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]Er)ucATio:Nr^L directory.
Elmbank Street.
(Founded in the i2tli century.)
The school is one of the oldest institutions of the city, but
the exact date of its origin is unknown ; it is certain, how-
ever, that it was in existence before tlie University, for
in records prior to the foundation of the latter, the Doctor
of the Grammar School is honourably mentioned.
Patrons — The Hon. the Lord Provost, Magistrates & Town
Managers — ^The School Board of Glasgow
Eector —
Classics — John Hutchison M.A., LL.D. (head master) &
William Reid M.A
Mathematics & Science — A. J. Gunion Barclay M.A. ;
William Reid M.A. & Andrew Anderson M.A
English— Andrew Struthers M.A. & William Law M.A
French — F. J. Amours B.A
German— Clemens Schlomka M.A., Ph.D., F.S.So
Writing & Bookkeeping — J. Dalziel Maclean
Assistant Masters — Frank Beaumont B.A. ; W. P. Chal-
mers M.A., Ph.D. ; Joseph Craig M.A. ; J. M. Cuthbert-
son ; James P. Grainger M.A. ; Frank L. Grant M.A. ;
John Harvey M.A. ; Alex. M. Hill M.A. ; James Hume ;
Richard Kaiser; John Livinston M.A. ; John Gray
M'Kissock ; William Montgomerie M.A. ; James Moyes ;
Robert A. Nieolson M.A., B.Sc. ; William Paddock CM. ;
Alexander L. Taylor M.A. ; Robert S. Wishart M.A. &
W. J. Wray B.A
David Henderson ; Miss J. W. Downie M.A. ; Miss S. C.
Logan M.A. ; Miss A. J. Mackinnon M.A. ; Mrs. E.
Marquis; Miss C. P. Home Morton M.A. & Miss M. G.
Sinclair M A
Gymnastics — J. Henderson Garrow & T. M. Core
Machine Construction & Drawing — Alexander Norwell
Piano — David Ferrier
Singing — R. L. Reid
Violin— Carl Gatow F.P
Librarian — W. J. Gray B.A
Curator of the Picture Collection— William Paddock CM
Registrar — David S. Henderson
Rector's Clerk — Andrew S. Waddell
Janitor — William Tucker
Law Class Rooms, 200 Buchanan Street.
Secretary — Henry Lamond, 93 West Regent Street
The College was established in 1886 by an Order in
Council amalgamating several old institutions, notably
Anderson's College, founded in 1796, and the first technical
college in the kingdom ; the College of Science and Arts, the
successor of the first Mechanics' Institute; the "Young"
Chair of Technical Chemistry ; Allan Glen's Institution ; and
the Atkinson Institution. The College, as now constituted,
offers complete courses of instruction of University standard
in pure and applied science, and is specially designed to give
the most suitable education to students intending to enter
an industrial profession or trade. The complete course of
study extends over at least three years, but students are at
liberty to enter for any less period. The instruction in both
the day and evening classes is made as practical as possible,
and there are fully equipped laboratories in the depart-
ments of natural philosophy, chemistry, geology, technical
chemistry, mechanics, metallurgy, mechanical engineering,
and electrical engineering. The museum contains several
important collections, and the library consists of about
10,000 volumes, including many valuable works. The
reading room is provided with the current issues of the
principal scientific and technical journals. The diploma of
the College carries with it the title of "Associate of the
Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College "(A.G.T.C),
and associates are eligible for admission to the final examina-
tions for the degree of B.Sc. in Engineering of Glasgow
University after attendance upon three prescribed classes in
the University for one academical year. There are many
valuable bursaries and scholarships in connection with the
Secretary's Office, 38 Bath street— H. F. Stockdale
F.R.S.E. secretary and treasurer
Andersonian Buildings — 204 George street
Science & Art Buildings — 38 Bath street
Young Laboratory Buildings — 60 John street
Industrial Arts Department — 78 North Hanover street
Lithographic & Sheet Metal Workshop— 98 Stirling road
Allan Glen's School— 68 North Hanover street
Mathematics — George A. Gibson M.A. & Peter Bennett
Natural Philosophj — James BIyth M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.E
Chemistry— George G. Henderson B.Sc, M.A., F.I.C
Technical Chemistry— Thomas Gray D.Sc, Ph.D
Applied Mechanics — William T. Rowden B.Sc
Mechanics — John G. Longbottom B.Sc, A.R.CS
Machine Design — Alexander MacLay B.Sc, CE
Steam & Steam Engines— W. H. WatkinsonM.Inst.Mech.E
Metallurgy— A. Humboldt Sexton F.I.C, F.CS
Electrical Engineering — Magnus Maclean M.A., D.Sc,
Civil Engineering & Sanitation — Gilbert Thomson M. A., CE
Mining & Geology— Daniel Burns M.Inst.M.E
Naval Architecture— James R. Jack M.I.N.A
Architecture & Building Construction — Charles Gourlay
B.Sc, A.R.LB.A., LA
Botany — George Francis Scott Elliot M. A
Zoology — Malcolm Laurie B.A., D.Sc
Physiology — W. Ernest F. Thomson
Hygiene — Eliz. Fish L.L.A
Bacteriology— Peter Paterson M.B., CM., L.R.C.S
Plumbing— F. W. Raynes R.P. & Francis McCuUoch R.P
Sheet Metal Work— David Geddes & James Cochran
Boiler Making — David Geddes & Robert Strachan
Industrial Arts — Lewes R. Crosskey
History & Theory of Music— Harry Colin Miller M.A., Mus.
68 North Hanover street.
Head Master— John G. Kerr M.A., LL.D
Staff— JohnN. Brown A.R.CS. ; WiUiam Cameron A.R.CS.;
T. A. Cheetham F.CS. ; Lewes R. Crosskey; David A.
Dick M.A. ; John Gemmell M.A. ; Robert Gillespie
A.R.CS.; Robert Hunter; Robert M. Jack; Louis
Janton B.A., B.Sc. ; John Jeffrey M.A. ; James A.
McBride B.A. ; Frederick Mort M.A., B.Sc. ; George
Murdoch B.A., B.Sc. ; Samuel J. Murray M.A. ; R. G.

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