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326 CUT
Cuthbertson John, janitor, 45 Oxford road, S.S
Cathbertson Join N. chemical metal & produce broker, 29 Bath
street; TN" 630; TA " Cuthbertson "
Cuthbertson Sir John Seilson, chemical broker (Cuthbertson
John N.) ; reg. 25 Blythswood square
Cuthbertson John T. warehouseman (Cuthbertson, Kerr & Co.).
76 Prince Edward street. Crossbill
Cuthbertson Macarthur, shipowner (Cuthbertson James E. & Co.),
28 EuthTen street, HiUhead
Cuthbertson Mrs. Mary, draper, 67 Cumbernauld road
Cuthbertson Miss Nellie, greengrocer, 685 Great Eastern road
Cuthbertson Eobert, engine waste manufacturer (E. & W. Cuth-
bertson), 11 Broompark terrace, D
Cathbertson Eobert, grocer, 20 Linthouse buildings, Gn
Cuthbertson Samuel, grocer &. spirit dealer, 21 & 23 Kensington
terrace. Paisley road west, Ibrox; res. Medwin, 47 Dum-
breck road, Dumbreck
Cuthbertson Scott T. boot & shoe dealer, 47 Oswald street
Cuthbertson Thomas, carpet buyer, 129 Buccleuch street
Cuthbertson Thomas, fitationer &c. (J. & W. S. Milne); res. 3
Dixon road. Crossbill
Cuthbertson Thomas, warehouseman (Cuthbertson, Kerr & Co.),
Eowallan, Quadrant road
Cuthbertson Thomas J. cashier, IS Montgomerie road, Scotstoun
Cathbertson William, watch maker & jeweller, 211 Gt. Western rd
Cutting Eobert & Co. produce importers, 78 McAlpine street
Cutting Eobert, produce importer (Eobert Cutting & Co.), 5
Hampton Court terrace
Cycle Bepalrlng Co. cycle mas. & agt«. 177 & 179 St. George's rd
Czarnikow & Co. sugar brokers, 43 Virginia street ; T N 659 ;
TA *' Czarnikow, Glasgow"
Czarnikow C. sugar bkr. (Czarnikow & Co.),Efflngham hl.Dorking
Dacca Twist Co. (Manchester), manufacturers, 68 Mitchell street
Dackie James F. householder, 246 Bath street
Daes John, ironfounder, 28 Market street,
Daify Charles, boot maker, 300 South York street, S.S
Dagostino Felicio, ice cream dealer, 343 Springburn road
Dagger Eobert, manager, William Tounger & Co. Limited,
Craigdhu, Gilfnock
Dagleish Adam, grocer; res. 8 Morris place, C
Dagostino Antonio, confectioner, 160 Alexandra parade
Dailuaine-Talisker Distilleries Limited, distillers, 50 Wellington
street; TA " Dailuaine " ; TN 345 Argyle
Daily Record (Glasgow) Limited, offlce,
"Record" buildings, Renfleld lane; Car-
melite house, Carmelite street, London E C
Dainbrosio Achille, confectioner, 68 Cambridge street
Dalbock John, tailor (Sarftfin & Dalbock)
Dale Misses Mary & Margaret, milliners, 580 Cathcart road
Dale & Speirs, carvers & golders, 120 & 143 Cambridge street
Dale & Co. boot & shoe makers, 592b, Gallowgate I
Dale Charles, boot & shoe maker (Dale & Co.), 553 Gallowgate
Dale Hugh, boot factor, 472 Cathcart road; res. 38 Gartnrk st
Dale Jas. hardware dlr. & oil & colorman,70 & 72 Norfolk at. S.S
Dale John, drysalter, 24 Seymour street, Crossmyloof
Dalgleish Alexander, buyer, 2 Doune quadrant, Kelvinside
Dalgleish David, manager, Hamilton Coal Co. coal merchants,
Gushetfaulds Mineral depot, Cathcart road, S.S. ; office, 28 St.
Enoch square ; res. Beaconsfield, Eutherglen
Dalgleish Miss Mary, confectioner, 3 Burnside street
Dalgleish Peter, spirit dealer, 48 Rose street, S.S. ; res. 96
Dorward avenue, 'Shawlande
Dalgliesh Adam, grocer &c. 96 Main street, B
Dalglish A. & W. boiler makers. West of Scotland boiler works,
Cogan street, Pollokshaws
Dalglish John & Sons, engineers, 50 Cogan street, Poliofcahaws
Dalglish E. Falconer & Co. Limited, calico printers (branch of
Calico Printers' Association Limited), 4 West Eegent street;
works, Lennox mill, Lennoxtown; TN 501
Dalglish & Co. grocers, 389 Govan street, S.S
Dalglish David, colliery agent, 28 St. Enoch square ; res. Bea-
consfield, Stonelaw road, Eutherglen
Dalglish Duncan, insurance agent, 707 Dalmarnocfc road
Dalglish John, dairyman, 85 Maclean street. Plantation, Gn
Dalglish John, dairy keeper, 11 Alexandra parade
Dalglish Thos. grain mer. (Wm. Buchanan & Co.), 268 Albert rd
Dalglish William, artist, 26 Eenfleld street
Dalinsky A. & Co. slipper manufacturers, 48 New wynd
Dalinsky Arthur, slipper manufacturer (A. Dalinsky & Co.),
15 Hayfield street, S.S ' '
Dall John, artist, 112 Bath street; res. Conrthill, Bearsden
Dall William L.D.'S. dentist, 8 Newton place, Sauchiehall street
Dall William, traveller, 105 Kenmure street, PoUokshields
Dallachy Henry, bank agent ; res. 145 Greenhead street
Dallas & Co. drapers & clothiers &c. 163 & 170 Cowcaddens
street; TN 201
Dallas David, writer, 96 West Eegent street
Dallas Dhu Distillery, Forres (Wright & Greig Lim. proprie-
tors), 64 Waterloo street; TN 308 -irgyle (Nat.) & 22G3
Corporation; TA " Eoderick, Glasgow"
Dallas John, draper (Dallas & Co.), 6 Holyrood crescent
Dallas Matthew, baker, 132 Bernard street, B
Dallas Simon, jun. draper (Dallas & Co.), 6 Holyrood crescent
Dalley & Son, whitesmiths, 43 King street, T
Dalling Thomas, traveller, 18 Meadowpark .street, D
Dalmellington Iron Co. Limited, ironmasters, 138 West George
street; T N 809 ; TA "Dalmellington, Glasgow"
Dalney Patrick, shopkeeper, 56 Waterloo street. Mile End
Dalrymple David, pawnbroker, 6 Elderslie street, A. ; rea. 844
New City road
Dalrvmple Jas. coal agent; res. 116 South Portland street, S.S
Dalrymple Mrs. Jane, spirit dealer, 48 New road. Parkhead
Dalr'ymple Miss Jennie, glass & china dealer, 26 Stirling road
Dalrymple Mrs. Mary, dairy, 191 Dalrymple street
Dalrymple William, hat box maker, 14 Warwick street, S.S
Dalrymple William, traveller; res. 68 Lumsden street
Dalrymple William P. spirit dealer, 459 to 463 Great Eastern
road & 51 Stanley street. Kinning Park
Dalton George, joiner, 23 View Mount drive, Maryhill
Dalveen Miss Annie, ladies' outfitter, 723 Dumbarton road, P
D'Alveen Madame, di'ess maker, 10 Holmhead place, Catiicarft
Daly & Co. warehousemen, general drapers, clothiers, carpet
factors & general house furnishers. Regent house, 199 Sauchie-
hall street
Daly Andrew, plumber & gasfltter, 104 Napiershall street; resv
124 New City road
Daly Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 9 Waddell street, S.S
Daly Henry, shopkeeper, 91 Water street, P.D
Daly James, merchant (Daly & Co.), 2 Princes gardens, DowanhiU
Daly John, broker, 60 Adelphi street, S.S
Daly John, dining rooms, 189 Gallowgate
Daly John,' grocer, 60 Grace street
Daly John, shopkeeper, 5 Grace street
Daly John, teacher of music, 26 Holyrood quadrant
Dalzell J. B. & Co. coal & lime merchants, 146 Buchanan st. ;
res. Allan park, Larkhall
Dalzell Samuel, engineer, 247 Langside road
Dalziel William & Co. (Union Transit Co.), general
export& import,shipping& -forwarding agents,
carting contractors, bonded & free store keepers, SO to 81
James Watt street & at 16 Hyde Park street. Entrust your
shipments to our care. We have our own cart-
ing plant, quay staff, quay superintendent & storage
accommodation. Prompt & careful attention guar-
anteed on favourable terms. Nat. Tel. 1411 Argyle;
Corp. Tels. 1469 & 6163; Cables & TelegramSj
" Transit, Glasgow "
Dalziel & Co. colliery & mill furnishers, 95 West Campbell st. ;,
TN 3673 Corporation; TA "Dalziel, Glasgow"
Dalziel & Co. laundry, 294 Scotland street, S.S
Dalziel Misa Annie, dress maker, 94 Langlands road, Gn
Dalziel David, wholesale stationer, 45 Bridge street, S.S
Dalziel Hugh, contractor; res. 20 St. Vincent crescent
Dalziel James, agent to Dublin & Glasgow Steam Packet Coi
12 Waterloo street; res. Weatpelaer, Prestwick
Dalziel Eobert H. auctioneer (A. P. Mnir & Dalziel); res. 12
Battlefield gardens, Langside
Dalziel Thomas Kennedy M.B., CM. surgeon, 196 Bath street;,
T N Nat. 167 Douglas ; Corp. 537
Dalziel William, merchant (Dalziel & Co.), Goldielea, IJddmgstD,
Dalziel William, colliery furnisher (Dalziel & Co.), tTddingston,
Dalziel William, contractor (Union Transit Go.) ; res. 89 Hill
street, Garnethill
Dambrosio Camilla, confectioner, 411 Eutherglen road & 102-
Caledonia road, S.S , „ f.
Dambrosi Camillo, fried fish shop, 381 Eutherglen road, S.S
Dambrosio Genaro, ice cream dealer, 143 George street
Dambrosio Genaro, confectioner, 11 & 77 London street
Dambrosio Gervase, ice cream dealer, 37 George street & 115-
& 225 Eutherglen road, S.S
Dambrosio Laurence, confectioner, 124 Eutherglen road, S.S
Damiano lonta, hair dresser, 753 Springburn road
Dand David, writer, 176 Hope street ; res. 132 Woodstock aveni
D'Andrea Giuseppe, ice cream dealer, 59 Canning street, C
D'Andrea Jouseppe, ice cream dealer, 284 Main street, B
Daniel James, provision dealer, 400 St. Vincent street
Daniell S. A. Lim. press makers, 33 Virginia .street ^
Danielaon Johannis L. coal exporter,130Cambridge drv.KelvmBa&
Danks William, butcher, 699 Great Western road, Hillhead
D' \nnunzio Francesco, ice cream dealer, 60 George street
Dansken Alexander B. & Co. insurance surveyors & valuators^
■109 St. Vincent street „ „ ^ ,.
Dansken John & Purdie, measurers &c. 241 West George street
Dansken Alexander, house factor, 613 Great Eastern road
Dansken Alexander B. insurance surveyor (AlexanderB. Dansken.
& Co.), 1 Lilybank gardens, Hillhead
Dansken John, house factor, 60 Lyon street
Darling George E. coal master (William Darling's Tmstees), U
■Crown gardens, Dowanhill ,„,,■>. r
Darn-'avil Coal Co. Limited, coal masters (John Pollock, sec. 6=
managing director), 40 St. Enoch square; cash day, second
Wednesday ; Nat. T N 615 Eoyal ; Corpn. T N 668 ; T A ' Darn-
gavil Glasgow " &. Caledonian Goods station, Parkhead |^
Bridgeton Croas ; Paton street ; Galbraith street & Oswald st.B
Dansken John, measurer (John Dansken & Purdie), 2 HiUsido
gardens, Partick hill , , ,. ^ .
Daprato Guiaeppe, fried fish dealer, 100 North street, A
Da Prato Mansueto, confectioner & ice cream dealer, 210 Dum-
barton road. P. & 300 London road; res. 110 Byres road
D.ircv Mrs. Ellen, laundrv, 80 & 83 Nicholson street, S.S
Large James F. news agent & stationer, 48 Cowcaddens street
Darce William, brass founder, 116 Oxford street.
Darkes Frederick, fruiterer, 60 Elderslie street
road; res. 958 Sauchiehall street
Darling, Scott & Cairns, wholesale jewellers, 80 Miller street
Darling Mrs. Elsie, houaeholder. 10 Camphill drive. Crossbill.
Darling Eobert, clock maker, 20 Union street
Darrach Felix, provision dealer, 112 Green street, 'C
Darroch & Espie, shipwrights & boat builders, 27 South Kia-
ning place, S.S,: TN 1816
Darroch & Co. french polishers, 83 Dumbarton road
Darroch A. Wbyte, manufacturers' agent, 93 Hope street; rea.
Newstead, GifEnock
Darroch Archibald, dairy, 10 Clarendon street
Darroch Donald, dairvman, 8 Hopehill road
Darroch James, baker, 428 Gallowgate & 12 & 14 Risk st. C
Darroch Mrs. Janet, confectioner, 26 Renfrew road, Gn
Darroch John, shipwright (Darroch & Espie)- — - ^
road, Langside
Darroch Eobert, painter, 102 Dumbarton road
Darwen (The) Paper Staining Company,
paperhangings manufacturers, 341 Argyle street; mills. Live-
se-v mills, Darwen (Robert Morrison, manager); Nat. lei.
160 Argvle; Corp. 146: T A "Wallpapers, Glasgow
Dastey Peter, fried fish shop, 316 Garscube road
Davenport Charles, music teacher, 8 Glasgow street
Davev Frederick, erocers' manager, 5 Marchmont ter. Lan^
Davidson C. & Sons Limited, paper makers, 72 Howard street^
TN 3289; TA "Cartridge, Glasgow"
& 167 KeDl:
res. 93 Millbrae:

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