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County buildings, 149 Ingram street.
Sits every Monday & Thursday at 11 o'clock within the
Justices' hall, Countj^ buildings, for cases of crime, &
cases under the Revenue, Roads, Weights &: Measures
&c. Acts, & every Thursday at 11 o'clock for the dis-
posal of small debt cases.
Clerk of the Peace, George Graj', 149 Ingram street
Procurator Fiscal, John M. Threshie
This court, on six days' inducise, decides claims of ^5 &
under, sits every Thursday at ii o'clock forenoon, in the
Small Debt Court, Justices' hall, County buildings, 117
Brunswick street. Two Justices are the judges. Sum-
monses & warrants are issued for the Lower Ward of
Lanarkshire at the Justice of the Peace Clerks' ofiSce,
County buildings, entering by 74 Hutcheson street
Clerk, George Gray, 149 Ingram street
For the recovery of debts not exceeding £12, sits every
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday for Glasgow, Tuesday
at Lanark , & Tuesday at Airdrie, & Friday for Hamilton,
& a Circuit court at Wishaw every third 'Thursday. The
defenders are cited before this court on an induciai of six
days ; warrants to arrest on the dependence are issued ; the
decree may be extracted & arrestments used upon it
instantly ; & it may be enforced in all cases by poinding &
sale of the debtor's effects. The decrees may be enforced
over the whole of Scotland. Judges — Sheriff & Sheriff-
Substitutes of the County
Note. — An Act was passed in 1870 abolishing arrestments
of wages, unless the same exceed 20s. per week, but excepting
claims for aliment, crown taxes, poor rates &c. from the
operation of the Act.
Hall & Library, 62 St. George's place & 68 West George street. Charter granted, 1796; Supplemental Charter, 1897.
Dean of Faculty, J. A. Reid I Auditor of Accounts, John F. Orr, 184 West Regent street
Clerk, Treasurer & Fiscal, John Guthrie Smith, 205 St. Librarian, John Muir, 62 St. George's place
"' ' .- -1 I g^][ jjpgpgi., William Forrest, 68 West George street
Vineent street
Jsph. Mackintyre Taylor ll.d
David Murray ll.d
Daviil Craig
George Young
James Donaldson
George Bradbury Hoggan
Chas. Macdonald Williamson
William Gillies
Laurence Thomson
William Boyd Anderson
William Shaw
Gavin Hamilton
James MacBride
Peter MacLeod
J. M. Taylor ll.d
James Muirhead
John Maxton
Patrick S. Honeyman. .
Robert MacLuckie
Ross R. Auld
John Robertson
Thomas S. Sword
James Boyd
Henry Lamond
William Murdoch
Arthur Alison
Charles B. Aikman ...
Alexander Watt
D. Davidson Balfour...
William York
Eobei-t P. Lamond ...
Walter Williamson ...
John A. Hamilton
A. T. Innes m.a
George Gray
B. Jameson
James Caldwell M.p ...
William Lucas
T. J. Sraillie
Alexander Pattison ...
Charles Franco
John Fleming
Da\idMurray m.a.,ll.d
James Dunbar
Mark Banna tj'ne
J. C. Mitchell m.a
James Neil Hart
Neilson Bird
W. A. Galbraith
Richard Brown
Daniel Hill
A. M. Lindsay m.a ...
John A. Spens
Laurence Thomson
T. C. Young LL.n
Arthur Forbes
Ale.vander C. Maclae...
George Young
George B. Young
James Mackenzie
James Aiken m.a 1870
John F. Ferguson „
George B. Hoggan ,,
James MacWiliiam ... 1871
John F. Orr ,,
John B. Aiken m.a ... 1872
John Gill M.A., s.s.c. ,,
Charles M. WiUiamson ,,
Thomas Scott Bell ,
John G. Smith 1874
L. B. Buchanan ,,
James Muirhead ,
Jonathan Anderson ... 1875
Robert Brodie ,,
George W. Campbell... ,,
John Hay Clarke ,
David Craig ,,
William B. Crawford ,,
Robert Daridson ,,
Franc Gibb Dougall ... ,,
Donald Fisher ,
William H. Hill ll.d „
James Hotson ,,
Alexander Johnston ... „
David Johnston , ,
Robert Mackenzie ,,
James Moir ,,
James A. Reid ,,
William Stewart ,,
John TurnbuU ,,
John J. Coats M.A 1876
William B. Anderson ,,
J. D. G. Dalrymple ... 1877
William Beckett m.a... 1878
Henry Aitken ,,
William Cook 1879
Allan F. Baird „
Thomas A. Fyfe ,,
Cathcart Kay ,,
James Andrew 1880
James Graham b.l ... ,,
H. Moncrieff b.l 1881
Thomas StoutM.A.,B.L ,,
John Blair Brown ll.b 1882
Thomas Cross ll.b ... ,,,
William Gibson ,,
William Kidston b.l... ,,
D. M. Alexander 1883
Peter L. Miller ,,
William S. Service ... ,,
JohnMairB.L 1884
M. P. Eraser ll.b ,,
James Ness ll.b ,,
George Parker 1885
Wm. James Alexander „
A. J. AnnanB.L ,,
Jas. F. Anderson ll.b ,,
A. H. Donald ,
Alexander M'Grigor... ,,
J. S. Galbraith b.l ... ,,
H. B. Fyfe B.L
David Todd
Geo. M. Ritchie b.l ...
A. M. Bannatyne
J. T. T.Brown
W. G. Black
John Brownlie ...
William Barrie
T. J. G. Boyes
William Cochran
Robert Carswell
Arch. Craig ll.b
James Donaldson
R. Murray Dunlop
Stuart Foulis
Archibald Ferguson ...
William Gillies
Robert Guy
John Gibb
George Gillespie
Wm. C. Johnston
James Kirkland
John Muir
John C. Miller
I Robert Meldrum
Pet«rB. N'Nab
[ James Macdonald
! Charles J. MacLean ...
John Maclachlan
James Maclay ll.b ...
, Thomas M'Lelland ...
John M'Connachie
James 0. Macniven ...
Thomas MacQuaker ...
John Macintyre
John Mackinnon
Andrew Mackay b.l ...
G. F. Newlands ll.b...
John L. Oatts
John A. D. Risk
Alexander Russell
Robert G. Ross
William Burns Shand
William Shaw
William Strang
John Wark
James Aitken
William Weir Grieve...
John Martin
G. W. T. Robertson ...
Allan M'Lea'n
James Findlay m.a ...
Charles E.Beckett ll.b
Dugald Maclachlan b.l
Alexander M'Lareu ...
George Neilson ll.d...
George Henry Robb ...
John George Sewell ...
James L. Crawford ...
F. L. Morrison LL.B ...
J. Rowley Orr
John S. Lang
A. M. Mitchell ll.b ...
Donald M. MarrLL.B..
D. Dreghorn BinnieLL. b
James Fleming LL.B... 1889
AndrewA.MitchellLL.B ,,
'John G. Stevenson ... ,,
WilliamAnderson ll.b ,,
R. J.Cunliff LL.B ,,
James Glen M.A. , b.l... ,,
George W. Barras ,,
J. B. Douglas M.A ,,
Henry F. Lowndes B.L ,,
J. Watson Purvis ,,
J. Stewart Carrick ... 1890
Alan E. ClappertonB.L ,,
David Inghs „
James B. Kidston ,,
James Smith „
Alexander Brownlie ... ,,
W. S. M'Kechnie ll.b ,,
Arch. G. D. Young M.A ,,
James R. Chalmers ... 1891
R. Clement Boyd ,,
James H. Edmiston ... ,,
John Jubb ,,
WiUiam Baird ,,
Thomas Stark Brown „
Thomas Gilfillan ,,
Hugh Herron ,,
Alexander Kennedy ... ,,
A. C. Black „
Wm. Jas. Mitchell b.l „
Henry Barr B.L 1892
Andrew Henderson ... ,,
J. S. Knox ,,
James John Thomson ,,
Wellstood A. Watt ll.b ,,
M.Boyd Auld
John Arthur Brown ... ,,
J. LeiperGemmiU „
John Turner 1893
Robert S. Stewart ,,
Robert Barr Stewart ... , ,
John Arthur Thom ... ,,
George A. D. Kirkland ,,
DavidU.DickieM.A.,B.L „
James Orr ,,
Thomas D. Torrance... ,,
James S. Fulton 1894
Hugh D. D. Chalmers ,,
James A. McLeish ,,
John Hurll B.L
William James Begg... „
George Gray, jun ,,
John Grove, jun ,,
Daniel MacKenzie ,,
Joseph Shaughnessy... ,,
Archibald D. Wyllie... „
RobertBird 1895
Henry B. Neave ,,
John W. Stuart m.a ... ,,
Robert Barr ,,
I Robert Cullen ,,
I JohnM.MacKechnieB.L ,,
Alex. Bell P'erguson ... ,,
I George A. Thomson ... ,,

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