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388S HOU
HorsE FURN'ISHERS— contiiined.
Eowan J. G. & Co. Cathcart square,
Saagster & Henderson, 32 to 38 Union
street; 11 to 19 Netherk irk gate & St.
Catherine's -wynd, Aberdeen
Scott J. L. 6 Church place & 109 Queens-
berry street, Dumfries
Scottish Furniture Supply Co. (Colin
McArthur, manager), 10 Charles street,
Shepherd Bobert, 231 Hilitown; 2 Eeid
street & 8 Derby street, Dundee
Sinclair Jc Ewing, 35 Nethergate, Dundee
Souter James, Insch, Aberdeenshire
Spark George, 60 Market st. Haddington
Speedie Mangua, 78, 80 & 82 Nether st.
Pathhead. Kirkcaldy
Taylor W. B. & Co. 11 Erroll st. Peterhead
Thomson Bobert & Co. 60 to G4 Bonnygate
& Balmerin'O stores, Cupar-Fife; & at
Kirkcaldv; Dunfermline & St. Andrews
Virtue &. Co. 14 Murray place, Stirling
"Walker Geo. Manor st. Falkirk. See advt
Watt John, 38 & 40 Kirk road. "Wishaw
Westbrook Henry, 8 Bayhead st.Stornoway
Wilson Ed"ward '& Sons (Porteoua Bros.),
29 Nethergate, Dundee
Wilson Thomas, 127 High street, Berwick
Wright J. & Co. 66 High st. Kirkcaldy
Yule Robert, 77 Bridgegate, Irvine
Gillow & Co. (to H.M. the Kmg),
builders, decorators, cabinet makers, up-
holsterers, carvers & gilders, bedstead
& bedding manufacturers, imiporters of
French paperhangings, silks & other
fabrics, undertakers, house & estate
agents, 406 to 414 Oxford street & 48
Duke street, London W; & at Lancaster
& Paris
Hampton, & Sons Ld. Pall Mall east,
London SW; T A " Hamitie, London;"
T N Gerrard 4163, 4 or 5. See cata-
logue, sent free
Oetzmann & Co. 62 to 79 Ham.pstead rd.
London W; 60 & 61 Grafton st. Dublin
& 75 Union street, Bvde. Isle of Wight
& 202 Eue Royale & 12 Eue de la
Pompe, Brussells
Shand, Mason Sc Co. 75 iTpper Ground st.
Blackfriars road. London S E
Fullerton, Hodgart & Barclay
Limited, Vu'can foundry &
engine works, Renfrew st.
See Engineers — ^Hydraulic.
Blake John Limited, Oxford
Street works, Accring^ton,
Lanes. Send for catalogrue
No. 7
Barr, Thomson & Co. Limited
(makers of flanges, pistons,
stand pipes &c.), Netherton iron
works, Kilmarnock
Atholl Hydropathic, Pitlochry
(William Macdonald & Son,
Bridge of Allan llydTopathic (Archibald
Mackintosh M.B., C.M. surgeon; Henry
B. Higgins, manager), Well rd. Bridge
of Allan
Bridge of Allan Mineral Wells Co. Lim.
fRobert Alexander Hill S.S.C. sec.),
Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire
Callander & Tro&sachs (Miss^ E. Gardner,
manageress). Callander E.S.O. Perthsh
Oluny Hill (Thomas McNair, manager;
W. G. Milligan M.D. medical attendant),
Deeside Hydropathic P/stablishment (Dr.
Stewart, resident supt.), Murtle, Aberdn
Dunblane Hydropathic CPhilp's Dunblane
Hydropathic Co. Limited), Dunblane
Edinburgh Hydropathic Co. Lim. (James
Bell, managing director), Slateford
E.S.O. Midlothian; T N" 1425; T A
" Hydro, Slateford, Midlothian "
Glenburn Limited (Eobert Henderson.
manager). Mount Stuart road, Eothesay
House of E^st & Hydropathic Establish-
ment (Colin Oampbell, propr.), Argyle
lodge, Mackinlay street, Eotheeay
Kilmalcolm Hydropathic Co. Lim. (The)
(Alexander Murray, sec. : Arthur E.
Odell, manager), Kilmalcolm S.O. Ben-
Kyles of Bute Hydropathic (D. J. Hall
M.D. medical physician ; Archibald
Menzies, manager), Port Bannatyne,
Moffat (Tlie) Hydropathic Co. Limited
(W. W Eathie, resident mgr.). Moffat
Peebles Hydropathic & Hot-el (Albert M.
Thiem, propr.), Peebles ;T N 402 & 402a
Pitlochry Hydropathic (James S. Eobert-
son, proprietor), Pitlochry
Seamill Hydropathic (James Newbigging,
proprietor), Seamill, West Kilbride
E.S.O. Ayrshire
Shandon Hydropathic Co. Limited (C.
Neaves, man:ager), Shandon; T N 7
Strathearn Hydropathic Establishment Co.
Limited fThomas H. Meikle M.D. &
Thomas Gordon- Meikle M.B.), Crieff
Waverley Hydropathic Establishment
(Stanley Priestley, manager), Skirmish
hiU, Melrose; T K 208
Wemyss' Bay Hydropathic Co. Limited
(Eona'.d Currie CM.. M.D. physician &
resident director). Skelmorlie S.O.Ayrsh
Wilson James, Drumtochty, Methven, Perth
MacArthur John D. Winton buildings,
High street, Ayr
Aberdeen (Th&) Ice Manufacturing Co.
Limited (David Sherritt, manager),
Povnernook road, Aberdeen
Bon-Accord lee & Cold Storage Co. Lim.
(Simpson & Bower, sees.). 245 "Union
street ; works. Povnernook rd. Aberdeen
Craigmillar (The) Creamery Co.
Lim. (R. J. Thomson, manag-
ing director), Craigmillar
S.O. Midlothian; T N 167 2,
Central; T A "Castle, Craig-
millar "
Dundee Ice & Cold Storage Co. Limited
(James E. Baxter, manager), Carohna
Port, Dundee
North-Eastern Ice Co. Limited (Robert
Laing, manager), Commercial road &
(Alexander Duffus, sec.) 146 Union st.
Anstruther Ice Co. William Bonthron,
manager). Ea^t green, Anstruther
De G-oggo V. 33 G-ateside st. Hamilton
Patillo & Co. 38 Union street, Inverness
Arciero Angela, 109 North High street,
Arciero Luigi, 22 Market st. Musselburgh
Arciero Mich-ele, 36 High st. Musselburgh
Azzali Luigi. 38 & 40 Bridge st. Berwick
Bassy L. 5 Main street, Kilsyth, Glasgow
Belardo Joseph, 103 Graham st. Airdrie
Belardo Michael, 92 Black st. Ba-wyards,
Bimbi P. 24 South Bridge street, Airdrie
Boni Antonio, 153 & 155 North High st.
Bonugli Fedele, 3 George street; Port
EodJe street & Bridge street, Stranraer
Bratbesani Cesare & Co. Cupar road,
Auchtermuchty R.S.O. Pifeshire
Brattesani Hy. Lower Largo E.S.O. Fifesh
Brattesani Luigi, Falkland R.S.O. Fifesh
Cabrelli Charles, Kinross
Canale Antonio. 85 High street & 21 Ferrv
St. Montrose & 79 High st. Laurencekirk
Cassettari L. 79 Stirling street, Airdrie
Cece Angelo, 24 High st. Methil R.S.O.
Coffrini Lazzaro, 97 High street, Nairn.
Coia Davide, New Stevenston, Holy town
R.S.O. Lanarkj!hire
Coia Francesco, 25 High street, Renfrew
R.S.O. Renfrewshire
Conde F. 15 Dundyvan road, Coatbridge
Costantini C. 49a, .Virginia st. Aberdeen
Cunningham Mrs. Margaret, High street,
Innerleven, Methil R.S.O. Fifeshire
Currie Mrs. Mary Ann, 49 Whifflet street,
D' Ambrose P. 72 Gateside st. Hamilton
;D6 Benedett-i M. Main street, Carabus-
lang, Glasgow
Del Vecchio Brothers, Holytown R.S.O.
Demarco Andrew, Randolph street, Buck-
haven R.S.O. Fifeshire
Di Duca Andrea, 165 Forrest street, Clark-
ston, Airdrie
Di'Duca D. 142 Main st. Coatbridge
Dinardo A. 41 Sunnyside rd. Coatbridge
Di Bollo D. 161 High street, Musselburgh
Forte Guiseppe, 6 Kirk road, Wishaw
Franchitti 0. 120 Bank street. Coatbridge
Fugaccia Antonia, 10 & 20 Marischal st.
Fusciardi Charles. CaMerbank, Airdrie
Gramba Edward, Randolph street. Buck-
haven R.S.O. Fifeshire
Guihani Leopoldo, 28 High street & 52
Graham' street, Airdrie; 142 Brandon
street. Motherwell; 133 Main street,
Wishaw & 201 Main street. Coatbridge
ianetta C. & B. 16 Main street, Methil
R.S.O. Fifeshire
Lamarra Nicola3, 41 Clark street, Airdrie
Lazzotti Leo, 175* Windmillhill street,
Lazzottie Daniel, G8 Murray st. Montrose
McGregor William. Sauchie, Alloa
Marcantonio Lorenzo, 77 King st. Stirling
Marcucilli Mrs. A. Cald-ercruix. Airdrie
Marrocco P. 199 North High st.Musselbrgb
Mnssarella Saverio, 10, 41 & 114 High st.
Mezzadri G-. 105 Commerce st. Aberdeen
Morelli D. Kilmalcolm S.O. Renfrewshire
Morretti Antonio, 27, 39 & 73 High st.
Palazzo Louis, Windmillhill st. Motherwe'.I
Paolo Pasquale Di, 24 Cowgate street,.
Kirkintilloch, G-lasgow
Paone Brothers, 175 Main st. Coatbridge
Paone Erminio, Water street, Coatbridge
Paone Gaovano, 41 Bank street, Coatbridge
Pieroni Silvio. 4a. Primrose street, Alloa
Pieruccini F. 161 Main street, Coatbridge
Prete Victor, Baillieston, Glasgow
Benella Alex. 69 Dundyvan rd. Coatbridge
Renella Antonio, 8 North Bridge st.Airdrie
Roma Mrs. Maria. 4 Station rd.Musselbrgh
Roselli N. 11 G-arfcsherrie road, Coatbridge
Rossi Amadeo, 20 Castle street, Hamilton
Rossi .TosS, 47 New street, Musselburgh
Sidonio Palamorino, 163 Chapel &t. Airdrie
Tedeschi Alex. Glenboig R.S.O. Lanarksh
Tedischi Carmena, Carmyle, Glasgow
Termalini Alfred, 108 Stirling st. Airdrie
Togneri P Henderson st. Bridge of Allan
Tortolano Antonio, 87 Main street, St.
Ninians, Stirling
Tortolano Beneditto, Bannockburn K.S.O.
Valente, Diplaeito & Co. 352 Main street,
Valente G. 30 Sunnyside road. Coatbridge
Valvona Philip, Baillieston, G-lnsgow
Vera Cosmo, 46 Bank street, Coatbridge
Verreachi Joseph, Caldercruix, Airdrie
Verrecchia Alex. Chapelhall, Airdrie
Verrecehia Gerardo, 193 Forrest street,
Clarkston, Airdrie
Verrechia James, 6 Paisley road, Renfrew
R.S.O. Renfrewshire
Verriecha Edward, New Stevensten, Holy-
town. B.S.O. Lanarkshire
Vettraine Philip, West High street, Methil
R.S.O. Fife?hire
Visocchi P. 101 North street, Leven
Zucconi &. Co. Bridge end, Aberfeldy
See Agents — Agricultural Implement.
London Incandescent Lighting Co. 5-5
Schoolhill, Aberdeen
Ayrshire Rubber Co. Union bldgs. Ayr
Campbell & Chd. 18 Bridge street, Aberdeen
Davidson William (merchant), 6 Reform
street, Dundee
Elrick o: Mcpherson. 52 Guild st. Aberdn
Findlay & Co. 391 IJnion st. Aberdeen
Greenock (The) Rubber Co. 28 Hamilton
street, Greenock
Lang James, 31 High street, Paisley
London (The) Rubber Co.
(waterproofs). 16 St.Nicholas
street, Aberdeen
Meldrum. D. M. & Co. (merchants), 13 &
15 Reform street, Dundee & Cross,Cupar-
Meldrum D. M. & Co. 13 & 15
Reform street, Dundee

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