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4 McLean Robert, traveller
4 Kenton David, librarian
6 Moncur William
8 Henderson Mrs
10 Watson William
12 Wilson Robert
1 8 Johnston George ¥
2o Mathieson John W
24 Lloyd Charles A
26 Henderson Andrew
28 Robertson John Stewart
32 Kyfe James, boot repairer
Meuse la. South St.David st.
3 Robertson John, spirit dir
7 & 9 Continental hotel,
Richard Wagner
11 & 13 Honeyman & Wilson
Limited, tea merchants
Middle Arthur place, 18
Arthur street.
[No thoroughfare. ]
2 Murray James, grocer
6 Thomson Alfred, baker
e6 Mission Hall
Middleby street, Minto
street to South Graj' street.
1 Price Edmund F. T. m.b.,
CM. surgeon
3 Balfour George
5 Temple Thomas
7 Cochrane Thomas
9 Black John
1 1 Inglis George S
13 Murray Samuel M
here is South Gray st
2 Macdonald William
4 Grieve Frederick William,
teacher of music
4 Grieve John Charles,
teacher of music
6 Clark Thomas Lindsay
8 Cameron Miss Munro,
private school
10 Lauchlan Archibald H
12 Scutts Mrs. Annie, laundry
here is Soulh Gray st
See Leith w.\lk.
1 6 Lindsay Andrew J. insur-
ance broker
18 Sutherland John, clerk
20 Webster James
22 McDonald J
24 Wailt George J. fruiterer
24 Waitt Thomas, traveller
24 Macalpine John, insur. agt
26 Sim Alexander
28 Crombie Alexander
30 Hood William
32 Simes Thomas
Midland Rail'nrajr Co
Goods statiou.
See Bath road, Leith.
Mill lane. Great Junction
street to Sheriff brae.
4 & 5 Bishop Alexander R.
wholesale confectioner
Mill Lane Board Schools,
John Morgan m.a. mastr
here is Sheri^' brae ......
Leith Hospital & Dispensary
...here are Kitin st.'.f Giles st...
Millar crescent, from 236
Morningside rd.to Millar pi.
5 Dunn iNilliarn, bootmakei
11 Deas John JI
13 Working Men's Unionist
15 Benzie Andrew Simpson
17 Anderson Alexander
23 Reid James Alex, clerk
-5 Dugardin Mrs
27 Davis William Henry
10 Bland T
12 Ramage James ^Vardrope,
cabinet maker
14 Parves ISIrs
14 Purves Jn. Fraser, solicitr
Millar pi. from Millar ores.
[No thoroughfare.]
I Mills Francis, clerk
Millar James & Sons, [builders
Millerfield pi. Melville ter.
[No thoroughfare.]
1 Harmer Thomas B
I Frazer Alexander
a Graham David
4 Bryson Robert, fishmonger
5 Dickson Alex, wine mer
6 Manson John
7 Giles Rev. Alexander [Uni-
ted Free Church]
8 Gray Rev. Robert [U.F]
9 Wylie Rev. Alex. [Baptist]
10 McCann William G
11 Ramage John
12 Duncan James
13 Winchester George S.S.C
14 Snell William E
15 Burnet Alexander
16 Brown Mrs
17 Bro^Milie Mrs
18 Archibald Mrs
19 Vipont Rev. David Avenel
(St. Xinian's Church)
20 Eprile Reuben, watch ma
20 Marwick Mrs
20 iMutrie Henry B
21 \\'iison Hugli
Milton road, Joppa (Porto-
Duncan Mrs. (Fernwood)
Jlylorie Mrs. (Mount Annan)
here is Briinstaiie rd
1 Freis Frithjoy
2 Bruce William S
3 F'lint Miss
4 McNab Thomas
Hume Thomas (Quarry-
Douglas John (Easter Dud-
McPherson Andrew (Kin-
era ig)
MUton St. Spring gardens.
[No thoroughfare.]
II Murray John, provision dlr
2 Russell & TurnbuU Lim.
iron founders
14 Young Mrs. Elizabeth,
dairy keeper
AiiBEV Hill Baptist
20 AVatson Alex, ne^vs agent
Jlilne James & Son Lim.
engineers (Milton House
works )
24A, Grant James E. grocer
42 Kelly Peter, coal dealer
44 French iNIiss Eliza, grocer
Milton terrace, Joppa
(Porlnbello), Morton street
to Brunslane road.
1 Hay Misses
2 Stark John
3 Harrison James .Archibald
4 Mir is Charles
15 Macdiarmid Donald
6 Henry James
Minto street. 61 Newington
road to Mayfield gardens.
east side.
Letter Box
1 Adams Miss
2 Booth William f.r.c.s.e
4 Livington Mrs
5 Mclntyre Alexander F
6 Limont Mrs
7 Fairley Alex, spirit dealer
7 Fairley David A. C.A
8 Pitt jiimes W. agent
9 Alexander James R
10 Allan Robert, draper
ti Marshall John
13 Welsh Miss
here is Blacket oven
14 WeddeinVilliam, bookseller
15 Clark Charles, hotel propr
16 Scougal Andrew
17 Brown Miss
18 Bennetts John James M.B,
CM. surgeon
19 Medical Baths,
John Veitch, manager
19 Morgan Alex, spirit dealer
20 Christie Rev. David m.a.
21 Reid Misses
22 TurnbuU John, merchant
23 Wood George
23A, MacGregor Henry Otto
here is lilay field ter
24 Mowatt James m.b., cm.
25 Melville John, painter
26 Robertson W. G. Aitchison
M.D., CM
27 Church Mrs
28 Gardner James, surgical
instrument maker
29 WilsonDavid B.l.d.s. dntst
30 Low David
here are East Mayfield ^•
Mayfield ijardens..
here is West Mayfield.
31 Shields A. & M. circulating
31 RichardsonJonah D.butchr
31 Mackie George, chemist
31 Meikle George, grocer
31 Shields A. & M. stationers
31 Post, T. O. & M. O. O
31 Shields Miss Margaret,
31 Thomson William, baker
32 Hardy Henry, architect
33 McKenzie Alexander
34 Bank of Scotland (branch)
(Jas.D.Hay Stewart,agt)
here is Middleby st
^5 Mcintosh John
36 HaldaneFrancisM.merchnt
37 Nimmo Misses
38 Sawers Mrs
...'... here is Duncan st
39 Gardiner Mrs
39 Gardiner Wm. C. stationer
40 Young Frank Montgomery
Henderson, law agent
41 Vetch George Anderson
42 Drysdale Mrs
43 Scott James M.D., CM.,
d.p.h. surgeon
44 Ritchie Andrew
45 Cowie Mrs
46 AIcKcnzie Charles Stewart
47 Dalgety Miss
49 Dewar William
50 Cullen George Matheson
M.D. surgeon
St Smith Rupert
52 Commercial Bank of Scot-
land Limited (branch)
53 Adamson David, coach prop
here is Salisltary pi
MON 89
Mitchell street, 55 Consti-
tution street to Elbe street.
8 Murray A. & Son, corn dirs
10 Davidson Geo. provsn. mer
It to 14 Anderson & William-
son, basket manufactrs
14 to 17 Jlelrose-Drover Lim.
wine merchants
14 to 17 Heddle James & Co.
british wine manufactrs
24 Wishart Jas. spirit dealer
41 Rose L. & Co.Limited,wine
ic spirit merchants
40 Cossar Gilbert, prov. mer
38 & 39 Scott Robert & Co.
provision merchants
36 & 37 Dowie Peter & Co.
provision merchants
35 Tod J. & J. & Sons, pro-
vision merchants
29 Inland Revenue Office,
SamuelHy. Davis, officer
Monorieff ter.i2 Melville ter.
[No thoroughfare.]
4 Donaldson Robert, shopkpr
6 & 8 Hague Robert, grocer
Monmouth ter. 10 Bowhill
ter.Ferrj' rd.to isRoyston ter.
2 Farquharson Mrs. Mary,
3 Gracey William A. tele-
graph clerk
3 Reid Charles
3 McGregor Jn. L. salesman
3 Gabbert Alfred
3 Cowley Miss
3 Petrie Mrs
3 Maccalluui Mis?es
Montagrue street, 64 Clerk
street 79 St. Leonard st.
3 Buncle Alexander, fruiterer
3 Sinclair James, tailor
3 Gray George, painter
3 Morrison John, spirit dealer
3 Adams Mrs
3 Macdonald Miss
5 McLeod Miss Janet, dairy
7 Gray Hy. upholsterer &c
9 Heatlie William, agent
II Smith Sam, house factor
iiA, Wilson William, laundry
13 Grant James, grocer
17 Nicholson James, coal mer
19 Fhnt Peter, plumber
23 TurnbuU Miss Cath.millnr
23 Thompson MissLizzie, dress
23 Hutton Miss Margaret,
mantle maker
25 Gow William, manager
27 FinlayMissJennie, dress ma
29 Hogg Miss Annie, dress ma
31 Chisholm William Douglas
33 Shierlaw Andrew, cooper
35 Mitchell Wm. coal mer
37 Barlas Mrs
39 Epirle Philip, tailor
39 Moodie Wm. police sergt
39 StoUer Jacob, tailor
41 Cochrane Mrs
41 Cochrane Rev. John
43 Fraser William, draper
47 Gordon Robert, dairy
49 Smith Henry, tobacconist
51 Smith Hugh, boot maker
S3 Dow Mrs. Mary, shopkpr
55 Gardiner John, new^s agent
here is St. Leonard st
2 Nicolson Samuel, joiner
2 Bain James, builder
2 Matheson Alex, compositor
2 Sutherland Mrs

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