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i6 Boss William Graham,
glass stainer
30 Grant George, com. trav
30 Anderst>n R. M
Union street, Hope street to
Kirk street.
1 & 2 I.eith Liberal Club
4 Bocham Mrs. Margaret
4 Wolber Fi ederick, casliier
4 Taylor William, news agut
4 Robb Robert, joiner
4 HamiltoniMattbew,teamer
6 PattersonChas. ship master
Blair Mrs. Barbara
8 Shaw\\'m. commercial trav
8 Dick Thomas, fruiterer
8 Reaj' Chas. master mariner
II Fond Ed wd. marine enginr
here is Kirk st
here is Kirk si
Upper Bow, Castle hill to
Victoria terrace.
2 King .Mrs. Cath. shopkpr
3 Moftat Peter, drysalter
5 Marshall ^Vra. saw maker
7 Cochrane Robt. rag dealer
Upper Coltbridge terrace,
Coltbridge terrace.
[No thoroughfare.]
1 Johnson William
3 IVilkie Mrs
5 Dickson Miss
7 Laird John G. manager
9 Braid Francis
1 1 Forrest James
2 Goodwin James H.
4 Lyall Jas. W. com. traveller
8 Scott Robert
Upper Dean terrace, 2
Danuble st. to 50 Ann st.
1 Paterson Col. A. McMaster
2 Kirk Mrs
3 Riach Mrs
4 Logan Mrs
6 Gillespie John
here is Ann st
Upper Crilmore place, 9
Leamington terrace to 7
Gillespie street.
4 Hay John, clerk
4 Wilson RichardP.ironmngr
4 Kemp John W
4 Kemp Rev. Joseph William
4 Naismith Mrs
6 Robertson Jack
8 Milne Mrs
10 Beddie JohnS. brass foundr
10 Sutherland Mrs
10 Loose Archibald
12 Robertson John
14 Sinclair Mrs
i6 Sutherland John
18 Blair A. Aikman, builder
28 Naughten Miss
30 Lighbody Alex. lamp manfr
32 Fraser Tom, draper
34 Dickson John, clerk
3 Mcintosh Jas. D. law agent
3 Mcintosh Ale.'c. draper
3 Paterson Mrs
3 McKean Blrs
5 Warwick Mrs
9 TaylorHy. Ramsey, arehitct
11 Brechin William, architect
...here is Upper Gilmore ier..
15 Scott James, traveller
17 Haller Jlax, organ builder
21 Niven Robert J. cashier
■23 Stalker Robert, decorator
Upper Qilmore terrace.
Upper Gilmore place.
[No thoroughfare.]
I Robb James
4 Dymock Mungo, dairy kpr
5 Taylor Andrew, coal mer
5 Robb Wm. insurance agent
5 Meeke John T. clerk
Upper Q-ray street, 21
Salisbury pi. to Duncan st.
1 Hogarih Mrs
3 Edington Mrs
9 Stuart Rev. Alex. [R. C]
St. Columba's Roman
Catholic Church
11 Barnard Frederick
13 & 15 St. Vincent's Girls'
Home & Orphanage
17 Simpson & Taylor, masons
21 McNeill John
23 Linton R. T
25 Hamilton Uilliara
25 Hamilton A^'illiam H. jun
27 Ross John
29 Mackay George A. D
31 Brodie Walter
33 Anderson Mrs
35 Morrison John
37 Taylor Wm. W. M.A., D.sc
39 Cameron Daniel, plumber
41 Hammond Mrs
43 Nisbet William, plumber
43 Smith William, mineral
water manufacturer
here is iJiincan st 1
west side.
4 LindseyMrs
6 Wilson John
8 Allen William P. joiner
12 Kirkhope William
14 Peddie John
i6 Robertson Alexander
18 Steele Mrs. E.R.priv. school
20 Armitage Rev. Lewis F
30 Edinburgh Street Tram-
way Co. (stables)
32 Bell Arthur J. cardboard
box manufacturer
36 Johnston William
38 Phillips Mrs
40 Davidson Misses
42 Knott Cargill G. m.a.,
D.sc. lecturer on applied
44 & 46 McTurk Mrs. joiner
54 Baird James, boot maker
56 Steedman James Charles,
.. here is Duncan st ,..
32 Gray Mrs. Jane,diningrms
here is Leven st
Vanburgh. place.
See Leith links.
Veitch's sq. Dean Haugh st,
V\'hitelaw Alexander,dairykpr
Vennel, 16 Grassmarket to
2 Keir street.
Salvation Army Rescue
Shelter for Women (Capt,
Clara Bourfield, supt)
Ventuor terrace, 39 May-
field gardens to McLaren rd.
1 Green Mrs
2 Jamie David
3 Dickson Mrs
5 Allison James s.s.o. & n.p
6 Ross George Byres s.s.c
7 Macara Mrs
8 Graves Mrs
10 Beattie James
11 BallantineJames,merchant
here is McLaren rd
south side.
12 Riddell Mrs
13 Cunningham Richard, sta-
tion agent
Mather Wm. nurserj'man
.. here is McLaren rd
Upper drove pi. Grove st.
[No thoroughfare.]
north-west side.
3 Smith Miss Janet, dairy
McCallum Thomas, mason
south-east side.
18 Smith Thomas, joiner
Brydon Tliomas, smith
Valleyfield street, 7 Leven
terrace to 14 Leven street.
south side.
Oliver & Son Limited, cattle
here is Leven st
north side.
2 Reid Mrs. Margt. aparts
4 Mackenzie Miss Ellen,
dress maker
6 Hervey Henry, cabinet ma
6 Leslie James
14 Paterson John Henry
18 Davidson Mrs. Elizabeth,
20, 22 & 26 St. Cuthbert's
Co-operative Assoc. Lim
Victoria place, Forth place
to Trinity road.
4 Macdonald Mrs. Elizabeth,
14 Philip Alex, shopkeeper
B.SC, F.H.A.S.
Victoria street, George IV.
bridge to West Bow.
south side.
India buildings :
I Brown I.& B. Baring & Co.
feeding stuffs merchants
I Gresham Publishing Co.
(Alex. Henderson, district
manager), publishers
I Fairley James Graham,
I Duddy Mercer, hop agent
I Whitson John B. com. agl
I Andrews James, solicitor
I Purves John Fraser, solictr
I Bell James, writer
I Workman & Co. tea mers
I Bruce Wm
I Loyal Order of Ancient
Shepherds Friendly So,
ciety (Ashton Unity)
I Domestic EconomyClasses
I Geological Society of Edin-
burgh Library (James
Currie m.a., f.r.s.e
hon. secretary)
1 Edinburgh & East of
ScotlandCollege of Agri-
culture (William Scott
Stevenson f.e.i.s. sec-
retary & treasurer)
2 Russell Thomas & Co
2 Gibson William B. corn &
flour dealer
3 Royal Physical Society (R.
H. Traquair m.d. sec)
4 Drummond Bros, seed mers
5 Wilson & Henderson, pro-
vision merchants
6 Clarke, Adams & Co. china
& glass dealers
6 Adams Samuel, tea &
coffee merchant
VIE 129
6 Watson Robert, joiner
13 & 15 Orrock & Sou, whole-
sale bookbinders
St. John's Church
... here is Anderson^s close «.
\^'ilson George, joiner
7 McGill Robert & Co. who.
I Inch Robt. & Son,seedsmii
north side.
4 Mackie Alex, tool ma. &c
8 & 10 Mackenzie David,
14 Hand Mrs. Mary,wardrobe
16 Simpson R. D. Limited,
scale &c. makers
18 Greenwood James & Co.
22 & 24 Anderson John H.
26 Ridgwell Wm.G. ironmngr
28 Barbour Robt. bedding mfr
30 Barry James & Co. grocers'
34 Rossi Francence, prov. dlr
38 Nixon John, boot maker
40 Grosser Robert, brush
maker & cooper
, 44 & 46 Tate&Son, hatters
Victoria terrace, George
IV. bridge.
I Gray J. & J. printers &
I Cameron J. A. & Co. pub-
3 Primitive Meth. Chapel
7 United Original Seces-
sion Church
8 Newlands David, saddlers"
terrace (Porto-
Now included in Promenade.
Viewforth, 112 Bruntsfield
place to 55 Dundee street.
I Thomson Alex, ironmngr
I McHardy Miss
I Murray John
I Earl Mrs. Threlkeld
5 Gardner Adam & Co. coal
5A, Wallace Walter
9 Taylor Archibald, wine,&
spirit merchant
9 Peeble3Alexander,detective
9 Lambert George, livery-
stable keeper
9 Lambert Miss, dress ma
9 Gray William, teacher
II Jeffrey Robert
13 Hercus George, bootmaker
15 Ryrie Henry, wine & spirit
17 Wallace Thomas
19 Young Miss, dress maker
21 Mack John, solicitor
21 Kankine Dugald, shoe ma
25 Howie James Craig
27 Brown William, grocer
29 Watson Miss
31 McKerchie James
33 Weatherstone Robert j\L
G.P.O. clerk
33 Redpath George
33 Mackintosh Rev. William
35 Cramb Robert, clerk
37 Low Alexander
39 Cameron Mrs
39 Aitken Frank, auctioneer
here is Montpclier
41 Dow Miss, dress maker
43 Howden John, baker
43 Millar Robert, cashier
45 TurnbuU Mrs
1 47 Miller Mrs. Janet,coal mer
Eo.'y, 9

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