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2 & 4 Torrance Wm.H. baker
6 & 8 Smith \Vm. D. grocer
lo HughesMissKditli, milliner
12 & 14 McKenzie D. & E. &
Co. stationers
16 Macpherson Mrs
16 Ferguson Alexander W
16 Sutherland Misses
16 Johnston Miss
16 Coutts Charles
18 Richardson Wm. J. chemist
20 Smith Miss Uini, ladies'
22 Thompson Robert, boot ma
24 Bruce Lindsay Brothers,
coal merchants
24 Miller Jas. cab proprietor
26 Mein Mrs. L. fruiterer
28 Meikle Miss Mary, fruiterer
30 Ogilvie James, fishmonger
32 Pattison Robert, butcher
34 Sanderson Jas. Hall, grocer
...liereis J/orninf/side drive.,.
36 Blair George Edwd. baker
38 Sinclair Alexander, grocer
40 Johnston Miss Sophia,
berlin wool dealer
42 Moir Peter, undertaker
44 White James
46 Robertson Henrj', clerk
48 Turner James, builder
50 Manson William M
52 Patrick John, photographr
54 Hunter Mrs
56 Macdonald Thomas
58 TomlynAlfd.W.music tchr
58 Glass David
60 Gibson Misses
62 Cooper Mrs
64 Campbell Robert
66 Dieksin William
68 aiacdonald Frank
70 Robertson Adam A
70 Reid Mrs
here is Comiston f/dns
72 Livingston John, clerk
72 Glass James
72 Fletcher John
72 McHardy Alexander
76 Ross Robert H
76 Surenne Miss
76 Carr Mrs. Jane
80 Baird George, editor
80 Walker Mrs
So Laurie John
So Burnett Miss
80 Johnstone R.
82 Bisset William, traveller
here is Craiglea drive
84 MaclennanRoderickjChmst
86 McNaughton Miss Jane,
88 Barker Thomas, butcher
90 Smith William D. grocer
92 \^â– ebster Mrs. Charlotte
Ann, grocer
94 McMillanHamilton,toy dlr
96 Scott Mrs. Jessie, tobacnst
98 Robertson Miss Margaret,
dairy keeper
100 F'letcher Miss
104 Brotherston George
MorningsidePublic School
138 \^'allace John, baker
139 Lawrie Miss Barbara,
dairy keeper
140 Aitkenhead Jas. fruiterer
141 Sutherland Rev. David
[United Free Church]
141 Wood A. D
142 & 143 Aitkenhead Jas.gro
liere is Vonniston drive
Comistou terrace, 107
Comiston road to Braid road.
S Hardy Alexander,gardener
7 Newton W. Glegg
II Wilkie David
13 Birre'l George
2, 4 it 6 Professional k Civil
Service Suppl}' Associa-
tion, bakers, grocers &
16 Williamson Jas. watch ma
1 3 Eraser Robert
Commercial Bank
See High street.
Commercial street, Leith
harbour to end of Queen's dck,
...here is Commercial wharf...
1 Laing M'illiam, restauratr
2 CnsTOiM House CH.VMBER3:
Schultz A. & Co. Limited,
Olsen Plarald, ship broker
MoUer A. T. & Rasmussen,
tish & oil mercliants
Sharp H. J. & Co. coal
Brichta Francis & Co. ship
Ottoman Consul, Francis
Ellingsen M. J. & Co. ship
Wyllie J. & A. grain mers
WilsonBrandt &Co.manure
Dodson R. C. & Co. ship
Proven Geo. consult. engnr
Voge&I)acker,coal exprtrs
Johnston Patrick & Co.
builders' merchants
Johnson I. C. & Co. Lim.
cement makers (Patrick
Johnston & Co. agents)
Lockie John, consulting
engineer &:c
Steamship (The) (John
Lockie, editor & propr)
3 de Pinto S. & Son, ship
4 HamiltonRt. explosive mer
4 rs'obel's Explosives Co.
Lim. (Rt.Hamilton,agt)
5 BeruldsenEllef,ship ehndlr
6 StalkerDavid, chronometer
&c. maker
8 Custom House chambrs.:
8 Turnbull CJeo. V. & Co.
ship brokers & Lloyd's
8 Consul for theNetherlands,
Alfred V. Turnbull
8 United Steam Ship Co
8 SimpsonAlfd.J.s.s.c. &n.p
8 Stevenson D. M. & Co.
(Glasgow),coal exporters
8 Cairns R. & Co. ship brokrs
8 McGregor D. steam tug
8 & 9 London & Edinburgh
Shipping Co. (offices)
10 EggersJ.C.&Co.shipchdlrs
11 Post, M. 0.& T. O. &S. B
12 Thomson Walter, baker
liere is Saiidport st
I2A, StokerWm.A.spirit dealr
13 Hunt George, tailor
14 La Cour & Watson, ship
Danish Vice - Consulate
(John Mowbray Watson,
vice-consul for Gran-
14 Royal Hungarian SeaNavi-
gation Co. Adria Limited
IS, 16, 17, iS & 40A, Carnegie
Peter, restaurateur
20 Robertson Lawrence, spirit
21 Calder \Mlliam, marquee &
tent maker
22 Graham's Co. porters
24 Mollison Robert Soutar,
shipping agent
24 Leith Transport Co. (Robt.
S. Mollison, manager)
25 & 26 Reid A. &M. oil mers
28 Ions Peter, clerk
29 Spratts (Patent) Limited,
dog cake manufacturers
32 Anderson Peter, boot &
shoe maker
33 Brown David, watch ma
34 Dass Miss Sarah, tobaccnst
35 EdmondstonThomas&Son,
iron merchants
38 Hamilton Matthew, tea
39 Lunn J. Alex. & Co.engnrs
here is Dock st ,.*
Scottish Coast Mission (Leith
St. Ninian's Free Church
here are Johnston st. cf- Citadel
40A, CarnegiePeter,restanratr
North Leith(N.B.)Raihvay
Terris Thomas, coal mer-
chant (Station yard)
43 Gibson John, spirit dealer
here is Admiralty/ .'it
46 Barnetson Geo. spirit dealr
48 SutherlandJamesL. painter
52 WiglitmanMrs. Janet,lndry
53 BritishOil & GnanoCo.Lim
... here is Prince Regent st ...
Tod A. & R. Limited (Leith
flour mills)
here is Conper st
north side.
East Gate Dock entrance
Custom House buildings :
Fishery Office
Seamen's Institute, Reading
& Recreation Rooms
Mehren J. Von & Co. commis-
sion agents
Moffatt W. Todd, ship broker
Customs house :
Customs Establishment
Inland Revenue Office
Board of Trade
here is Dock pi
62 Local Marine Office
62 Shipwrecked Fishermen &
Mariners' Royal Bene\o-
lent Society (James
Clark H.N.B. hon. agnt)
64 Gibson Geo. & Co. merchts
64 White John W. consulting
Leith Nautical College,
James Boiam, master
Lindsay rd. commences here
Commercial ^vharf, i Com-
mercial street.
[No thoroughfare. ]
Smith A. & M. Limited, pre-
served provision manufrs
Constitutiou place, foot of
Constitution street.
Association of Sworn Meters
& Weighers
Merchant Co. porters
Clark Andrew S. & Co. fruit
Leith Mill Company, porters
Wynn Michael, stevedore
Cranston Jas. & Co. stevedores
Glover Robert Dickson, fruit
& produce broker
California Co. porters
Brown's Co. porters
British Public House Co.
Limited, refreshment rooms
...here is level crossing
Dawson Robert, rigger
Barclay John, coal merchant
Bruce Lindsay Brothers, coal
& iron merchants
CON 29
Weddell Alex, coal merchant
Deans & Moore, coal masters
& merchants
South Leith Railwav Station
(N. B. R.) (John Maitland,
station master)
Constitution st. (Leith),
Constitution place to 7 Duke
here is Tower st
8 Maokie N. M. Scott & Co.
wine & spirit merchants
3 Searle Gordon & Co. (Lon-
don), wine & spirit mers
:4 Wauchope, Moodie & Co.
wine & spirit merchants
20 INIaclay Wm. corn factor
22 Smith J.B.&Co. corn mers
22 Hill & Co. marine insurance
24 McLaren Alfd. fruit broker
28 Wallace & Pennell w.s. &
28 McNab Andrew & Co. Lim.
whisky merchants
23 Lloyd's Register of British
& Foreign Shipping
Lloyd's Surveyor's Office
here is Bernard st
30 Berry Thomas M. saddler
32 Mitchell Miss Agnes,tbcnst
34 & 36 Wordie & Co. general
36 Cowan & Co. genl. carriers
38 Bruce Lindsay Brothers,
coal & iron merchants
33 Pole Thomas Montford
s.s.c. &N.P
40 Falconer Thos. produce agt
40 Stewart Donald & Co. wine
Leith Observer Office
40 Leith Printing&Publishing
Co. Limited, printers
40 Petersen Chas. N. egg imprtr
40 Dawson David, joiner
42 Richardson Robt. hairdrssr
44 WaldieJas.&Sons, coal mers
44 Durham Andrew, whisky
44 Piper & Harper, wine &
spirit brokers
44 SwansonWm.sherifls' officr
44A, Noble Archd. spirit dealer
46 NimmoWm, &Co.stat;onrs
46 Herdman & JIcDougal,
grain merchants
43 StevensonRt.shipbroker&c-
50 Greenhilljas.jun.com. mer
52 Marshall & Smith, chimney-
54 David son Wm.comsn.brokr-
56 Miles James Kinghorn*
s.s.c. & N.P
56 Marine Insurance Co. of"
56 Johnson Joseph Marr, .
architect & surveyor
58 Doig Mrs. Margaret, spirit .
here is Quality la
60 Commercial Bank of Scot-
land (branch),
James Oliver, agent
60A, Miller James & Sons,.
russian merchants
60A, Stockman WilliamJ.pro-
vision merchant
64 Liebenthal&Co.corn factors
66 Aitken&Wright,prov.mers .
68 Thorn David & Co. russian
68 Russian Vice-Consul, Peter
65 Swedish & Norwegian Con-
sulate forScotland(Johan
Wilhelm Tornoe, consul)
68 Hutchinson A. H. & Co.
timber merchants
68 Hamilton David, merchant .

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