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Alves James Neilson, watch maker & cycle
maker, George street
Belmont Hall (John Martin, sec)
Bio Peter, grocer
Black Thomas, Grapes hotel
Broadfoot Sarah (Miss), milliner, Glen-
side cottage
Brown & Charters, tailors, dresB makers
& drapers, George street
Brown "William, cabinet maker
Cain Alexander, blacksmith
Caraon William, coal merchant
Christie Andrew, cabinet ma. & upholsterer
Christie Andrew, china, glass &c. dealer
Clement John, grocer, George street
Clydesdale Bank Ltd. (branch) (Alexan-
der Macfie, agent ; Charles Fleming, ac-
countant) ; draw on London office, 30
Lombard street E C
Coffee Honse (Mrs. Isabella Broad foot.mgrs)
Colquhoun John James, solicitor & notary
Colquhoun John James (Mrs.), bookseller
& stationer, George street
Cook Adam, baker
Corbet David, hair dresser, 36 St. John st
Cosgrove Thomas, vintner
Dodds Joseph, shopkeeper, George street
Donnan James, tailor
Doughty David, fish dealer
Douglas James, butcher, St. John street
Douglas John Charles M.D., L.R.C.S.Edin.
surgeon & medical officer for the parishes
of Whithorn & Glasserton
Douglas William, plumber & tinsmith
Drape George, saddler & ironmonger
Edgar Archibald M.R.C.Y.S. vet. surgeon
Fairgrieve John, seedsman
Farrell William, china &, glass dealer,
George street
Fisher James, coach & cab owner
Gas Works
Gibson David, grocer, game dealer & cab
proprietor, St. John Btreet
Gibson Robert, ironmonger & seedsman
Glendinning John, Galloway Arms hotel
Goodfellow Thomas, butcher, George street
Hackett Henry, tailor, High street
Halliday William, joiner, High street
Hathorn William Barrie, boot & shoe ma.
George street
Hawthorn Charles & Son, drapers, dress
makers & tailors
Hawthorn William T. bank & insurance
agent & collector of poor for Glasserton
Jibb John, general draper
Jolly Mary Ann (Mrs.), china, glass &c.
Kelly William, joiner
Lawrie William C. solicitor & distributor of
stamps & sub-collector of taxes, town
clerk & registrar of births, deaths &
Little Jonn, shopkeeper, High street
McAdam Andrew, joiner
McAdam Robert, joiner
M'Bratney Thomas, blacksmith
McCleary John, grocer, 37 St. John street
M'Crae Peter, baker, George street
Macfie Alexander, bank &. insurance agent
& factor for Lady Borthwick
Macfie Robert, solicitor, George street
McGibbon John, ironmonger
M'Keand William, mason
M'Kelvie Jane (Mies), dress maker
M'Kelvie William, grocer
M'fcerlie Annie (Miss), dress maker
Mackie Keith, grocer, chemist & druggist
McLachlan John, plumber, George street
McLean Murdoch, tailor, George street
M'Meekan Peter, watch maker, George st
M'Vea Mary (Mrs.), chemist & druggist
Mfinuell Janet (Mrs.), Brunswick inn
Martin John, coach & cab proprietor
Martin John, boot & shoe maker, George st
Milligan Thos.paintr.& paperhngr.George st
Morrison Samuel D. grocer
Muir Andrew K. & Sons, grocers & spirit
dealers & steamship agents, 45, 47 & 49
George street
Murray Alexander, grocer
National Bank of Scotland Ltd. (branch)
(William T. Hawthorn, agent); draw on
London office, 37 Nicholas lane E C, Bank
of England E C, Glvn, Mills, Currie &
Co. E C, Coutts & Co. W C, & Union
of London & Smiths Bank Limited E C,
Niven David, milliner & draper
Rodger David, coal merchant
Shaw David B. miller
Smith James Fleming M.A., M.B., CM.
surgeon, medical officer of health for the
burgh & parochial medical officer
Smith John, sheriff clerk for Wigtownshire
Steel Wilhelmina (Mrs.), teacher of music
Stevenson Hugh, Commercial inn
Torrence Alexander B. Calcutta inn
Warren George, painter
Young Margaret (Mrs.), grocer
Allan William, High Balcray
Anderson John P. Drumorall
Black John, Portyerrock
Brown James, Far ma'ns
Brown James, Morrach
Brown John, Brighouse
Brown Peter, Balsmith
Campbell William, Chapel Outon
Crawford Archibald. Broughton mains
Dinnell John, Skeog
Donnan Andrew, Shaddoch
Dunse Alexander, Meikle Balsmithi
Fraser Alexander, Isle farm
Guthrie James, Corwar Outon
Hannah Alex. Broughton Skeog
Hannay Miss Elizabeth, Drumeston 1
Hawthorn William, Briery croft
Laverie Mrs. Grace, Cairnhead
Lawrie William C. Catyans
McAdam Miss, Hillhead
M'Caig William, Lo-w Ersoch
M'Connell Jn.A.Chapellarron & Common pk:
M'Gowan William, Dinnance
McClure William, Broadwigg
M'llwraith Ivie & George A. Stannock
McKeand John, Enoch
McKie James, Balnab
M'Queen Mrs. Jane, Bishopton
McLaughland John, Falhar
Martin John G. Cutroach
Milroy James, Craig
Morton John, Auldbrick & Back braes
Muir Andrew K. & Sons, Rispain <fc
Broom park
Murray John, Burgess Outon
Nicholson Andrew B. Kidsdale & Physgili
Nicholson Christopher, The Wards
Porteous William, Low Ersoch
Rae John, Gallows Outon
Reid Peter, Low Skeog
Shaw David B. Portyerrock
Simpson Thomas, Cutchloy
Scottish Co-operative Society Ltd.Bishoptn,
Templeton Thomas, California
Yance John, Bishopton
Walker Andrew, Skeog
Waugh William B. Isle farm
Wood John, Balliwhirr
Isle of "Whithorn.
Gourlay Mrs. Dunbar
Hathorn Hugh Fletcher
Macfie Robert
M'Taggart Rev. Jas. Cameron M.A. (TJ. F. C>
Alexander James, miller
Cain John, blacksmith
Kvle Robert, draper
M'Clure Nathan, boot & shoe maker
McEwen Hugh, grocer & tailor
M'Dowall Archibald, grocer
McMillan John, grocer
He Yea John, Steam Packet inn
Mr William Brothers, grocers & ironmngre?
Reid Margaret (Miss), Queen's Arms P.H
Reid John, joiner
Shaw David B. coal & grain merchant
Thomson James & Son, joiners
WIGTOWN is a royal burgh, the seat of a
presbytery, parish and the capital of the
county, and is in Wigtownshire poor combi-
nation. The parish extends 5 miles in
length by 4 in breadth, and is bounded on
the south by the Bladnoch river, north-
west and north-east by Newton Stewart and
east by Wigtown Bay. The Portpatrick
and Wigtownshire railway has a branch from
Stranraer. The town is pleasantly seated
on a height near the north side of the
Bladnoch Water, 2 miles from its junction
with the Cree, or Bay of Wigtown, and is
105 miles south-south-west from Edinburgh,
58 south-west from Dumfries, 28 east-by-
south from Stranraer, and 8 south from
Newton Stewart. It is a place of con-
siderable antiquity, having come into
existence during the Middle Ages, from
the erection of a castle on the spot by a
band of Saxons ; the name is derived from
the Scand. " wick " or " viq," a dwelling,
with the adjunct "ton" or ''town." The
castle of Wigtown subsequently became a
royal residence, but the town itself does
not appear to have been conspicuous till
the reign of David II. when it gave the
title of earl to the family of Fleming. In
the year 1581, Wigtown was specified as
one bf the king's free burghs : as a royal
burgh it is governed by a provost, two
bailies and fifteen councillors. The princi-
pal street 13 a parallelogram of which the
internal space is enclosed by a wall and iron
railings, and the centre laid out in walks
and a bowling green and double tennis
court, forming an agreeable promenade for
the inhabitants : at the end is a modern
cross of granite, sculptured in an elegant
manner; at the other extremity are the
County Buildings, which have a tower of
considerable height, and contain the court
room, the sheriff's small debt court, the
ordinary courts, the sheriff clerk and
county fiscal's offices. The sheriff courts
are held every Tuesday in time of session*,
the justice of peace court monthly, on
notice from the clerk. Wigtown harbour
is safe, and has a depth of water for vessels
of 300 tons : it is the seat of a customs port,
its limits being defined by the " Customs
Act, 1846," to include the creeks of Wig-
townshire and those of the stewartry of
Kirkcudbright, from the Mull of Galloway
to the mouth of the river Fleet. The num-
ber of British vessels that entered the
port was 3 of 1,432 tons. In the
general coasting trade, 202 entered, with a
tonnage of 16,744, and 160 cleared of
14,279 tons. In 1902 the fishing boats re-
gistered under Part IY. of the " Merchant
Shipping Act, 1894," as belonging to the
port, were included in the Ballantra re-
turns; fishing boats and their implements
to be known bj the letters W. N. A
monthly cattle market, on the fourth Friday
of each month during the season, has
been established, and there is an annual
cattle show in July, which is numerously
attended. In the town are branches of
the British Linen Company's Bank, the
National Bank of Scotland Limited and
the Clydesdale Bank Limited. A monu-
ment has been erected here to Margaret
Wilson and Margaret M'Lachlan, the
martyrs who perished in the Bladnoch
Water, in the year 1685 ; it stands on the
top of Windyhill, and was erected by public
subscription at a cost of £200. At the
western extremity of the parish are 19
large granite stones, placed in a circular
form, and supposed to have belonged to a
Druidical place of worship or sacrifice,
but traditionally said to mark the tomb of
King Galdus. The parish of Wigtown con-
tains 7,988 acres; burgh, 2,264 acres; rate-
able value, landward, £4,285; burghal,
£6,184; population in 1891, 1,911, and in.
1901, 1,747, the town numbering 1,386.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Wigtown (Railway
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Wigtownshire added to them) ; Miss-
Mary K.MacMaster, sub-postmistress. De-
liveries, 7.10 a.m. & 5.40 p.m.; dis-
patches, 6.10 & 10 a.m. & 3.40 & 6.55,
Attention is directed to the necessity of ad-
dressing letters " Wigtown, North Brit-
ain," or '' Wigtown, Wigtownshire," not
Wigtown only, as in the latter case letters-
may be forwarded to Wigton in Cumber-
land, instead of their proper destination
Post Office, Bladnoch (Railway Sub-Office.
Letters should have R.S.O. Wigtownshire-
added to them); Mrs. Helen Bennett,,
sub-postmistress. Delivery, 7.5' a.m. ;
dispatches, 2.55 & 6.50 p.m. Postal Orders-
are issued & paid here. The nearest
money order & telegraph office is atu
Wigtown, 1 mile distant
Provost, George McClelland
Bailies, Peter McKie & Alexander Fraser
Councillors, Fifteen
Town Clerk, William M'Clure
Procurator-Fiscal, John McC. Hawthorn
Chamberlain, Alexander D. Walker
Treasurer, Paul Richmond
Medical Officer of Health, Charles Mac-
Bride M.D.,C.M.,D.P.H.,F.F.P. & S.Glas
Sanitary Inspector, William Mackie
Chief Constable, Brooke Stewart Cunliife
Inspector of Weights & Measures, James
Surveyor, John K. Smith
Inspector of Cattle-sheds, Alex. McKenzie

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