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Craigerne, Craighall
Ainslie Thomas, 40 Fountainhall road
Aird James, 18 Marchmont road
Aird Misses. 69 Comiston road
Aitchiaon James. 7 Regent terrace
Aifcchison John, 28 Gayfield square
Aitchison John S- 10 Kilgraston road
Aitchison Miss, 10 Mansion House road
Aitchison Miss, 5 Nelson street
Aitchison Miss, 5 Newbattle terrace
13 Wester Coates terrace! Aitchison Miss Mary, 1 Windsor street
Aitchison Misses, 45 George equajre
Aitchison Misses. 53 Melville street
Aitchison Mrs, 83 Great King street
Aitchison Richard Scott, 61 Braid avenue
Aitchison Robt. S., M.B. 7-i Great King st
Aitchison Walter, 3 Viewforth square
Aitchison William, 22 Stafford street
Aitken Rev. Alex. 1 Merchiston gardens
Aitken Alexander, 13 Chalmers crescent
Aitken Alfred, 8 Mayfield terrace
Aitken Andrew P. 38 Garscube terrace,
Abbey David Tool,
road, Newhaven
Abbey Mrs. 10 Trinity crescent, Trinity
Abbott Arthur. 33 Spring gardens
Abbott Mrs. 14 Pitt street
Abercrombie Miss, 7 Doune terraco
Abercromby The Hon. Jn. 62 Palmerston pi
AbernethyMrs. 7 Ea^st Preston street
Abernethy Robert M.D. 10 St. Colme st
Abrahams Harry
Absolon Miss, 17 Ainslie place
Adair David R. 05 Morniugside drive
Adair Hugh W. 4 Hampton terrace
Adair John, 41 Pohvarth terrace
Adair Mrs. 55 South C'.erk Btreet
Adam The Hon. Lord, 34 Moroy place
Adam Rev. John M.A. 15 Brunswick
Adam Arthur, 11 Hillside crescent
Adam Edwin M.A. 21 Castle street
Adam James. 16 India, street
Adam James L. 4 Braid crescent
Adam James S. 2 Braidburn terrace
Adam John, 13 Harrison road
Adam John, 183 Morrison street
Adam Miss. 4 Co-bden road
Adam Miss, 121 Craiglea drive
Adam Miss, 28 Hartington place
Adam Miss, 7 London street
Adam Mrs. 31 Charterhall road
Adam Mrs. 127 Dalkeith road
Adam Mrs. 9 Oreenhill gardens
Adam Mrs. Robert. 25 Bellevue place
Adam Robert, 60 Bruntsfield gardens
Adams James, 11 Bonnington terrace,
Newhaven rond, L
Adams John, 21 Grange road
Adams John, 49 Mardale crescent
Adams' John, 11 South Gray street
Adams Miss, 1 Minto street
Adams Miss, 'A Montague street
Adams Miss, 38 Rosslyn crescent
Adams Mrs. 6 Argyle crescent
Adams Mrs. 18 Corrennie gardens
Adams Mrs. 3 Craiglea drive
Adams Mrs. Grosvenor, Belgrave road,
Adams Mrs. 37 Wilton road
Adams S. 11 Hope Park crescent
Adams William, 14 Lynedoch place
Adamson Andrew, ,40 Mayfield road
Adiimson David, 2 Merchiston Bank gdns
Adamson James, 22 Dundas street
Adamson James N. 192 Morningside road
Adamson Mrs. 3 Douglas crescent
Adamson Mrs. 13 Marchhail crescent
Adamson Mrs. 31 Park road, Trinity
Adamson Richard W. 18 Yiewforth terrace
Adamson Robert, 14 Grange terrace
Addie George. 4 Ettrick road
Addis David P. 34 Hermitage gardens
Addis Mrs. 118 Thirlestane road
Addis Thomas C 5 Braidburn terrace
Adie Clement A. Castle bank, Colinton rd
Adshead James B. 1 Braid crescent
Affleck James 0.. M.D. 38 Heriot row
Agnew Sir Stair E..C.B.. M.A., F.B.S.E.
Aitken Henry, 38 Melville street
Aitken James, 16 Scotland street
Aitken James, 5 Springvalley gardens
Aitken James A. 14 Gilmour road
Aitken John, G Bellevue street
Aitken John, 36 Grange loan
Aitken Miss, 95 Craiglea drive
Aitken Miss, 7 Gillespie crescent
Aitken Miss, 3 Graliam street
Aitken Miss, 21 Nile grove
Aitken Mrs. 81 Craiglea drive
Aitken Mrs. 11 Crawfnrd road
Aitken Mrs. 19 Dalhousie terrace
Aitken Mrs. 12 Grange terrace
Aitken Mrs. 15 Greenliill gardens
Aitken Mrs. 6 Wardie avenue, Wardie
Aitken Robert, 12 Braid crescent
Aitken Robert, 27 Comiston drive
Aitken Robert, 12 Harrison road
Aitken Robert, 28 Napier road
Aitken Robert, 4 Spence street
Aitken Thomas, 12 Claremont park. L
Aitken Thomas, 5 Grosvenor crescent
Aitken W. Kyd, 14 Comely Bank place
Aitkenhead Mrs. 8 Great Stuart street
Aitkin Mrs. 8 Sciennes road
Aitkinson Miss, 94 Thirlestane road
Alton Thomas, 12 Lonsdale terrace
Alexander George, 56 Grange loan
Alexander Hugh D. 12 Hartington gardens
Alexander J. Shiels, 35 Grange loan
Alexander James, 17 Gilmour place
Alexander James R. 9 Minto street
Alexander John, 30 Dalhousie terrace
Alexander John, 15 Polwarth gardens
Alexander Miss, 13 Cummerside street, L
Alexander Miss, 11 Torphiclien street
Alexander Mrs. 8 Chamberlain road
Alexander Mrs. 5 McLaren road
Alexander Mrs. 3 Westhall gardens
Alexander Richard, 15 Hartington gardens
Alexander Robert, 18 Lomond rd. Trinity
Alexander AVilliam, 4 Burgess terrace
i Alexander William, 11 Findhorn place
F.&.A.Scot., J.P. 22 Buckingham terrace , ^^lexander WiUiam A. 13 Sliandon crescent
Agnew Lieut. -Col. Gerald, Easter Warris'
ton house, Warriston road
Agnew Capt. John R.N. 2 Oxford terrace
Agnew Mrs. 2 Bellevue terrace
Agnew Mrs. 16 Bruntsfield gardens
Aiken Alexander, Hill view. Blackball
Aikman Andrew, 5 Cobden road
Aikman Andrew, 19 India street
Aikman Andrew, 21 St. Bernard's crescent
Aikman D. M. 3 Denhamgreen av. Trinity
Aikman David, Rochdale, Bright's crescent
Aikman James A, 6 Glencairn crescent
Aikman James S. 4 Strathcarn road
Aikman John, 17 Mayfield terrace
Aikman Miss, 6 Ooates gardens
Aikman William. 12 Cluny avenue
Ainslie Alexander Cruickshank M.A., M.B.
20 Newington road
Ainslie Charles, 27 Hermitage gaidcns
Ainslie James, 10 Church hill
Ainslie James, Tor, Corstorphine road.
Ainslie John, 27 Hermitage gardens
Ainshe Miss, 65 Leamington terrace
Ainslie Mrs. 5 Mayfield terrace
Ainsli© Mrs. Strathavon lodge, I^averock-
bank road. Trinity
Alexander William Alfred Johnstone M.A
M.B., C.M.Edin. 1 George pi. Leith walk
Alexander William Black L.P.P. & S.Glas.
8 Blenheim place
Alieon Arthur J. 3 Moray place
Alison Mrs. 1 South Lauder road
Alison Mrs. 5 South Oxford street
Alison Robert, 11 Lea.rmonth gard^ens south
Allan Maj.-Gen. W^illiam, 43 Manor place
Allan Alexander, 27 Lomond road, Trinity
Allan Alexander, 36 Nile grove
Allan Andrew, 50 Leamington terrace
Allan Charles, 8 Gillsland road
Allan David, 25 Brunton terrace
Allan James, 11 Abbotsford crescent
Allan James, 25 George square
Allan James, 25 Lauder road
Allan James, 1 Marchmont street
Allan James, 23 Mayfield gardens
Allan James, 8 Oxford terrace
Allan James, 6 Boseberry crescent
Allaw James S. 6 Harrison road
Allan John, 16 Rillbank terrace
Allan John, 22 St. Alban's road
Allan Miss, 31 Gillespie crescent
Allan Miss, 4 Hillside crescent
A.llan Miss, 15 Hope terrace
Ulan Miss, 9 Parkside terrace
Ulan Miss. 26 Pitt street
Allan Mrs. 14 Balfour street
Allan Mrs. 22 East Preston street
Allan Mrs. 3 Hope Park crescent
Allan Mrs. 3 Hope Park terrace
Allan Jlrs. 37 London street
Allan Mrs. 36 Morningside park
Allan Mrs. 24 Netherby road
Allan Mrs. 10 Palmerston place
Allan Robert, 1 Annandale street
Allan Robert, 08 Ashley terrace
Allan Robert, 18 Pountainhall road
Allan Robert, 10 Minto street
Allan Robert Christie, 10 Seton place
Allan Thomas, Newland, Belgrave road,
Allan W. Kinloch, Erngath, Wester Coates
Allan William, 31 Mertoun place
AUaway William, 24 Coltbridge terrace,
Alien Rev. William M.A. 21 Leopold p'.ace
Allen Miss. 10 Palmerston place
Allen S. Maclean, 73 Colinton road
Allison James, 5 Yentnor terrace
Allison Miss, 6a, Cumin place
Allison Miss, 14 Hartington gardens
AUison Mrs. 3 Laverockbank ter, Trinity
Allison Thomas, 6a, Cumin place
Allsop Mrs. 24 Buccleuch place
Alston William, 16 Lonsdale terrace
Ames William, 72 Brunswick street
Amoore John S. 10 Cliarlotte square
Amos Mrs. 7 Coltbridge ter. Murrayfield
Amos Mrs. 5 Largo place, L
Amos W. 3 Parkside terrace
Amos William, 112 Polwarth gardens
Ancrum Mrs. 4 Broughton place
Ancrum Thomas, Maryville, Cameron park
Anderson Rev. John, 21 Spring gardens
Anderson Rev. R. Sangster M.A. 1 East
Castle road
Anderson Rev. Thomas, 14 Danube street
Andersojj_Rev. Thomas D.D. 21 East Clare-
mont street
Anderson A. Sherwood. 12 Pitt street
Anderson Alexander, 31 Dalhousie terrace
Anderson Alexander, 1 Lauriston gardens
Anderson Alexander, 17 Millar crescent
Anderson Alex. 16 Warrender Park ores
Anderson Andrew H. 41 Braid avenue
Anderson Andrew Kinnoch, 32 Gayfield sq
Anderson Andrew M. 9 Great King street-
Anderson Angus G. 1 Doune terrace
Anderson Arthur, 31 Bellevue place
Anderson Bruce, 4 Wolseley terrace
Anderson Charles, 6 Strathearn road
Anderson David, 4 Hermitage terrace
Anderson David, 10 India street
Anderson David, 3 Lindsay road, L
Anderson David B. Signet library. Parlia-
ment square
Anderson Edward G. 12 Priestfield road
Ander.son Findlay B. 1 Lynedoch place
Anderson George, Beech mount, Corstor-
phine road, Murrayfield
Anderjfcn George, 6 Nelson street
Anderson George M. 34 Buccleuch place
Anderson Gilbert R. 46 Inverleitli row
Anderson Harry, 10 Morningside park
Anderson Henry, 18 Lonsdale terrace
Anderson Henry B. 10 Forbes road
Anderson Hislop, 2 Hermitage terrace
Anderson J. H. 8 Lauriston i^ardens
Andrew James M.D. 2 AthoU crescent
Anderson James, 9 Dick place
Anderson James, 12 Learmonth terrace
Anderson James, 33 London street
Anderson Jaa. Ormidale, East Suffolk rd
Anderson James, 4 Parkside terrace
Anderson James, 30 Trinity road
Anderson James, 2 Wardie road
Andei-son James John P. 51 Melville st
Anderson James Lawson, 45 Northumber-
land street
Anderson James TJ. 60 Bruntsfield gardens-
Anderson .John, 8 AthoU place
Anderson John, 41 Nile grove
Anderson John, 27 Park road. Trinity
Anderson John, 2 West Mayfield
Arwlerson John H. 37 Polwarth gardens^
I Anderson John M. 15 Giros^enor streetr

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