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304 YOU
EDINBUKGH ALPHABETICAL. [slater's directory.]
Young Andrew & John, butehers, 13b. Manderston street, L
Young: Archibald & Son, artificial limb & surgi-
cal instrument makersi 67 & 61 Forrest road
Xoung Bros, bakers & confectioners, 110, 112 & 114 Pleadance ;
10 Havmarket terrace ; 2 Charles street ; 9 Drumsheugh pi. ;
12 Home street; 1 London road; 47 Newington road; 38
Comely Bank place; 63 & 65 Leith street & 2 Warrender Pk.rd
Young David & Sons, boot mas. 26 Howe st. ; res. 10 Royal cres
Young Drummond & Son, photo enlargers, 115 Rose street
Young F. & H., S'.S.C. 98 Hanover street; TN 2301; TA
" Juvenis, Edinburgh "
Young Geo. Adam^ & Go. publishers & booksllrs.34 North bridge
Young G-eorge H. & Co. Ltd. ship brokers & commission agents,
13 Bernard street, L. ; T N 4174; TA "Competent, Leith"
Young, Glover & Co. commission agents & merchants, 20 Ber-
nard street, L. ; TN 4016; TA "Young, Leith"
Young H. D. & Sons Ltd. leather merchants & boot & shoe
merchants. GO & 62 High st. ; TA "Young, Edinburgh";
TN 926
Young J, & D. coach lamp makers, brassfounders & tinsmiths,
143 Leith street
Young J. & M. tobacconists, 17 Ferry road, L
Young & Leslie, stevedores & contractors, 6 & 8 Tower st. L. ;
& at Granton; TN 438, L. ; T N 14, Granton; TA "Steve-
dore, Leith "
Young & Kane, tailors, 4 Atholl place
Young Robert & Wm. painters & decorators, 37 Morningside rd
Young &â–  Roxburgh W.S. 29 Rutland square
Young & Saunders, grocers & wine merchants, 5 »fe 6 Queens-
ferry street & 27 Duke street
Young Stephen, W. & C. spirit dealers, 284 Bonnington road, L
Young & Tatton, goldsmiths, 30 Rose street
Young Thomas & Co. wine mers. 44 Lothian st. ; T N 714
Young & Co. plumbers &c. 112 Nicolson street
Young Women's Christian Association (Mrs. Slmson, treasurer;
Miss Corbett, lady supt.), 116 George street; divisional office
for Scotland, 122 George street (Miss J. B. Gumming, sec);
& 2 Baxter place, Leith walk (Miss B. L. McLaren, sec);
& restaurant, 43 Eyre place
Young Women's Institute (Mrs. Cozens, sec), Riddle's close, L
Young Adam, shopkeeper, 1 Industry lane, L
Young Mrs. Agnes, apartments, 7 Hope Park crescent
Young Alex, antique furniture dealer, cabinet maker &. up-
holsterer, 88 HajTiiarket terrace
Young Alexander, apartments, 7 Melville crescent
Young Alexander, boot maker, 5 Gayfield place
Young Alex.grocer & spirit dlr.23 Jamaica st. ; res. 50 Raeburn pi
Young Alexander, ironmonger, 84 Dairy road
Young Alex, joiner & cabinet maker, 137 Rose Street lane;
res. 9 Leven terrace
Young Alexander (R. Laidlaw & Son Ltd.), 41 Lygon road
Young Alexander, solicitor (McQueen & Young), 3 Albany street
Young Alexander M. India rubber goods dealer, 182 Rose street
Young Alfred C. commercial traveller, 3 Whitehouse loan
Young Andrew, butcher; res. 68 Easter road, L
Young Andrew F. grocer, bottled beer & spirit dealer, 18 &
20 William street
Young Andrew J. advocate, 60 Great King street
Young Andrew J. sec. The Century Insurance Co. Ltd. 24
York place : res. 2 Morningside park
Young Mrs. Annie, apartments, 3 Gladstone terrace
Young Miss Annie, shopkeeper, 49 James street, Bilrig
Young Archibald, cutler (Toung Archibald & Son) ; res. 44
Cktlinton road
Young Archibald, ironmonger & plumber, 83 Leith walk, L.
6 31 Glover street, L
Young Charles, wire worker, 82 Buccleuch street
Young Charles W.S. (Mackay & Young); res. 12 Saxe Coburg pi
Young Miss Christina, drysalter, 159 Fountainbridge
Young Claude, coal merchant, 28 Dewar place
Young Colin. I. M. measurer, 122 George street
Young David, boot maker; res. 10 Royal crescent
Young David, butcher, 161 Morrison street
Young David, butcher & poulterer, 416 Morningside road
Young David C. school, 4 Baxter's place
Young David E. leather merchant (H. D. Young & Sons Lim.),
7 Mansion House road
Young David P. fruiterer, 11 Earl Grey street
Young E. Denholm W.S, (Young & Roxburgh), 16 Abbots-
ford park
Young Edward W.S. 28 Moray place
Young Miss E'.eanor, dress maker, 110a, Fountainbridge
Young Mrs. Elizabeth, dairy keeper, 14 Milton street
Young Mrs. Elizabeth, greengrocer, 2a, South Elgin street
Young Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 14 St. Patrick square
Young Mrs. Eliza.beth, ladies' nurse, 27 William street
Young Frank Montgomery Henderson S.S.C. (F. & H. Young);
res. 40 Minto street
Young Rt. Hon. George LL.D. fLord Young), advocate, 28
Moray place
Young George, clerk, 1 Comely Bank row
Young George, commercial traveller, 33 East Claremont street
Young George, Globe agency for -servants, 34 Howe street
Young George Adam, publisher & bookseller (Young George
Adam & Co.) : res. 32 Forbes road
Young George H. shipbroker (George H. Young & Co. Lim.),
13 Bernard street, L. ; res. Clarebank, Claremont road, L
Young George W. (G.P.C), 41 East CJlaremont street
Young Henry A. advocate, 28 Moray place
Young Henry Burrell, fruiterer, 180 Canongate
Young Mrs. Isabella, confectioner, 12 Main street, Kewhaven
Young Miss Isabella, dress maker & milliner, 20 Ardmillan ter
Young Mrs. Isabella, shopkeeper, 224 Easter road, L
Young James, baker (Young Brothers); res. 1 McLaren road'
Young Jas. civil engineer North British Rly. Co. 41 York placa
Young James, shopkeeper, 212 Easter road, x.
Young James, shopkeeper, 10 Lauriston street
Young James, spirit dealer, 14 & 15 Sandport stree^ L
Young James, tailor (Young & Kane), 17 Torphichen street
Young James, tobacconist, 10 Wolseley place
Young James W.S. & N.P. (Boyd, Jameson & Young), 14 OIare»-
mont park, L
Young James G. boot maker, 193 Canongate
Young James R. chemist, 38 Chalmers street
Young Mi3& Jane, dairy keeper, 2 Caledonian crescent
Young John, bookseller, stationer & news agent, 13 Clifton ter-
race & 2 Dairy road ; res. 4 Haymarket terrace
Young John, butcher, 3 Brandon terrace
Young John, dairyman, Gorgie
Young John, fishmonger, 80 Baebum place
Young John, fruiterer, 52h, Fountainbridge
Young John, fruiterer, 118 Gorgie road
Young John, fruiterer, 160 Lothian road
Young John, grocer & spirit dealer, 173 Fountainbridge
Young Jn. licensed grocer, 114 Gorgie rd. ; res. 55 Ashley ter
Young John, spirit dealer, 32 Northumberland street
Young John, stevedore (Young & Leslie), 5 Summerfield villas^,
Restalrig road
Young John A. printer (J. Skinner & Co.), 30 Danube street
Young John A. shopkeeper, 18 Beaverhall terrace
Young John Alexander L.D.S.Edin. dentist, 90 Morningside r(i
Young John Buchanan, advocate, 4*8 Great King street
Young John C. teacher of classics, 18 Fettes row
Young John Maxwell, solicitor (Menzies, Bruce-Low & Thom-
son) ; res. 8 Findhorn place
Young John H. manager {Colston & Co. Limited), 17 Eyre cres
Young John Watt, clerk, 15 South Clerk street
Young Joseph, china dealer, 51a, Canongate
Young Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, 160 Rose street
Young Mrs. Margaret, dairy, 11 Richmond place
Young Mrs. Marian, fishmonger, 3 North West Circus place
Young Miss Christina, milliner, 121 George street ; res. 19 Gil-
lespie crescent
Young Miss Mary, china & glass dealer, 220 Dairy road
Young Miss Mary, dairy keeper, 23 Arthur street
Young Miss Mary, dress maker, 10 Maryfteld
Young Miss Mary Elizh. news agent, Bl Coburg street, I*
Young Miss, dress maker, 19 Viewforth
Young Peter, clerk, 3 Bvehill gardens, L
Young Peter M.D., F.R.C.P.E. 43 Heriot row
Young Peter Alexander M.D., F.R.C.P.E. 25 Manor place
Young Richard, consulting engineer; res. 158 Newhaven rd. L.
Young Robert, ironmonger & seedsman, edge tool makers &
dealers & bit merchants, 192, 194, 198 & 200 Morrison st. ;â– 
res. 30 Leamington terrace
Young Thomas, furniture broker, 2 Howe street
Young Thomas, surveyor. 10 Brunton terrace
Toung Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, 54 Morrison street
Young Thomas, wine merchant (Thomas Young & Co.); res. 39'
Gilmour road
Young Thomas C. leather merchant (H. D. Young & Sons
Limited), 20 Fountainhall road
Young Thomas P. vet. surgeon, 10 Kirk street, Leith walk, L
Young Walter, saddler, 271 Causeway^ide
Young William, rectifier, 49 Dudley avenue, L
Y'oung Wm. Drummond, portrait artist, 109 Newington road
Young William G. seed merchant, 20 Bernard street, L. (T M
''Cleaner, Leith"); res. 16 Salamander street, L
Young William J. publican; res. 13 Brandon terrace
Young Wm. James, sculptor 220, & res. 214 Dalkeith road
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co. Limited. 34 St.
Andrew sq. ; works, Bathgate, Addiewell, XIphall, & Birming-
ham (Daniel M'Arthur, branch manager); Glasgow office, 7
West George street; TA "Paraffin, Edin "
Youngclause Walter, egg & butter merchant, 7 Morningside
drive & 151 Gilmore place; res. 36 Woodburn terrace
Younger & Montieth, corn & malt factors, 41 Comely Bank ret
Younger Robert Limited, brewers & maltsters, St. Ann's
brewerv, Abbev hill & St. Ann's maltings, St. Clair street,
Easter road, L.'; T A " St. Ann's, Edinburgh "; TN 966
Young^er William & Co. Limitedf brewers, Abbey
&Hollyrood Breweries; malting:s, Milton Houser
Cannonmilts & Mor£Ly Park ; T N 705 for Genera.!
Orders; TN 932 for Secretary & Directors; TA
"Younger, Edinburijli " & "Holyrood, Edinburgh "
Younger David J. solicitor, 58 Castle street; res. Craigard,-
Kaimes road, Murrayfield
Younger R. T., M.A..LL.B. advocate, 34 Great King street
Younger Robert J. (Robert Younger Limited), 15 Carlton ter
Y'ounger William J. brewer (William Y'ounger & Co. Limited)^,
21 Douglas crescent
Younie Robert, temperance hotel. 55 Leith street
Yuille William, engineer, 77 McDonald road
Yule Alexander J. boot maker, 22, 38 & 110 Leith street & 2»
Tolbooth wynd, L. ; res. 14 Gavfield square
Yule Allan R., C.A. (Chiene & Tait) ; res. 18 East Claremont st
Yule Mrs. Frances, private school for girls, Northend, Trinity rd'
Yule George, schoolmaster. Helena villa, Blacket avenue
Yule JohnW. house agent (Boyd & Co.), 17 Eyre crescent
Yule Miss Mary Agnes, teacher of music, 28 St. Bernard's cres.
Zenana Bible & Medical Mission (I. F. N. 6.) (Miss Paton, sec.)^.
122 George street
Zince Collotype Co. collotype printers, McDonald road
Zoblinsky Madame, teacher of languages, 68 George street

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