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GIL 355
Gillespie Alexander, hardware dealer, 225 Stirling road
Gillespie Alexander, ironmonger, 76 Main street, A.; reB. 21
St. Vincent crescent
Gillespie Alexiinder, news agent, 633 Great Eastern road
Gillespie Alex. jun. brassfounders' agent, 116 St. Vincent street
Gillespie Andrew, bntcher, 470 & dOB Dumbarton road, P
Gillespie Andrew, consulting engineer, 65 Bath street ; res.
Glenlyon, Helensburgh
Gillespie Archibald, butcher, 17i Main street, Maryhill
Gillespie Campljell, clerk, lu Hillfoot street, D
Gillespie Chiixles, engineer & biscuit machine maker (Andrew
Gillespie & Sons); res. 6 Kelburn avenne, Durabreck
Gillespie David, ship owner (Young & Gillespie), 21 Minerva st
Gillespie Edwd. cashier (Wordie & Co.), Chapelcroft.Cambualang
Gillespie Miss Elizabeth, greengrocer, 351 Nuneaton street, B
Gillespie Francis, furniture dealer, 63 & 65 Stobcross street, A
Gillespie Francis, undertaker, 55 Stobcross street, A
Gillespie George, dairy, 585 Duke street
Gillespie Geo. writer (Maxton & Gillespie), Helenslea, Kilmalcolm
Gillespie Hugh G. agent (Banks & Oo. printers), 1 Hampden
terrace, Mount Florida
Gillespie J. carrier, 63 Osborne street
Gillespie James, brewer (Gillespie, Sons & Co.), Warriston,
Gillespie James, traveller, 50 Roselea drive, D
Gillespie Miss Janet, confectioner, Main st. Colston, Bishopbriggs
Gillespie John, architect (Pindie & Gillespie); res. Cumbernauld
Gillespie John, butcher, 224 Dumbarton road, P
Gillespie John, carrier & contractor, 104 Maxwell street (Corpn.
TN 1872) & Spiers' wharf north, P.D. (T N Nat. 3310; Corp.
1989); res. Falkirk
Gillespie John, painter, 592 Great Eastern road
Gillespie Jolin Gaff, architect (James Salmon & Son), 5 Camp-
hill street, Strathbungo
Gillespie John Paterson M.B., CM. surgeon, 3 Claremont ter.we
Gillespie Mrs. Maggie, news agent, 115 Dumbarton road, P
Gillespie Mr.^. Mary, hardware dlr.51 Craigiehall st.Plantation,Gn
Gillespie Mrs. Mary H. fancy draper, 144 NUhsdale road,
Poll nk shields
Gillespie Peter, draper, 176 Main street, Maryhill
Gillespie Robert, grocer, 639 Garscube road ; res. 10 North
Park street, Queen's cross
Gillespie Robert, traveller, 67 Mains street
Gillespie Miss Susan, teaclier of music, 13 Lawrence street, P
Gillespie Thos. butcher, 143 Kent rd. ; res. 141 Dumbarton rd
Gillespie Thomas, lithographic writer, 63a, St. Vincent street
Gillespie Thomas, printer & publisher of the " Victualling Trades
Review " 57 West Nile street; res. 3>57 Langside rd. Queen's pk
Gillespie Thomas A. bookbinder, 27 Union street
Gillespie William, boot maker, 63 Charlotte lane
Gillespie William, boot maker, 9 Cowlnirs road; 308 London
road; 375 Cathcart road & 128 Main street, PoUokshawe
Gillespie William, boot & shoe maker, 541 Gallowgate
Gillespie Wm. clothier (R. Jackson & Sons), 759 Pollokshawg rd
Gillespie William, insurance agent, 397 Great Western road
Gillespie William, slater, 141 Glebe st. ; res. 28 Craigpark drive
Gillespie William, slater & plasterer, Allander st. Possilpark
Gillies James & Co. brewers' engineers & brassfounders, 148
Glenpark street, Duke street
Gillies William & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 233 Argyle street
Gillies & Wylie, live stock salesmen. Bank buildings, Cattle
market, Graham square
Gillies & Co. ship brokers, 27 Oswald street
Gillies Alexander, insurance agent, 32 Dumbarton road
Gillies Alexander, ship broker (Gillies & Co.), 27 Oswald st
Gillies Daniel, hay & straw dealer, 2 to 14 Great Eastern road
Gillies Duncan, grocer, 173 StirHng rd. ; res.Dunard,Cambuslang
Gillies Edgr.r N. stockbroker, 63 St. Vincent street; res. 25
Hamilton Park terrace, Hillhead
Gillies Frank H. secretary G. & S. W. Railway Co. St. Enoch
square; res. Glendenton, Bridge of Weir
Gillies George W. solicitor, 137 West Regent street; res. Eden
villa, East Kilbride
â–  Gillies James, agent, 83 Oxford drive, Kelvinside
Gillies James, bookseller, 515 Victoria road
Gillies Jas. undertaker & carriage hirer, 28Glasgow rd.Rutherglen
Gillies Mrs. Jane, confectioner, 276 Ci-ookston street, S.S
Gillies Miss Jane, hardware dealer, 182 Butterbiggins road
Gillies Mrs. Janet, dairy keeper, 60 Fleming street, Gn
Gillies Mrs. Janet, householder, 115 Peveril avenue, Shawlands
Gillies John, dairyman, 59 Pollok street, S.S
Gillies John, grocer, 7 Gloucester street, S.S
Gillies John, joiner, Crnmwell lane
Gillies John, joiner, 36 Willowbank street
Gillies Miss Maggie, dress maker, 165 Hospital street, S.S
Gillies Miss Sarah, confectioner, 135 New City road
Gillies Thomas Brown, manager of Universal Key Registry &
Insurance Association Limited, 93 West Regent street; res.
42 Harcourt drive, D
<;inie3 William, furniture broker, 34 Millroad street, C
Gillies William, writer (John Steuarfc & Gillies), 23 Univer-
sity gardens, Hillhead
'lillies William D. iron merchant, 17 Royal Exchange square:
T A " Horatius, Glasgow "
Gillies William G. artist, 65 West Regent street
Gilliland James, spirit dealer, 117 Parliamentarv road; res.
Airedale, Lenzie
Gilliland Mrs. Mary, fried fish shop, 13 Hill street
Gilling Francis, photographic artist, 26 Holyrood quadrant
Gilhspie Alexander, baker & confectioner, 62 Nithsdale road
& 668 Cathcart road
Giliispie Archibald, fruiterer & cnfctnr. 157 Allison st.Govanhill
GUlispie James, baker, 40 Nithsdale road, Strathbungo
Gilhspie James, telegraphist, 118 Calder street, Govanhill
Gil ispie Miss Jessie, fruiterer, 332 Allison street, Govanhill
Gillon Patrick, shopkeeper, 6 Whitehall street
GiUon Richard, slater, 1015 Cathcart road
Gilmartin Thomas, spirit dealer, 45 William street, A. & 244
Stobcross street, A. ; res. 439 Dumbarton road
Gilmore Robert, china dealer, 181 Byres road
Gilmore-Cox Miss Jane M.B., CM. surgeon, 39 Gibson street
Gilmour & Aitken, timber merchants, 79 Forth at. PoUokshielda
Gilmour & Carmichael Limited, printers &c. 37 Glasaford st. ;
T N 3581 Corp
Gilmour & Dean, engravers, lithographers & printers, 50 North
Hanover street; TN 4120; TA "Sketch"
Gilmour & M'Kinnell, hat & cap warehousemen, 85 Maxwell at
Gilmour Matthew & Son, house factors, G7 South Portland st.S.S
Gilmour, Morton & (^o. Limited, fireclay goods manufacturers,
10 Cook street, S.S. ; TN 1661
Gilmour R. & Co. warehousemen, 154 Sword street
Gilmour & Smith, jam manufacturers, 21 College street
Gilmour T. M. & Miss Amada, teachers of music, 42 Pollok fit. S.S
Gilmour Thomson & Co. Limited, distillers, 44 to 64 Jamea
Watt street; T A "Royal"
Gilmour W. & M. provision merchants, 70 Ingram street & 3
North Albion street; Ta "Forward, Glasgow"; TN Nat.
483 Xron. ; Corp. 483
Gilmour & Watson, wholesale jewellers, 68 Mitchell street
Gilmour William, jun. & Co, printers, 48 Ingram street
Gilmour & Co. drysalters, 17 Oswald street
Gilmour »fc Co. silk merchants, 5 Royal Exchange square; TA
"Uncritical, Glasgow"; TN 416
Gilmour Mrs. Agnes, laundry, 28 Squire street, Whiteinch
Gilmour Alexander, provision dealer, 133 Main street, G
Gilmour Alex. C spirit dealer, 77 Great Wellington st. K.P. ;
3 Victoria street, Gn. & 1 Gloucester street; res. Lincluden,
Kelburn avenue. Dumbreck
Gilmour Allan, china & glass dealer, 747 New City road
Gilmour Allan, tobacco importer, 10 Bothwell street; res.
Braeholm, Helensburgh
Gilmour Andrew, fruiterer, 88 Aitkenhead road, Govanhill
Gilmour Mrs. Cli;irlotte. baker & confectioner, IG Parson street
Gilmour David (agent to S. S. Hope, silk merchant), 8 Gordon
street; res. 17 Millbrae crescent, Langside
Gilmour David, spirit dlr. 153 Trongate; res. 32 Apsley pi. S.S
Gilmour Davidj twister, 56 College street; works, Duntocher
Gilmour Francis, vice-consul Dominican Republic, 179 West,
George street; res. 90 Forth street, PoUokshields
Gilmour George, commission agent, 72 Dixon avenue
Gilmour George, grocer & spirit dealer, 49 Queen street, Gn
Gilmour George, manufacturers' agent, 128 Hope street
Gilmour Henry, hair dresser, 74 Main street, ToUcross
Gilmour Hugh, spirit dealer, 679 & 581 Springburn road &.
41 Cowlairs road
Gilmour Hugh B. drysalter (Gilmour & Co.), 1 Mansion House
road, Paisley
Gilmour Miss Isabella, dress maker, 335 Mathieson street, S.S .
Gilmour James, boot agent, 74 Glassford street
Gilmour James, printer, stationer &c. 68 Mitchell street; Cor-
poration T N 2356
Gilmour Jamea, school teacher, 32 Nithsdale drive, Strathbungo
Gilmour Jas. station master, Queen Street stn. ; res. 56 Dundas st .
Gilmour James, spirit dealer, 40 Port Dundas road
Gilmour James P. boot maker, 439 Victoria road
Gilmour James P. chemist, 312 & 314 Cathcart road
Gilmour Mrs. Jessie, dairy, 647 Gallowgate
Gilmour John, china & glass dealei', 57 Parliamentary road
Gilmour John, grain merchant, 25 Wellington street; res. 68-
Craigonaddie terrace, Sandyiford
Gilmour John, news agent, 11 Glebe street
Gilmour Jolm, spu-it dealer, 1 High Cartcraigs, PoUokshaws
Gilmour John, wine & spirit mer. 1423 PoUokshaw^s rd.Shawlnda
Gilmour John H. spirit dealer, 686 PoUokshaws road
Gilmour John S. joiner; res. 60 Dumbarton road
Gilmour Joseph W. jeweller (Gilmour & Watson), Moorholm,
Gilmour Joseph W. muslin merchant, 9 Prince's square
Gilmour Miss L. M. grocer. 111 Craighall road, P.D
Gilmour Miss Margaret, artist, 179 West George street
Gilmour MissMargrt. chiropodist, Albany chmbr3.634Sauchiehall st •
Gilmour Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, 46 Annfteld street
Gilmour Miss Margrt. laundress, 5 & 7 Bolton drive.Mt. Florida
Gilmour Mrs. Margaret, shopkpr. 97 Eastmuir st, Shettleston
Gilmour Mrs. Mary, dairy, 36 Burnside street
Gilmour Mrs. Mary, news agent, 993 Dumbarton rd. Whiteinch
Gilmour Mrs. Mary, spirit dealer.l & 3 Max^vell st. PoUokshaws
Gilmour Matthew, house factor (Matthew Gilmour & Son), Fern-
bank, Cambuslang
Gilmour Miss Rebecca, confectioner, 539 Cathcart road
Gilmour Robert, butcher, 87 Shamrock street
Gilmour Robert, civil engineer, 123 WeUington street
Gilmour Robert, house factor (Matthew Gilmour & Son), Fern--
bank, Cambuslang
GUmour Robert, provision dealer, 147 Great Hamilton street
Gilmour Robert, spirit dealer, 121 Shamrock street
Gilmour Robert, station master, G. & S. W, Railway station, St
Enoch square; res. 13 Carment drive, Shawlands
Gilmour Samuel, boot maker, 25 Rosehall street
Gilmour Samuel, spirit dealer, 27 Pollok street, PoUokshaws
Gilmour Thomas D. umbrella maker, 21 Bridge street; res 168/
Oxford street, S.S o , .
Gilmour Thomas T. hat & cap manufacturer (Gilmour & McKin-
nell) ; res. Woodlands, Prestwick
Gilmour Mrs. Violet, dairy, 71 Maitland street
Gilmour Walter, provision merchant (W. & M. Gilmour") Auld-
worth, Kilmalcolm
Gilmour WiUiam, accountant (Thomson McLintocTc & CJo.) 140'
West George street
Gilmour William, butcher, 409 Garscube road
Gilmour William, printer, 48 Ingram street. ; res. Lome nlace
1023 Cathcart road '
Gilmour William, spirit dealer, 163 Great Hamilton street
Gilmour William D. coal merchant (Bow & Gilmour'}. 10 Hill-
end gardens, Dowanhill
GLAS, 23*

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