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—The Principal
B.Sc. & D. B.
Nisbett M.A. ; Thomas J. Primrose ; Peter Eamsay M. A. ;
John Storry; James Struthers B.A. ; W. L. Thompson
M.A., B.Sc. ; Peter Walker M.A
Drill Instructor— Sergeant-Major Morrison
Janitor— Sergeant-Major Morrison
6 Blythswood square.
Formed in 1899 out of the Agricultural Department of the
Glasgow Technical College and the Kilmarnock Dairy
School, long carried on as a separate undertaking.
Principal— Robert P. Wright F.H.A.S., F.R.S.E
Manager of Dairy School — R. J. Drummond, Holmes Furm,
Secretary — John Cuthbertson
In connection with the Church of Scotland.
6 & 8 New City road.
Convener — Sir John N. Cuthbertson LL.D
Accountants — Cuthbertson, Provan & Strong C.A
Secretary — S. S. Laurie LL.D
Principal — Alexander il. Williams M.A
I. students' hall.
Religious Knowledge & Principles of Teaching'
Mathematics & Science — A. V. Lothian M.A.
Duncanson B.Sc
Enghsh & Classics— D. G. Miller M.A., Peter Conacher &
Miss Allardice
Music — D. F. Wilson Mus. Doc, Messrs. Ferrier & Misses
Lawcock & Stobbs
French — Hector Rey B.-es-L. & Misses Allardice & Stratton
German — Alfred Oswald, Diplome Univ. Ziirich
Drawing — J. A. Monteith & assistants
Needlework — Miss Fenwick & Miss Paterson
Rector — Alexander M. Williams M.A
Head Master — James Beveridge F'.S.A. Scot
Senior — Alexander Allan M.A., John Colquhoun M.A. &
John Hutcheson M.A
Junior — W. Mitchell M.A., B.Sc, Misses Orr, Paul &
Initiatory— Misses Hunter, McNeill & AVilkie
Infants' School — Mjss Gumming
Music — D. F. Wilson Mus. Doc. & Miss Stobbs
Needlework — Miss Fenwick & Miss Paterson
In connection with the United Free Church.
Cowcaddens street.
Convener — Rev. Walter Ross Taylor D.D
Honorary Secretarj' — -A. S. Baird
Principal— John Alison M.A., F.R.C.E
Mathematical Tutor— William A. Lindsay M.A., B.Sc
Lecturer on Science & Enghsh — Thos. M. Morrison M.A
Master of Method — Archiliald John Hood M.A
Music Master — James Gallic
French Master — Hector Rey B.-es-L., B.Sc
Drawing Master — Robert Y. Howie M.A
Music Teacher — Miss Jean Martyn L. R. A.M
Lady Superintendent — Miss Stewart B.A
Master of Senior Department — Edward Brown M.A
Juvenile Department— Edward Brown, Miss Paterson & Miss
J. Paterson
Industrial Department — Mrs. Jaines&MissesCruden&Ronald
Drill Instructor & Teacher of Calisthenics — Staff-Sergeant
George Russel
Lynedoch place.
Principal — Thomas M. Lindsay D.D
Professors — James Denney D.D., George Adam Smith M.A.
& James Orr D. D
Systematic & Pastoral Theology — Dr. Denney
Church Historv — Dr. Lindsay
Evangelistic Theology — John Smith D. D
Christian Ethics — Dr. Lindsay
Apologetic & New Testament Exegesis — vacant
Hebrew — James Jack M. A
Lecturer on Natural Science — James T. Simpson M.A., B.Sc
Treasurer — James Mackenzie esq
Hon. Librarian — Thomas M. Lindsay D.D
Acting Librarian — John Mair
Janitor — David Clark
Hill street, Garnethill.
Rector — Rev. Ignatius Garllan
Prefect of Studies— Rev. Eric D. Hanson M.A
Professors of Classics — Rev. Frederick Batemer, Rev. Henry
Corrigan B.A., Rev. John Gordon, Rev. Theodore EUisson,
Rev. James Donlevy & Rev. John T. Besant
(Glasgow Branch).
207 Bath street.
President — J. D. Robertson B.A
Hon. Secretaries — Allan Arneil, 13 Afton crescent & William
Lee M.A., F.E.I.S. 2 Tantallon terrace, Ibrox
GIRLS' SCHOOL CO. LIMITED, 35 Lynedoch street.
Head Mistress — Miss Young
Colebrooke street.
(Instituted in 1846.)
President — William Ker
Vice-President — Hugh Brown, 9 Clairmont gardens
Directors — J. Carfrae Alston, John W. Arthur, Sir James
Bell bart., W. G. Blackie Ph.D., Nicol Paton, D. S.
Cargil', John J. Coats, Sir John Neilson Cuthbertson,
John Wordie, Sir James King bart.. Professor George
Adam Smith is R. C. Mackenzie
Secretary & Treasurer— Arthur Hart C.A. 63 St. Vincent st
Rector— Edwin Temple B.A
Classics— The Rector, William Robertson M.A., J. C. Scott
M.A., Andrew Robertson M.A. & J. M. Sutherland M.A
French & German — Louis Barbd B.A. head master; J. C.
Scott M.A. & J. S. Smart M.A. assistants
English— William Melven M.A. head master ; William
Mackenzie M.A., Peter Couper M.A. & J. S. Smart M.A
Initiatory Class — Misses Wright & M'Callum
Mathematics & Science— James Wood M.A. Fellow of
Queens' College, Cambridge, head master ; G. Moffat
M.A., Chas. Campbell M.A. & Wm. King B.Sc assistants
Writing & Bookkeeping — John Maclaren
Drawing — John Dunlop
Gymnastics — S. Stewart
Music— John Maclaren, Academy Choir ; Montague Smith,
jun.. Misses Wright, M'Callum & Arnot, assistants ; T.
Ashcroft Melville, violin
Dancing— Frank S. Webster
Janitor — William Smith
58 & 60 St. George's place— T N 3,324.
President — Sir John Maxwell Stirliag-Maxwell bart. M.P
Chairman— Major John Cassells V.D., J.P., F.R.A.S
Vice-chairman — John Edwards F.S.A.Scot
Treasurer — Robert Leggat
Manager & Secretary — James Lauder F.R.S.L
Chairman of Council — William Jacks LL. D
Vice-Chairman — John Mann, jun. M.A., C.A
Latin & Greek — T. H. P. Crosthwaite M.A
French— L. E. Robert-Tissot M.A. (Oxon)
German — A. Oswald (Diplome Univ. Ziirich)
Spanish, Italian & Portuguese — Jose Legido
Russian — N. Kolosov Rubinstein
Englisli Grammar, Composition & Literature — James D.
Arithmetic & Mathematics — James A. Maclean M.A
Shorthand (Pitman's System) & Typewriting— R. Kirk-
patrickF.R.H.S., F.E.I.S
Writing, Bookkeeping & Accounting — Jn. J. D. Hourston C.A
English Literature (Lectures) — Frederick A. L.iing F.E.I.S
Commercial Geography & History — George S. BroAvn B.Sc
Mercantile Law— John Todd B.L
Political Economy— Thos. Jones M.A.(of GlasgowDniversity)
Ambulance & First Aid to the Injured — David Watson
Dancing & Deportment (Juveniles only) — R. M. Sellars
The object of the institution is to place within the reach of
the public the fullest and most recent information on all
subjects of general interest, whether commercial, literary,
or scientific ; to provide an agreeable place of resort in the
intervals of business ; to excite, especially among young
men, a taste for intellectual and elevating pursuits ; and to
secure tlie means of its gratification by affording the utmost
facilities for systematic study in various branches of use-
ful knowledge. The reading rooms are abundantly sup-
plied with the earliest telegraphic intelligence, newspapers
'■ , . ,. 1 ,1 i-i_ i_; J« .^f tQ nfu^
and periodicals ; the library contains upwards of 18,000
volumes. Recreation roomsj gymnasium, and restaurant

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