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ZET 137
5A, State (The) Fire Insur-
ance Co. of Liverpool,
D. H. Huie, res. sec
5 A, Huie D. H. c.A
5A, Kamage Herbert, char-
tered accountant
St. George's Episcopal
7 Hunter E. A. & F.& Co.w.s
9 Bonhill Property Co. Lira
9 Kirkcaldy Steam Ship Co.
9 Watt& Williamson s.s.c
1 1 Mackenzie Miss
II Wilson Archibald, enginr
13 Macandrew & Blair c.A
15 Milligan J. & J. w.s. &N.P
15 Wishart & Sanderson w.s.
IS Notman James H. w.s
15 Whyte James F. solicitor
17 Hogg Chas. B. &Son, solrs
19 Morton, Smart, Macdonald
k, Prosser w.s
19 Scottish & New Zealand
Investment Co. Limited
John Smart s.s.c. sec
21 Nisbet & Mathison s.s.c
21 Edinburgh VVestern Ceme-
tery Co. John Mathison
s.s.c. sec
21 Saunders W. & W. s.s.c
/a'7'e is Elder .<t
23 Menzies, Bruce-Low &
Thomson w.s
25 Turner Daniel, solicitor-at-
25 Turner John H
25 Taylor Alexander Wallace
25 Taylor Alfred, manager
27 Craig James c.A., n.p
29 Dove, Lockhart & Smart
29 Russell WilliamT.ordained
31 Tyler Alfd. bank messenger
31 Greig, Fairbairn & MaC'
niven, architects
31 Mills & Frier, designers
33 Scottish Education Depart-
ment (Sir David F. Och-
terlony, bart. accountant
for Scotland)
33 Tait & Johnstone s.s.c
35 McLaren John, architect
35 Mackenzie Mrs
37 Lyle& Wallace s.s.c
37 Anderson Robert s.s.c
37 JIackay & Young w.s
39 Menzies & Cockburu, civil
39 Macmillan John s.s.c
39 ilacmillan Alex, s.s.c
41 Young James C.E
41 Henderson Miss
43 Hastie J. & A. solicitors
43 Marwick Thos. P. architect
45 Freedman Abraham I.
45 Cuthbert & Marchbank
s.s.c. & N.P
45 British Insulated & Helsby
CabliS Limited
45 Pickering & Oo. \\ holesale
manufacturing elect rcns
47 Gillis Miss Isabella, dress
47 Provincial Homes Invest-
ment Co. (The),
Jn. Davidson, manager
47 Dixon A. Percy, artist
47 Lee John Bethune Walker
47 Sandilands John, litho de
47 Bell J. ^lunro & Co. photo
49 Anderson & Montgomery,
tea merchants
51 Ritchie Alexander & Son,
53 Jacobsen Frederick & Co.
commission merchants
53 Haddow, Forbes & Co,
53 Purvesjn. &Wm. civil engrs
53 Matheson, JIcLaren & Co,
tea merchants
55 Macadam Stevenson f.i.c,
F.c.s. analytical & con-
sulting chemist & assay r
57 Peddle Jas.T.& Co. printers
57 Edwards James F. solicitor
57 Pringle Thomas, engraver
& designer
57 Eadie George Arnott s.s.c
57 Edinburgh & District
Aerated WaierManufrs.'
Defence Association Lim
59 Ross Andrew s.s.c. depute
clerk of sessions
Cathedral house :
61 Donlevy Very Rev. James
Canon [R. C]
61 MacDermottReT.Jas.[R.C]
61 Mellon Rev. William [R.C]
61 LogueRev. Andrew [R.Cj
61 Long Rev. Joseph [R.C]
18 Guardian Fire & Life In-[Hanhara Major Phelips B.
63 Robertson John, solicitor
63 Eastern Division Liberal
Unionist Association(Jn.
Robertson, sohcilor, sec)
63 Irwin Miss Elizh. laundry
65 Reid Mrs
65 Chi'istie Mrs
65 Kay John
67 Revans & Sons, tea mers
67 Overton William, lea agent
67 Hofford Edward B. com-
mission agent
67 Burton Jas. Herbt. tea agt
67 Key William, tea agent
67 McDonald Alexr tea agent
69 Gavine David M. clerk
69 London & \orth British
Plate Glass Insurance
Co. Limited (JamcsWm.
Molf attHercus, dst. mgr )
69 Hereus James Wm.Moffatt
69 Crichton Jlrs
69 Gavine David Morris, clerk
73 Hannah Thos. spirit dealer
2 Rusk & Miller w. s
2 Prairie Cattle Co. Limited
2 Edinburgh North Ameri-
can Investment Co. Lim
2 Aged Christian Friend
Society of Scotland
2 Barton Vmeyard Co. Lim
2 Boyd & Co. (John M'.
Yule), house agents
Duke Street Post Office
here is Biike st
4A, Smith A. Davidson c.A
4 Newlands Andrew s.s.c
4 YoollMalcolmGraham s.s.c
4B, Kitchiu James, painter
6 Adam Arthur w.s. & N.p
6 Gray <fc Handyside s.s.c
6 Pitcairn Alexander Y. w.s
6 Greig Charles H. architect
6 .Morrison Wm. accountant
6 Edinburgh Jlerchants' As-
surance Co
18 Gihb David M. solicitor
20 George Heriot's Trust,
David Lewis, treasurer
20 Anderson Jn.supt. of works
20 Macnanghton Peter s.s.c
22 Craig RobertArchibald C.A
22 Liddell's SanitaryLaundry
Co. Limited,
R. A. Craig c.A. sec
22 Millar & Bryce, searchers
of public records
22 Slater Peter Peterson, solr
24 Century Insurance Co.
Limited (The)
24 Roddick Robert M. M.
M.A. actuary
26 Millar Mrs
26 Millar J. Duncan, advocate
28 First Edinburgh City
R. G. A. Volunteers
30 Dingwall Thomas c.A
30 Barstow & Millar c.A
30 Millar Robert C. C.A
30 Annan \ViIliam C.A
30 Parker Frank L. c.A.
30 Tod Frederick C.A
32 Bartholomew W. S. & Co.
lithographers &c
3a Liverpool Victoria Legal
Friendly Society,
Thos. Terrett.dist.mgr
34 Dawson & MacGregor c.a
34 Royal Edinburgh Hospital
for Incurables
34 Standard Plate Glass In-
surance Co. of Scotland
Limited (The)
34 Lawson James, registry
office for servants
34 Macdonald Jas. Stuart, solr
34 Soutar J.Strnthers,solicitor
34 Nicolson ^^'. H. & Co.
whisky brokers
34 Collie Reginald c.A
34 Star LifeAssurance Society
36 Pharmaceutical Society of
Great Britain,
J. Rutherford Hill, sec
38 CrowWm. Patrick, solicitor
38 Co.x - Walkers, electrical
35 Robertson James & Co.
mineral water manufrs
38 Hogg Andrew H. s.s.c
38 Norwich & London Acci-
dent InsuranceAssociatn
38 Glen Graham, artist
38 Grieve Walter G. artist
40 Baird Archibald m.e.c.v.s
42 Laing & Motherwell w-.s
42 Peterson T. Swinton s.s.c
42 Hawkins John Ale.xander
St. Paul's EpiscopalChch
York road. Trinity road to
Trinity crescent.
east side
McDowall Arohd.(Rait lodge)
Murdoch James (St. Kilda)
Spence Miss (Logie villa)
Scott Andrew (St. Olaf)
Si;ott Thomas (Ashville)
Duncan Rt. (St.Andrew'sldg)
Mackay George (York lodge)
(Burleigh lodge)
... here is Lennox row .
Goalen James (Seaforth)
Young street, 46 Castle st.
to South Charlotte street.
north side.
I Anderson Archibald B.
registered plumber
5 Cruickshank Mrs. Annie,
7 McPherson Arch, architect
7A, Weir J. Mulls s.s.c
7A, Lessels&Taylor,architcts
9 & II Murray Frank, printr
13 Mitchell Sydney & Wilson,
15 Mcintosh James Beveridge
s.s.c. & N.p
17 Leadbetter & Fairley,
19 Taylor Pringle & Lamond
Lowson w.s
19 Lowson F. Lamond, law agt
19 Rutherfurd & Don Wau-
chope w.s
19 Wauchope P. H. Don w.s
21 Geddes J. & G. H. mining
SOUTH side.
8 Murphy Frances, servants'
8 RymerRobert, spirit dealer
10 Deas Jas. & Son, engravers
12 St. Luke's Choech
14 Robcrton & Wood w.s
14 Walker Trust (The) (Wil-
liam Roberton s.s.c.
factor & commissioner)
16 Niven & Sutherland c.A.
16 Lay Association in support
of the Schemes of the
Church of Scotland
16 Scottish Branch Society for
Irish Church Missions to
the Roman Catholics
16 Edinburgh Railway Access
& Property Co. Limited
16 Somerville & Watson s.s.c.
Ji N.p
18 Finlay & Rutherford w.s
18 Finlay Wm. Francis w.s.
20 Thomson Jas. McfCie s.s.c
20 Edinburgh Bowling Club
20 Jackson Patrick Chas. w.s
20 Waddell Jas. law agt. &n.p
20 Taj-lor Thomas E.G. solr
22 TytlerJ.S.&J.W.Fraser w.s
Wm. Morrison, sec Smith John (Holly lodge)
6 Watson George, architect Ross Wm. (Richmond lodge)
6 Cameron .^ Orr s s. c
8 Howden ^ Molleson c.A
8 Potter Joseph
£o Home Misses Milne
12 Innes S, Grieve Limited,
whisky blenders
14 Thomson Misses
16 Macandrewjas McLean c.A
i3 Duncan Wm. s.s.c. k n.p
iS Edinburgh Southern
Cjmeiery Co.
Wm. Duncan, agent
Drover Charles B. (Grange ho)
Low James (Gothic house)
Flockhart Wm. (Gairney ho)
Davidson Mrs. (Woodbine cot)
Brown William (Lomond ho)
Peacock Alfred (Rothamsted)
Henderson Thos. (Tower Park)
Oliver William (Trinity villa)
Stewart Alex. (Myrtle bank)
Donaldson Andrew (Haw-
thorn bank )
JMcNicol &, Co. gardeners
Young Street lane,SYoung
street to 26 Young street.
3 Black James, joiner
37 Rintoul Alex. B. cabinet ma
39 McLaren Alex, joiner &c
Lowden Brothers, elec-
trical engineers
6 MoiTatt Thomas, joiner &o
8 YarrollErnst.C.cabinet ma
14 Sinclair Robert,cabinet ma
Zetland place. Trinity road
to Netherby road.
I Waddie Charles
I Waddie William, sfcitioner
3 Martin George
5 Dickson Lamont
7 Ingram George
here is IStiriinfj rd
11 Armit Thomas
13 Lauder Misses
17 Dewar Thomas W
12 Schultz Adolp
14 Cowie William (Belmont)
16 McDougal Walter Robert

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