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■94 MOS
5 Dickson Rev. Thomas S.
[Dnited Free Church]
5 Dickson Arth. Storey, solr
9 Bryan Robert, clothier
1 1 Sinclair Mrs
23 Leitch Thomas
here is Oswald rd
33 Kinross John
35 Hall Thomas
Moston terrace, 14 Bright's
crescent to Menstone terrace.
I Jack Mrs
3 Sutherland John m.d
5 Kessen Mrs
5 Kessen James A. solicitor
7 Baxter Jonathan
g Scott Thomas, traveller
II Ferrier Andrew, inspector
of poor & clerk to local
13 Kinnison Alexander B
15 Faulkner Mrs
15 HenryJas.M'Intyre.archtct
kere is Menstone ier
2 Ritchie Rev. John B
4 Oliver Mrs
6 Crookshank Misses
3 Chillet Charles
10 Couston John
12 Purves James C
14 Oliver Mrs
j6 Stirling Mrs
18 Dick Sidney
20 Cleghorn Miss
22 Long Mrs
■24 Garment Mrs
26 Miilcaster Mrs
26 MuJcaster Richard s.s.c
28 Baird Mrs
Hunter Robert, merchant
(Sylvester house)
here is Menstone ter
SommerviUe & Richardson,
2A, RossMrs.Mary.dairy kpi
'12A, Thompson Andrew,dairy
Murieston crescent, 226
Dairy rd. to 2 Murieston pi.
I Henderson Mrs. Janet,
dairy keeper
9 Plenderleith Miss Etfie,
dress maker
13 Mitchell Mrs.Margt.apartS'
15 Dickson James, engineer
19 Erskine William, grocer
here is Murieston 2^^ •••■
Mound place.NorthBank st.
United Feee High Chuhch
JN'ew College (Robert Rainy
D.D. principal)
Free Assembly Hall,
Andrew Temple, janitor
University Hall (for students)
(Lister house)
Soldiers' & Sailors' Home,
George Sim, manager
Mount Pleasant,
Now numbered in Joppa koad
Mulberry place.
See Newhaveu koad.
Municipal 'buildings.
See High st. Poetubello.
Murano place, Albert street.
[No thoroughfare.]
7 A'Loreburn Co. (The).
wholesale frame makers
9 Cummings William & Son,
packing case makers
:i5 ClunasWm.&Co. stone mrs
4 Wallace & Mclntyre Lim.
furniture polish manufrs
10 Stewart James, engineer
12 Mcintosh & Co. wholesale
12 Ross Alfred G. who. statnr
14 Ferguson Alex, blacksmith
18 Fleming John & Sons,
wholesale grocers
Murdoch ter. Dundee street.
[No thoroughfare. ]
.Mackay Miss Mary, confectnr
Hunter Jas. hay & straw mer
Murieston road, 261 Dairy
road to Murieston terrace.
north-east side.
10 Hutchison Geo. dairy kpr
14 Reid John, greengrocer
here is Murieston ter
south-west side.
The Tynecastle Co. (William
Scott Morton, director),
manfrs. of wall paper
Meikle & Philip, builders &
hot water engineers
Murieston ter. Murieston
crescent to Murieston rd.
south-east side.
3 Devlin Jas. wine &spirit dlr
4 Roberts John, joiner
here is Murieston rd
Muriston lane, 194 Dairy
rd. [No thoroughfare.]
Thomson R. & Sons, sculptors
Murray street, 50 East
[No thoroughfare.]
Craig John, potato merchant
Nissen Thos. glass & china dlr
Murrayfleld avenue.Lower
Coltbridge terrace.
EAST side.
I Scott Adam
3 Harris William
5 Usher Mrs
7 Waddell William
9 Muirhead AndrcM'
1 Paterson Tom S. w.s.
(Coltbridge house)
13 Collie William
Chorch of the Good
15 Cadell Lewis I. w.s. & n.p
19 Cross Andrew
21 Dobbie Joseph
27 Holms William
Connell James T. (Lynd-
Chalmers Miss (Murray-
field house)
2 Robertson Patrick C
4 Low Chas. M. ironmonger
8 Tod John Hy. stockbroker
10 Duncan James Barker
12 Smith Steven
14 Foules Lady
16 Smith Gregory M. A
1 3 Harvey Rev. Thomas (St.
20 Wallace Robert
22 Mackintosh Thomas w. s
24 Gregor David
24 Gregor George James c.A
28 Herdman John James
30 George Charles
32 Currie Edwin Frederick
34 Bucher Alfred Moore
36 RoUand James H
38 MacNab Mrs
40 Walkinshaw Mrs Myrtle terrace, Slateford
42 Dunn George M.A., LL.D. 1 road. [No thoroughfare.]
H. M. inspector of schools north side
(Fyfe) 2 Mitchell George, traveller
44 Monro James
46 CuUen Miss
Murrayfleld gardens,
Corstorphine road to Mur-
rayfleld road.
2 Hewetson Edward
6 Storry Miss
.8 Lyall William LesHe, phy-
sician k, surgeon
10 Taylor Mrs
12 Strachan William
18 Beruldsen Ellef
20 Kyle Archibald
22 Slorrison William
24 McDowell Robert
26 Logic Miss
3 Binny Graham
30 Seth Mrs
32 Darling Mrs
34 Muir Miss
36 Broad Nelson
40 Ferguson James
42 Klingler Jacob
46 Menzies John
I Arbuckle James
3 Mackey Jaoaes
5 Sanderson James
9 Rintoul Alexander B
11 Murray Robert, architect
17 Banks Alfred W"
19 Robertson Mrs
Rintoul John
23 Cluuie George Thomas c.A
25 Paton JIrs
27 Peters Mrs
Murrayfleld place, Murray-
field aven. to Coltbridge ter.
1 Boyd David C. grocer
2 Wilkie David
2 Smith Thomas, hosier &c
3 McIutyreDuncan,hairdrssr
4 Bruce Lindsay Brothers,
coal merchants
5 White Robert, builder
6 Robertson & Muir, cabinet
7 WaldieJas.&Sons,coalmers
8 Henderson Mrs. S. statnr
9 McArthur Bros, painters
9 McArthur Joseph, painter
10 Bro\^n Alexander
here is Coltbridge ter
Mui-rayfield road, Cors-
torphine road.
OgUvie Alex. (WoodviUe)
Russell David (Brae lodge)
Noble Colonel Charles S.
Kennedy Donald (Kirkton
Thomson Lockhart (Derreen)
Galloway James (The Tower}
Parker Chas. (TheHermitage)
Fraser James Watson (Rock-
Chalmers Jliss (St. Leonards)
Stewart Wm.Lyall(DuncUffe)
Cowan John Jas. (Westerlea)
Innes Thomas Rose(Kinellan)
Bayne Mrs. (Craigview)
Macrae Dr. Jn. J. p. (Lynwood)
Hogg Miss (Dunedin)
2 Macmillan Mrs
4 Freeland Mrs
6 Burn Mrs
10 Mackintosh jNIiss
12 Oliphant James
14 Cumming Wm. 0. solicitor
14 Cumming Robert
16 Sheddon-Smith Sydney
12 James Robert, launderer
south SIDE.
Entrance to Merchiston statu
Napier road, Colinton road
to Polwarth terrace.
west side.
1 Douglas Timothy, mangr
3 Harrison John, clothier
i.. here is Sin/law rd
5 Thomson. Miss
7 Fleming Miss
9 Tainsh James
11 Thomson Mrs
13 Anderson Misses
15 Lugton Thomas, boot ma
17 Fairweather James
21 Lumsden Mrs
2 Lennie John M
4 Johnstone Geo.W. a.r.s.a.
6 Sutherland James S
8 Fleming Mrs
10 Richardson John J. ware-
... here is Merchiston cres ....
12 Sibbald Mrs
14 Bain Mrs
16 Yeaman Alexander w.s
18 Gilroy George, jun
20 Stair-Kerr Mrs
22 Coekburn Mrs
24 Blair Mrs
26 Gowan William
28 Aitken Robert, chemist
Nelson place. Nelson street.
Baillie Hunter, blacksmith
M'Naught Wm. F. tinsmith
Nelson st. 21 Abercromby
pi. to 10 Drummond pi.
I Dewar Mrs
I Lippe Charles, advocate
1 McGutii Robert Alex, solr
5 Hunter David
Aitchison Miss
7 Rutherfurd John w.s
7 Turnbull John w.s
11 McVean Miss
II Sime Mrs
13 Crichton Hew Hamilton
15 Young Mrs
IS Revolta John G.hairdressr
IS Johnstone Miss
IS Richardson WilUam
17 Hunter William II.. A. ,ll.d.
...here is Northumherland st...
19 Hay Hj'. m.b., cm. surgn
21 Edwards James Forrest,
solicitor & N. p
21 McGhie Wm.sohcitor&N.p
21 Hutchison Alexander, joiner
23 Smith & Watt w.s
25 Baldwin JNIiss
27 Espinasse jNIiss
27 Hunter Miss Mary, aparts
27 Ritchie Miss Christina,
29 Laing James, confectioner
31 Boath Robert o.e
31A, Fleming Archibald, dairy
here is I)runimond pi
WEST side.
6 Burn John David, plumber
6 Anderson George
8 Tait George D
10 Ingram William, advocate
12 MacMillan Hugh Patterson,
12 NobleCampbellE.s. A. artist
12 Sinclair Ronald
14 Chrystal Frank, confectnr

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