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Ballingall & Son, Lochee road
Brown, W. H., Craigie brewery
Eadie, Robert, 30 Dock street
Neave, John (brewer and
maltster), Victoria brewery, 16
Victoria road
Whitton, M. & M., King st. brewery
Anderson, Wm., Esplanade (east
Linder, Luke, Bellfield st.
Morton, J. A., 21 Step row
Porter, James, & Son, 41 Lower
Brick & Fireclay Goods Mnfrs.
Adamson, Jas., & Co., 6 Trades lane
Small, Robert, & Co., 64 Yeaman
Beattie, Wm., 52 and 54 Barrack st.
Dundee Institution for the Blind,
Magdalen green and 30 High st.
Colin Macdonald, manager
Hare, William F., 161 Hilltown
Minto, William (brushmaker), 30
Barrack street
Nicholson, James H. (brush manu-
facturer), 40 Castle street
Anderson, John (and pavement
merchant), 24 Willison st.
Anderson, Wm., Esplanade (east
Bain & Ramsay, 20 Watt st.
Booth, A., 17 Constitution road
Bremner, Andrew, 23 Paton's lane
Bremner, David, 34 Ash street
Brown, John, & Son, 15 Mains st.
Brownlee,W. & R., 40 Small's wynd
Bruce, John, Prospect place
Clark, John, 16 Strathmartine rd.
Clarke, D. W., 51 North Welling-
ton street
Cooper, W., Balgay sawmills, Pit-
four street
Crabb, David, 11 Clepington st.
Craig, A. & T. , Provost road
Dargie, J. & W., 241 Hilltown
Duncan, Alex., Soapwork lane
Gentle. James. 62 Commercial st.
Grant, Hugh, 16 William st.
Gray, James, & Son, 61 Hilltown
Hay, J. & C. , 18 Long wynd
Irons, John, Mains road
Kidd, David, & Son, 20 Mid st.
Kydd & M'Cauly, 98 Albert st.
Laing, Robert, 82 High st.
Lickley, Robert, 220 Perth road
Mackie & How, 11 Caldi-um st.
Mann & Millar, 6 Well road, Hawk-
Nicoll, Alexander, 10 Cleghorn st.
Philip, Wm., jun. , 163 Seagate
Pollock, John, 9 Ogilvie's road
Porter, James, & Sons, 41 Lower
Powrie, James, 26 Wilkie's lane
Robertson, J. & D., 29 Kincardine
Scott, Alex., 32 Blackness road
Shaw, John F., Lowden's alley
Sheach, Robt., jun., 24Meadowside
Sime, W., & Co., Scott st,
Smith, Andrew, 128 Blackness rd.
Smith, James, 22 Rosebank st.
Stephenson, Wm., 30 Guthrie st.
Stevenson, Laurence K. , 212 Hill-
Stewart, Alexander, 9 Sea wynd
Stocks, Thos. G., 26 Crescent lane
Sturrock & Sheriff, Dudhope cres-
cent road
Tasker, David, Bonnybank road
Thomson Brothers, Bonnybank rd.
Wann, Alexander. 17 Craigie st,
Webster, Wm. (builder and mason),
Kirkland place, Barrack st.
Will, Adam, 27 Yeaman shore
Aberdeenshire Meat Co., 20 Well-
gate, 286 Hilltown, and Bank
street, Lochee
Anderson, Mrs Mary. 42 Princes st.
Anderson, William, 27 Victoria rd.
Barrie. John. 4 Hawkkill
Baxter. J. & W.. 143 Hilltown

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