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136 WIN
Windsor street — continued.
2 Mill Peter
2 Shaw Mrs
2 Crerar James G. teacher
of music
4 Masterton James
6 Watson Adam
5 White Mrs
8 White Richard
lo Robertson James B
12 Deverell Henry George
M.D. surgeon
i6 Inkster Robert Wilberforce
M.D. surgeon
1 8 Lindsay Miss
20 Black Mrs
22 Oliver William
24 Speculand Ephraim
26 Paterson David
28 Elliot Mrs
30 Simpson Miss
... Iiere is jMmiiffomery st ...
Windsor terrace (Porto-
bello), 5 Wmdsor place.
[No thoroughfare. ]
St.Angela's Convent(Sister
Mary Gabriel, superior)
4 Scott James
Scott James & Son, under-
Wolseley crescent, from
Wolseley gardens to Aber-
corn road.
1 Ireland William A
2 Lindtner Christian
3 Grigor Thomas, bank clerk
4 Stock Robert
5 Wyllie Mrs
6 McKinnell William
7 Scott Mrs
8 Nieklin Albert
9 Jackson Hugh
10 McCrerie William
11 Jackson John
12 Robertson Robert H
14 Smith John M
Wolseley gardens, Wolseley
crescent to Scone gardens.
1 Lamb George
2 Grant Mrs
3 Ingles Mrs
4 Spence Peter
Wolseley pi. from Wolseley
ter. to Parsons Green terrace.
I Campbell Misses Isabella &
Margaret, milliners
3 Stevenson John, dairyman
4 Fyfe ^Villiam, butcher
5 Sutherland MissHenrietta,
6 Hendrie Alex, drysalter
7 Archibald Andw. cycle agnt
9 Henderson Simon, baker
10 Young James, tobacconist
12 Millar William, stationer
13 Stebbing Robert, grocer
Wolseley terrace, from
Wolseley pi, to Willowhrae rd
1 Thomson Robert H. grocer
2 Smith James, news agent
4 Anderson liruce
5 Simpson Miss Euphemia,
private school
6 Nicol William, ironmonger
7 Robson Ralph
Woodbine terrace (Leith),
75 Lochend road.
[No thoroughfare.]
12 Melville Andrew, mason
26 McNivenDavid,bIacksmith
Woodbum place.
See Canaan lane.
Woodbum terrace, Canaan
lane to Nile grove.
1 Williamson Mrs
2 Stevenson Thomas
3 Reid Andrew, artist
3 Rose James, spirit dealer
3 Thomson George
3 Baillie James B
4 Baxter James
5 Shaw James Baxter
6 Jordan Andrew
6 Hnxtable Frederick
6 Clarke James
6 Reid Mrs
6 Gosley FrancisT.pianoforte
6 Simpson Mrs
7 Roberts John McLaren
8 Thomson William
9 MacPherson Donald
9 Stephenson John B
9 Stephenson Thomas, phar-
mac^tical chemist
9 Waterston Mrs
9 Farmer Miss
9 Cormack Miss
10 Mitchell Misses
I r Murray Miss
12 Jackson Mrs
12 ForrestRobert,sehoolmastr
12 Lindsay William
12 Middleton David
12 Marr Mrs
13 Dickson Misses
14 Taylor John H
15 Gibson Mrs
15 Cockburn Andrew M.
IS Cockburn Alexander W.
civil engineer
Wedderburn George L
Thomson Robert
15 Williamson John Mac kay
15 Robson Robert Elijah
16 Gemmell Mrs
17 Curror Mrs
18 Cassidy Lewis
18 Manson Mrs
18 Beaitie James, clerk
18 Kinnear James, artist
1 8 Lumsden Mrs
19 Morrison Mrs
20 Watson Gilbert, joiner
here is Nile gro
3»9 Mackenzie James
30 Morrison Robert
30 Patterson Mrs
30 McKenzie Malcolm, assist-
ant schoolmaster
30 Charles Miss
30 Lowson Geo. cornel. travellr
30 Henderson William, clerk
31 Henry \^'illiam
32 Galloway John K
33 Stenhouse Mrs
33 Wilson Alex. A. bank agent
33 Stenhouse Jas.comcl.trvUr
33 Macrae Murdoch P
33 Macmillan James
33 Urquhart Miss
33 Thomson Jas. school teachr
35 Penny Mrs
35 Mitchell Miss
36 Boyd Mrs
36 Wilson Andrew Hope
36 McNeil Vf illiam G. clerk
36 Walkinshaw Fras. solicitor
36 McNeil Miss
36 Youngclause Walter
37 Taylor James
.. liere is Canaan la ...
Woodside terrace, Joppa
(Portobello), 29 Morton st.
[No thoroughfare.]
3 Gifford William
4 Mackenzie Mrs
4 Foster Misses
5 Selway Edwin
Woodville terrace (Leith),
7S Lochend road.
[No thoroughfare.]
30 Hope WiUiam, printer
21 Paxton Thomas M. S. wine
& spirit dealer
Wright's houses, 12 Bar-
clay terrace.
26 Davies William, joiner
26A, Haddow Frank, picture
frame maker
30 Smith MissBrida, spirit dir
36 McLauchlan Peter, joiner
36 Doleman F'rank, golf club
& ball maker
Vardheads, 23 Henderson
street to King street.
I & 2 McCabe Andrew,
spirit dealer
3 Scott William, water officr
4 Glancy Patk. clothes brokr
5 Love Robert, dairyman
6 Duncan Jas. Ross, bird dIr
8 Webster Sirs. Jane, boot
14 Anderson David, confectnr
18 Ward John, broker
19 Anderson Mrs. Katherine,
22 White William, shopkeeper
here is Brewery La
25 Reid Mrs. Eliza, dress ma
27 Short Mrs. Ann, shopkpr
29 Grabble John & Co. Lim.
wine & spirit merchants
(bonded stores)
here is Cables wynd
here is Kiiiff st
32 & 33 Wilson John & Co.
Lim. grain & Hour mers
here is Cables v.'y'nd
39 & 41 Bernard & Co.distilirs
... here is Henderson grdns ...
Yardhcads Board School,
Thomas Fraser, master
Yeamen lane, Dundee st.
[No thoroughfare.]
McNiven Win,& Sons, builders
Dobson William, contractor
Hamilton William, bakers'
utensil manufacturer
Woodburn Wm. brass founder
Sullivan James, lath splitter
Yeamen place, Dundee
street to Polwarth crescent.
3 Pinchiero Arcancelo, confr
5 StenhouseJames,hairdrssr
7 Grieve Jas. dairy keeper
6 Hislop Miss Agnes,shopkpr
8 Campbell Jn.refrshmt.rms
8a, Coutts James W. tailor
12 Kirkland William, china &
glass dealer
i6a, FerrierjVIrs. IMargt. confr
22 ForrestAIexander,dairymn
24 Bell John C. boot maker
28 Morrison James, news agt
30 Robertson James, spirit dlr
34 Munro John, fishmonger
38 Edgar MissChristina, confr
York building-. Queen st.
1 New Rossleigh Cvcle &
Motor Co. Lim. (The)
2 Dewar John & Sons Lim.
2 Sun Life Assurance Co. of
Canada, Scott&Paterson
c.A. sees
2 Ogston & Tennant Lim.
soap makers
2 Scott & Paterson c.A
2 Permanent (The) Scottish
Union Property Invest-
ment Building Society
2 St avert D. R
3 West of Scotland FireOffice
4 The Scottish National Key
Registry & Assurance
Association Limited
4 Pitkeathly John, solicitor
4 British Workman's & Gen-
eral Assurance Co. Lim.
Ralph Hendersnn, supt
4 Laidlaw Wm. C. architect
4 \\' right Robert, solicitor
4 Graham A. M. c.A
5 Scottish Temijerance Life
Assurance Co. Limited,
John Leckie, res. sec
6 Law Union & Crown In-
surance Co
6 Croall William John C.A
6 ^^'ar^ender Private Baths
Co. Limited
6 British Empire MutualLife
Assurance Co
6 The National Insurance
Co. of Great Britain
Limited (fire)
8 Hutton&Jack,solictrs.&N.p
8 United States of America
Consulate (Rufus Flem-
ing, consul ; Fredk.
P. Piatt, vice & deputy
8 Thomson Jas. Munro, archt
8 Dobie John, solicitor
8 MacLennanDuncan.solictr
9 PeckThos. H.typen riter agt
10 St.Andrew's DistrictRegis-
trar's Office (David Mae-
farlane, registrar ; Jsph.
J. Anderson, assistant
11 jNIorton \\\ Kinniburgh
B.L., s.s.c
II Paterson Arthur B. w.s
II Pearson Dalziel w.s
II McKay Lewis, ins. hroUer
1 1 Rees & Co. wood pulp mers
II Ramsay Misses
II Gardiner & Macfie s.s.c
York lane, 42 York place to
Albany street.
Croall & Croa'l, coach bldrs
6, 7 & 8 Baird Colin C. &
Son, veterinary surgeons
Pollock Alex, stamp cutter
Manchip James 0. i; Co.
Locke A.& Son,ironinongrs
St. Mary's Roman Catholic
York place, i Queen st. to
Broughton street.
I NelsonMrs. Mary, news agt
3 Dundas Servants" Agency
3A, Daivson David, joiner
3A, Dunlop Colin & Co.
(United Collieries Lim.),
coal masters
3 Buchanan Duncan, house
3 AValker Geo. cabinet ma
3 Veitch John, solicitor
S Watson Robt. J. G.surveyr
5 Thomson P. Murray s.s.c
S Whyte William Thos. C.A
S Paterson Thos.T. architect
S Morrison P. Maelagan, solr
5 Anderson AndrewKinnoch,
insurance agent
5 Stewart John, compos'tor

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