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TO . CORRESPONDENTS. Clan Campbell Society. — The Annual Social
All Communications, on literary and btialneas Gathering was held in the Trades Hall, on Slat
matters, should be addres3ed to the Editor, Mr. JOHN March, Colonel D. Campbell Hannay, 91st Argyll
aiACKAT, 9 Blythswood Drive. Glasgow. ^^^ Sutherland Highlanders, in the chair, who was
' ® ' supported by a number of well known clansmen.
TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION. — Tht CELTIC xhe chairman referred to the close connection which
MONTH! Y will be sent, post free, to any part of the existed between the iUst Highlanders and the Clan
United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and all Campbell, no less than 17 gentlemen of the name
countries in the Postal Vnion-for one year, ^. being at one time officers in the regiment. He was
. always anxious to get men from Argyll to join his
,-____^, .,-- ^^^ , ; regiment, as they proved good soldiers. Mr. Angvis
The Celtic Monthly. Campbell, President, also delivered an interesting
MAY 1897 address, and a very successful gathering was followed
" ^^^^ by an assembly, which was well attended.
c-OKTTEJTia-Ts "^^^ Clan Grant Society held their Annual
" Dance in the Alexandra Hotel. There was a large
James Grant, Olasoow (mth plates), . - - • • 141 attendance, among those present being Mr. James
The RorAL Scots Orets, Part XH. (illustrated), ■ ■ 142 Qpant, President, Colonel A. B. Grant, John Grant,
Roderick Macrae, Beaclt (with plate), ■ - ■ ■ 14d Secretary, Peter Grant, Treasurer, A. Fraser-
OLD WIVES' Tales, from Macleod's Country, - • 46 ^^^^.^^ j^ ^ _ g^ j, Macleod, Dr. Dingwall, W. G.
The H.ODLANDER.S OF SCOTLAND (illustrated), ■ - . - 147 Da,^jj3^,n^ John Mackay, i'eUic MoHthht, etc. The
CROccsEs^(poem)^^^^-^ ■ - - - - ■ - ■ 148 p^ggj^gj^^.^ -j^ welcoming the guests, stated that the
ettkr.-! TO THE DiTOR, • • . - membership was 101, including 14 life members;
Highland Notes. 149 . .i , ,ir r j . j o-o • I
Readers ... - 150 *''" *^'' ^ funds amount to ioo, an increase ot
mVor SEiTs OF C'L.ANCHArrAN" (illustrated), ; - ". .151 £10 on the year. A branch has been started in
A Tale of the Star, 154 Manchester, and the J!,dinburgh branch has been
Tub HiouLANu Bagpii'eb (poem), -.---- 156 merged in the parent Society. The young Chief,
Duncan Macrae, Queensland, (with plate), - - - 156 the Earl of Seafield, is coming of age this summer,
Neil Campbell Colquhoun (with portrait), - - - - 157 and the Society proposed arranging a pic-nic to
KiNTYRE Smuoolinq Stories, 158 StrathspBy to celebrate the auspicious event. The
Domiikull-na-Brataich (poeui), 160 evening was then devoted to dancing and music.
The Patriots Welcome Home (poem), ... - - 160 The proceedings proved very enjoyable.
rtiiB MEv-r ee Clan Macmillan SOCIETY — The Annual General
OUR NEXT ISSUE. Meeting of this Society was held on Cth April in the
Next month we will give plate portraits, with Christian Institute. After tea, the President, Mr.
biographical sketches, of Messrs. William Grant Donald Macmillan, took the chair, and the Council's
MacGregor, London ; J. M. MacGillivray, Mac- and Treasurer's reports were submitted, and passed
arthur, U.S.A.; and Alexander Mackay, Aberdeen. unanimously. The report of the Treasurer showed
We regret to record the death of Mr. Duncan ^^^ finances to be in a sound condition, there being
Forbes of Culloden, one of our earliest subscribers. ^ balance of over £75 at the credit of the Society.
In Culloden House is preserved one of the most Office-bearers were appointed for the ensuing
valuable collections of Jacobite relics in the kingdom. session.
Mr. a. M. Ferguson, Secretary, Uist and '^^^ *^^*'* MacLean have just completed a very
Barra Association, has added 15 new members to successful session, the funds now amounting to £1 10.
the roll, and secured the prize offered. The Gaelic Society of Glasgow propose next
The Macdonald Society have made splendid session to devote an evening to a discussion of what
progress this session, the membership beinr' doubled recent novelists term "Highland gloom." That
and the funds exceeding £100. They do^not seem most gifted novelist, Fiona Macleod, if present,
to have discovered "Pickle the Spy" yet, and will find that Highlanders are not inclined to accept
Andrew Lang's assertion that he was "Glen"arry of ^^^ somewhat dismal estimate of their character as
the '45" is indignantly repudiate^. They ou<'ht altogether correct.
really to engage a specialist to investigate the Dr. Donald MacGeegor writes to the DaiUj
papers, etc., for we have no doubt whatever that Owviiide as follows;— "I am sorely tempted, in
Glengarry was not the informer, but another the event of war between Greece and Turkey, to
Hanoverian Spy bearing the name of one of the offer through you my services as physician and
Olan Uonald septs. surgeon to the wounded on the side of Greece, if
The Clan Chattan had a very successful Concert this should be feasible and acceptable."
in the Assembly Rooms— Mr. Donald Macpherson, The name of Mr. C. Eraser-Mackintosh on
Falkirk, in the chair. Provost Macpherson, Kin- being called to receive thehon. degree of LL.D. at
gussie, addressed the meeting, and spoke very Aberdeen University, was enthusiastically applauded
strongly on the reflections made by Mr. Andrew by the students. Highlanders can never be suflicient-
Lang on the Jacobite chiefs. These attacks, he ly grateful for the many years which he devoted to
considered, were undeserved, for these men had their service. The privileges which our country-
faced the scaHold, and staked and lost their estates men now enjoy in the Highlands are really the
and fortunes in defence of a cause which they fruit of his individual efforts. That his pen has
considered just. Other addresses were delivered, lost none of its activity is evident from our own
and the proceedings proved very successful. pages each month.

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