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Inspector of Poor, Andrew Feriie
Collector of Poor & School Rates, Alexander Fraser, Castle
terrace, Kdinburgh
ist Midlothian Volunteer Artillery (No. 4 Co.), Captain
F. E. Nichol, commanding-
4th Volunteer Battalion The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
(G Co), Captain Andrew Robie, commanding
4th Co. M. V. A. Carbine Club, William Hislop, sec
Boys' Brigade, No. i Portobello Co. Captain James Edward,
1 Bath street
Bowling Green, Lee crescent, Charles R. Hills, sec. ; \\'. H.
Brodie, treasurer
Combination Ho.spital, Niddrie road, Miss Mary Gilchrst,
matron ; ^^'illiam Crawford, caretaker
Conservative Association, G. Bowden, sec. 4 Montebello,
Edinburgh Street Tramivays Co. ; Cable Power station &
oflices, 51 High street, George Miller, inspector
Fire Brigade, iiS High street, Inspector Alex. Currie, supt
Freemasons' Hall, 9 Tower st. John Hay, i Rosefield pi. sec
Liberal Association, Da^'id Crawford s.s.c. sec. 39 Tower st
Libera! Unionist Association, R. R. Lockhart, sec. 21 Aber-
corn terrace
National Telephone Co. Limited (exchange office), T. N. 66,
282 High St. Crawford Miller, district manager ; T N 300
North British Railway Engineering & Permanent Way
Works, Eaileyfield road, Robert Bell, manager
Portobello Amateur Rowing Club, 61 Promenade, W. W.
Morton, sec
Portobello Burns Club, William Baird, sec
Portobello Pier Co. Jlathew P. Gallowaj-, sec. & manager
St. Andrew's Home & House of Jlercy, Easter Duddmgstoa,
Sister Anna Mary, mother superior
St. Angela's Convent, 2 Windsor terrace, Sister Mary
Gabriel, superioress
Town Hall, 1S9 High street, Mrs. Isabella Plank, hall keeper
Training Home tor Orphan Girls, Inverey house. High
street, Mi's. Simpson, matron
Working Men's Reading Rooms, 36 Tower street, Andrew
Balfour m.d. president ; Peter B. Smith, treasurer & sec
Edinburgh Citizen & Portobello Advertiser, T«wer street,
Thomas Adams, publisher ; published fridaj-
Midlothian Journal, Tower street, Thomas Adams, pub-
lisher; published friday
Musselburgh News, Tower street, Thomas Adams, pub-
lisher ; published frijay
Established Churches : —
Melville street. Rev. George T. Jamieson
St. James's, Rev. James Oliver m.a
Episcopal Church (St. Mark's), High street. Rev. Joseph
Morthland CotteriU hon. d.d (St. Andrew's)
United Free Churches : —
Regent street. Rev. John Sellar
Windsor place. Rev. William Paterson m.a., e.d
St. Philip's United Free Church, Rev. William Ewing m.a
Congregational, \^'ellington street. Rev. James Kelly
Roman Catholic (St. John's), Brighton place, Kev. Joseph
Donlevy, priest
United Free Church Mission Hall, Pipe street, Mr. A. Fox,
Portobello & Joppa Home Mission, Alex. Macbean, missionary
Parish Church Mission Hall, High street. Rev. David Nelson,
Board Schools : — •
Niddrie road (Burgh), John Stevenson, head master
Towerbank, Robert Todd, master
Roman Catholic School (St. John's), Bath street, Sister
Mary Vincent, head mistress
On the North British Line.
Station, Brighton place, R. S. Taylor, station master
Station, Joppa, Thomas F. Hand, station master
To Edinburgh, tramway cars, from Joppa, at frequent
Banks Brothers, to.Leith & Edinburgh daily, from 226 High
street, Portobello
Abbott James, 213 High street
Adams David, 15 Hope street
Adams Miss, 13 M'est Brighton crescent
Adams Thomas, 21A. Argyle crescent
Adamson James, 27 Melville street
AdamsonMissMacfarlane, SAhercorn ter
Aitchison William, i; Roselield place
Alexander Lieut. -Col. William A. M.S.
Mindoro, Park avenue
Alext.nder Robert, 33 Melville street
Alexander Theodore, 97 Joppa road
Allan George, 11 Rosefield place
Allan James, 6 Esplanade ter. Joppa
Allan Robert, 28 Duddingston park
Allison Samuel, 7 14oselield avenue
Ancrum James, 50 Regent street
Anderson Andrew, 4 Hope street
Anderson David, 17 Lee crescent
Anderson Gideon, 16 Rosefield avenue
Anderson Harry, 20 Argyle crescent
Anderson James, 70 Argyle crescent
Anderson Mrs. Hawley, Charisville,
Hamilton street, Joppa
Anderson Wilham, 17 Argyle crescent
Angus Rev. Cameron, 35 Duddingston pk
Archer Douglas, 25 Lee crescent
Archibald Thomas, 33 Regent street
Armstrong Rev. Henry m.a. [Estab. ],
21 Pitt street
Aronsnn Albt. Edwd. 5 Duddingston pk
Aston Mrs. 5 Durham road
Atkinson Mrs. 37 A, Regent street
Aj'er James, 39 Melville street
Bailey Daniel, 17 Duddingston park
Bailey Mrs. 42 Regent street
Baillie George, 54 Regent street
Bailhe James T. 9 Melville street
Baillie Miss, 2 Lower Joppa promenade
Baillie Mrs. 9 Melville street
Baillie Mrs. John, 23 Tower street
Baillie Mrs. Nicol, 7 Pitt street
Baillie William, Easter Duddingston
Bain Mrs. 9 Lee crescent
Bain William Geo.Rockville, Joppa pans
Baird Miss, Murray lodge, 12 John st
Baird William, 197 High street
Balbirnie Mrs. 7 Joppa road
Balfour Andrew m.d. 23 Abercorn ter
Balfour James, 12 Hope street
Balfour John Hutton M.B., CM. 14 East
Brighton crescent
Balfour Miss, 8 Sandford gardens
Banks Charles, 10 Seaview ter. Joppa
Banks Mrs. 71 Promenade
Barron Charles H. 37 Melville street
Barron William, Clifton ho.Baileyfieldrd
Barry Dr. Andrew, 9 Durham road
Batty Henry Charles, 93 Joppa road
Baachope William, 45 Wellington street
Bauer Emil F. R. 14 Brighton place
Baxendine John, 7 Stanley street
Baxendine Wm.B. i West Brighton ores
Beatson Henry M. s Rosefield avenue
Belfrage Andrew J. i Durham road
Bennet Mrs. W. 8 Lee crescent
Bickerstaff Hugh, 40 Brighton place
Binnie Alexander, 41 Abercorn terrace
Birkymire Mrs. 15 Seaview ter. Joppa
Bissard Herbert, 6 Montebello, Joppa
Black James, 2 Argyle place
I lilack John, 22 Brunstane road, Joppa
Blackett Col. Edward it. a. Ormelie,
Hamilton street
Bladon James, 66 Argyle crescent
I Blair Thomas, 19 Regent street
Blechojnden Mrs. i Ashton villas,
Brunstane road, Joppa
Blue Charles Steedman, 11 Hope street
Borrowman James Rt. 13 James street
Borrnwman Robert Thompson, 4 Dud-
dingston park
Borthwick John, 23 Brighton place
Bowie Wm.Smith,4 West Brighton cres
; Brand Alexander j.p. 34 Regent s'.reet
I Brand William, 43 Promenade
Brichta Francis, 44 Regent street
Brodie Walter H. 205 High street
Brotherston Mrs. Hope street
Brown Charles, 43 Wellington street
Brown David, 18 Wellington street
Brown Hugh, 23 Wellington street
Brown James, 26 Esplanade ter. Joppa
Brown James, 13 Joppa road
Brown Miss, 8 Argyle crescent
Brown Walter, 43 Morton street, Joppa
'Brown William, i St. Mark's place
Bruce William S. 2 Milton rd. Joppa
JBruce William Spears f.k.o.s. ii Mount
Pleasant, Joppa

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