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106 QUA
Quality street — continued.
IS Thomson K. H. & Co.
wine & spirit merchants
17 Lizars & Taylor, corn mers
17A, Davidson R. & \V. (Glas-
gow), provision & pro-
duce brokers
here is Chapel la
ig & 20 Ballantine James &
Co. provision mercliants
21 SmartAlex.carting contrctr
46 t0 53Somerville John& Co.
LimiteJ, distillers
Aitken &'\Vright,prov.mers
40 & 41 Aitken Peter & Co.
pro:luce brokers
here i.< Quality la
37. 38 & 39 Rhind D.A. & Co.
Limited, wine merchants
36 Craigniillar Creamery Co.
Lim. margarine manufrs
36 Burn John, produce mer
36 Richter & Kuttner, bottle
33 Lawson i: Smith, wine &
spirit merchants
30, 31 & 32 Nimmo William
k Co. stationers
29 Crawford's Co. porters
27 Buchanan & Stevenson,
commission merchants
27 Brazil Consulate(David W.
Ste^'enson, vice-consul
James C'halmers, consu-
lar agent)
27 Miller James, Son & Co,
(Glasgow), oil merchants
27 Grier Rt. li. commsn. agt
27 Gavin Urolhers&Galloway,
produce merchants
27 Peat Jloss Litter Supply
Co. Lim. (Gavin Bros, k
Galloway, agents)
here is Bernard st...
auarry close.
See West Ceoss causeway,
Quarry holes.
See Eastek road, Leith.
Queen street, St. Andrew
St. to South Charlotte st
I Scottish National Portrait
Gallery (Alex. W. Inglis,
sec. ; J;imes L. Caw,
I Society of Antiquaries of
Scotland & Scottish
National Museum of
Antiquities (Joseph
Anderson ll.d. keeper)
I Royal Scottish Geographi-
cal Society,
Col. Fredk. Bailey, sec
I Chamber of Commerce k
A. K. Wright, sec
I Edinburgh Association of
Science & Art,
R. M. Westwater, sec
lA, Stephen Alex, joiner
1 Smart & Son, b(jot makers
.1 Anderson Peter, purveyor
of glass, china he
2 Considine Wra. s.s.c. &N.p
2 Dickson A. J. k J. w.s
3 Carfrae J. A. architect
3 Balfour William s.s.c
3 Manson Peter, solicitor
3 Wishart Peter, artist
-3 Income & Property Tax
Repayments Agency
(Scottish) (Thos. Fellows
Mather, sec)
3 Peck Edward, engraver
3 Semple James, tea agent
3 Dandle Alex.drawing mast'
4 Philosophical Institution
(H. B. BaildonM.A. hon.
sec. ; W. Addis Miller
M.A. assistant see. k
4 iSIcKay Edward, housekpr
5 Queen Street Hall
5 Edinburgh Electrical Co
S Sanderson J. S. & A. stock
5 EdinburghSociety of Musi-
cians, H. Inglis, sec
5 Ross Robt. Grant, solicitor
5 Edinburgh City Mission,
Rev. John F. Organ, supt
S Mackay G. & Son, public
works contractors
5 Scottish Branch Army
Scriptnie Readers' So.;.
(Capt. W. Morrison, sec.
k treasurer)
5 Scottish Natural History
6 Family Herald Press
6 Stevens ^^'m.Lim.publshrs
6 Bee James, solicitor
6 Brotherston William w.s
6 Mackenzie Mrs. teacher of
7 Butti J. A. & Son, fine
art dealers
8 Edinburgh Institution
(G. 0. Turner m.a. head
9 &ioRoyalCol.of Physicians
(R. W. Philip M.D. see. ;
James Simpson, officer)
11 Morrison & Gibb Limited,
12 Purves A. P. & Aitken w.s
12 British Bank of South
America Limited (A. P,
Purves & Aitken, deposit
12 Royal Eastern Yacht Club,
Alfred N. G. Aitken
s.s.c. sec
Imperial Bank of Canada
(A. P. Purves k Aitken,
deposit agents)
12 Dominion(The)Permanent
Loan Co. (A. P. Purves
k Aitken, agents)
12 Hay&Henderson, architects
12 Irvine Charles s.s.c
12 Edinburgh Sabbath Morn-
ing Fellowship Union
12 Wright Miss Meg, artist
12 Tweedie John A. solicitor
12 John Menzies Limited,
J. A. Tweedie, sec
12 Noble J. Campbell, artist
13 Noble R. artist
12 Reid & Crow, solicitors
12 Thomson E. J. M.& Co. c.A
13 Representative Church
15 Gunn k Mulcaster s.s.c.
16 Lindsay J. K. & VV. P. w.s
16 Water of Leith Purification
k Sewage Commission,
H. Inglis Lindsay, clerk
, here is Hanover st
17 Jones James, furniture dlr
i3 Finlay&Wilson s.s.c. & n.p
18 Wilson Thomas Jackson
s.s.c. k N.p
1 8 CarronGrovePaperCo. Li m
(The), Thomas Jackson
Wilson ss.c. &N.P. sec
19 Maclean Robert, advocate
19 McWhannell Miss
20 MacGregor Malcolmjames
L.D.s.Edin. dentist
22 Church of Scotland Offices
, collector for the schemes
of the Church;
23 Mackenzie, Innes k Logan
23 Pearson Peter s.s.c
24 Currie George VN'elsh
26 Cleghorn Mrs
27 Society of Accountants in
Edinburgh (hall & lib-
rary) (Richard Brown
c.A. sec. & treasurer)
27 Institute of Bankers in
Scotland, J. J. Mac-
donald (Commercial
Bank), sec
28 Hunter William & Son,
28 Carmichael & Gibb, s.s.c
28 Elder & Aikman w.s
25 Smith J. D. Philips, house
28 Oliver D. E. solicitor
28 Smith E. A. Ortmann, ad-
vertising agent
23 Cumming John, artist
29 ilacnair & Balfour c.A. &
stock brokers
29 McLaren T. & W. A. s.s.c
29 General (The) Steam Fish-
ing Co. Limited,
Arthur Leahy s.s.c. sec
29 Sang k Moffat s.s.c
29 Merchiston Curling Club,
Colin C.Moffat s.s.c. sec
2) Walls Robert, law agent
29 Breingan John, architect
29 Rorie James w.s
29 Graham VV. m.a. solicitor
29 Murray J. T. artist
29 Grieve J. artist
30 Robertson J. &R. A. w.s.
& s.s.c
30 Union Heritable Securities
Co. Lim. (R. A. Robert-
son, manager)
31 Cairns, Mcintosh k Morton
32 Purves James s.s.c. & n.p
32 Scottish Licensed Trade
Defence Association, Jas.
Purves s.s.c. sec. & solr
33 Morison Alexander k Co.
w.s. & s.s.c
34 Laing & Hartley w.s
34 Pollock J. Dunbar, solicitr
34 Rogers F. commission agt
34 Leadbetter Wm. typist
35 Hamilton, Kinnear k Beat-
son "W.s
35 New Zealand & River Plate
Land Mortgage Co. Lim,
(Hamilton, Kinnear k
Beatson, agents)
35 English & Scottish Ameri-
can Mortgage k Invest-
ment Co. Limited (Ham-
ilton, Kinnear & Beatson,
35 Bank of New Zealand
(Hamilton, Kinnear &
lieatson, agents)
35 New Zealand Loan k Mer-
cantile Agency Co. Lim
(Hamilton, Kinnear &
Beatson, agents)
35 Canada (The) Landed &
National Investment Co,
Limited (Hamilton, Kin-
near k Beatson, agents)
36 Gowans Miss Janet
36 Smart John, boot maker
37 Webster, ^Vill & Co. s.s.c
37 James Robert H. s.s.c
38 Blaikie J. B. & Co. antique
here is Frederick st
39 Herd William, painter
39 McNab A. k J. LimiteJ
dyers k cleaners
39A, Stevenson Brothers,
dyers & cleaners
40 StewartWilliara Alexander
L.D.s.Edin. dentist
41 Riddell Robert Scott, pro-
fessor of music
41 Rutherfurd James
42 Mackintosh James, dentist
42 MacGregor & Stewart s.s.c
St. Luke's Free Church
44 Henderson Robert, church
44 Edinburgh Coftee House
Co. Limited
44 Scott J. N. k A. Lome
Campbell, architects
44 Purves & Barbour s.s.c
4 J Anderson & Chisholm,solr&
44 British OilcSiGuanoCo.Lim
44 Pilaya Gold Syndicate Lim
44 Arniston Coal Co. Limited
44 Ocean Accident k Guaran-
tee Corporation Limited
44 Romanes & Aitchison c.A
44 Town k County Heritable
Trust Limited
44 Jerdan Robert, ordained
44 Edinburgh Cafe Co. Lim
44LawnmarketCate Co. Lim
44 Edinburgh Health Society
44 BrownJ.&H.McKerrell c.A
44 Indigent Gentlewomen's
44 Guthrie Street Lodging
House Co. Limited
44 Broens Miss De (Belville
44 Edinburgh Society for
Promoting Readin g
amongst the Blind at
their own Homes
45 Gillespie P. Gardiner s.s.c
45 Dickson k Partners c.e
45 Veitch Miss Kate, artist
45 Johnston John George c.A
45 Anderson A. V. consulting
46 Henderson Jii. H. advocate
46 Green Henry H. teacher of
47 Romanes k Simson w.s.
48 Imlach Misses
49 PatersonA.&A.C.A.accntnts
49 Missouri Land Co. of Scot-
land Limited
49 Lancashire Trust & Mort-
gage Insurance Corpora-
tion Limited
49 Land Feuing Co. Limited
49 Gray Wm. Croft B.L.solictr
49 Gray John B. c.A
49 Lorimer Robt. S. a.b.s.a.
49 Aitken George S. architect
50 Pairman, Easson & Miller
50 Lawson J. Murray s.s.c
50 Watson W. Crum,architct
50 Watson G.Mackie,architct
50 Laird Miss M. A. artist
50 Dovey John Edward c.A
51 General Board of Lunacy
for Scotland
51 Macpherson Jn. M.D.surgn
52 Simpson Alexander R. m.i^
53 Dunsmure James m.d.^
F.R.c.s.E. surgeon
54 Wylie k Robertson w.s
54 Robertson John L. w.s
54 Edinburgh Wine, Spirit &
Beer Trade Association
54 Edinburgh, Leith & East
of Scotland Wine &
lieer Merchants' Bene-
volent Institution
54 Livingston & Dickson w.s
54 H.M, Coastguard
54 Rignall-Holder Patent Rest
Syndicate (T. A. W.
Eraser, manager)
55 Martin, Currie & Co. c.A
55 Australasian Investment
Co. Limited
55 Royal Bank of Australia
55 City Bank of Sydney

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