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366 HAE
Haeberlin & Co. bakers & confectioners, 280 & 284 New City
road; 132 Great Western road; 200 Maxwell road, PoUok-
shields & 142 Argyle street
Haeberling & Co. confectioners, 271 Byres road
Haetzman John, tobacconist, 200 Paisley road
Hagart & Co. contractors, 735 Govan road, Gn
Hagart & Co. wood measurers, Yorkhill wharf (T N Nat. 622;
Corp. 4623) & Shieldhall, Renfrew road, Gn
Hagey Institute (Thomas Lindsay, sec), 107 West Eegent at. ;
TA "Hagey, Glasgow"; TN 402 Argyle
Haggan John, boot maker, 57 PoUok street, PoUokshaws
Haggarfc Donald Campbell, sculptor, 125 Hill street
Haggart George, tobacconist, 3'JG Dumbarton road
Haggarty T. & Co. plumbers, 21 Henrietta street,
Haggarty James, hair dresser, 94 Bernard street, B
Haggarty Samuel, confectioner, 170 Main street, Shetfcleston
Haggarty William, dairyman, 73 Brown street
Haggen Mrs. Catherine, shopkeeper, 40 William street, A
Haggerty Francis, spirit dealer, 47 Glasgow road, Eutherglen
Haggerty Frederick, spirit dealer, 327 Mathieson street, S.S
Haggle Brothers Limited (Gateshead-on-Tyne), wire & hemp
rope manufrs. (Wm. M'Laren, agent), 134 St. Vincent street
Haggle D. H. & G. Wearmouth Patent Kope works. Sun-
derland. Manufacturers of every description
of iron & steel wire ropes for mining, engineering,
aerial street tramway &, shipping purposes. Contractors to
the Lords of the Admiralty; branch offices, London, 57 Grace-
church street EC; Glasgow, 31 St. Vincent place;
telegraphic addresses, " Hematite, Glasgow " ;
Sunderland "
' Haggle,
Haggle R.
offices &
Hood & Son Limited (established 1789)
branch), 93 Hope street; Head
Rope worlds, iMeiwcastle-on-Tyne J
London offices, 35 Lime street, E C
Bona, fide manufacturers & exporters of
IVIanilla, coir, hemp, sisal & wire ropes also
of flexible steel Trawl warpS}
hawsers (Lloyd's test)
& Tow lines witli
appliances ; also of Special make
of IVIanilla & other
driving ropes r
packing cords >
Flexible steel wire ropes
lor hoists &, block falls;
Makers of superior quality
Binder t^ine.
Correspondence invited.
Telegrams : Haggle,
Head offices &. Rope Works,
Branches, Londoi), Hull,
TRADE MARK REG? Grimsby, Cardiif, Glasgow and
^.HOOD HAGGIE&SON. North Shields
Hague Edward, spoon manufr. (Ogilvie & Hague), 6 Frederick la
Hahn Mrs. F. W. news agent & librarian, 605 Cathoart road
Haig John & Co. Limited (Markinch), distillers, 59 Waterloo
street; T N U% Corporation; TA " Glenleren, Glasgow"
Haig William & Co. tile layers, 173a, St. Vincent street
Haig James, commercial traveller, 437 Great Western road
Haig Peter, traffic manager, Clyde Bridge steel works, Hamil-
ton farm, Eastfield, Kutherglen
Hailstones Alexander, tisli curer, Fish market, Bridgegate is 9
Fairley street, Gn. ; res. 25 Dunolly gardens, Ibrox
Hailstones Andrew, fishmonger &, poulterer, 35 Morrison street
& 148 Langlands road, Gn
Hailstones John, fishmonger, 701 ]K"ew City road
Hailstones John Fraser, fishmonger, 165 Garscube road
Hainault (The) Gold Mine Lim. (Alex. Mennie, sec). 34 West
Oeorge street; TA "Hainault, Glasgow"; TN Nat. 5187
Haines Stafford G. M. organist, 13 Eingsley avenue, Queen's
Park avenue, Cathcart road
Hair, Ivie & Co. soap &, candle manufacturers & oil merchants,
375 & 389 Bobbie's loan & 50 Howard street; TA " Kadlant,
Glasgow"; TN 4985; cash day, first friday in the month
Hair John & Son, bottle manufacturers, 154 Garngad road
Hair Miss Annie, shopkeeper, 43 Eosemount street, Garngad hill
Hair John, grocer, 54 Eosemount street. Garngad hill
Hair John, warehouseman, 248 Whitehill street, D
Hair William B. house factor, 41 Robertson street; res. 26
Robertson street
Halbert James G. grocer & spirit dealer, 111 Eotten row; res.
21 Grafton street
Halbert William I. shoe heel & toe plate maker
& wholesale shoe furnisher, 201 Commercial road;
res. 6 Garment drive, Shawlands
Halcro Robert, clerk, 7 Temple gardens, Anniesland
Haldane Misses E.& M. stationers & tobacconists. GONorfolk st.S.'S
Haidane James & Company, curled hair manufac-
turers, feather purifiers & flock merchants, 39 Cavendish st.S.S
Haldane Robert & Co. drysalters, 50 Wellington street
Haldane Andrew, butcher, 257 Buchanan street; res. 9 Wal-
worth terrace, Kent road
Haldane Joseph, manager, Victoria Club, 13 South Exchange
place; res. ISO Butterbiggings road
Haldane Miss Isabella, hardware dealer, 110-J Main street, G
Haldane Mrs. Mary, greengrocer, Belleview ter. Old Catlicart
Haldane Robert, drysalter (Robert Haldane & Co.), 32 Kel-
vinside gardens
Haldane Robert, mineral water manufacturer & bottler, 15D
Brook street, Mile end
Haldane Thomas, shopkeeper, 41 Abercorn street
Haldane William, hardware dealer, 74 Caledonia road, S.S
Halden J. & Co. photographic appara'us & mat-erial manufac-
turers, 49 West Campbell street; TN 4337 Corporation
Halferty Mrs. Catherine, confectioner, 39 Cathcart road, S.S
Halket "Thomas & Son, tailors, 15 Blythswood square
Halket George M.D. surgeon, 4 Royal cres. Sauchiehall street
Halket Robert, clothier (Thomas Halket & Son), 3 Royal cres-
cent, Sauchiehall street
Hall C. Wishart & Co. printing ink & grease manufacturers, oil
merchants & rosin distillers, Elder Park wks. Crossloan rd.Gn
Hall Edward & H. E. T. jewellers, 30 Gordon street
Hall James & Co. varn agents, 27 Bath street; TA "Mani-
fold " ; T N 823
Hall John C. & Co. glass stainers, 19 Rutherglen road, S.S
Hall Misses M. & N. dress makers. Paisley road we. Half-Way
Hall William, jun. Limited, wholesale clothiers, 78 Robertson st
Hall Line of Steamers to India (Escombe Brothers & Co. agts.),
68 St. Vincent street
Hall Andrew, plumber, 13 Smith streel:, K.P. & 95 Centre st. ;
TN X348
Hall Andrew, ticket writer, 75 Jamaica street; Nat. TN 58y3
Roval; res. 85 Shore road, Gourock
Hall'M'ss E. M. postmistress, Hillhead Branch Post Office,
323 Bvres road
Hall Mrs. E. L. tobacconist, 427 Shields road, Pollokshields
Hall Mrs. Eliza, butcher, 75 Rutherglen road, iS.S
Hall Miss Emily, teacher of music, 16 Vinicombe st. Hillhead
Hall George, hair dresser, 5*56 Rutherglen road, S.S
Hall James, blacksmith. Paisley road west, Half-^Way
Hall James, butcher, 642 Rutherglen road, S.S
Hnll James, clerk, 14 Dumbarton road
Hall James, hair dresser. 693 Springburn road
Hall James, traveller, 183 Meadowpark street, D
Hall Jas. yarn agent (Hall James & Co.); res. 16 Dunearn st
Hall Mi?s Jane, tobacconist, 198 Paisley road west, Gn
Hall Mrs. Jessie, hat box maker, 150 Stockwell street
Hall John, accountant, 28 Lynedoch street
Hall John, painter; res. 28 Abbotsford place, S.S
Hall John, plumber & gasfiter, 43 Garscube la. Port Dundas rd
Hall John C. (John C. Hall & Co.), glass stainer; res. 39 Gar-
turk. Crossbill
Hall Miss Maggie, dress maker, G Burndyke street, Gn
Hall Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, 226 Crookston street, S:S
Hall Matthew, grocer. 230 Castle street
Hall Peter W. oil refiner & grease â– & printing & lithographic
ink manufacturer, 28 Kyle street, P.D. ; TN 44!?7; res.
Northcote, Uddingston
Hall Robert, grocer, 84 Coventrv drive, D
Ha'l Thomas, butcher, 247 Rutherglen road, S.S
Hall Thomas, laundry, 7 Seamore street
Hall William, ioiner,' 22 Dixon avenue, Crossbill
Hall William, ioiner. 267 Langside road
Hall William, leather cutter. 219 Greenhead street, B
Hall William, p'umber, 22 Church street, P
Hall William, plumber, 176 Great George street, Hillhead
Halley John B. & Co. clothiers, 10 & 12 Eglint^n street, S.S
Hallev James, draper, 76 Gumming drive. Mount Florida
Halley James, tailor, 21 South Portland street, S.S. ; res. 23
Montgnmerie terrace, Mount Florida
Hallev John B. c'.othier (John B. Halley & Co.); res. 11 Abbots-
ford place, S.S
Halley Jo-teph, tailor, 87 Bothwell street
Halley William, plasterer; res. 5 View Mount drive, Maryhill
Halley William J. B. commercial traveller, 420 Sauchiehall st
H^UidRV George Limited, ship owners & brokers, 118 Broomie-
law; TA " Craigielea, Glasgow"
Halliday John & Alexander, tailors, 414 Duke street
Halliday A. S. master mariner, 22 Waverley gdns. Crossmyloof
Halliday Miss Agnes, dairy, 7 Canning street,
Halliday Andrew, greengrocer, 54 Sussex street, K.P
Halliday David, grocer & provision dealer, 41 â– & 372 Gairbraid
street, Maryhill ; res. 85 Wilton street
Halliday George, eg^^ & fish merchant, 45 Porter st. Oamlachie
Halliday George, ship owner (Halliday George Limited), Ardna-
mara, Rothesay
Halliday James, auctioneer, 6 Monteith row
Halliday James, fancy goods dealer; res. 89 Taylor street
Halliday James, fishmonger, 700 Gallowgate
Halliday James, fish salesman, 39 Garthland drive, D
Hallidav Mrs. Jessie, greengrocer, 121 Cathcart street, S.S
Halliday Robert Taylor M.B., C.M.Glas. physician, 329 Maxwell
road, Pollokshields
Halliday William, commission agent, 85 Queen street; res. 5
Sefton terrace, Rutherglen
HallMforth J. & Son (Manchester), velveteen
manufacturers (William McKim, agent), 5 2
Vlrg:inia street
Hally & Co. shirtin^j manufacturers, 11 George square; TA
" Hally, Glasgow '' ; works, Auchterarder
Hally John, manufacturer (Hally & Co.) ; res. Auchterarder
Halstead & Co. flock & wadding manufacturers, 763 Duke st
Halstead James, householder, 78 Roselea drive, D
Halter Joseph, watch maker, 475 New City road
Halyburtoa & Pasley, tailors, 413 Rutherglen road, S.S
Hamaway Michael, shopkeeper, 178 Rutherglen road, S.S
Hambett John, boot maker, 10 Dalmeny street, S.S
Hamill Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 240 Possil road
Hamill Miss Martha, shopkeeper, 11 iStruthers street, C
Hamill William, carrier, 31 & 90 Argyle street
Hamill William, tailor, 413 Crown street, S.S
Hamilton Archibald H. & Co. paint manufac-
turers, Possilpark paint works; TA "Satisfy"; T N 4585

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