted each other, B. ; 's ann do'n
làimh ghlain bu choir altachadh, it is the
clean hand that should salute— one rogue
should not accuse a brother ; the articu-
lation of the joints.
Altaich, allt'-èch, v, salute, join.
Altair, àlf-ar2, n. m. an altar.
AiTCHEANCAL, àlt'-chèng-al, n. "n. articu-
lation, inosculation, ceangal nan alt.
Altbum, àlt'-rum, n. m. fostering, nurs-
ing, rearing ; v. nurse, foster, rear ; cajole.
Altshligeach, alt'-hlèg-ach, a. crusta.
cious, crusty ; like shells.
Aluinn, àll'-ènn, a. handsome, very beau-
tiful, elegant, superb.
Aluinneachd, àll'-èn-achg, handsomeness,
beauty, elegance, superbness.
Am, um, per. pro. their, used before words
beginning with b, m,f, and p; as, am
fearg, their wrath ; am màthair, their
mother ; am bairme, their milk- ; am pàisd,
their child.
Am, um, att. mas. sing, used before b, m,
J, and p, when not aspirated ; as, am
baile, the town; am raath-gharahuinn, the
bear; am fear, the man; am pòsadh, the
marriage: used before two feminine
nouns; am boireaunach, am mart, the
woman, the cow. 2.
Am, um, contraction of ann am ; as, am
thigh, in my house; am meadhon, am
mearachd, in the middle, in the or, a
mistake; 2. interr. par. used before b, m,
f, and p ; as, am buail thu, wilt thou
striked am falbh thu, wilt thou go'^
am meas thu, wilt thou esteem ? 3. am,
um, for mo, ray ; as, ann am thigh, in
my house ; am, part. expl. see an part.
Am, am, n. m. time, season ; opportunity ;
fit time ; se so an i.àm, this is the time ;
am fear a ui 'obair na h-am bithidh e na
leth thamh, he that executes his tash in
due time shall be half at rest ; gabh am
air sin, watch an opportunity to do that ;
am sam bith, any time ; tha 'n t-àm ann,
it is time, it is full time ; am iomchuidh.
Jit, or proper time, or season.
A MACH, um'-maeh, ad. out, out of; thig
amach, come out; amach air a chèile,
at variance; int. mach ! mach ! out ' out !
go about your .business, sir, (or madam,
if you please.)
Amach, am'-ach, n.f. a vulture. Sh.
Amadan, Sm-ad-an, n. m. a foolish man ;
cha tuig an t-amadan, the foolish man
understands not. B.
Amadanach, am'-a-dan-ach, a. foolish,
siUy-looking ; aodann amadanach, a silly
expression of countenance.
Amapanachd, am'-ad-an-achg, n.f silli-
ness ; foolishness ; the conduct of a fool.
Amadan-mointich, àm'-adan-mòn-tyèch,
a. dotterel ; leth-amadan.
Amaid, am'-cj, n.f. a foolish woman,
Amaideach, àm'-èj-ach, a. like a foolish
woman ; foolish, silly.
Amaideachd, am'-èj-achg, n. f. foolish-
ness, folly, silliness.
Amail, am'-al, a. seasonable, timely.
Amaill, am'-èll, i>. entangle; dh'amaiUtì\M
an lion, you have entangled the net; ob-
struct, thwart, hinder.
Amais, ara'-èsh, v. n. hit ; amais so, hit
this ; meet, dh'amais sinn, we met; find,
light upon ; an d'amais thu air, did you
find it ; amaisidh na daoine is cha 'n am-
ais na cnoic, men meet, but the hills do
not — be not a churl; is sona an duine a
dh' amaiseas air gliocas, happy is the man
that finds (that lights upon) u'isdom.
Amalachd, àm'-al-àchg, n f. seasonabie-
ness, timeousness, due time.
AMALL,am'-all, n.m. a muzzle-bar; cuibh,
cuibh-mhor, one for four horses ; gearr-
chuibh.^or two horses. Is.
Amar, arn'-urr, n.m the bed of a river;
amar na h-aimhne, the bed of the river ;
amar caol, a narroiv channel, 0. ; a
trou!;h, a mill-dam. N.
AwAS, am'-us, ii. m. power of hitting, aim ;
chain thu t'amas, you have lost your
power of hitting ; you liave lost your
aim, or mark.
Amarlaid, am'-ar-laj, n. f. a blustering
female, a careless woman.
Amarlaideach, am'-ar-laj-ach, a. care-
less ; blustering.
A MEASG, um'-mesg, pre. among.
Amh, àv, a. raw, unsodden, unboiled, un-
Amhach, avf-ach, n. /. the neck of a
brute; a term of contempt for a person's
Amhaidh, àvf'-è, a. sour; as weather, low-
ering ; gloomy.
Amhaidheachd, àv'-è-achg, rawness, gloo-
miness, sulkiness.
A MHAiN..uv.vhàn', ad. alone, only; cha'n
e a mhàin, not only.
Amiiain, àvf'-an', n. m. a. entanglement
by the neck ; lying on the back without
power of moving, as a horse.
Amhairc, è\'- or àv'-èrchg, t'. look, see,
behold, observe, regard, attend ; am fear
nach amhairc roimh, amhaircidh e na
dheigh, he tliat will not look before him.

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