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Pearl Life Assurance Co. Ltd. (Evan Jonee,
supt.), 14 North Strand
Peden James, painter. Hanover square
Peebles William, butcher, 38 Hanover street
Polland Jas. pleasure boat owner, Fisher st
Portpatrick & Wigtownshire Joint Kail-
ways (Frederick W. Hutchinson, traffic
Purdie David, builder & contractor,
Lochryan road
Purves James, architect to the Earl of
Stair K.T. Rephad, London road
Rankin & Aitken, solicitors, Lewis street
Rankin & Caldwell, nig dealers, 19 Dal-
rymple street
Rankdn Geo. joiner & cartwght. Charlotte st
Rankin John, blacksmith, Market street
Rankin John M. brick: & tile manufac-
turer, Clashmahews
Rankin John Marquis, solicitor &. procura-
tor fiscal to county court, Lewis street
Rankin ThomaB, grocer, Dairy mple street
Ravey Peter F. Grapes P.H. Bridge street
Reid Jas. boot & shoe ma. 30 Hanover st
Rhinns Traction Engine Co. Limited (John
Bennoch, sec), 25 Lewis street
Ridell John Morrison, spirit dlr. Bridge st
Roberts John, bookseller, stationer & to-
bacconist, 11 George street
Robertson Donald, spirit dealer 80, &, baker
84, George street
Robertson James, jun. boot & shoe maker,
54 George street
Robertson James, fancy repository, 17
South Strand street
Ross James, insurance agent, 65 Hanover st
Ross Wm. tailor & clothier, 46 George st
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch), Church
street, William G. Belford, agent; Alex.
Cameron, accountant; draw on London
office, 123 Bishopsgate street within,
London E C
St. Joseph (Sisters of) Nunnery, Lewis st
Scott John, coach builder, Hanover square
Scoular Gayie, Stair Arms, Lewis street
Shaw James (Mrs.). Downshire Arms P.H.
North Strand street
Shaw Jamee grocer & refreshment room
keeper, 5 Queen Btreet
Shaw Robert, undertaker, Princes street
Simpson Agnes (Miss), dress maker, 42
George street
Sinclair James, blacksmith, Glebe street
Singer Manufacturing Co. Princes street
Sloane Archibald, carpenter, Dalrymple st
WHATJPHXLL, see Kirkixner.
"WHITHORN (or Whithern), is a parish,
royal burgh and a village, in the south-
east of the county, 11 miles south from
Wigtown, 18 by rail from Newton Stewart
and 26 from Stranraer, with a terminal
station on the Whithorn branch of the Port
Patrick and Wigtownshire railway. The '
parish, which le in the small debt court dis-
trict of Wigtown and Wigtownshire poor
combination, is bounded on the north by|
the parish of Sorbde, north-west and south- ,
west by Glasserton, and on the Bouth and
east by the Irish Channel. In A.D. 80,
when the Romans first arrived, this district
was peopled by the Novantes, and the town
waa one of some importance ; it was men-
tioned by Ptolemy under the name of Leu-
cophibia ; the Saxons called it Hwitoern,
and from the latter the appellation Whit-
hern is derived. St. Ninian built a church
here in 397, and attached a monastery to it;
thiB church the Venerable Bede mentioned
as being the first built of stone in Scot-
land : during the 8th century it waa the seat
of the bishops of CandidaOasa,and it formed
the episcopal capital of a bishopric of Gallo-
way in the 12th century : after the period of
the Reformation, however, it is seldom men-
tioned in public transactions, and seems to
have sunk into obscority. The town con-
sists chiefly of one street running from
north to south with several others diverging
from it. From successive kings Whithorn
received various charters constituting it a
burgh of barony; it is now a royal burgh,
but the period when it attained that distinc-
tion does not appear : it is governed by a
provost, two bailies and six councillors.
The Town Hall, opened in 1885, is a plain
but substantiallv-built structure, erected at
a cost of £1,10*0, and will hold about 500
persons. There are branches here of the
Clydesdale Bank Limited and the National
Jfenk of Scotland Limited. The inhabitants
support a subscription library and a Bible
Society. The parish church is a spacious
building, erected partly on the ruins
of the priory founded by St. Ninian, of
which there now only remains a fine 12th
century chancel, roofless, but containing
some good Early English work, and a per-
fect western doorway. The 6ee has long
Sloss Andw. crptnr. & joinr. Dalrymple st
Smillie John, confectioner, 76 & 78 Han-
over street
Smillie John, jun. tobacconist & hair
dresser, 62 Charlotte Btreet
Smillie J. C. (Mrs.), dress ma.Charlotte st
Smith Thomas & Sons, nurserymen &
seedsmen, 16 Church street
Smith Joseph D. road surveyor to county
council (upper district), Stoneykirk road
Smith Robt. boot & shoe maker, 47 & 49
Hanover street
Spence Jeanie (Miss), bookseller, stationer
& news agent, 8 George street
Spence John, grocer, 58 Hanover street
Sproule Robert, painter, High street -
Steven James, stone mason, Sun street
Stewart Janet (Miss), dress ma. Dalrymple st
Stewart Jessie (Miss), toy, china & fancy
goods dealer, 32 Hanover street
Stewart William, fish, game & poultry dlr.
15 Castle street
Storrar Alexander, insurance & bank agent
Clydesdale Bank, Hanover street
Stranraer Athenasum Library (Jn. Dalziel
Ker, sec), George street
Stranraer Horticultural Society (James
Ross, sec)
Stranraer Reformatory, makers
of all kinds of twine nets, gar-
den labels & stakes, bee ap
pliances & rope & twine (Saml
Johnson Ferguson, governor)
Streight David, temperance hotel, 16Queen st
Thomson William, blacksmith, Millhill st
Thorburn Alex, architect, Belle Villa road
Thorburn James & Co. timber & slate mer-
chants, Belle Villa road
Thorburn Samuel, tailor, Hanover square
Todd Hugh, solicitor & insurance agent &
procurator fiscal for lower dist. Lewis st
Torrance Frances(Mrs.), grocer, 60London rd
Torrance James, plasterer, Lochryan place
Torrance James, jun. architect & surveyor,
Lochryan place
Train David, plmbr. & gasflttr. 33 Queen st
Union Bank of Scotland Limited (branch)
(John Hunter & Alexander Aitken, joint
agents), Church street: draw on London
office, G2 Cornhill E C," & Bank of Eng-
land E C, London
Wsiddell John, butcher, George street
Wales James, painter & paperhanger,
Bridge street
1 Walker Thomas, saddler, 24 George street
been united to that of Glasgow, and now
forms part of the revived see designated
Glasgow and Galloway : in the building
may be found shields with the armorial
bearings of Scotland, the bishops of Gallo-
way, and the Coultharts of Coulthart.
There is also a United Free church, a
Reformed Presbyterian church and a
Roman Catholic Church. Castlewigg Castle
is 3 miles north-west of the village.
The area of the civil parishes, 11,891
acres; burgh, 198 acres; rateable value,
landward, £12,381; burghal, £3,477; the
population of the parish in 1891 was 3,674,
and in 1901, 2,235, including 1,188 in the
burgh, and 301 in Isle of Whithorn.
The Isle of Whithorn is a village on the
east coast, about 3 miles sonth-east from
the railway station at 'Whithorn, of which
it is the port, and near Burrow Head. The
village contains a United Free church and
near the village stand the remains of an
old church. Population in 1901, 301.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. &. I. O. Whithorn (Railway
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O,
Wigtownshire added to them); Miss J. L.
Ballnntine, sub-postmistress. Deliveries,
7.40 a.m. & G.20 p.m. ; dispatches, 9.35
a.m. & 3.15 & 6.35 p.m
Post, T. & M. O., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Isle of Whithorn;
Miss Ellen Johnston, sub-postmistress.
Letters received through Whithorn
R.S.O. Delivery, 9 a.m. : dispatches,
2 a.m. & 4.30 p.m
Provost, Andrew McAdam
Senior Bailie, William C. Laurie
Junior Bailie. Samuel D. Morrison
Councillors, Six
Treasurer, David Niven
Town Clerk, William C. Lawrie
Medical Officer of Health. James Fleming
Smith M.A., M.B., CM
Police Station, Whithorn, James Thompson,
Stamp & Tax Office, Whithorn, William C.
Lawrie, distributor of stamps & sub-col-
lector of taxes
ChairmaD, Alexander Macfie
Walls John, harbour master, High street
Warburton Thomas, grocer, 37 Sheuchan st
Ward James, printer & -publisher of the*
" Galloway Advertiser & Wigtownshire
Free Press," 8 Castle street
Warren James, plumber, 8 South Strand st
Watson Mary (Miss), milliner, 20 Castle st
Watt Robert P. umbrella maker & sewing
machine agent, Hanover square
Waugh Thomas, grocer, 1 Sheuchan street
Whannel Andrew, butcher & game dealer.
Queen street
Wheatley William T. George htl. George at
White Andrew, corn merchant & pig dlr.
21 St. Andrew street
Wigtownshire Creamery Co. (The), butter,,
cheese & cream makers, Stranraer branch-
creameries, Sandhead & Drummore, Kirk-
maiden. TA "Creamery, Stranraer"
Wigtownshire Trotting Track & Recreation
Ground (D. K. Todd, sec)
Wilkie John P. mineral water manufac-
turer, Hanover square
Wilson Alexander, grocer, 16 Castle street
Wilson Robert, grocer, 5 Lewis street
Wilson James, spirit dealer, Church street
Wilson John, jobmaster, Hanover square
Wright Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer & coaB
dealer, Glebe street
Young Robert & Co. grocers & wine &
spirit merchants, 56 Charlotte street
Young Men's Christian Association, Castle-
Adah- John M. Gallowhill & Meikle Mark
Adair William, High Larg & Spiingbank
Adair William, jun. New Field
Bennoch Grace. James -fc John, Sheuchan
Caldwell Hugh, Blackpark & Culhornparts
Clanahan Robert, Little Genoch
Cochran William, Craigcnffie
Dalrymple Alexander, Milton of Larg
Dryman James, Dalmannock
Garrick Andrew Ross, Ballyett
Hunter Stephen, Whiteleys
Johnston Joseph, Deerpark
Lamb Robert, Gallowhill
M'Creadie Hannah & Alex. Tonnachrae-
M'Dowall Gilbert, Auehterlure
M'Master John, Part of Glenoch
M'Master John, Rephad
Mdlroy Thomas, Nether & Low Mark
Parker John & Son, Little Ballyett
Rowan Alexander, Dalhabboch
Taylor James McDowall, Culreoch
Clerk, William C. Lawrie
Registrar of Births &c. William C. Lawrie*
Collector of Poor Rates, Charles Fleming
Inspector of Poor, Samuel D. Morrison
Medical Officers, John C. Douglas M.D. &
James Fleming Smith [M.A., M.B., CM
Royal National Life Boat Institution, Isle*
of Whithorn, William Burns, sec
Belmont Hall, John Martin, sec.& treasurer
Town Hall, Wm. T. Hawthorn, sec.& treas
Established Church, Whithorn, Rev. Donald
M. Henry
United Free Churches: —
Whithorn, Rev. David Kennedy
Isle of Whithorn, Rev. James Cameron
M'Taggart M.A
Reformed Presbyterian
Roman Catholic
Chairman, Rev. Donald M. Henry
Clerk & Treasurer, Samuel D. Morrison
Board Schools : —
Whithorn, Alexander Bell, master
Whithorn, James B. Williams, master
Isle of Whithorn, William Burns, master
Station, John Gordon, station master
To Glasgow, from Isle of Whithorn, a
steamer, fortnightly, David B. Shaw, agS
Douglas John Charles M.D
Hawthorn William T
Henry Rev. Donald M. (Estab. Churetafc
The Manse
Kennedy Rev. David (U. F. C)
Lawrie William
Macfie Alexander J.P. Bank house
M'Guffle Mrs
Rodger David, Oswie villa
Smith James Fleming M.A., M.B
Smith John
Alexander Mary (Miss), innkeeper
Alison Jas. cabinet maker & upholsterer

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