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FIR 1807
Mather & Piatt Limited (me-
chanical.electrical & hydrau-
lic engineers), 75 Buchanan
street, Glasgrow
See Calenderers iSc Flnisliers.
Bonnybridge 'Silica & Fire Clay Co. Bonny-
bridge B.S.O. Stirlingshire. T A " SiUca,
Bonnybridge." See advertisement
Bourtreehill Coal Co. Bourtreehill & Warrix
collieries & Bourtreehill, Lochhead &
Warrix fire clay & enamelling works,
Dreghorn S.O. Ayrshire
Brown Eobert & Son Limited, Ferguslie
fire clay works, Paisley
Calder (The) Fire Clay Co.
(manufacturers of fire clay goods, b!a?t
furnace blocks & fire bricks). Calder
works, Coatbridgre ; T N 5 4
Coatbridgrej T A "Atlas, Coat-
bridgre "
Callendar Fire Brick & Tile Works (David
Welsh, manager). Glebe chambers. Vicars
street ; i works at Denny, Falkirk
Campbell & Co. Rough Castle
gfannister & fire clay works;
also stove & range brick
makers, Falkirk
Castlecary Fire Clay Co. Limited, Castle-
cary, Giasgnw
Craig J. & M. Limited, Kilmar-
nock; see fire clay goods manufac-
facturers ; also at Lilliehill fire clay
works, Townhill, Dunfermline & Perce-
ton, Irvine
Dougall James & Sons Limited, Bonnyside
fire clay works, Bonnybridge P.. S.O.
Stirlingshire; T A " Ganister, Bonny-
bridge.'' See advertisement
Doura Fire Clay Co. Doura, near Irvine
(Robert .Armour, proprietor) ; T A
" Doura, Montgreenan "
Fife (The) Coal Co. Limited, Hill of Beath
iire clay works, Crossgates If. S.O. Fife-
shire & Kelty. Blairadain S.O. Kinross-
shire; head office, Leven ; T Jf 052; T A
" Carlow, Leven " , ,
Gilmour, Anderson & Co. Boniiyton fire
clay works. Kilmarnock
Cilenboig Union Fire Clay Co. Limited ;
works, Glenboig, near Coatbridge & Cum-
bernauld & Gartcoich (James Dunnarliie.
managing- director) ; offices, 48 West
Regent street. Glasgow; depot, head of
Glebe street, St. Eollox S.O. Lanarkshire.
See advertisement
Glen Yard Fire Clay Co. Bonnvbridge
H.S.O. Stirlingshire
Heathfield & Cardowan Fire Clay Co.
Heathlield & Cardowan fire clay works,
by Garnkirk, Glasgow; office, 52 Robert-
son street, Glasgow
Howie J. & R. Limited (fire & enamelleO
bricks &■ baths, wash tubs, sinks &
channels, cattle troughs, mangers, sewer
pipes, chimney cans &c.^, Hurlford fire
clav works ; head office & works. Hurl-
ford R.S.O. Ayrshire; T N 14; T A
"Howie. Hurlford;" & Pl^nn fire clay
works. Orosshouse
Hurll P-?ter A- Mark. Gartliston &. Garn-
queen fire clay works, Glenboig R.S.O
Lanarkshire; office, 95 Bath street, Glas-
gow: T A "Hurll, Glasgow''
Kenneth Archibald & Sons, Eglinlon fire
clay works, Kilwinning R.S.O. Ayrshire
King Thomas & Ck). ; ofiices, 300 Caledonian
road, Wishaw ; Bellside & Greenhill
quarries, Cleland: T A "King. Bellside,
Cleland:" T N offices. 21 Wishaw; T N
works, 12 Wishaw, See advertisement
Lochhead Fire Clay Co. Lochhead fire clay
& enamelling works, Dunfermline; T A
"Lochhefid, Dunfermline;" T N 764
Lochside Coal & Fireclay Co. Townhill,
Lylestone Quarry Co. Limited (&. gannister
£:rinr}ers), Howgate, Kilwinning R.S.O.
Mnir Robert & Co. Limited. Armadale, Bar-
bauchlaw & Boghead brick works, Arma-
dale Station & South Broadrigg works
S.O. Linlithgowshire
Portland CoUierv Co. Limited, Crooked-
holm. Hurlford R.S.O. Avrshire; T Is"
50; T A " Portland, Hurlford "
Robertson, Love & Co. Limited. Armadale
S.O. Linlithgowshire
Southhook Fire Clay Co. Lim
ited (speciality, *' Enamelled
bricks," also facing & fire
bricks), Crosshouse, Kilmar'
Spiers, Gibb & Co. Caledonia
fire clay works, Paisley
Stein J. G. & Co. Bonnybridge R.S.O,
Street Brotliers Limited, Appln fire clay
works, Dunfermline (T K 722 ; T A
"Streets, Townhill"); & Cruicks terra
cotta works, Inverkeithing R.S.O. Fife-
shire; T N 803; T A " ritreets, Inyer-
keithing '
Towers J. & A. Grahamston, Falkirk
Turnbu'.l George & Co. Bonnybridge R.S.O.
Twyfords Limited, Cllffe Vale
potteries, Haniey, Staffs
Bonnybridge Silica & Fire Clav Co. Bonnv-
bridge R.S.O. Stirlingshire; T A " Sdic'a,
Bonnybridge."' See advertisement
Bourtreehill Coal Co. Dreghorn,
Ayrshire; Bourtreehill & War-
rix collieries & Bourtreehill,
Lochhead & Warrix fire clay
& enamelling works; manu-
facturers of white enamel-
led baths, sinks & wash tubs,!
white enamelled bricks, Broad
& Co.'s patent channel bends,
interceptors &c. ; Armstrong's
patant inspection openings
for drains, white enamelled
lavatories, closets & urinals,
statuary, vases & rustic gar-
dcn ware, salt & extra yellOMf
glazed sewerage pipes &
connections of G-vory desci'ip-
tion, plain & ornamental
chimney cans & vent linings,
fire bricks, fiue covers &c.
&C. ; Shipping ports, Irvine, Ayr,
^\j-dros3an, Greenock, Glasgow & Leith;
T A "Bourtreehill, Dreghorn;" "Loch-
head Dunfermline ; Telephones : Xo. 22
Irvine;No. 764 Dunfermline; No. 47 Gor-
bals, Glasgow : No. 1083 Edinburgh ;
catalogue &. price lists on application
Buick Charles & Sons (manu-
facturers of enamelled sinks,
wash tubs & baths, pedestal
wash-down closets, enamel-
led straight channels & bends
for manholes, enamelled
bricks, glazed sewage pipes
& traps & terra cotta chim-
ney cans, ridges & finials),
Hilton fire clay works, Alloa;
T N 3 6; T A " Buick, Alloa "
Carmichael W. R. & J. (manu-
facturers of enamelled sinks
& wash tubs & enamelled
bricks, glazed sewrage pipes
& traps, kiln tiles, flat tiles
(10} X 6P;), hip & valley tiles,
terra cotta chimney cans,
ridges & finials, fine pressed
red facing bricks), Alloa brick
& tile works, Alloa
Castlecary Fire Clay Co. Limited, Castle-
cary, Glasgow
Craig J. & M. Limited (white &
coloured enamelled bricks,
white enan^elled scullery
sinks, wash tubs, &c. fire
bricks, paving tiles, sewerage
pipes, Buchan's patent traps,
cattle troughs, chimney cans,
flower vases & other fire clay
goods ; sanitary earthen-
ware, lavatories &c. Craig's
"Million" vtfash down closet
& glazed wall tiles — white &
tinted), Hillhead & Perceton
fire clay wrorks & Longpark
pottery, Kilmarnock
Dougall James & Sons Limited, Bonnyside
fire clay works, Bonnybridge R.S.O. Stir-
lingshire; T A " Ganister." See advert
Fire (The) Coal Co. Limited. Hill of Beath
fire clay works, Oossgate B.SiO. Fife-
shire; "head office, Leven; & at Kelty..
Blairadam S.O. Kinross-shire >■ .
Fraser Alexander & Sons, Den & Galln-
town brick works ; office, Nairn- street,
Pathhead, Kirkcaldy
Gartverrie Fire Clay Co. (A. Bishop, man-
ager), Glenboig R.S.O. Lanarkshhre
Glenboig Union Fire Clay Co. Limited (Jas.
Dunnachie, managing director) ; works,
Glenboig B.S.O. Lanarkshire & Gnrtcosh
S.O. Lanarkshire; offices, 48 West Regent
street; depot, head of Glebe street, St.
Rollox, Glasgow
Gold Andrew & Co. Hallcraig tile works,
Howie J, & R. Limited, Hurlford fire clay
works. Hurlford R.S.O. Avrshire; T A
"Howie. Hurlford;" T N 14; & Plann
fire clay works, Crosshouse
Heathfield & Cardowan Fire Clay Co. Heath-
field & Cardowan fire clay works, by
Garnkirk, Glasgow; office, 52 Robertson
street, Glasgow
Hudspith Wm. & Co. Fire clay
works, Wishaw, N.B. ; T N 18;
T A "Hudspith, Wishaw"
Hudspith Wm. tt Co.Cambusnethan.Wishaw-
Huiil Peter & Mark, Gartliston & Garn-
queen fire clay works. Glenboig B.S.O.
Tjanarkshire ; ofiice, 95 Bath st. Glasgow
Kirkwo'id i\llan, Arden lime works, Nits-
hill, Glasgow; office, 67 Great Clyde st.
& store, 101 PoUokshaws road, Glasgow;
T N 3458; T A '^ Kirkwood, Kitshill "
Lochhead Fire Clay Co. Lochhead fire clay
& enamelling works, Dunfermline; T A
"Lochhead. Dunfermline;" T N 7G4
Lochside Coal & Fireclay Co. Townhill,
Loudon & Russell, AUanbon brick, tile,
fire clay pottery & terra cotta works,
Ne wmains R. S. O. Lanarkshire & Her-
mand brick & tile works. West Calder
R.S.O. Lanarkshire
Robertson, Love & Co. Limited,
Bathville brick works, Arma-
dale Station S.O. Linlithgow-
shire; T A "Robertson Love,.
Armadale "
Shawsrigg Fire Clav & Enamelling Co.
Limited, Shawsburn, Larkhall R.S.O-
Street Brothers Limited, Appin fire clay
works, Dunfermline (T N 722 ; T A
" Streets, Townhill ") & Cruicks terra
cobta works & Whinstone quarries. In-
verkeithing R.S-0. Fifeshire; T N 803;
T A " Streets, Inverkeithing "
Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Co. Limited
(James F. Wyness, manager), Provost;
Blaikie's quay, Aberdeen
Campbell Alexander & Son (Perceton fire-
clay goods), C. B. Coal depot, Glasgo-w
road, Perth
Chalmers James & Ck). 6 Gilcomston
park, Aberdeen
Christie James & Son, 8 North st. Elgin
Duff A. & Son, 45 Guild street, Aberdeen.
Hannay B. & Sons, Railway Station,
MeCormack William, Clifton terrace, Lon-
don road & Station street, Stranraer
McDonald John, Craigellachie. Banffshire
McLachlan Archibald. Son & Co. 16 Yiew-
field street, Stirling
ilitchell William & Sons, East Dock st.
tS; South Union street, Dundee
Paton John D. John street. Irvine
Ross & Wilson, 2 6 Kyle street
& stores, York street. North
quay, Ayr
Skinner John & Son ; office, 9 South:
Methven street & N.B.R. coal depot^
Glasgow road, Perth
Street Brothers Limited. Cruicks terra
cotta works, Inverkeithing R.S.0.Fife3h
Taylor Brothers,Yeaman shore^
Will George Limited (agents). Fairmuir
Station, Dundee; depots. Tay Bridge,
Fairmuir & Newtyle stations, Forfarsh
Williamson H. Strathleven pi. Dumbarton!
Harden Star, Lewis & Sinclair
Co. (The), chemical fire engines,
extincteurs, "Harden Star" ^handl
grenades, sprinklers. & general fire
extinguishing appliances, Peckham
London S E; T A "Grenade "
Merryweather & Sons Ld. Greenwich rd.
London S E & 63 Long acre W C
Morris John & Sons, Salford
fire engrineering: works, Man-
chester. Inventors & makers
of the world renoMrncd " In-
stantaneous "hose coupling^e^
the " London " spreading^
nozzle, hydrants, chc mical
lire exting^uishers, hand-
pumps, canvas hose, fire
I brigrade uniforms, fire es-
capes & all apparatus for the
extinction of fire
Shand. Mason & Co, 75 Upper
Ground street, Blackfriars road,
London S E
Shand, Mason & Co. 75 Upper Ground'
street, Blackfriare road London S E

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