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1972 NUT
See Bolt & Nut Makers.
Knuck Henry & Co. Whitehall works, Dens
road, Dundee
Smith J. & Co. Dundyi-an rd. Coatbridge
Tough Brothers, Anchor works, Anchor
lane & 17 Gellatly street, Dundee
Angrfo-American Rope &
Oakum Co. 19 Canning place; works,
Hopwood street, Liverpool; patent ma-
chine spun & unspun oakum used by the
leading: shippers of the world ;
awarded 16 medals & diplomas
Deeside Oat-Cake Co. 1S4 Holburn street,
Fleming Bobert Alexander, The Bridge
bakerv. Alva B.S.O. Clackmannanshire
Melrose" Bros. 3 Short loanings, Aberdeen
Eobinson Bobert & Sons, Provost oat &
Welldale mills, Annan
Stevenson Williami Fraser pi.
Charlton John & Sone, Town mills, Max-
â– welltown; office. 38 Bank st. Dumfries
Gibson Francis, Woodhall mills, Juniper
Green B.S.O. Midlothian
Gray Thos. Bridge End, Annan. See advt
Kemp, Walker & Co. 8 King et.
Aberdeen; mills, City corn
mills, Cotton street & Murtle,
King William. Eingsmills, Elgin
Macdonald Duncan, Mill road, Portree
Milne Brothers, 17 Guild street, Aberdeen
Milne John & Oo. Limited, Caledonian
mills, Palmerston road, Aberdeen
North (The) of Scotland Milling Company
Limited; office, Beverley road, Inverurie
(T A "Oatmeal, Inverurie"); Boyal
mills, iPalmerston road. Aberdeen ; mills
at Insch; Turriff; Lethenty & Port
Elphinstone ; agencies, Old Meldmm.
Aberdeen; Rothienorman B.S.O.; Wart-
les, Meikle Wartle B.S.O. Aberdeeneh. ;
Pitcaple B.S.O. & Alford. Aberdeen
Eobin<:on Bobert & Sons, Provost oat mills
& Welldale mills. Annan
South of Scotland Milling Co. Limited,
Oastle Bank mills & 12 Galloway street,
Maxwelltown, Dumfries
Strachan John & Sons, Gilcomston
mills, 20 Leadside road, Aberdeen
Wyllie James, The Corn exchange,
Whitesands, Dumfries
Scottish Meteorological Society '.s Observa-
tories fAngns Bankin, supt.). Ben Nevis
& Low Level station, Fort William
McGillivray Angus M.B., C.M. 23 South
Tav street, Dundee
Miller Robert M.A., M.B., C.M.Glas.,
D.P.H.Camb. 80 Nethergate, Dundee
Aberdeen Hide, Skin & Tallow Market Co.
Limited fJ.B. Cairn?, manager!, 42 Wales
street, Aberdeen; branches at Inverurie
i- Keith
Arnott George & Sons, The Square &
Ohapel street, Huntly
Murray William & Son", -15.S to 465 George
street. Aberdeen
Wilkie William & Co. Palmerston road,
See Shop & Office Ftters.
Globe-Wernicke Co. Lim. (The),
foffice furnishers). 44 Holborn viaduct,
London E C; 82 Victoria street, London
S W & 23 Snow hill, Birmingham;
Globe-Wernicke letter filing cabinets,
" Elastic " bookcases, roll top desks,
card index cabinets &c
See Agents— Oil.
See Lamp & Oil Dealers.
Baxter William (whale & sperm), 20 Har-
bour street. Peterhead
British Oil & Guana Co. Limited, West
shore, Fraserburgh
Brown William. Sons & Co. 27 West Burn
street, Greenock
Crane P. Moir & Co. (Manchester) (Turn-
bull & Co. agents), 8 Panmure street,
Engelbert & Co. (lubricating) (Mrs. Agnes
Edelsten, agent); stores, 29 Brougham
street, Greenock
Fleming A. B. & Co. Limited (0. B.
Hatch, manager), Carolina port, Dundee
Glasgow (The) Iron & Steel Co. Limited,
Wishaw iron & steel works; T N 2
Wishaw & T N 825 Argyle, Glasgow ;
T A "Ingot, Wishaw '
Glengarnock Iron & Steel Co. Limited,
Ardeer, Stevenston R.S.O. Ayrshire
Handy side C. H. & Co. Macfarlane St.
Highgate Hugh & Co. Greenhill oil workfi,
Murray street, Paisley
Hinshelwood Thomas & (3o. 51 Guild st.
Johnson W. & H. Poynernook rd.Aberdeen
Ross James & C-o. (mineral). Lime Wharf
chemical works, Falkirk & Phiiipstoun
oil works, Linlithgow. See advert
Sim George Findlav, 74 Hardgate, Aberdn
Smith Alex. M. & Co. (whale,
seal & cod oils & g'reases for
soap makers), 2 Royal Ex-
change place; Wforks, King;
William dock, Dundee
Somerville William & Son, Stone-
field, Glasgow
Wilson & Sons, Caledonian oil
millst Blackscroft, Dundee
Durose F. & Co. Air street, Scul-
coates, Hull ; manufacturers of lubri-
cating oils & greases, all kinds;
Speciality: "Premier" Cylin-
der Oils; also Imperial black & bright
pine varnishes
Vacuum Oil Co. (Howard B. Case, manag-
ing director), Norfolk street, Strand,
London W C
Broxburn Oil Co. Limited (Norman M.
Henderson, general works manager) ;
works, Broxburn S.O. Linlithgowshire ;
head office, 28 Roval Exchange square.
Glasgow; T N 3; T A "Broxburn,
Broxburn "
Clippens Oil Co. Limited (Jas. Armour,
sec. & general manager), Pentland works,
Loanhead R..S.O. Midlothian; T N 5
Loanhead ; T A "Clippens, Loanhead"
Dalmeny Oil Co. Limited (James Jones,
managing director), Dalmeny R.S.O.
Linlithgowshire; T A "Oil. Dalmeny"
Oakbank Oil Co. Limited (Alexander" C.
Thomson, .manager), Mid-Calder (T A
" Oakbank,M1d-Cnlder ") & (John Black,
works manager) Niddry Castle works,
Winchburgh S.O. Linlithgowshire
Pumnherston Oil Co. Limited (mineral)
(William Fraser, â– managing director). Mid-
Calder (T A " Pimipher.^ton, Mid-Cal-
der"); Seafield work.s, Whitburn S.O.
Linlithgowshire & 23 Panmure street,
Dundee; head offices, Glass-ow
Ross James &. Co. Lime Wharf
chemical works, Falkirk
Ho~5 James i- Co. Phiiipstoun oil works,
Phiiipstoun P.O. Linlithgowshire ; T A
" Eosoline, Linlithgow "
Voung's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co.
Lim. Bathgate chemical works, Bath-
gate & Uphall S.O. Linlithgowshire;
(John W. Anderson, manager)^ Addiwell
chemical works. West Calder B.S.O.
Midlothian ; Hopetoun works. Winch-
burgh S.O. Linlithgowshire; 28 Guild
street. Aberdeen & (William Allison,
works manager) Niddry. Winchburgh
S.O. Linlithgowshire
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Limited (Alex.
Copland & John Sanuster, joint mana-
gers). Provost Blaikie's quav. Aberdeen
Aberdeen (The) Fi.sh Manure & Oil Co.
Limited, Commercial road & 13 Bridge
street, Aberdeen; works, Cove Nigg
Aberdeen '
Aberdeen Lime Co. (David 0. Peters,
mgr.). Provost Blaikie's quav, Aberdeen
Adam Bobert P. Green st. 'Galashiels-
T A "Adam. Galashiels;" T N 109 '
Adam William, 3 Bogle street. Greenock
Anderson John, Kirkhill, Dundee
Anderson W. J. 253 Union street, Aber-
deen. See advertisement
Barnet & Morton, VJ2 & 194 High et.
Bisset George, Station road, Falkirk
Braid C. D. 34 Commercial st. Dundee
Bremner & Co. 22!J Overgate, Dundee
British 0:1 & Cake Mills Limited, Sea-
forth place, Burntisland & at Leith
British (The) Oil & Guano Co. Limited,
Bressav, Lerwick & at Edinburgh
Bryson D. S. 43 & 45 Trades la. Dundee
Consolidated Oil Co. Limited (A. Logan &
Son3, agents), Quay side, Berwick
Cowan John, Thornhouse works ; office,
66 East road. Irvine
Dick George, Meigle
Drummond J. & J. Market street & Pal-
merston road, Aberdeen
Dunlop James, 7 William st. Kilmarnock
Farquhar & Gill, North of Scot-
land color works, 42 St. Paul
street, Aberdeen
Ferguson Robert &. Sons, 3, 11, 13 & 15
Boyal Exchange lane, Dundee
Ferguson Thomas & Co. 35a, Cowgate,
Dundee. See advertisement
Fleming A. B. & Co. Limited (0. B.
Hatch, manager). Carolina port, Dundee
Gray's C!ompany, Lotlands, Inverness
Harper John, 16 Breadalbane crescent,
Pulteneytown. Wick
Hood i Robertson Limited, 31 Crossgate,
Cupar-Fife; T N 1002; T A "Hood
Robertson. Cupar "
Ireland William L. 115 High st. Kirkcaldy
Jamieson James, 108 John st. Aberdeen
Jamieson Thomas, 12 Bruce st. Greenock
Kemp John & Son, 4 Duke street,
Kinnes Robert. East Whale lane. Dundee
Ku-kcaldv Oil Co. (Thomson Brothers), 236
& 238 High St. & Station rd. Kirkcaldy
Laurie Robert, 19 Market place, Selkirk
McGregor Jn. King William dock, Dundee
McLiesh James. 29 High street, Alloa
Melville Andrew & Sons, 114 & 116 High
street, Dunbar & at East Linton
Mitchell P. D. 108 Commercial street &
Pleasance works. Lochee road, Dundee
Northern Agricultural Co. Limited(Stephen
Hunter, manager), Waterloo quay, Aber-
deen & Tav oil coke works, Dundee
Oakbank Oil Co. Limited (A. Willison,
agent), 21 Panmure street, Dundee
Ogilvie James & Co. Persley mills. Aberdn
Paterson William & Sons. 55, 57 & 59
Spring garden, Aberdeen
RiddeirC. & J. Fish street. Aberdeen
Riddell William & Co. Phcenix works,
Russell road. Aberdeen
Robertson Alex. & Son, Bridge st. Wick
Robson James T. 12, 14 & 16 Bridge st.
Shirras, Laing & Co. Limited, 46 to 52
Schoolhill & 1 to 7 Harriet at. Aberdeen
Sinclair George, 24 Harbour quay, Pul-
tenevtown. Wick
Smith 'Alexander M. & Co. 2 Royal Ex-
change place; works, King William
dock. Dundee
Stiven R. C. & Co. 3 Meadow pi. Meadow-
side, Dundee
Stiven Jas. 7 Royal Exchange la. Dundee
Tait Samuel. Loans. Troon
Taylor Jn. &. Co. 4 Regent qr. Aberdeen
Tu'rnbuU A- Co. R Panmnre street. Dundee
Vacuum Oil Co. Limited (John McArthur
Johnston, representative), 908 Market
street, Aberdeen
Walker \^illinm ^ Son, 26 & 28 Nether-
kirkirate, Aberdeen
Walker & Thomason, 17 West Dock st.
British Oil & Cake Mills Limited, Sea-
forth place. Burntisland & at Leith
Clydesdale (The), Oil Co. Blantyre,Glasgw
Glen -Tohn. Chapel lane, Bathgate, Glasgw
Handvside C. H. & Co. Dean
works, Dalkeith (T A " Handa-
syde, Eskbank ") & Macfarlane street,
Highgate Hugh & Co. Greenhill oil works,
Murrav street. Paisley
Tav Whale Fishing Co. (Bobert Kinnes,
manager). East Whale lane, Dundee
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Limited (Alex.
Copland & John Sangster, joint mana-
2-ers"). Provost Blaikie's quay, Aberdeen
Aberdeen Lime Co. (David C.
Peters, manager). Provost
Blaikie's quay, Aberdeen
British Oil & Cake Mills Limited, Sea-
forth place, Burntisland & at Leith

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