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1968 KEW
Newspapers— cnntinuerl.
Dumfries & Galloway Courier & Hrrald
(published Wednesday & saturday)(Dum-
fries & GiiUoway Courier &Hera!d Nfws-
paper Co. Limited, publishers), ] 11 &
113 High street. Dumfries. See advert
Dumfries & Galloway Standard (published
Wednesday & Saturday) (Thomas Hunter
& Co. p'roprietors), 133 High street,
Dumfries. See advertisement
Dundee Advertiser (dailyi Id.;
leading: paper) (John Len^ &
Co. proprietors)! 7 to 25 Bank
street, Dundee (T N 65i, 655 &
fi56); branches. 186 Fleet st. London:
72 Queen street, Glasgow; 249 High st.
Edinburgh ; 25 West port, Arbroath ;
20 Crossgate, Cupar-Fife; 148 High st.
Montrose; 10^ We^t High street, For-
far; 12 High street, Perth; 43 Murray
place, Stirling; 30 Market st. Aberdeen
& 25 High street, Inverness
Dundee Catholic Herald (published friday)
(Charles Diajiiond, proprietor), Bell st.
Dundee Courier (daily) (W. & D. C. Thom-
son, proprietors) ; branches, 130^ Union
street, Aberdeen; 2G Millgate, Arbroath;
East High street, Forfar; 34 Scott st.
Perth; 55 Cross street, Cupar-Fife; 30
Panmure street, Brechin & 156 High st.
Dundee Evening Telegraph (daily) (John
Leng & Co. publishers, Dundee), 43 Mur-
ray place. Stirling; 10^ West High st.
Forfar; branch offices, 30 Market et.
Aberdeen ; 25 West port, Arbroath ; 10^
West High street, Forfar; 148 High st
Montrose; 12 High street, Perth; 20
Crossgate, Cupar-Fife; 43 Murray place,
Stirling; 249 High street, Edinburgh;
72 Queen street. Glasgow; 25 High st,
Inverness & 1S6 Fleet street, London
Dundee Weekly News (saturday) (W. & D.
C. Thomson, proprietors), Courier build-
ings, Lindaav street. Dundee; branches,
26 Millgate." Arbroath; 34 Scott street,
Perth; 55 Cross street, Cupar-Fife; 30
Panmure street, Brechin; East High st.
Forfar & High street, Montrose
Dundee Weekly Welcome, 34 Scott st.Prth
Dunfermline Citizen <wednes-
day, ^d. ; circulation double
that of any halfpenny paper
in West Fife) (L. Macbean,
publisher; J.Thomson, mgr.),
Dunfermline Express (published tuesdav)
(William Clark &- Son, publishers "&
proprietors), Guildhnll street & Music
Hall lane, Dunfermline
Dunfermline Journal (pub-
lished Saturday) (William
Clark & Son, publishers &
proprietors), Guildhall street
& Music Hall lane. TN 711
Dunfermline Press & West of
Fife Advertiser (Saturday, Id. ;
oldest established, 185 9, &
best advertising medium) (A.
Romanes, proprietor), Dun-
fermline; TN 771
Dunoon Advertiser (publisher thursday)
(Bobert Craig, propr.), Moir st. Dunoon
Dunoon Herald & Cowal Advertiser (pub-
lished friday) (Thomas Gilchrist, pub-
lisher), Cross bldgs. Argyll st. Dunoon
Dunoon Observer & Argyllshire Standard
fpublished Saturday) (E. & E. Inglis,
publishers). Sandbank S.O. Argyllshire
& Dunoon
East of Fife Becord (thursday) (William
Eussell, printer & publisher), 25 Shore
street, Anstruther
Elgin Cour'ant & Courier (published tnes-
day & friday) (Walker, Grassie & Co.
proprietors), 100 High street, Elgin
Eskdale »S: Liddesdale Advertiser (pub-
lished Wednesday) (Walter Wilson, prin-
ter & publisher), 48 High et. Langhobn
Evening Gazette (Alexander Marr, pub-
lisher), 30 Union street, Aberdeen
Evening Post (W. & D. Thomson, proprie-
tors & publishers), Lindsay st. Dundee
Evening: Teleg:raph(daily)(John
Leng: & Co. proprietors), 7
to 25 Bank streeti Dundee;
(T N 654, 655 i 656); branch offices, 186
Fleet street. London ; 72 Queen street,
Glasgow; 249 High street, Edinburgh;
25 West port, Arbroath; 148 High street.
Montrose; 12 High street, Perth; 10^
West High st. Forfar ; 20 Crossgate,
Cupar; 43 Murray place, Stirling; 30
Market street, Aberdeen & 35 High st.
Falkirk Herald (iwed. & sat.
Id.; established 1846) (F.
Johnston & Co. publishers);
offices, Hig:h street, Falkirk;
Grangemouth ; 114 Hig:h st.
Lrnlithg:ow; Broxburn; Bath-
g:ate & Bo'ness
Fife Free Press (Saturday)
(Strachan & Living:8ton, pro-
prietors), Kirk wynd, Kirk-
Fife Herald & Journal (pub-
lished wrednesday) (John &
Georg:e Innes, proprietors &
publishers), 8 Bonnygate,
Fife News (published friday) (John & Geo.
Innes, proprietors & publishers), 8
Bonnygate, Cupar-Fife
Fif eshire Advertiser(saturday ;
established 1838 ; leading:
newspaper in the district)
(L. Macbean, proprietor), 130 High st.
Kirkca'-dy, See advertisement
Forfar Dispatch (published thursday)
(Oliver Macpherson, publisher), 85 East
High street, Forfar
Forfar Herald (published friday) (Alfred
Nicolson, publisher), 2 Osnaburgh et.
Forfar Review & Strathmore Advertiser
(published friday) (John Macdonald,
publisher), 10 East High street, Forfar
Forres, Elgin & Nairn Gazette (every Wed-
nesday) (James D. Miller, printer & pub-
lisher), 29 Caroline street, Forres
Fraserburgh Advertiser (published friday)
(Oa-lder Brothers, publishers & proprie
tors), 26 High street, Fraserburgh
Fraserburgh Herald & Northern Counties
Advertiser ftuesday) (Fraserburgh Print'
ing Co. publishers), 105a, Shore etieet.
Fraserburgh Herring Circular (Calder
Brothers, publishers), 26 High street,
Galloway Advertiser & Wigtownshire Free
Press Cpublished thursday) (Jas. Ward,
publisher), Castle street, Stranraer
Galloway Gazette (pubhshed sat.) (Bodk.
Innes, editor & publisher), Newton-Stwrt
Galston Weekly Supplement & Advertiser
(friday) (W. 'Macdonald &,Son5), Bridge
street^ Galston P. S.O. Ayrshire
Glasgow Daily Record (J. T. Smith, agt.)
20 Brymner street, Greenock
Glasgow Daily & Weekly Herald & Even,
ins: Times (John Fisher, agent) ; branch
office. 29 Cathcart street, Greenock
Glasgow Evening News (William Mount^
ford, agent); iDranch offices, 1 Watt pi.
Greenock & (William Peden, agent) 16
Moss 6trp"-et, Paisley
Glasgow Evening & Weekly Citizen (Neil
M. Patrick, agent) ; branch offices. 4
Mansion House lane, Greenock & 8 Gil
mour street. Paisley
Glase-ow Herald (daily); branch office
(Robert Walker, agent), 40 Bridge st,
Aberdeen. See advertisement
Glasgow Herald & Evening Times (Albert
Skinnider, representative & reporter) ;
branch, 3 County place. Paisley
Glasgow Weekly Herald (Albert Skinnider,
representative & reporter), 3 County pi.
Glasgow Weekly Mail; branch offices (John
Service, agent & corresp9ndent),36 Brym-
ner street, Greenock & (John Waddell,
agent & reporter) 5 County pi. Paisley
Grantown Supplement (published Saturday,
id.) ['Angus Stewart, proprietor), Gran-
Greenock Herald (published sat.) (David
Blair, propr.), 40 Cathcart st. Greenock
Greenock Telegraph & Clyde Shipping
Gazette (three editions daily) (Orr, Pol-
lock & Co.). 14 Charles street & Sugar-
house lane, Greenock
Haddingtonshire Advertiser (with which is
incorporated the East Lothian Visitor)
(published friday) (William Sinclair. prin-
ter & publisher), 63 Market st.Haddngtn
Haddingtonshire Courier ("published friday)
(D. Jc J. Croal, printers & publishers),
19 Market street, Haddington
Hamilton Advertiser (published Saturday)
( William Naismith, proprietor & pub-
lisher), Campbell street, Hamilton (T N
28; T A "Advertiser, "Hamilton");
George Arnott, local agent, 34 Bloom-
gate street, Lanark
Hamilton Herald Printing &, Publishing
Co. Limited (Thomas Stothers. manager ;
pubhshed friday), Muir street, Mother-
well & Brandon street, Hamilton; Robt,
Robertson, local agent, 18 St. Andrew's
place. South vennel, Lanark
Hawick Advertiser (published friday)(Wm.
Morrison & Go. Limited, proprietors &
publishers). Crown close, High et.Hawck
Hawick Express (published friday) (Jas.
Edgar, proprietor). 5 High st. Hawick
Hawick News (published friday) (Yair &
M'Nairn, proprietors & publishers), 24
High street, Hawick
Helensburgh & Gareloch Times (pubhshed
Wednesday) (Macneur & Eryden, pub-
lishers). 16 Ea?t Princes st. Helensburgh
Helensburgh News (published thursdav)
(Robert Gardner Blair. pubHsher), We"st
Princes street, Helensburgh
Hig-hland News (Saturday)
(A. Bain, nianag:er), Hamilton
street, Inverness & Macleod's
buildings. Stornowav
Huntly Express (The) (friday) (Joseph
Dunbar, proprietor & publisher), 20 Duke
street, Huntly
Invergorden Times (published wedne-dav")
(Hugh Graham, printer & publisher), 58
High St. Invergorden P. S.O. Ross-shire
Inverness Courier (tuesday &
friday) (Robert Carruthers &.
Sons), Bank lane, Inverness
Inverness Football Times (The) (Saturday)
(Andrew Bain, manager), Hamilton st.
Irvine & Fullarton Times (friday) (jirthur
Guthrie & Sons, proprietors), 64 Princes
street, Ardrossan dc iJohn S. Begg, pub-
lisher) 99 High street, Irvine
Irvine Herald (published friday) (Cliarles
Murchland, pubhsher), 75 High st. Irvine
Jedburgh Gazette (published fridav fcr
Saturday) (Walter Easton, printer &
publisher). 9 Market place, Jedburgh
John O'Groat Journal (fridav) (tP. Be d
& Co. publishers), 42 & 44 Union street,
Pulteneytown, Wick
Johnstone Advertiser (published friday)
(Landles & Co. proprietors), 1 High st.
Johnstone Observer (friday) (Thos. Bovd,
proprietor), 39 High street, Johnston?
Kelso Chronicle (friday mominc:) (John
McArthur, publisher)^ 37 Wood' market,
Kelso Mail (Wednesday evening) (John
Smith, printer & publisher), 10 Eiidge
street, Kelso
Kilmarnock Herald (friday) (John C. Mot-
son, publisher), 32 Duk? st. Kilmarnock
Kilmarnock Standard (Saturday) (Dunlof
& Drennan, publishers). 6 Portland st.
Kilmarnock. See advertisement
Kilsyth Chronicle (friday) (John M. Dun-
can, printer & publisher), Market sq.
Kilsyth, Glasgow
Kilsyth Journal (saturday) (Bankin &
Mackie, printers & publishers), Main st.
Kilsyth. Glasgow
Kinross-shire Advertiser (published Satur-
day) (Geo. Barnet, proprietor), Kinross
Kirkcaldy Mail (tuesday) (X. Macbean,
proprietor), 130 Hi?h st. Kirkca'dy
Kirkcaldy Times (Wednesday)
(Strachan & Living:ston, pro-
prietors), Kirk wynd, Kirk-
Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser (fridav) (J.
H. Maxwell, proprietor & publisheV), 73
King street, Castle-Douglas
Kirkintilloch Gazette (friday) (John M,
Duncan, publisher), 99 Cowgate st. Kirk-
intilloch. Glasgow.
Kirkintilloch Herald (Wednesday) (Donald
MacLeod, publisher), 49 Cowgate street,
Kirkintilloch, GJaso"ow
Kirkintilloch Mercury (Satur-
day) (Rankin & Mackie, pub-
lishers), Union street, Kirkin-
tilloch, Glasg:o^
Kirriemuir Free Press (friday) (James
Norrie, pub.), 39 High st. Kirriemuir
Kirriemuir Observer (friday) (W,m. B.
Mills, pubhshr.). 22 High st. Kirriemuir
Lanarkshire Catholic Herald ; office, 6
Church street, Coatbridge
Lanarkshire Trade Guardian & Gazette
(fortnightly) (Cassells i- Co. publishers),
47 Cadzow street. Hamilton
Larg:s & Millport Weekly News
(fridav) (J. & R. Simpson, printers &
publishers), 3S & SS Main street, Largs
R.S.O. Ayrshire
Lennox Herald (friday for Saturday) (Ben-
nett & Thomson, proprietors). Church-
street, Dumbarton
Leven Advertiser (thursday) (John Purves,
printer & pubhsher). North st. Leven
Linlithgow Gazette (Liberal) (friday. Id.)
(F. Johnston & Co. publishers) ; "offices,,
Linlithgow. Bo'ness; Broxburn; Bath-
gate & Falkirk
Lockerbie News (thursday) (W.
R. Gardiner, publisher), IIS
Hi£:h street, Lockerbie

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