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1 10 RON
KoDNEY STREET — Continued.
3 Harper John, blacksmitli
3 Cormack Adam, tailor
3 Clivistie Henry, coach bldr
5 Inglis George,hardivare dlr
7 Taylor'^\"iniam,fishraonger
9 LoozV)'m.Edwd.undertakr
11 Annand Peter, smith
13 Finlayson Charles & Son,
slaters &c
15 Wilson Alexander,dairymii
St. Cuthbert's Co-opera-
tive Assoc.Lim. butchers
19 Wallace James, tailor
19 DevannyJsph.draughtsmn
21 Nelson James & Sons Lira.
23 \\ight James, butcher
Neill & Co. Lim. printers
(Bellevue printing wks)
2 Anderson Mrs.Jas.hairdrsr
6 Dyer John A. fruiterer
S Charleton James, grocer
10 Archibald Jas. tobacconist
12 Jlelville John M.lithogrphr
14 Duff Henry R. gi-ocer
16 Sutherland JohnG.chemist
iS Hay John, baker & conlectr
22 Crolla Jerry, confectioner
24 McLean Miss Helen, drapr
30 St. Cuthbert's Co-opera-
tive Assoc. Lim. grocers
32 Paterson William, grocer
38 Hodgson Mrs. Agnes, confr
40 Cleugh Alfred Geo. hosier
42 aiiller Alexander, draper
44 Inglis Mrs. Janet,greengro
46 Halley Mrs.Janet,stationer
50 Stephen William,dairyman
32 Wells Edivin, confectioner
54 Paton Alex, hair dresser
56 Smellie John, builder
38 RussellCbas.printers'readr
38 Macdonald Jn.spirit dealer
60 Horsburgh Mrs. Christina,
Konaldson's wharf, 38
Bridge street.
[No thoroughfare.]
Kelly D. & Co, Limited,
mineral water manufactrs
Johnston's Lim. cement mers
, Hose lane, London road.
Rose Lane station :
St. Cuthbert's Co-operative
Association Lim. coal mers
HeudersonJas. &Son,coal mers
Maltman John, coal merchant
Ross William, coal merchant
Hogg William, coal merchant
Jack George, coal merchant
Oliver John, coal merchant
Weatherhead Robt. coal mer
Norton Park Co-operative
Society Lim. coal merchants
Kose mount, Morrison st.
[No thoroughfare.]
Taylor John & Son Limited,
billiard table malcers
Eose St. North St. David st.
to South Charlotte street.
9 Jenner Charles & Com-
pany, cabinet warehouse
15 McEIrone Hugh, spirit dlr
hei-e is Rose Strett North la
17 McDonald Jn. bank messngr
Rose Street U.K. Church
17 Murray Alex, bank messngr
liere is llose Street North la
10 Harper Andw. church officr
here is Rose Street North la
21 Daish & Co. spirit dealers
23 Gould M. A. paper box ma
23 Blaikie Mrs. Isabella G.
27 Spence William, wholesale
upholsterers' agent
here is Hanover st
31 Revolta Jn. G. hairdresser
33 Wright Andrew, baker
here is Rose Street North la
37 Fraser David, spirit dealer
39 Menzies Jn.&Co. publishers
49 Innes Donald, spirit dealer
here is Rose Strett North la
^S McCallumDonald,spirit dlr
59 Brown Roberts, goldsmith
59 Mackenzie&Oo.sporran mas
59 Schultze Otto&Co.bkbindrs
61 McDonald John, optician
65 Bratesano Valentine, fried
fish retailer
67 Morton Robert, painter
here is Rose Street North la
73 Paul George, jeweller
here is Frederick st
77 Smith John S. jeweller
77 Chancellor & Peterkin,
electrical engnrs. (stores)
77 Wilson Jn. Watson, picture
frame maker (workshop)
77 Lambeit & Son, warehomn
79 Begbie Mrs. Jane, dealer
in old books
Si Low & Duii Limited,
brass founders &c
here is Rose Street North la
'85 Harvey Mrs. Maggie, dairy
89 Davies John, tailor
91 Manson Miss Alexandrina,
ladies' hat maker
91 Carswell Thos. boot closer
93 Boyd James, boot maker
95 Gallagher Mrs. Elizabeth,
99 Main Alexander, fish dealer
loi Scott William, butcher
105 Fraser Orr, shopkeeper
107 Dickson Mrs. Mary,
news agent
III Porteous A. & Co. leather
113 Kelly John & Son, iron-
mongers &c
115 Young Drummond & Son,
photo enlargers
119 Grey & Sou m.r.c.v.s
123 Laven Mrs. Catherine,
refreshment rooms
123 Whyte Henry, picture
frame maker
125A, Blake & Co. plumbers
127 Napier George, tailor
129 Williams &Son f.r.c.v.s
here is Rose Street North la
129 McLauchlan Miss Lily,
straw hat maker
131 Wise William, grocer &
spirit dealer
..here is Castle st
133 Reed Joseph, boot maker
hereis Rose Street North la .
133 Fraser Hugh, spirit dealer
137 Crichtou Alex, slater
139 to i4iEdinburghNorthern
District Co - operative
Society Limited, No. 3
(Alex. Mallace, managr)
143 Crow Geo. Scott, watchma
14S Heriot Hall,
Mrs. E . McLean , caretakr
145 St. George's Mission
Archibald Scott, minister
147 Smith David, hair dresser
149 to 137 St. Helens CableCo.
Lim. india rubber mfrs
149 to 137 National Telephone
Co. Lim. (head office),
Crawford J. Miller, mgr
159 Rankin & Co. spirit dlrs
161 Manderson Christian,
glass & china dealer
163 Anderson Robert, tailor
167 Williamson Thos. plumber
here is Rose Street North la
4 The Abbotslord Restaur-
ant (Alexander Brown)
here is Rose Street South la
6a, Leckie & Bardie, money
l'ia, Lee & Co. commsn. agts
6b, White William L. & Co.
spirit dealers
6 Morris William, hair drssr
8 Pitkeathly William, grocer
10 Stirling & Ed«ard, electri-
cal engineers
12 Purves D. & Co. plumbers
18 Edinburgh Electro& Stereo
Typing Co. printers
22 Padon A. & D. printers
28 Brown Mrs. Eliza, shopkpr
30 LaurentJn. carting cntrctr
30 Bailey Ernest, printer
30 Young &Tatton,goldsmiths
30 Bottomley William R.
metal broker
32 Back Christian L. cycle agt
32 Kennedy David N. &, Son,
34 McCracken A. & Co. ware-
here is Rose Street South la
38 Barnet & Co. Limited,
trimming manufactrs
40 Stewart Duncan, spirit dir
here is Hanover st
here is Rose Street South la
58 Grant David & Brother,
38 Troup Wm. M. mfrs.' agt
38 Menzies John & Co. (count-
ing house) publishers ic
60 Dunkel Miss Johanna, 're-
freshment rooms
62 Jefi'reyRobt. working jewllr
62 Neilson Edward, tilelayer
64 Johnston Mrs. Betsy, shop-
66 Fire Station
70 Hay J. & J. saddlers &
harness mas. (workshop)
72 BrownMrs. Catherine, dairy
80 Colston & Co. Lim. printers
82 Stenhouse Rt. bottle mer
86 McPheelyHugh,news agent
90 Brodie John, cabinet ma
90A, Dudley George, tobacnst
92 Edwards David, painter
94 Haunaford George, picture
frame maker
98 Williamson James & Sons,
. pawnbrokers
here is Rose Street South la
100 Baillie John, spirit dealer
102 Linich Fredk. hairdresser
here is Frederick st
106A, Boyd Hugh, boot ma
106 Cameron DonaldM.tbcnst
106 Hook Robert, baker
io3 F'ulton Alex. E, fishing
rod & tackle maker
ioSb, Dickson J. & A. golf
club maker
io8a, Gerrard Bros, furriers
(\vork rooms)
here is Rose Street Sottth la
no Robertson Wm. spirit dlr
112 Weir Robert, coal dealer
116 TaitChas. jewel case&c. ma
118 Cochrane William, fishing
tackle maker
120 Halliday John, grocer &
spirit dealer
122 Rough Robert, joiner
124 Rose St. Mission Hall
126 Kae Alexander, cutler
128 Ogg John, dairyman
132 Brunton Miss Helen,
dress maker
136 Anderson Alex, boot ma
138 Macarthur Wm. grocer
142 Gow John, coffee house
144 Wass & Son, marine store
146 Crolla Francisco, confr
150 Ferguson David & Son,
134 Fisher Petr.&Co. spirit dlrs
158 Davidson Mrs. Jane,
160 Heggie & Aitchinson,
shopfitters (branch)
here is Rose Street South la
160 Young Mrs. Margt. confr
here is Rose Street South la
here is Castle st
here is Rose Street South la
170 Martin Peter, spirit dealr
172 Cumming Miss Kate,
174 Lees A. & Co. purveyors
176 Crosbie Jliss Agnes, dairy
175 Dixon Mrs. Annie, news
182 Young Alex. M. india
rubber goods retailer
184 McVey William, grocer
186 Barr Peter, boot closer
i85 Turner Thomas, printer
188 Smith Andw. hairdresser
190 Stewart Hugh, sec. to
National Amalgamated
F'urnishing TradesAssoc
192 Kenneth George, eating ho
192 Aiiken Robert, draper
194E, Blackie Mrs. Christina,
196 Aitken Robert, hosier
200 MillerRt.grocer&spirit dlr
202 Adair John, spirit dealer
here is Rose Street South la
206 Charlotte BaptistChpl
Rose S fcreet North lane.
28 Macdonald William, plate
chest maker
30 Vv'iiyte Thomas & Son,
smiths (workshop)
34 Macdonald Gilbert, book-
5 Sadgrove & Co. cabinet
manufacturers ( branch)
42 Muirhead George W. joinr
SI Simpson Henry, blacksmth
31 Barnett Geo. Scott, bootma
63 Learmouth A. joiner
89 Stephenson W. & Co. wood
89 Evans Thos. wood carver
108 King Thomas, plumber
no Dott A. & Son, picture
frame mas. (workshop)
114 Adams Robert & Son
Limited, ironmongers
124 Clark James, painter
136 Leightou Joseph, printer
Rose Street South lane
42 Boswell Alex, trunk ma
61 Bain Jn. F. working jewllr
62 Baillie Hunter, smith
3 White Robert, joiner
38 Bremner Geo. cabinet ma
76 Forrest Alex, smith
94 White John & Co. cos-
tumiers &c. (workshop)
no Urquhart Kenneth, cabi-
net maker
116 Cundell And. blacksmith
123 Heggie & Aitchison,
cabinet makers
128 Dickson & Squair, french
132 Keddie & Macfarlane,
133 Allan James & Son Lim.
boot makers
137 Y'ouug Alex, joiner &
cabinet maker
148 MacArthur Jas. painter
Scott J. & T. cabinet
makers &c
Rose bank.
Now called Rose mount.
Rosebank (Portobello), 2
High street to Esplanade.
Hay J. & T. earthenware mfrs

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