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116 SAI
St. Fillan's terrace — con.
4 Inglis Mrs
6 Christie Jas.school teacher
8 Neilson Miss
10 Kay Mrs
12 Kemp William, artist
14 Falchon Chas.T. com. trar
16 Manson Roderick
18 Millen Mrs
... here is Craiglea drive ...
25 Jackson George D. insur-
ance inspector
28 Weir John E. clerk
St. Giles' street, 383 High
street to Hank street.
I Caie James, tailor
7 Menzies John & Co. whole-
sale news agents
9 ActonMrs Janet,diningrms
11 St. Cuthbert's Co-operative!
Society Limited, grocers I
13 NaismithDvd. H.houseagt
13 McDonald James, lapidary
Donald Robert
14 M'Farlane&Erskine,prntrs
15 Common Ralph S. stereo-
ISA, Patrick John B. hard-
ware merchant
ISA, Edinburgh & Leith Post
Office Directory
ISA, St«wart John, bookseller
15A, Myers & Kerr, bakers
ISA, Aitken Alex. com. agent
1 8 JohnstonThomas, working
18 Slater James, lithographer
19 M'Farlane k Erskine,
20 Edinburgh & South-East
of Scotland Society for
Teaching the Blind to
Read at their own
Homes(J.M. Brown c.A.
._, - hon. sec)
17 PatersonJn.&Sons,jewellrs 20 Oliver Gilbert E. engraver
19 Ormiston Thomas, bank 21 Watson Wm. wood engrvr
19 White Geo.bank messenger
21 Macadam Anstruther,
manufacturers' agent
19 Buie John, bank messenger 21 McGregorMrs.Mrgt.aparts
19 Graham Jn. bank raessengr 22 Rolland, McKirdy & Co,
EAST SIDE. I brass founders
2 Dewar Peter, gown & ball [ 23 MacDuff & Co. Limited,
4 Evening Citizen,
Jas. Hedderwick, propr
6 Stewart & Co. seed mers
23 McGregor Mrs. Mary Ann,
23 Sanderson Jas. brasstinisher
S McL-iren&Co.Lim. printers 23 Ramsay Samuel, joiner
12 Edinburgh & District ^3 Longmore James, french
Water Trust Offices
iS & 20 Green William & Sons,
law publishers
22 St. Giles House, boarding
ho. J. L. Wallis, hon.sec
24 Donaldson J. & Co. seed
St. James' place, 1 1 Little
King street to Swinton row.
I Menelaws John, spirit dlr
3 Wilson Mrs. Mary,shopkpr
United Free Church
here is Chapel la
6 Baird Colin C. veterinary
10 & II Moir & Co, funeral
west side.
Storrie Brothers, rag mers
Cay & Johnston, tinsmiths
Mi'Uikin \\'illiam, cabinet ma
Austin Edwin, coal merchant
Sr. James' Place U. F.
Church Hall
23 Neil E. & W. S. box mas
23 Eagle Hy. M. G. drum ma
23 Eagle "Mrs. Margaret,
artist in hair
23 Harper Andrew, engraver
23 Murray Alfred A. w.s
here is Elder si
24 Spence John N. waterproof
& leather goods manufr
24 Anderson Arthur, stationer
25 Sharp & Smith, printers
25 Lowis Wm. bank messengr
25 Adamson William, litho
graphic draughtsman
2S Palmer James, litho. writr
25 Grant Donald, joiner
2S Allan Thos. bank messengr
25 Smith Jn. bank messenger
2S LewisWm.bank messenger
25 Morrison James A. bank
25 Jamieson Mrs
25 Dick Alexander, printer
29 U. F. Mission Hall
St. James square, 1 East
Register street.
I & 2 McDougalls Educa-
tional Co. Lim.publishrs
I Skinner Mrs. Isabella, boot
3 & 4 Mould & Tod, printers
4 Robertson James, jeweller
4 Napier M. A. & Co. paper
5 Paton Hugh&Sons,printers
...here is South St. James st...
6 Tait William, grocer
7 Clark Miss Jessie, dairy
8 Easton Chas. bookbinder
8 Co-operative Clothing &
Furnishing Co. tailors
8 Spittal William, joiner
9 Kirkwood Alexander
Son, Stamp cutters
12 Sinclair&Moir,leathermers
13 Frater J. & D. lithographic
13 Scott James, tailor
13 Kirkwood Alex, engraver
St. John St. 184 Canongate
to 27 South Back of Canongte.
2 Gibb Mrs
Carmichael William
Bell Thomas
3 White Rev. Thomas [E.C]
7 & 8 Normal Free Church
School (boarding house)
(Miss Susannah Brown,
9 Accommodation Loan Co.
9 Mackie John, house agent
II St. Ann's Dispensary (Sis-
ters of Charity) &
Working Girls' Home
13 Milton William, draper
I4A, Wilson Robt. launderer
17 Thompson Richard
18 Brotherston G. & Son,
house agents
19c, Murray Wm. launderer
21 Edinburgh United Brew-
eries Limited
St. Jolin's hill, 26 Pleasance
[No thoroughfare. ]
I Gilmour W. & O. timners
17 Scotia Social Club,
James Dingwall, sec
19 Moir Memorial Working
Men's Club
4 McKenzie Thomas C.
tobacco pipe maker
12 Waterston George & Sons,
manufg. stationers
Day Industrial School,
Miss Louisa Clark, supt
18 Rescue & Probationary
Home for Fallen Women
(Mrs. Woods, matron
20 Eraser James, brassfoundr
20 Hunter John, furniture dlr
20 Kemp John, cabinet ma
20 StenhouseAndw.brass fndr
20 Mavor Wm. shoe heel ma
St. Leonard street. East
Crosscauseway to Dalkeith rd.
Mackay Geo. & Co. brewers
21 Hunter David, manager
23 ForresterDavidM. spirit dlr
25 White Charles, corn &
tlour dealer
2/ Whitecross Peter, manager
29 St. Cuthbert'sCo-opcrative
Association Lim. btchrs
35 Watt Arthur, chemist
37 Gray James, horse dealer &
metal merchant
39 Craig Miss Grace, fruiterer
41 Nicholson John, coal mer
43 Jack John, dairj'tnan
4S Duncan Alex, news agent
49 Abernethy Norman, tbcnst
SI Williamson John, grocer &
spirit dealer
53 StrachanMrs.Wilhelmina,
SS St.Cuthbert's Co-operative
Association Limited
here is RnnkeiUor st
57 Gemmell Mrs. Christina,
S9 Waddell William,bellhngr
61 Bain Colin, golf ball ma
65 White & Bee. masons
67 Sutherland Robert George
71 Burnett Mrs. Cath. dairy
73 Marsden James A. stay ma
7S Wilson Mrs. Mary, fruiterer
here is Montague st
81 Porter Robt.L. spirit dealer
91 McFarlane Jn.hair dresser
93 Hill Mrs. Sarah, fruiterer
103 Blakeley David, drysalter
109 RentonW. &Sons,pIinbrs
109 Cockburn Miss Lizzie,
dairy keeper
III Aitchison David P. starch
Spitalfield crescent :
3 Tullis William, builder
IIS Graham Wm. plasterer
IIS Loudon Robert, corn mer
I2S GoodfellowMrs.Catherine,
131 HunterMrs.Mary,shpkpr
133 Gilchrist Robert, butcher
13s ThorburnRt.H. dairyman
139 Gibson Joseph, draper
141 Wallace John, news agent
143 Mitchell Mrs. Margaret,
dairy keeper
14SA, Munro Geo. greengro
147 MarjoribanksJn.bootrepr
here are Lutton pi. ^■
Dalkeith rd
, here is Beaumont pi...
2 Watson & Clark, grocers
& spirit dealers
6 Pettigrew Thos.news agnt
, PosT,M.O.O.&S.B.(Miss
I Isabella Robertson,
8 < postmistress)
Robertson Mrs. Jessie,
10 BennetArchbd.&Co.engnrs
10 Simpsons Limited, weigh-
ing machine makers
14 Edinburgh Club for Read-
ing to the Blind (John
Elder, sec)
16 Heiigh Alex.cjcle repairer
i6a. Smith Mrs. Isabella,
dress maker
20 AndersonThomas,tinsmith
20A, Price Susman, boot repr
22 St. Cuthbert'sCo-opcrative
Association Lim. bakers
22A, Steele Mrs. Jennie, dairy
24 Gilchrist Andrew, butcher
28B, Lindsay Robert, painter
28A, Lindsay Jas. paperhanger
St. Paul's United Free
32A, Gault J. \\'allace, wine
& spirit merchant
34 Teitelmann Kev. Jacob
Meier [Jewish]
34 McLachlanWilliam,church
36 Reid G. & D. butchers
36A, West Reginald, confctnr
... here is St. Leonards la ...
38 Horsburgh Thos. spirit dlr
40 Simpson Alexander L. clerk
40 Walker John, upholsterer
42 Gilroy Mrs. Mary.news agt
46 SinclairMrs.Marion,shpkpr
48 Horsburgh \^'illiam,butchr
52 Carter Mrs.Robina, confctr
54 Scott Adam, grocer &
spirit dealer
56 Brown M.& J. timber mers
St. Leonards Goods
North British Railway
Morrison John, goods agent
Deans & Moore, coal merchnts
Nimmo & Burns, coal merchts
Bruce Lindsay Bros, coal mers
Lothian Coal Co. Limited,
coal merchants
St. Cuthbert's Co-operative
Association Lim. coal mers
Gray John & Son, coal merchts
Dalgleish Thomas, coal mer
Pentland Colin, coal merchant
Nicholson John, coal merchant
Old Allan (Lothian Coal Co.
Limited), coal agent
Williamson John, coal mercht
Mitchell William, coal mercht
Inglis Robert, coal merchant
Halket Alexander, coal mercht
Mcintosh Peter, coal mer
here is Parkside st
68 Cowie Andrew, plumber
72 Thomson Robert, baker
74 Scott Wm. Brown, shopkpr
88 Craig James, painter
90 Renton William & Son,
92 Binnie David, grocer
here is Hemy st
94 Nicolson Mrs. Cath. Indry
96 Bee George, plasterer
98 White Miss Euphemia,
104 M'LennaiiGeorge McLeod,
spirit dealer
Usher Thos. & Son Lim.
brewers (Park brewery)
St. Leonards Parish
Dalkeith rd. commences here

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