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57 Parry William
here is Braid aven ...
63 Miller Samuel, bank agent
65 Greenhorn William
67 Jamieson Ker. Ashby
69 Barr George
71 Ballingall George W
here is Clum/ ter
2 Howden William H
4 Ford John S
6 Gilmour Miss
8 Teacher Charles C. m.b.,
CM, snrg^eon
10 Johnston William
12 McGregor Robert R
14 Pillman Mrs
16 Riddle Mrs
20 Hunter blisses, school
20 Hunter Mrs
24 Riddell William L
26 Allan Alexander
28 Leask Mrs. James
here is Braid aven
34 Orr Oswald
36 Baker Robert O
here is Clunyter
Noble place, 27 East Her-
mitage pi. [iVo thoroughfare.]
I Taylor Jas. L. mast, mariner
6 DalleyGeor^jeWm. managr
North (back of) Canon-
Now called Calton road.
North. Bank st. Bank st. to
Mound place.
Bank of Scotland (head oifice)
(George Anderson, treas. ;
Duncan McNeill, sec. ;
James Kennedy, cashier)
McNeil Allan, law agent &n.p.
(Bank of Scotland)
Glen J. & R. bagpipe mas
4 Moir & Co.portmant.mas
6 LyonUavidT. furniture dlr
7 Summers & Mclntyre
Limited, stay makers
8 United Free Church of
Scotland Temperance
Union, G. Wallace Ross,
organising sec
8 Cormack John, publisher
8 Hodge Wm. &Co.publ3hrs
8 Raeburn David, show card
8 Home William J. electrical
: 8 Carmichael Eoghan K.
civil engineer
9 Stevenson Andrew & Co.
booksellers &c
University Hall (for stu-
dents), Patrick Stele,
sec. (Blackie house)
(Lady Stairs close)
10 Bussell Thos. brush &C. ma
11 & 12 Brown Geo. booksellr
13 Ferguson John, commn.agt
13 Stampa & Bell, fancy box
15 United Free Church of
Scotland Offices (A. EUi.
son Ross, general treas)
16 Edinburgh Savings Bank,
Robert VV. Armour,actry
North bridge. High street
to Princes street.
North British Hotel
Restaurant (entrance)
4 Dunlop David M. hatter
6 Duncan, Flookhart & Co
8 Brown.Smith&Co.wrhsmn
8 Brown Andrew, hosiery
8 Chapman & Co. clothiers
8 Maclachlan G. & J. brewers
3 Veda Food Co. Limited,
bread manufacturers
8 Mathieson Donald, newsagt
8 British Press Agency
8 Great Eastern Railway Co.
foffice),forwarding agnts
8 Graham James, forwarding
agent to the G.E.R. Co
8 Harrington J. P. Limited,
10 Lipton Limited, grocers &c
12 Dick R. & J. boot makers
14 Cowan & Co. gen. carriers
1 8 Mearns James T. draper
... here is the J\'orth hridife ...
32 Morton William & Sons,
fancy drapers &c
34 Campbell Mrs. Murdock,
34 Anderson John, coal agent
34 Michaelson Claude Isaac,
manufacturers' agent
34 Young George Adam & Co.
34 SelkirkWoolCo. tweed mfrs
36 F'orsyth Robert, hatter
liere is JVorth Bridi/e arcade
36 Samuels Lim. jewellers
42 Bell R.&Co.whosIe. furriers
42 McLaren W. Sons & Co.
Limited, warehousemen
42 Scottish (The) Pictorial
Publishing Co. Limited
44 Suttons, mantle manufrs
46 AbbottF. &G.Lim. boot mas
50 Glass William S. chemist
54 Melrose Andrew & Oo. tea
I Carlton hotel,
Geo. S. Elliott, manager
3 West End Clothiers Co.
Limited, tailors
S Mantield&Sons.bootmakrs
7 Salmon & Gluckstein,
9 Waverley Billiard Saloon,
Matthew White, managr
11 Small William & Son,
ladies' & children's out-
13 Ritchie A. & Son.confectnrs
15 Bon Marche Lim. drapers
& general warehousemn
17 Kennedy &Co. dining rms
19 Murphy Miss Annie, confr
21 McDougall & Sons, china
23 Tait V\illiam & Co. trim-
mings &;c. warehouse
25 Slaughter & Co. advertis-
ing contractors
25 Mcintosh James s.s.c. &
K.p. auditor to clerk of
25 Hogg David, clerk to audi-
tor of court of sessions
25 Rankine, Gardner & Ran-
kine, boot factors
25 Postal Telegraph Engi-
neers' Department
25 JohnstonTom,manfrs.' agt
25 Peddle Geo.manfrs.' agent
23 Strachan, Crerar & Jones,
25 McRitchie C. R. & Co.
legging manufacturers
25 Black John W.manfrs.' agt
25 Kyles George, bag manufr
25 Laing & Jones, tutors
25 Craig Jas. M. manufrs.' agt
27 Hepworth J. & Son Limited,
31 Commercial Bank of Scot-
land Limited,
Robert Forsyth, agent
North Bridge arcade, 36
North bridge to Cockburn st.
2 Samuels Lim. jewellers &o
4 Anderson William & Co.
Schulze & Co. confectioners
II Forsyth Robert, hatter
North British Kailway
Goods Station.
See Matfield hoad & Bath
ROAD, Leith.
North British Railway
Goods & Live StockDepot.
See Maxwell street.
North Castle street.
See Castle street.
North Charlotte street,
Charlotte sq. to 76 Queen st.
east side.
I Wallace & Guthrie w.s
I Edinburgh Investment
Trust Limited
1 LandSecurity Co. (Toronto)
a Campbell David Robertson
L.D.S., d.d.s. dentl.surgn
3 Mackay Miss Johann,
nurses' home
3 Findlay Edward I. solicitor
4Haldane W. &F. w.s
5 Baker W. Charles, chemist
5 Hunter Mason, artist
5 Scott Andrew R. architect
5 Stirton Jas. ordained survr
S Rainy & Waters w.s
5 Mitchell A. J. F. solicitor
6 Mackenzie John, solicitor
6 Book Debts Insurance Co.
John Mackenzie, sec
6 Scott James, solicitor
6 Henderson Wra. M. s.s.c
6 Cownie Francis S. s.s.c
North East Circus place,
1 St. Vincent's street to 2
Royal circus.
2 Wigney William
4 Smith William, w.s
6 Congreve Mrs
6 Buchan Thos. Winter s.s.c
here is Royal cres
North East Thistle Street
lane. Thistle street.
Hume Thomas, gun case ma
Pinkerton, Gibson & Co. whole-
sale druggists
North Foxt street, 96 Ferry
road to George street.
I MacDonald Donald
I Clark Andrew
I Lawson Thos. Jas. solicitor
3 Hunter Rev. Robert
3 HunterRt.jun.eommsn.agt
5 Barclay Mrs. Jean
7 Waters George, manager
7 Legge John, marine eugr
7 Rose William, joiner
9 Fraser Peter, grocer
here is Industry la
13 Bertram James, news-
paper editor
15 Colville John, shipwright
17 Bald Robert
23 Malcolmson Alexander M.
grocer & spirit dealer
27 Stewart James, grocer &
spirit dealer
here is Lapicide pi
29 Ross James, spirit dealer
33 Leith Provident Co-op. Soc
37 Cruickshanks Mrs, Alice,
41 GrantRobert,hardware dlr
43 Ross George, confectioner
NOR 97
49 Clancy Martin, boot maker
53 Lyon Robert, baker
55 Dickson Andrew, publican
here is TVilkiepl
S9 Leith Provident Co-op.
Society, butchers
63 Murray Mrs. Mary, dairy
Hawthorn Bank terrace :
1 Robertson George
2 Robertson Hugh, police
4 Chalmers Edward, mangr
10 Dalziel William, cashier
)iere is George st
2 Munro \^illiam, manager
4 Grant Mrs
6 Mclntyre John
12 Hamilton James, joiner
14 Cochrane Wm. music tcbr
16 Mitchell Archer, manager
here is Madeirapl
22 Laidlow Mrs
24 Wylie Miss
25 Mill James, surgeon
23 Rose George, dock master
30 Deane Mrs
here is Albany st
Leith Fort (head quarters
Royal Artillery)
Board School
38 Imrie Miss Elizh. confctnr
40 Noble George, butcher
44 Davidson Miss Susan, drpr
here is Fort pi
46 Ward Alexander, grocer
here is George st
North Junction St. (Leith),
continuation of Great Junc-
tion street to i Hope street.
here is Ferryrd
1 Torbain Thomas & Son,
9 Cockburn & Son, bakers
13 Riach David J. joiner
21 Stevenson Miss Mary,
knitting machinist
21 PrenticeWm. station mastr
23 Johnston Miss Annie,
Scandinavian Lutheran
Leith Poor House
35 Cameron Misses Mary &
Maggie, news agents
39 Gordon David, boot &
shoe maker
41 Gray Robert A. grocer &
spirit dealer
....here is Prince Regent st
43 & 45 McLeod Neil, spirit dlr
47 Burnet Robert, news agent
51 Robertson Mrs. Christina,
dairy keeper
here is Hope st
here is Cohiirg st
2 British Linen Co. Bank
6 Armour Misses Hannah &
Elizabeth, china dealers
8 Stalkerjames, property agt
10 DowMr3.Janet,boot maker
12 Rarity Thomas, shopkeepr
I2A, Rendle Joseph, hairdressr
14A, Condie George, plumber
22 Ross George, tailor
24 Thomson John, butcher
28 Anderson Misses Mary &
Christina, fruiterers
30 Downes Bros, grocers &
spirit dealers
here is Admiralty st
32 Stewart Peter, spirit deair
34 Murphy Edwd. spirit dlr
35 Gillies Neil, hair dresser
38 Smart James, baker
50 Sceales Mrs.Mary, midwife
... here is Frinee Regent st ...
i:d;.y. 7

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