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BEA 189
Banks Peter, cork cutter, 129 Great Junction street, L
Banks Robert, wood engineer, 1 Livingstone place
Banks Thomas, tobacconist, 61 Bristo street
Banks William, printer (Banks & Co. Lim.), 29 Craigmillar pk
Bankshaw Kobert, Venetian blind manufacturer, Sunbury Blind
works, Belford road, Dean
Bannatyne James, dairyman, 8 Prospect street
Bannatyne James, dairyman, 59 Leith street
Bannatyne Peter, leather merchant &. boot maker, 129 West port
Bannerman &. Steel, litho artists & designers, 6 Picardy place
Bannerman James M. chemist, 28 Newington road ; res. 14
Fountainhatl road
Bannerman James Patrick W.S, (Bell & Bannerman); res.
9 Dean Park crescent
Bannerman Robert, commercial traveller, 35 Castle terrace
Bannerman William M.D. physician & surgn. 30 Polwarth ter
Eaptie Wm.F.grocer.lll Leith walk.L. ; res. 34 Cambridge gdns.L
Bapty Miss Eliza, confectioner, 149 Dairy road
Barber William, chimney sweeper, 47 Dean street
Barbour Alexander Hugh Freeland M.D., F.R.C.P.E. physician
& surgeon, 4 Charlotte square
Barbour Andrew, confectioner, 90 Lauriston place
Barbour B. McCall, sec. of the Boys' Purity Band, 37 Chambers st
Barbour Jas. S. accntnt. (Bank of Scotland! : res. 2 Blackford rd
Barbour James William S.S.C, N.P. (Purves & Barbour); rea.
15 Spottiswoode street
Barbour Robert, bedding manufacturer, 28 Victoria street
Barclay Brothers, photographers, 143 Princes street
Barclay George & Son Ltd. woollen & Manchester warehousemen
(Robert S. Barclay, managing director), 7 Hunter square ;
TN 882; T A " Woollens "
Barclay Misses, dress makers, 5 Randolph place
Barclay MissesAlice & Mary.berlin wool repository,59Hanover st
Barclay Alexander, confectioner, 16 Cottbridge aven. Murrayfield
Barclay Alexander, jeweller, 367 High street
Barclay G. A. organising sec. Edinburgh Medical Missionary
Society. 31 Gilmour road
Barclay (5-eorgc, painter (Milne & Barclay), 2 Haddington place
Barclay James, hatter, 35 Lothian road
Barclay John, carting contractor, Assembly street, L
Barclay John, coal merchant &, contractor, Constitution place
Barclay John, cooper, 3 Giles street. L
Barclay John, householder, 41 Lothian road
Barclay Matthew, dairyman. 10 North West Circus place
Barclay Oswald, clerk, 11 Picardy place
Barclay Robert S. managing director (George Barclay & Son
Limited), 12 Ettrick road
Barclay Thomas, advocate, 1 Ainslie place
Bardgett John, science teacher. 40 Barony street
Bardner J. & M. apartments, 51 Albany street
Bargin Richard, fried fish dealer, 25a, East Crosscauseway
Barker Mrs. CaOierine, berlin wool & fancy repository, 23
Earl Grey street
Barker Miss Jane, dairy keeper, 13 Elder street
Barker Patrick, pawnbroker, 16 Chapel street
Barker Thomas, liutcher, 88 Comiston road
Barker Thomas, butcher, bl Henderson street, L. ; »& 6 Main
street, Newhaven
Barker Watson, painter, 18 Oaighall road. Trinity
Barlas Bradley, accountant, 27 Shandon street
Barlas David, solicitor. 53 Frederick st. ; res. 92 Comely Bank av
Barlow James, fried fish shop, 2 Orwell terrace
Barnard Alfred, journalist, 62 Northumberland street
Barnes Thomas, boot repairer, 15 Elder street
Barnes Thomas, inland revenue officer. 23 Forrest road
Barnet & Co. Limited, trimming manufacturers & cabinet iron-
mongers, 38 Rose street
Barnet Mrs. Jessie, draper, 13 & 15 Deanhaugh street; res.
10 Comely Bank street
Barnet John, boot So shoe maker. Blackball
Barnetson William & Sons, house agents, 29 St. Patrick square
Barnetson Edward, house agent (firm, Wm. Barnetson & Sons)
Barnetson George, spirit dealer, 46 Commercial street, L. ; res.
34 Madeira street
Barnett & Son, glass stainers, 101 Constitution street, L
Barnett Mrs. Elizabeth, greengrocer, 54 Blackfriars street
Barnett George Scott, boot maker, 51 Rose street. North lane
Barnett Joseph, picture framer, 103a, Pleasance
Barnett William C. glass stainer (Barnett & Son), 101 Con-
stitution street, L
Barr Mrs. Jennie, dairy 71, & res. 69, Inverleith row
Barr Mrs. Kate, dairy, 45 Bristo street
Barr Peter, boot closer, 18G Rose street
Barr Peter, china, glass & hardware dealer. 14 St. Stephen st
Barr Peter, grocer; res. 30 Suramerside place, L
Barr William, insurance inspector, 23 Torphichen street
Barrett H. H., W.S. 12 Eglinton crescent
Barrie Andrew & Son, watch makers & jewellers, 4 George st
Barrie & Co. plumbers & gasfitters, 11 Craiglea drive
Biirrie & Moncrieft', builders, Leith Walk station
Barrie Alexander, commercial trav. 9 Bowhill ter. Ferry rd. L
Barrie Alexander 0. inspector of schools; res. 1 Corrinnie gdns
Eairie Andrew, watch ma. (Barrie Andrew & Son), 2 Walker st
Barrie David, plumber & electrician, 67 Castle
street (T N 2564); workshop, 4-4 Jamaica
street; res. 22 Eyre crescent
Barrie Henry, cycle dealer, 10 Roseneath st. Warrender Park rd
Barrie James, tobacconist, 29 Kirkgate, L
Barrie John, watch maker (Andrew Barrie & Son), 15 Fettea row
Barrie Linnian, cashier, 18 Sciennes road
Barrie Thomas, painter & decorator, 7a, Grange road
Barrie William, plumber, 3 Balcarres street
Barron James & Son, rag merchants, 23 & 25 Dumbiedykes
road & Holyrood square
Barron Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 Drummond street;
res. 14 Melville terrace
Barron James, fruiterer, 12 Lothian st. ; res. 13 Eilmaura road
Barron Andrew, picture frame maker tS: gilder, 57 Hanover
street & 7a, Dundas street; res. 7 Howard street
Barren Miss Janet, dress maker, 89 Lothian road
Barron Miss Johanna, draper, 127 Pleasance
Barron Thomas, chemist, 1 Albany st. ; res. 30 Grange loan
Barron William, shopkeeper, 53 Pleasance
Barry James & Co. grocers' outfitters, 30 Victoria street"
Barry Henry, engineer, 4 Roseneath terrace
Barry John, waste material merchant, buyer of
all qualities of old metals, chemical re-fuse,
tanners' waste, hair, rabbit skins, bones &c.
Importer of ragrs for paper makings and shoddy
purposes. 69 Bonning:ton road, L. T N 491, T A.
* Barry, Leith "
Barry Thomas, rag & metal merchant ; res. 10 BonningtoGi
terrace, Newhaven road, L
Barstow & Millar C.A. 30 York pi.; TA " Barstow, Edinburgh "'
Barthgate Jam?s, fried fish dealer, 67 Causewayside
Bartholomew John & Co. geographers, engravers, printers &
geographical publishers, The Edinburgh Geographical insti-
tute, Dalkeith road; TA "Bartholomew, Edinburgh"
Bartholomew W. S. & Co. lithographers, printers, publishers
&, advertising agents, 32 York place
Bartholomew Andrew, teacher of music, 19 Crichton place,
Leith walk, L
Bartholomew John, advocate, 60 Castle street
Bartholomew William Scott, lithographer &c. (W. S. Bartholo-
mew & Co.) ; res. 6 Roseberry crescent
Bartleman & Co. grocers &. spirit dealers, 80 Pitt street
Bartleman J. & Son, manufacturing goldsmiths, 44 Hanover sb
Bartleman James, cashier, 1 Merchiston park
Bartleman John, goldsmith (J. Bartleman & Son), 35 Alva st
Bartleman Thomas, goldsmith; res. 10 Forbes road
Barton Vineyard Co. Ltd. (Rusk & Miller W.S. secs.),2 York pi
Barton Wm.& Sons, plumbers & gasfitters, llForrest rd.; TN 769"
Barton James, teacher of music, 79 Lothian road
Barton John, spirit dealer, 3 & 4 Shore, L
Barton John F. plumber (W. Barton & Sons), 10 Oswald road
Barton Peter, builder, 125 Fountainbridge (T N 885) ; res. 7&
Polwarth terrace
Barton William, grocer & spirit dealer. Blackball
Bartram Miss Margaret, dress maker. 111 George street
Bass, Eatcliff & Gretton Limited (Burton-on-Trent), brewers
(George F. Waldener, manager), 11 Princes street
Batchelor Alexander, bank clerk, 36 Comely Bank place .
Batchelor George R. grocer, 259 Dairy road
Batchgate Miss Grace, fruiterer & greengrocer, 9 Ferry road, L.
Bathgate & Co. cork importers, machinists & commission mer-
chants, 61 to 67 Albert street; TN 1271; TA "Corking-,
Edinburgh "
Bathgate & Co. sauce & coffee essence manufactrs. Holyrood sq
Bathgate Andrew, joiner, 7 McDonald road
Bathgate Mrs. Annie, dress maker, 13 Comely Bank row
Bathgate James, paper ruler, 28 Brandon terrace
Bathgate John, sauce manufacturer (Bathgate & Co.), St..
Martin's, Wardie crescent
Bathgate Robert, brewer, 61 Calton road
Bathgate Mrs. Grace, fruiterer, 51a, Kirkgate, L
Batty H. & Co. pickle & sauce manufacturers, 26 Calton roa(3
Batty Mi'ss Laura H. teacher of music, 59 Merchiston crescent
Buuc Alfred George, sorter G.P.O. 8 Eyehill avenue, L
Bauchop John F. traveller, 1 Brunswick street
Bauer E. & F. jewellers, 21 Leith street
Bauer Albert S. tailor, 1 Assembly street, L
Bauerle Adelbert, watch maker, 119 Leith street
Baum M. & Co. jewellers & watch makers, 134 Princes street
Baxendine Andrew, bookseller, 43 Sciennes rd. & 13 Chambers sfl
Baxter & Burnett, solicitors, 7 Howe street
Baxter George & Son, china, glass &c. dealers, 60 South Clerk str
Ba.xter John & Son, printers & publishers of the Scottish Lavs-
Reporter, 39 Elder street; TA "Baxter, Edinburgh"
Baxter Alexander, carrier, 12 Annandale street
Baxter Alexander, news agent, 176 Albert street
Baxter Alex, printer {John Baxter & Son), 27 South Oswald T&
Baxter Andrew Ph.D. sec. Scottish Temperance League, 9 Ban-
keillor street
Baxter Andrew, traveller, 20 Gosford place
Baxter Charles W.S. (Mitchell & Baxter), 11 South Charlotte stl
Baxter George, hair dresser, 2 George street, L
Baxter Jas. accountant Life Association of Scotland, 14Grange ri
Baxter James, blacksmith, Granton square, Granton
Baxter James, boot & shoe maker, 4b, Downfield place
Baxter James, householder, 4 Woodburn terrace
Baxter Mrs. Jennie, dress maker, 11 Elbe street, L
Ba.xter John, fruiterer, 197 Canongate
Baxter John, greengrocer & confectioner, 49 Pleasance
Baxter John Ferguson, laundry, 5 Salisbury street
Baxter Jonathan, cashier Edinburgh Savings Bank ; res. T
Moston terrace
Baxter Mrs. householder, 199 Bruntsfield place
Baxter Mrs. Mary Ann, laundry, 46 Sciennes road
Baxter William, builder & contractor, 14 Dock street, L. (T N"
04980) ; res. 172 Newhaven road, L
Baxter William, dairy keeper, 47 Couper street, L
Baxter Wm. grngrcr. 169 Bruntsfield pi. ; res. 58 Henderson row-
Baxter William, tailor, 45 India place
Bayley James Francis W.S. (Macritchie, Bayley & Henderson)*
res. 7 Randolph crescent
Baylis H. Mackford L.R.C.P.Edin. physician, 63 Mer-
chiston crescent
Bayne David, commercial traveller, 21 Buccleuch place
Bayne David, traveller, 10 Gladstone terrace
Baync Mrs. Elizabeth teacher of music, 64 Henderson row
Bayne John (Advance Wood Working Co.), 7 Meadowbank ter
Bayne John, bookseller &c. & post office, 44 Leven street;'
res. 15 Montpelier
Bayne Miss Marie, ladies' school, 16 Danube street
Bayne Thomas, traveller, 19 Leamington terrace
Baynes Jlrs. Robina, confectioner, 24a, Dean Park street -
Beach Andrew, gardener. 9 Livingstone place
Beach Thos. fruiterer, 111 Broughton st. ; res. 52 Broughton st
Beale Rev. James, St. Paul's, Jefferiee street (Episcopal), 22
Lauriston place

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