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The Edinburgh Corpora-
tion Electricity Supply
(Frank A. Newington,
electrical engineer)
6 Phillips David, boot maker
here is Torphichen si
.... here is Deway Place la
lo Fairbairn John, plumber
i6 Gordon George, painter
24 & 26 McKay John,confctnr
28 Young Claude, coal mer
here is Torphichen st
Dewar Place lauo, Deirar
place to Torphichen place.
Graham Mrs. David
Slcliay George, blacksmith
Dick place, Findhom place
to Kilgraston road.
1 Fringle Mrs
3 Maepherson James P
5 Donaldson George
7 IJamborough James
9 Anderson James, traveller
1 1 Christie Henry
here is Seton pi
15 Young Andrew
17 Mitchell Lieut.-Col. Chas,
:^I.D. physician &; surgeon
21 Stewart James A
23 Macdonald Edward
here is Cumin 2>l
23A, Mackintosh John, clerk
25 Norrie John E. chiropodist
27 Cairns Mrs
29 Kelman Kev. John
31 Anderson Mrs
....here are Lauder rd. (f Man^
sion House rd
33 Pringle James
here is Lovers' la
Letter Box
35 Stewart James
37 Fairley James
39 Murray Wm. L. grocer
41 Story Robert, cashier
43 Macfarlane Alexander
45 Williamson James, supt
47 M'Gill Miss
49 Macaulay Robert
51 Dickson Walter
S3 Prentice John, chemist
S7 Paterson T. Swinton
S9 Gi-ay Mrs
here is Kilgraston rd
2 Murray & Todd, cattle dlrs
2 Todd David
4 Gilmour Hugh, stock &
share broker
6 Haswell jNIisses
5 Taylor Wm. commissn.agt
10 Inglis Mrs
12 Inglis Mrs
n Christie Miss
14 Smith George s.s.c
16 Paterson William
16 Paterson James, c. A
18 Seggie Alexander H
20 Matthew William
22 Anderson Mrs
24 NeicksF. professor of music
26 Kidd Miss
28 Jamesion Mrs
here is Laudei' rd
30 Cowan Mrs
32 Carrick John M. A
34 Dunn James W
36 M'Ewan Mrs
36 M'Ewan James, architect
here is Lovers' la
Thornton George Boyd
(Grange park)
44 Jackson Mrs
46 Maepherson A. D
48 Millie Patrick D
50 Brown Isaac, manure mer
52 Gossip Misses, priv. school
S6 Pitcairn A. Y
here is Kilgraston rd..
Dickson street, is8 Albert
street to Dalmeny street.
5 Gilchrist Miss Janet, dairy
7 Brown Mrs. Janet,shopkpr
here is Zona st
2 Walker & Allison, drapers
2 Walker William, draper
4 Howie James, dairy
here is Zona st
36 Arcus George, watch ma
Distillery lane. Dairy rd.
[No thoroughfare.]
Annan James, modeller
Gibson John S. carver
Dock place (Leith), Com-
mercial St. to Wet Docks gate,
9 Henry Alexander Fraser,
ship broker
9 Henderson Frederick Geo.
9 Petersen J. &Co.shipbrokrs
3 & 9 Wilson Wm. spirit dlr
7 TaylorMrs.Cath.newsagnt
6 Benzies Peter, refresh-
ment rooms
5 Hogg Jas. chronometer ma
3 Blyth Wm, spirit dealer
2 Hansen & Co. ship brokers
2 Monte Video Consulate(H.
P. Hansen, vice-consul)
2 Steenberg & Co. Limited,
lager beer importers
2 Danish Consulate (Alfred
Steenberg, vice-consul;
2 Ward & Tupman, ship &
insurance brokers
1 GreigAlexander,spiritmer
Gibson's Cortipany,porters
Dock St. (Leith), 2 Coburg
street to Commercial street.
2 Brotherston Chs. dairyman
3 Edinburgh & Leith &
District Carters' Associ-
ation (Wm. Queen, sec)
5 Hepburn Andrew &Richd.
engineers &c
6 Waugh John, joiner
14 Baxter William, builder
St. Ninlan's FeekChubch
here is Commercial st
east side.
34 Masson & Co. grocers &
spirit dealers
32 Gibson Hugh C. (heirs of),
31 Mitchell Charles, painter
29 Hogg & McVicar, saddlers
27 Murray, Somerville & Co.
whiskey brokers
26 Feganjn. Bernard, spirit dlr
24 Stewart Charles, cooper
20 Collins John, spirit dealer
19 Tod, Thomson & Co. Lim.
oil merchants
19 Maccallum John, plumber
here is Commercial st
Docks (Leith).
>forth British Storage &
Transit Co.(Patmore &Co.)
(Edinburgh Dock wareho)
LanglandsM.& Sons, shipping
agents (Edinburgh dock)
Lind.say James s, Son, fruit
salesmen (Albert dock)
Gibson George & Co. shipping
agents (Albert dock)
Brown & Glegg, iron mers.
(Girder yard, Albert dock)
North of Scotland & Orkney
& Shetland Steam Naviga-
tion Co. (Albert dock)
Park Dobson & Co. timber
merchants (Albert dock)
Leith (The), Hull & Hamburg
Steam Packet Co. Limited
(Victoria dock)
London (The) & Edinburgh
ShippingCo. (Victoria dock)
Ramage & Ferguson Lim. ship
builders (Victoria dock)
Morton S. & H. & Co. en-
gineers (Victoria dock)
Cran John & Co. ship builders
(Victoria dock)
East Coast Salvage Co. Lim.
(Victoria dock)
Macdonald & Muir, whisky
distillers (Queen's dock)
Menzies & Co. Lim. ship &
boat builders (Wet docks)
Stenhouse Andrew & George,
snipping agnts.( Wet docks)
Wotherspoon & Son, ship
brokers (Wet docks)
Leith Dock M'arehoose Co.
(James Smith, manager)
(Wet dock)
Peterhead Steam ShippingCo.
(A. F. Henry, agent) (Old
Strachan William, cement
merchant (Queen's dock)
Dorset place, Home terrace
to Merchiston avenue.
I Campbell Saml. coach hirer
10 Boa James, dairyman
12 Robertson Wm. dairy keepr
13&14 Cragie David,dairy kpr
Dougrlas crescent, 4 Mag-
dala crescent to Palmerston
SOUTH side.
1 Bell Mrs
2 Campbell Mrs
3 Adamson Mrs
4 Leishmann Miss
5 Laidlay Miss
6 Watson Mrs
7 Caddell George
8 Geddes George H. mining
9 McEwen William C
10 Brown George
11 Forlong Maj.-Gen.Jas.G.R
12 Hutchison James T
14 Uniack Capt. Harry
15 Clark George B
16 Ramsden Hy. wool broker
17 Johnson Mrs
18 Fordyce Misses
19 Brown Andrew B. engineer
20 Jackson Miss
21 Younger William J.brewer
22 Pitman John S. w.s
23 Simpson R. Russell
24 Middleton James R
25 \^'aldie David, coal mercht
26 Gray Mrs
27 Dewar James Campbell
Stevenson Charles A
..here is Palmerston pi
Douglas gardens, Rothesay
place to Belford road.
east side.
1 Herdman James, miller
2 Maitland Keith R. w.s
2 Maitland Mrs
3 Kennedy Adam
S Ferguson Robert M
hereis Belford rd
Doune terrace, continuation
of Gloucester place.
1 Anderson Angus G
2 Maepherson Ewau F.
3 Balfour-Kinnear Jamesw.s
4 Buchanan John H. c.A
5 MacEwen Rev. Alex. R
DRU 37
6 Balfour-KinnearGeo.T.w,s
7 Abercrombie Miss
8 Kermack George w.s
9 Mitchell Andrew M.A. ad-
Downfleld place, 182 Dairy
road to Duff street,
nokth-east side.
3A, Tait John, dairyman
5 Blackwood Bruce, tailor
here is Duff st «
2 Sinclair John, grocer
4 Coutts James W. tailor
4B, Baxter James, boot &.
shoe maker
6 Cameron Alex, painter
8 Reid Mrs.Elizh.apartmnts
here is Duff st ,
Drum terrace, 209Easter rd.
[No thoroughfare.]
4 Lawson Bernard, teacher
10 Allan Henry, foreman
Edinburgh East Cemetery
Main A. & J. & Co. Lim.
agricultural engineers
Drumdryau, Home street to
Leven street.
I &2 WilsonMrs.Elizh.fruitr
Drumdryan st. 15 Broug-
ham St. to 19 Tarvit St.
I Clark James, grocer
3 Imrie Miss Janet, dairy
5 Sime David, boot maker
13 Grandison James
igA,WatsonMrs. Jessie, shpkpr
here is Tarvit st
2A, Currie George, grocer
4A, McNaught Mrs. Elizh.
4 Watt John, jun. coal mer
here is Tarvit st ,
Drummond pi. Dublin st.
1 O'Connor Henry A.M.i.c.E
2 Mackintosh Jas.B.A.advoct
3 White Mrs
6 Forman Mrs
6 Forman George, advocate
7 Bailey Colonel Fredk. e.e
8 Harvey Rev. James M.A.
[United Free Church]
9 Rae Rev. G. Milne d.d.
[United Free Church]
, here is kelson st
west SIDE.
1 1 Wilson Mrs
12 Campbell Ewen
13 More James, jun. c.E
15 Cameron Patrick
here is Great King st
17 Mair Wm.Ludovie,advocte
18 Dewar John Robert
20 Uruquart Miss
20 Anderson George, postman
20 Mclvor Mrs
20 Coord Mrs. Jane, aparts
20 Edgar Robt. church officer
here is Dundonald st
21 Mill William H. s.s.c
22 Douglas David
24 Thomson Wm. advocate
23 Henderson Mrs. Mary,
ladies' school
26 Wilson Thomas J. s.s.c
27 Campbell Colin
28 Robertson John H
29 Skirving Archibald C.M.G.,
M.B. 0.51. surgeon
30 Brown E. Scott M.A., ll.b,
31 AndersonWalt.G.publisher
... here is Scotland st ..,.«

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