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NEW 641
McLean Miss Maggie, 320 Gallowgate
AIcLeaa Miss Mary, 1 Possil road
Jil'Lennan Mrs. Jaae, 49 Possil road
JUcLeod Mrs. Eupheinia, 3 Coptaad road, Gn
JUcLeod Mrs. Kate, 756 New City road
Jil'Lcod Murdoch, 578 Cathcart road
-McLeod Roberick, 417 Cathcart road
JVIcMahon Miss Catherine, 57 William st. A
McMenemy Mrs. Mary, 201 South Wellington
street, S.S
McMillan Miss Helen, 825 New City road
McNab Mrs. Annie, 58 Milton street
M'Nair William, 3D Cowcaddens street
McNeil Archibald, 116A., Dumbarton road
McPhail Miss Annie, 173 Byres road
M'Phee Angus, 11 Hyndland street, P
McSorley Mrs. Catherine, 310 Baltic street, B
McVicar Miss Mary, 4 Martyr street
ilacwhinnie Thomas, 201 Dalmarnock road
Madden James, 37 Parliamentary road
JNlaguire James, 532 Springburn road
jMailcr James, 61 Renfrew road, Gn
Marshall Mrs. Hannah, 167 Gamgad road
Martin Miss Kate, G06 Eglinton street, S.S
Mason William, 93 Stirling road
Mathew Mrs. Jane, 63 Great Hamilton streefe
Maxwell John, 313 Rutherglen road, S.S
MelriUo Miss Isa, 74 Dalmarnock road
Menzies John & Co. (wholesale), 610J
Gallowgate ; 3 Kennedy street, St.
ilollox; 90 West Nile street; 158 James
street, B. & 164 London street
Russell .John, Bishopbriggs
Russell John, 104 Oxford street, S.S
Rutherford Miss Christina, 1 Govan st. S.S
Rutherford George, 61 Eveline street, D
Sadler Mrs. Christina, 48 Nithsadle road,
Scott & Co. 19 Wliitehill street, D
Scott Mrs. Jane, 1069 Dumbarton road,
Scott John, 19 Maxwell road, PoUokshields
Scott Mrs. Katherine, 288 South York street,
Scott William, 359 Victoria road
Semple Thomas, jun. 151 Great Western road
Shand Mrs. Mary, 87 Langlands road, Gn
Shanks John, 512 Cathcart road
Shanks Miss Margaret, 621 Gallowgate
Sharp Peter, 71 Gairbraid street, Maryhil]
Shaw Miss Agues, 102 Woodlands road
Shaw William, 396 Duke street
Skeldon Alexander, 71 Whitevale street
Slater Miss Jessie, 971 Govan road, Gn
Smitli Miss Agnes, 21 Alexandra parade
Smith Darid L. 7 Lambhill st. Plautatn. Gn
Smith James H. 13 Scotia street
Smith James McNair, 236 Hope street
Smith John Alexander, 22 Plantation
street. Plantation
Smith John Hunter, 286 New City road
Smith Miss Lizzie, 358 Cumberland st. S.S
Smith ilrs. Maggie, 398 Dumbarton road, P
Speedy Mrs. Jeannie, Craigton road, Gn
MIenzies jVIrs. Margaret, 910 Sauchiehall st Spiers Robert, 6 Thomson's lane, C
Millar WilUam, 30 Gloucester street, S.S
Miller & Co. 235 Ingram street
Miller Alexander, 136 Stockwell street
Miller George, 346 New City road
Miller Hugh, 94 Minard road, P
Miller ATrs. Jane, 114 Stirling road
Miller Mrs. Mary, 24 Rae place. Main
street, Shettleston
Miller iliss Mary A. 79 Norfolk street, S.S
Miller Mrs. Sophia, 216 Great Western road
Miller William, 335 Langside road
Milligan iliss Mary, 128 Duke street
Milne William B. 329 Springburn road
Minnoch Mrs, Eliza, 145 Garscube road
Mitchell Mrs. Janet, 85 Glebe street
Monaghan John, 205 Dumbarton road, P
Monaghan Mrs. Sarah, 519 Gallowgate
Mooney Miss Agnes, 402 Gallowgate
Mooney James, 5 Claythorn street, C
Morgan ilrs. Jane, 139 Kent road
Morrison Miss Janet, 26 Salisbury place,
Main street, Shettleston
Morton Mrs. Janet, 368 Govan street, S.S
Muir Mis3 Plorrie, 20 Anderston quay
Muir iliss Jessie, 250 Gallowgate
Mnirhead iUexander, 40 Norfolk street, S.S
MulhoUand ilrs. Bridget, 13 Orr street, C
Munn Mrs. Mary, 35 Elder Park street, Gn
Murdoch Mrs. Ann, 7 College street
Murdoch James, 41 Morrison street, S.S
Murphy James, 18 Hill street, A
Murray Thomas, 410a, Parliamentary road
Nicholson, ilrs. Sarah, 46 Russell st. Hope st
Nicol Misses M. &. J. 707 PoUokshaws road
NLsbet Miss Elizabeth, 682 Cathcart road
Nisbet Mrs. Jane, 311 Paisley road
Noakes Mrs. Ellen, 471 Eglinton street, S.S
N-oble Andrew. 48 King street, T
Norman Joseph, 489 Gairbraid st. MarybiU
Oliver Mrs. Rachel, 1016 Dumbarton
road, Whiteinch
Park John, 27 King street, T
Parker Mrs. Jessie, 23 Possil road
Parker WilUam, 174 Great Hamilton street
Parker William, 16 Maitland street
iParsons Jonathan C. 773 PoUokshaws road
Paterson Miss Ada, 14 Crown street, S.S
Paterson James B. 7 Henderson street
Paterson Richard, 25 Elderslie street, A
Paton Miss Maggie, 213 Allison st. Govanliill
Pinfcerton Mrs. Annie, 115 Caledonia rd.S.S
Kenderleith Mrs. Janet, 100 Main street, A
Plev,Tight Mrs. Mary, 72 Soho street, C
Pollock Mrs. Margaret, 172 Woodlands road
Pollock Walter. 119 Springburn road
Porteous William &. Co. 15 South Exchange pi
Provau Miss Jean, 129 Blackburn street.
Bamsay Mrs. Jane. 159 King st. PoUokshaws
Reid Miss Mary, 72 Great Hamilton street
Reid William H. 451 Rutherglen road, S.S
Beilly Matthew, 304 High street
Risk iliss Annie, 191 Great Eastern road
Ritchie John, 105 Cubie street, Mile end
Roberts John, 55 Main street, Shettleston
Robertson Miss Charlotte, Post office,
Robertson John, 227 Saracen st. Possilpark
Robertson Miss ilaggie, 206A, Duke street
Robertson Miss Mary, 12 Gibson st. Hillhead
Robertson William, 622^ Eglinton street, S.S
Robson Miss Violet, 152 Ark lane, D
Ross David, 81 Dumbarton road
Ross David, 47 Old Dumbarton road
Ross ilrs. Janet, 275 Cumbernauld road
Stark Jliss Frances, 174 Maclean street.
Plantation, Gn
Stewart iliss Christina, 452 Gallowgate
Stewart David, 1064 Dumbarton road,
Stewart James, Thornliebank
Storie William, 78 Shaw street, Gn
Strawbridge Thomas, 67 Adelplii street, S.S
Summers Mrs. Mary, 118 Cathedral street
Sweeney Bartholomew, S Caledonia road, S.S
Taylor iliss Janet, 346 London road
Taylor ilrs. Margaret, 367 Dumbarton rd. P
Temple ilrs. ilary, 47 Gibson street
Thompson Duncan, 717 Dumbarton road, P
Tliompson James, 153 Castle street
Thomson iliss Charlotte, 122 Cumberland st
Thomson Mrs. Janet, 4J & 6 St. Enoch square
Thomson John, 253 Maxwell rd. PoUokshields
Thomson ilrs. Mary, 714 New City road
Thomson iliss Mary, 143 Springburn road
Tillie Miss Isa, 359 Crown street, S.S
Tindall William, 400 Argyle street
Towart iliss Janet, 92 Henderson street
TurnbuU iliss Jessie P. 331 Cumberland
street, S.S
Turner iliss Christina, 216 Springburn road
Twigley John, 36 Dunchattan street, D
Ure ilrs. Margaret, 173 Gairbraid street
Urquhart Miss Margaret, 128A, Great
Hamilton street
Urquhart WilUam, 543 Springburn road
Vence William, 203 High street
Vickers Joseph, 372 Gallowgate
Waddell iliss Jane, 133 Duke street
WaUiier iliss Maggie, 193 Duke street
Walker ilrs. Margaret, 81 George street
Walker Robert, 986 Govan road, Gn
Walkinshaw ilrs. Jane, 125 Gairbraid street,
Wallace Alfred, 581 Alexandra parade, D
Wardrop James, 97 & 106 Bothwell street
Wardrop ilatthew, 547 Govan road, Gn
Warnoch ilrs. Ehzabeth, 30 Kelvinhaugh st
Waterson George B. 229 Cambridge street
Watson iliss Jennie, 121 Castle street
Watters Patrick, 113 Dalmarnock street.
Park head
Weddell iiiss Mary, 95 Houston street, S.S
Weir Andrew, 279 Rutherglen road
Weir Robert, 60^ Tliistle street, S.S
White Miss Jane, 313 New City road
Wigley Miss ^\jime, 333 Parliamentary road
Wilkie Alexander, 869 Govan road, Gn
Wilkie Miss Jane, 225 Paisley road
iVilkinson iliss ilargaret, 103 Eveline st. D
Williamson James, 119 Great Hamilton street
Wilson Daniel, 565 PoUokshaws road
Wilson Miss Grace, 500 Rutherglen road
Wilson James, 160^ Dumbarton road
Wilson John, 2 Parkhouse lane
Wilson John G. 580 Gairbraid st. Maryliill
Wilson Robert, 24 Pollok st. PoUokshaws
Winning Mrs. Jessie, 44 Wardlawhill street,
Winning Walter, 120 Cumberland street, S.S
Winning WilUam, 270 Crown street, S.S
Wither John, 15 Holmhead park, Cathcart
Wood Abner, 174 Saracen st. Possilpark
Wylie ilrs. Catherine, 311 Gairbraid street,
Wylie Miss Rose, 44 Bedford street, S.S
Wylie WilUam, 110 Broad street, MUe end
Young Andrew, 233 Byres road
Tomig Miss Joan, 10 North street, A
Young WiUiam, 125 George street
With the Dates of Publication,
Proprietors & Publishers.
Adviser (monthly) (Scottish Temperance
League, publishers), 108 Hope street
Bailie (The) (Wednesday) (A. F.
Sharp & Co. publishers), 14
Royal Exchans-e square
Building Industries (monthly) (Jack &
Carrick, publishers), 62 Argyle street
Children's (The) AVorld (yearly) (John J.
Rae, publisher &. proprietor), 127 Stock-
well street
Christian News (weekly, Id.) (Ker Inglis &
Co. Ltd. publishers), 105 We. George st
Christian Scotsman (monthly, Id.) (John
Robertson, publisher & proprietor), 122
Ingram street
Citizen (daily, evening & weekly, Saturday)
(James Hedderwick & Sons, proprietors),
Citizen buildings, 22 St. Vincent place ;
branches — 15 Dumbarton road ; 292 New
City road; 123 Renfield street; 64
Eglinton street ; 153 Crown street ; 320
Paisley road ; 29 London street ; 35
London road ; 624 Gallowgate & 13
Parliamentary road
Clyde (official) BiU of Entry Office (tuesday,
thursday & Saturday) (A. R. Goldie,
publisher), 28 Buchan street, S.S
Daily Record (Glasgow)Lim. ; office, Record
buildings, Renfield lane &. Carmelite house,
Carmelite street, London E C
Dew Drop (monthly, ^d.) (Thomas D.
Morison, publisher), 240 Hope street
Distillers* & Brewers' Magazine & Trade
News (monthly, 6d.) (John McMurtie,
publisher), 11 Bothwell st. See advert
Dundee Advertiser (John Leng & Co.
proprietors) ; newspaper & advertisement
office, 72 Queen street. Tel. Nat. 5663
Dundee Daily Courier & Dundee Weekly
News (W. &. D. C. Thomson, proprietors) ;
newspaper & advertisement office, 136 West
NUe street
Dundee Evening Telegraph (dally) (John
L5ng & Co. proprietors), 72 Queen street.
Tel Nat. 5663
Eastern Argus (published fridays) (Andrew
H. Burnett, proprietor), 2 Wellshot road,
Engineer &. Iron Trades Advertiser (tuesday)
(A. R. Goldie, publisher), 28 Buchan street
Evening Citizen (.James Hedder\\ick & Sons,
proprietors), Citizen buildings, 22 St.
Vincent place ; branches — 15 Dumbarton
road ; 292 New City road ; 122 Renfield
street ; 64 Eglinton street ; 153 Crown
street ; 320 Paisley road ; 29 London
street ; 35 London road ; 624 Gallowgate
& 13 Parliamentary road
Evening Despatch (Edinburgh) (James Killin,
manager), George square
Evening News (daily) (J. M. Smith Limited,
proprietors), 67 Hope street
Evening Times (daily) (George Outram & Co.
Limited, publishers), 65 to 69 Buchanan
street ; 264 New City road ; 68 Dumbarton
road ; 108 Eglinton street ; 12 Cleland
street, G. ; 85 London street ; 15 Par-
liamentary road ; 53 Watt street ; 29
London road ; 81 Bellgrove street & 10
Greenhaugh street, Govan Gross. See
Evening & Weekly Citizen ; office, 35
London road
Glasgow (tuesdays) Advertiser & Property
Circular (Jolin C. King, publisher), 65
Bath street
Glasgow Herald (daily, &. weekly on Saturday)
(George Outram & Co. Limited, publishers),
65 to 69 Buchanan street ; 68 Dumbarton
road ; 264 New City road ; 29 London
road ; 108 Eglinton street, S.S. ; 12
Cleland street, G. ; 85 London street ;
15 Parliamentary road ; 53 Watt street ;
81 Bellgrove street & 10 Greenhaugh
street, Govan Cross. See advertisement
Glasgow Observer (friday) (CathoUc Press CJo.
of Great Britaui, publishers), 52 North
Prederick street
Glasgow (The) Programme (John Wilson,
proprietor ; published weekly), 83
Jamaica street
Glasgow Star (weekly, friday) (The
Star & Examiner Printing & Publishing
Co. Limited, proprietors), 8 Springfield ct
Glasgow Weekly Mail (Saturday, one penny)
(The ilail Newspapers Limited, pro-
prietors & publishers), 102 to 114 Union st
Glasgow Weekly News & Weekly Welcome
(W. & D. C. Thomson, proprietors). 136
West Nile street
Golfing (thursday. Id.) (John iX. Mimro Ltd.
proprietors), 123 Hope street
GLAS. 41

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