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118 SAl
St. Stephen street — con.
45 Hanter Da\'id
51 Hunter David, painter &c
53 & 55 Campbell Frascr,
furniture dealer
59 Jack James, greengrocer
63 Galloway Mrs.Helen, dairj'
87 Davidson Misses Annie &
Nellie, dress makers
93 Duncan John, shopkeeper
here in Clarence st
95 lieattie Mrs. Jane, dress ma
97 Krown Henry, cabinet ma
Tivoli Theatre
... here is f>t. Vincent's st ...
2 Stirling Itobert.spirit dealr
4 Hoffman Chas. hair dressr
5 Lauder John, saddler
10 StockbridgcEquitable Loan
Co.(Thos.Easton, mugr)
12 Crocket Peter.hardware dlr
14 BarrPeter,china& glass dlr
18 Ferguson Mrs. Agnes, fish-
20 Morris Maurice, boot repr
22 Halliday Duncan, upholitr
24 Bonomeili Giacomo, ice
cream saloon
30 Lyon James W. hairdressr
36 & 38 Hughson Andrew,
licensed broker
42 Neilson Patrick, cycle agnt
48 Sibbald James, slater
53 JlcKenzie Daniel, genl. dlr
78 Salvation Army Hall
82 Brown Peter, news agent
St. Vincent's Hall
St. Vincent's Parish Mis-
sion Hall
^^'addie & Co. Limited,
manufacturing stationrs
116 Philip Robert, plasterer
122 AitcbisonAlexander,tailor
124 Gibson William, painter
132 Macdoiiald Peter, confctnr
138 OgstonJsph. boot repairer
140 Mainland Win. confectnr
St. Siepheu's place.
See St. Stephen street.
St. Thomas' road. Grange
loan to St. Albans road.
EAST side.
... here is Foiuitainhall rd ...
Carswell James Smith (Killiu
here isSt. Albuns rd
west side.
6 Smith William
8 Rankin Jliss
Ingram John, florist
*... here are G^'anye ter.
^ St. Alhansrd
St. Tincent street, Great
King St. to St. Stephen's st.
1 Maclennan Mrs. Margaret,
3 Scott filisses Grace &
Frances, typewriters
5 Fowler Robert
5 Fowler William Hope m.b.,
ch.n. surgeon
7 Carruthers Robert s.s.o
7 L'aird George
7 Milligan John Moncriefe
II ChahnersThomas,spirit dlr
here isCircus la
St. Vincent'sEpiscopalChch
west side.
2 Pringle Miss Mary Baird,
dress maker
4 Stevenson Lawrence K
6 Mills William
6 Chalmers Hector, artist
6 Cochrane James
6 Dawson J. Allan, artist
8 Auld Miss
8a, Robertson Miss Jessie,
8b, Paterson John, dairy kpr
10 Campbell Mrs
12 Silence William
12 M'Neill James, cabinet ma
12 Pitt Mrs. David
12 Scott William, cashier
12 Lessels John,Avriter
14 McEobert Airly M
here is Cumherland st..,
16 Wells James, cashier
16 Brydone John G
16 Wilson William
20 Dryburgh Geo. & Son,bldrs
Brown W. S. & Sons, up-
holsterers & cabinet mas.
24 Smith Mrs. Janet,laundress
St. Stephen's Church
Salamander street, 11 Bal-
tic St. to Seafield place.
north side.
here is Hath rd ,
29A,Smibert James, spirit dlr
29B, McPhcrson Wm. smith
29c, Henderson Miss Rose,
Cunningham J. & J.chemi-
cal manufacturers
45 Thomson William & Sons,
guano & chemical manfs
6i Reid James, manager
63 McLaren David & Co. bone
SOUTH side.
2 O'Hara John, boot maker
4 Birt Hugh, greengrocer
6 TuUoch John, butcher
12 Smith Alexander, boot ma
14 Wood Robert, grocer
16 Young William G.seed mer
iS Allison Robert, spirit dealr
here is Elbe st
36 Boyd, Finlay & Co. grain
& manure merchants
52 East Coast Boiler Covering
Co. (George V\'illiam
Dalley, manager)
52 McPhersonWm. blacksmith
here is Bath st
Slaughter Houses,
Robt. Stewart Reid, supt
60 Reid Robert Stewart, supt.
of slaughter houses
62 Cowan&Co.forwardng agts
64B, Leith Hide, Skin & Tal-
low Co
66 Scottish (The) Central
Aerated ^^'ater Manu-
factui-ing Co. aerated
water manufacturers
76 Knox Robert & Co. coopers
&cask merchants(stores)
84 Hay Francis R. spirit dealr
92 Moffat David, shopkeeper
96 Reynolds Mrs. Catherine,
100 Nisbet Francis, contractor
112 Walker W. G. & Sons,
Wall Letter Box
here areEastjield; Eastfield at.;
Eastjield 2>1.4' Portobello rd
Salisbury place, 62 Newing-
ton road to Causewayside.
1 Norwell Miss
lA, \^'atson Peter J. grocer
2 ^^'ood Brothers, butchers
3 Cunningham Jn. dairyman
5 LyonAlexander,picture dlr
7 Byson Mrs
9 Currie James, hair dresser
11 Woolard Thomas, tailor
13 Fairgrieve Mrs. M. ladies'
underclothing dealer
15 Cameron Daniel, plumber
17 Smith Alex, cabinet maker
19 Balmain Jas. C. H. photogr
21 Balmain James C. H
here is Upper Gray st
here is Causewayside
north side.
6 Marshall M.F. fancy statnr
10 Horsburgh Jas. D. chemist
1 2 Drysdale Brothers, grocers
16 & i3 Royal Edinburgh Hos-
pital for Incurables
16 k 18 Longmore Hospital,
Walter Macgregor, sec. &
42 PendrichThos.W. watch ma
46 Inglis J. M.&Son, plumbers
here is Causeicayside..,
Salisbury road, Dalkeith
road to TSIewington road.
north side.
lA, Banks George
5 KennedyChas.M.D. physien
5A, Grant Jliss Eliza C
7 Rutherford Mrs
7 Watson Mrs
9 Cowan Misses
II Cuthill Archibald, butcher
13 Eedpath Mrs
17 Innes Mrs. R. S
19 Thomson Robert Douglas
21 Stewart WilliamC.egg mer
21 Watt Mrs
21 W'illiamson Miss
21 Combe William, cashier
21 Roper Andrew, traveller
21 Rafferty Mrs. Catherine,
clothes broker
21 Mercer Mrs. Wilhelmine,
dress maker
23 Inglis James M. plumber
here is A'ewinglon rd
south side.
4 Thomson Miss
6 Cowan John
8 Barclay Miss
10 Stewart Mrs
Itere is yewlnijion rd
10 Paton Hubert W. sculptor
Salisbury street, 128 Pleas-
ance to Dumbiedykes rd.
north side.
1 McLauchlan Jn. spirit dlr
2 Johnston Mrs. Marj', grocer
3A, Jack Mrs.Elizh. shopkpr
4 Watt James, foreman
5 Baxter John Ferguson,
6 Coghill MissEllen, dress ma
8 Watt Thomas, tailor
8A,ArnotMrs. Jessie, greengro
10 Pender Wm. cabinet maker
11 Bonnar Geo. boot repairer
14 Jeffrey Mrs. Mary, aparts
15 Andrews Andrew, engineer
18 Aitken James, engineer
20 Hrnry John, greengrocer
Sandford gardens (Porto-
bello), Brighton pi. to East
Brighton crescent.
1 Donlevy Rev. Joseph
2 Forsyth Misses
3 Hopkirk Jlrs
4 McDermot Mrs. James
5 Welsh Alexander
6 Forsyth Miss
7 !Maxton Robert
8 Balfour Miss
9 Glover Robert D
Sandford street.
Xow called Sandford Gar-
Sandport street (Leith), 45
Bridge st.to i2Commercialst.
north side.
I Leith Provident Co-opera-
tive Society Lim. grocers
3 Brown George, tobacconist
10 Pourie John &Sons,coopers
11 GoodlettWm. boot repairer
13 Tolmie Alexander, confectr.
14 & 15 Young Jas. spirit dlr
17 Haldane Mrs. Isabella,
1-8 Reaside Robert, boot maker
19 Hutchinson William John,
spirit dealer
21 Rose Charles, outfitter
22 Traqnair John, hair dressr
23 Hunt George, tailor
here is Comrnercial st
south side.
51 Bridge Street Loan Co
49 HorsburghAlison,tohaccn8t
48 Scott Andrew & Son,tailors
46 Curran Henry, general dlr
44 McKenzie J.&Co.ship bldrs
43 Dourley Mi-s.Annie,confctr
41 Tait John, painter
40 Russell John, boot maker
38 Koerber John, hair dresser
35 Salmond Mrs. Ellen, draper
34 Gottwall John, provisn. dlr
32 de Pinto S. & Son, Italian
31 Waterston&Johnston,stnra
30 Rennie Miss Agnes, grngro
29 Blacklock John A. butcher
28 Milne John, dining rooms ,
27 Commercial hotel, Edward
Nicholson (exors. of)
a6 StalkerMissMrgt.M. tbcnst
here is Commercial st
Saunders street, Kerr st.
south-east side.
2 HislOp Miss Margaret,
restaurant keeper
3 Rogers Mrs. Margaret,
dress maker
4 Muir Miss Jane, hardware
9 Pennycook Melvill, picture
frame maker
14 Canty Fredk. shopkeeper
19 Dickson William T. grocer
& spirit dealer
Savile ter. 79 Mayfield rd.
[No thoroughfare.]
north side.
1 Fairgrieve John B
3 Manson William
5 Ritchie James
7 Wilson Alexander
2 Jamss Rev. George F. (ret)
4 Melvia Alexander, agent
Commercial Bank
6 Hislop Albt. tea merchant
8 Mackintosh John, bank clrk
Saxe-Coburg place, 13
West Clarence street.
Laing Hector (Dean Bank
1 Smellie Mrs
2 Thomson Mrs
3 Menzies Mrs
4 Macfarlane Mrs
5 Brown Mrs
6 Lowscn Alexander
S Muir Miss
9 Ross Hugh H
10 Gilchrist Misses
1 1 Black Mrs
12 Young Charles v\-.s
13 Davidson David A. collector
of customs
14 Ross Thomas
15 Dyce Mrs
23 Reid Mrs
24 Dickson The Misses
25 Stephen Rev. George m.a.
[United I^'ree Church]
26 Leven Colonel John
27 Miller Mrs
28 Hunter Taylor S
31 Somerville Miss

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