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IKO 1895
Balfour Henry & Co. Lim. Durie fouudry
3iUiautiiie Arcliibald &, Sons, New Grange
loimdry, Bo'uess It.S.O. Linlithgowsh. ;
T A ' iiitllautine, Bo'ijesd "
Barclay And. Sons & Co. Lim.
Caledonia works, Kilmarnock
JBarry Henry &. Co, Limited, 122^ We.
North street, Aberdeen
Bathgate Foundry Co. Brid^'end, Bathgate
Beath & Keay, Albion foundry,
Hill street, Dundee
3eii JohUj Wisbaw
£isset J. ti tjons Limited, Blairgowrie
^lack George & Sons, Twuedmoutli, Ber.
wick. See adverciaemeut
31yth David F. St. Andrews foundry, St,
JBo'iiess Foundry Co. (John Steele, mamig-
ing partner), Main street, Borrowstoun-
noss B.S.O. Linlithgowshire
3o'ness Iron €o. Limited (D. T.
Stewart, sec), Dock foundry, Bo'ness
B.S.O. Linlithgowshire
.Brandon Bridgfe Building Co.
Lim. (The), Motherwell, N.B.:
T N 11; T A "Girder"
J5ridges J. ^ A. Koselmll, Haddington
Bruce John & Son, Francis street, Pul-
teneytown, Wick
Bryce Jolm, 28 JJunnikier road, KirkcalJv
iBurnbank Foundry Co. (estab-
lished 18 60; ironfounders,
manufacturers of rain water
goods, kitchen ranges, regis-
ter stoves, furnace pans,
stable fittings, railing bars,
i3alcony panels & general
castings &c.) (James Wright,
sole partner), Burnbank iron
works, Falkirk
'CairJ & Co. Limited, Arthur street &
Dalrymple street, Greenock
•Caldwell William, Dunterhe iron foundry,
Gieu street. Barrhead, Glasgow
Caledon Shipbuilding & En-
gineering Co. Limited (The)
(W. B. Thompson & Grant
Barclay, manging. directors),
Lilybank foundry & Catedon
yard, Dundee
>Callendar Iron Co. Callendar
iron works, Falkirk; T N 2l<;
T A " Callendar, Falkirk. See advert
^Camelon Iron Co. Lim. (manufacturers
of kitchen ranges & register stoves, rain
water & hot water pipe's), Cameion iron
works, i'"aikirk
tCameron & Roberton Limited
(architectural, pipe & gen-
eral iron founders), South
Bank iron works, Kirkintil-
loch, near Glasgow; T N 2
Kirkintilloch; T A *' Cameron,
Kirkintilloch "
■Campbell, Binnie & Co.Greenfield foundry,
Gfeenheld, Burnbank H.S.Q. Lanarksliire
& Parkhead, Glasgow
'Campbell Walter N. (jobbing punctually
attended to), Mary st. Port Glasgow
Cannuirs Iron Co. Limited (John Wi^kie,
sec), Falkirk
Carron Co. Carron B.S.O. Stirlingshire
Chrystal George, St. John's foundry.
Foundry lane, Perth. See advertisement
Cochran &. Co. (Annan) Limited, Annan
••Cochrane John, Grahamston foundry, Barr-
head, GUi,sgow
-Cockburn. M. & Co. & Springfield Foundiy
Co. Gowan Bank, Falkirk
Coltness Iron Co. Limited, Coltness iron ,
works, Newmains ; Glasgow office, 138
West George street, Newmains B.S.O.
Lanarksliire; TNI Wishaw & 80i)
Glasgow; T A " Coltness," NewmaJU'S
& Glasgow
Oomelybank Foundry Co. Denny
Craig A. F. & Co. Limited, Cale-
donia engine w/orks & Snawf-
doun steel works, PaisUy ;
T A '* Craig, Paisley;" T N 20
'Craig D. li. Sons, Millerhill, Newton,
Crawford & Thomson, 46 & i8 Trafalgar
street, Greenock
Cruikshank & Co. Lim. Denny iron works,
Deimy; T A "Cruikshank, Denny"
Davie James &■ Sons, Stirling foundry.
Orchard place, Stirlimg
Dick John & Co. Main street, Coatbridge
Dick, Kerr & Co. Lim. North Hamilton
sti'eet, Kilmarnock
T)obbie, Forbes &, Co. (& stove, grate &
range manufacturers), Larbert stove &
iron works, Larbert & 118 Bobbie's loan,
T)obbie James, Holland Bush, Castlecary
B.S.O. Stirlingshire
Donald J, Fyfe & Co. 10 Hish st.Johnstne
Dorrator iron Co.
(general iron founders;
makers of open & close fire
•■anges, tile register stoves,
mantels, interiors &c.), Fal-
Douglas & Grant, Dunnikier
foundry, Kirkcaldy
Douglas hobt. i Sons, Melville la. Montrose
iJouglas Alex. Dalrymple street, S;.ram'aer
Drummond P. '& Son, 28 High st.Dumfries
Dumfries Brass & Iron Foundry Co. (P.
Drummond & Son, proprietors), Annan
road, Dumfries
Duncan W. & A. Garmouth K.S.O.Moraysh
Eagle Foundry Co. Ardeer, Stevenaton
B.S.O. Ayrshire
Elder William, Tweedside implement
works. Tweedinouth, Berwick
Falkirk Iron Co. (manufactrs.
of all kinds of light & heavy
castings, registers, ranges
&c. ; registered trade mark
" Falkirk "), Falkirk iron
works, Falkirk
Fer:^'uson James, Tay st. T.ivport B.S.O.
Ferlie Robert & Sons, Auchter-
muchty R.S.O. Fifcshire
Ferrier & Smith, 3 6 John st.
Forth (The) Bank Foundry Co.Grangepans,
Borrowstounness R.S.O. Linlithgowsh. ;
T A '■ Forth Bank, Bo'ness "
Forch & Clyde & Sunnvside Iron Co. Lim.
]''rai3er Douglas & Sons, AVestburu foundry,
Frew John & Co. Hamilton foundry,
Burnbank road, Hamilton
Fullerton D. &. Co. Cartside foundry,
Fullerton, Hodgart & Barclay
Lim. Vulcan foundry & en-
gine works, Renfrew street,
l.l a rdner James F. ^LinU thgo w Foundry
Co.), Lochview, LLnUtligow
Gardner William, jun.(Linhthgow Foundry
C-c), Thornton, Linlithgow
Gibb & Hogg Lim. Victoria engine
works, Airdrie ; T A " Hogg, Airdrie"
Gibson J. E. & Co. Salton iron works,
Glenfield & Kennedy Limited, Low Glen-
caini street, Kilmarnock
Goldie Alexander, Uddingston, Glasgow
(rrahamston Iron Co. Grahamston foundrv,
Grangemodth Iron Co. Limited, Falkirk
Grant & Brown, G2 Bell street, Dundee
Grant, Eitchie & Co. Townholm engine
works. Kilmarnock. See advertisement
Greenock Foundry (Scott & Co. Limited),
East Stewart street, Greenock
Hall, Eussell & Co. Limited, Aberdeen
iron works, York place, Aberdeen
Hardie & Gordon, Levenbnnk foundry,
Harpers Limited, Craiginches, Aberdeen
Henderson George, 8 Hoi-^e market, Kelso
Henry & Gait, 8!l New Sneddon st.Paisley
Holjn Foundry Co. Low Glencairn street,
Hope John & .Son, Glebe bank, Dalkeith
Houston .J. & B. Cartsburn foundry, Upper
Ingleston &Glenburn iron works, Greenck
Houston David, Hillside foundry,Burnside
Howie Robert & Co. Eglinton foundry,
Kilwinning R.S.O. Ayrshire
Hunter C. &. A. Foundry lane, Stranraer
Hunter Robert & Sons, WaJlacetown
foundry, Ayr
Hurst, Nelson & Co. Limited, Glasgow
rolling stock works, Motherwell
Husband John, Mary street, Johnstone
Inglis G. & Co. Limited. Albert
works, Airdrie; T A "Boilers,
Airdrie;" T N 15 Airdrie
Johnston J;mies & Co. Newmill iron
works, E'.gin
Jones & Campbell, Torwood foundry,
Jones James (iron merchant &
founder), Larbert
Keith J. i Blackman Co. Limited, High
Street foundry, Arbroath
Kerr R obert & Sons , Auchengree works,
Glengarnock R.S.O. Ayrshire
Kincaid John G. & Co. Clyde foundry,
East Hamilton street, Greenock
King D. & Sons, lU King st. Aberdeen
Kirkwood J. Tranent R.S.O. Haddmgtonsh
Lamberton & Co. Sunnvside engine works,
Langloan Iron & Chemical Co. Limited,
Langloan, Coatbridge
Limited Laurieston Iron Co.Laurieston,
Falkirk. Iron founders ; manu-
factrs. of rain water goods,
kitchen ranges, register stoves &
general castings
Lee, Croil &. Co. Lawside foundry, Dundee
Links Foundry Co. Bussel street, Montrose
Linlithgow Foundry Co. Cause-
wayendfMuiravonside; postal
address, Linlithgow
Lion Foundry Co. Limiied, Kirkintilloch,
Glasgow; T A "Lion, Kirkintilloch '
Low & Dnlf Limited, Mouifieth, Dundee
Low James F. & Co. Limited
(machine makers He brass founders),
Mouiheth Foundrv, Monilieth, Dundee ;
T N M. 1; T A "Low, Monifieth."
See advertisement
McC-artney George & Co. Cumnock
McCuUocli Tiiomas & Co, Limited, Bonny-
ton road, Kilmarnock
McKay Alex. B. 15 Miushall st, Wishaw
M<lvidd James, Thurso foundry, Thurso
^Mclvinnon William & Co. 20 Spring gar-
den, Aberdeen
McLaren & Sons, Victoria foundry, Baton
street, Galashiels
McLeish & Mc'I'aggart, McGown st.Paisley
ilcLeod William, Blackburn foundry,
Wliitemyre, Dunfermline
MoOnie G. & J. Port Glasgow rd. Greenock
Main B. &, A. Limited, Gothic iron works,
Marsliall J. & Co. Macdowall st. Paisley
Martyn Brothers, Chapel street, Airdrie
Melrose J. & Sons, Commercial rd. Hawick
Melville William M. Sinclairtown foundry,
Melvin Robert,Sunnyside foun-
dry & boiler works, Alloa;
T rl 2 6. See advertisement
Miller, Russell & Co. Overtown foundry,
Oversown, Wishaw
Mitchell W. L. *S: Son, Abbotshall foundry,
Mitchell George, Bonnymuir foundry,
Bonnybridge K..S.O. Stirhngshire
Moffat J. & A. Cleland S.O.
Montrose Foundry Co. River st. Montrose
More & Dargle, Montrose street, Brechin
Morrison James &■ Co. Commissioner st.
Borrowstounness R.S.O. Linlithgowshire;
T A " Morrison, Bo'ness "
Morrison William, West End foundry, Bor-
rowstounness B.S.O. Linlithgowshire ;
T A " Feris, Bo'ness "
Morton Andrew & Sons,
Charlest3wrn foundry, near
Dunfermline; T A "Morton,
Cliarlestown, Fife "
Morton Robert & Son, Newmains R.S.O.
Munro Mrs. Ann, Forfar foundry. Service
road, Forfar
Murray & Paterson Limited, Brown street,
Dundyvar road, Coatbridge
Napier, Dow & Co. Ba>sin foundry, Kirkin-
tilloch, Glasgow
Parker Cliarles, Sons & Co. Victoria
foundry, Clepington road, Dundee .
I'arkhouse Iron Co. Parkhouse iron works,
Paton William, Muirhouse engine works,
Shieldmuir, Motherwell
Patrick Robert, Cartsburn st. Greenock
Paul George &. Son, Dunipace, Denny
Paul & MacLachlan, Denny
Paul T. &. A. Dunipace, Denny
Pearson & Ramage (general
ironfounders), Alloa foundry,
Kellie bank, Alloa
Phcenix Foundry Co. ),John Simpson, sole
partner), Dunfermline
Pott, Cassels & Williamson, Motherwell
Hankin &. Blackmore, Eagle foundry.
Baker street, Greenock
Itobertsou J^: Orchar Limited, Wallace foun-
dry, Brown Constable street, Dundee
l^obertson &. Robertson, Paul street, Perth
Robertsons & Co. Limited, Tweed iron
works, 'J'weedmouth, Berwick
Hodger John M. Smith's street, Ayr
Rose Street Foundry & Engi-
neering Co. Lim. Inverness.
See advertisement
Russell Robert & Sons, White-
shaw foundry, Carluke; T A
■' Russell, Ironfounder, Carluke." See
Scott (of Kinghorn) Limited, Kinghorn
B.S.O. liieshire
Scottish Central Iron Co. Lim. (James M.
Laird, sec"), Central iron works, Falkirk
Sellar George & Son. Granary st. Huntly
Sharp William & Sons, Camelon engine
works, Falkirk. See advertisement
Sharp & Co. Lennox foundry, Lennox st.
Alexandria, Dumbartonshire

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