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Clerk & Collector, Robert Carson
Treasurer, Adam M'Murray
Medical Officer of Health, Robert William
Dickinson MacMartin Cameron M.D.,
CM., D-Sc
Burgh Fiscal, John Stroyan
Sanitary Inspector, James Brand
Inland Revenue Officer, J. McQuistan, Cree
-Mechanics' Institute, Thomas IMcKnaught,
Police Station, 42 Arthur street, Sergeant
James McKeown
River Cree Fishery Board, Earl of Gallo-
way K.T. chairman; Andrew B.
Matthews, sec
:Stamp & Tax Office, 1 Victoria street,
Robert Carson, sub-distributor of stamps
& sub-collector of taxes
-Galloway Rifles (D Company) ; Armoury &
Drill Shed, Victoria street; Rev. J. M.
Inglis M.A. acting chaplain; Color-Sergt.
Axon, drill instructor
jiTMiilan Hall, Dashwood square, William
Carmont, hall keeper
Victoria Hall, Victoria street, South
• Western Brewery Co. Limited, proprietors
Sessions Clerk, Roderick M'Lean
Established Church, Rev. Jas.M. Inglis M.A
United Free Churches, Rev: W. H. Brown-
Douglas & Rev. James A. Dawson
Soman Catholic Church, Rev. Joseph Roche,
Newton Stewart Educational Trust, Earl of
Galloway, James Drew, A. B. Matthews,
Rev. John Reid, Rev. James M. Inglis,
James A. Henryson Caird, William M.
Kelly & Joseph McDavid, governors
Douglas High School (for girls), Miss Agnes
D. Millan, mistress & 2 assistants
Swart High School (for boys), John Wood-
burn Gemmell M.A. head master & 3
graduates, & 6 assistant masters
Board Schools: —
Church street (infants'), Miss Jessie
Starke, mistress
Newton Stewart, William Baillie, master
'Grange, John Brown, master
Roman Catholic School, Newton Stewart,
Franciscan Nuns, mistresses
Industrial Home, Miss Joan DufE, super-
intendent; Andrew B. Matthews, treas.
& sec
On the Portpatrick & Wigtownshire joint
Station, Newton Stewart, Robert Mirrey,
station master & goods agent
Anderson William McCornack, Corvisel rd
Brown-Douglas Rev. W. H. (United Free
Cameron Robert William Dickinson Mac-
Martin M.D
Carson Robert, 1 Victoria street
Crawford George, Path house
Cunlifre Brook S. Walnut house
Dalrymple Robert, Corvisel road
Dawson Rev. James A. (U. F)
â– de Zevenbourgen Pauline de Gilmour,
Dickson JamesGibbons M.D., J.P.Wood lee
Gifford George J. P. Corvisel house
Grierson Mrs. Eskdale house
Hannay Mrs. Prospect house
Hewetson Mrs. Oak bank
Inglis Rev. James M., M.A. (Established
Church), Princes street
Jardine Mrs. Breckenside
Kelly William M. Borrowdale house
Kerr George, Victoria street
Kerr Thomas, Victoria street
Laird Andrew, Mount Vernon
M'Cormick Andrew, 62 Victoria street
McCutcheon Alexander, Eskdale cottage
McHaffle iHajor James, Ellangowan house
McKie Mrs. May villa, Princes street
McKie Norman Jas. M.D. 14 Arthur street
McMillan Mrs. Victoria street
Matthews Andrew B., J. P. Albert street
Park Richard, Lvnwood
Eenwick William, Dashwood
Richardson Miss, Pear Tree cottage
Roberts Rev. Geo. E., B.A. (Episcopalian)
Roche Rev. Joseph (R. C), 'St. Ninians
Simpson William, Little Corsbie
Solomon William T
Stroyan John
Waugh Alexander, Victoria street
Wright Mrs. Blytheswood terrace
Early closing day, Saturday.
Agnew Thomas, builders' merchant & coal
merchant, Dashwood square
Agnew William, spirit dlr. 78 Victoria st
Axon Color-Sergt. drill inst. D Co. 1st
Galloway Volunteer Rifle Corps
Baird Peter, clog maker, 20 Queen Btreet
Bell Agnes Helen (Miss), Black Horse htl.
Queen street
Bell William, joiner. Queen street
Blaeu John, blacksmith, 78 Queen street
Brand James, burgh sanitary inspector
Breckenridge Charles, coal merchant &
insurance agent & inspector of poor,
Albert street
British Linen Company Bank (branch)
(Andrew B. Matthews, agent; David
Peattie, accountant), 37 & 39 Albert st. ;
draw on London office, Threadneedle st
E C & Bank of England E C, London
Brown & Co. drapers, tailors & dress
makers, 68 Victoria street
Brown James, fish dlr. 10 Arthur street
Bryson William, baker, Albert street
Cameron Robert William Dickinson Mac-
martin M.D., O.M., D.Sc, medical officer
of health for the burgh & counties of
Wigtown & Kirkcudbright, Public Health
Campbell William, tailor, draper, dress
maker & insurance agent, 62 Victoria st
Carcone Giuseppe, confectioner & tobac-
conist, 69 Victoria street
Carson Robert, solicitor & notary, clerk to
police court & burgh commissioners, col-
lector of poor rate3 & road assessments
for Penningham parish, sub-distributor of
stamps & sub-collector of taxes & clerk
to MinnigafE school board, 1 Victoria st
Clydesdale Bank Limited (branch) (Thomas
& George Kerr, joint agents ; Robert
Pender, accountant), Bank buildings,Vic-
toria street; draw on London office, 30
Lombard street. London E C
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited
(branch) (John Stroyan, agent ; John
Stevenson, accountant); draw on London
office, 62 Lombard street E C &>Coutts &
Co. WC
Craig James, auctioneer & cattle agent &
Crawford Thomas, grocer, 68 Queen street
Cree Bowling Club (William Hunter, sec)
Davidson James L. china, glass &c. dealer,
ironmonger & seedsman, 63 Victoria st
Dewar Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 12
Queen street
Dewar John, spirit dealer, Victoria street
Dickson James Gibbons M.D., L.F.P. & S.
Glas. surgeon, parochial medical officer
for Penninghame & certifying factory
surgeon, Wood lee
Dickson William S. tailor, 57 Arthur street
Donnan William Kelly, cabinet maker &
upholsterer, Arthur street
Douglas High School (for girls)(Miss Agnes
D. Millan, mistress)
Elbourne Walter James, hair dresser, 31
Victoria street
Erskine & Sons, gun & fishing tackle
makers, 61 Victoria street
Erskine Jessie (Mrs.), shopkpr. Jubilee rd
Erskine John, grocer &, wine & spirit mer-
chant, Victoria street
Erskine Mary (Miss), dress maker, 24
Arthur street
Ewart High School (for boys) (John Wood-
burn-Gemmell M.A. head master)
Farnon Mary (Miss), general draper &
fancy repository. 5 & 7 Albert street
Fergusson James, Grapes hotel,Victoria st
Fernie Wm. grocer & coal mer. Queen st
Finningham Alexander, steam ship agent,
37 & 39 Victoria street
Finningham Alexander B. cabinet maker &
upholsterer & joiner, 37 & 39 Victoria st
Finningham Helen (Mrs.), grocer,8Queen st
Finningham Wm. ironmonger, 1 Queen st
Frew David, auctioneer, Queen street
Galloway Gazette (Roderick Innes, editor &
publisher ; published Saturday)
Galloway Woollen Mill Co. Limited,woollen
manufacturers (James Milroy, managing
Gas Works (James Drew, chairman; Wm.
Hunter, collector)
Gibson John, fruiterer, 1 Arthur street
Gibson Peter, joiner, Spittal bridge
Gordon Jane (Mrs.), apartmts. 32 Queen st
Gordon Jas. agricultural implement maker.
Queen street ; & at Castle Douglas
Gordon Jessie Agnes (Miss), spirit dealer
(Black Bull P.H.), 76 Queen street
Gordon Rhoda (Mrs.), painter, 75 & 77
Victoria street
Gray Andrew, chemist, Victoria street
Green Amelia (Mrs.), temperance hotel,
Victoria street
Hamilton Samuel Jackson, grocer, Queen st
Hannah Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 26Queen st
Hannah Robert, grocer, 6 Victoria sneet
Hemes Margt. (Miss), grocr. 56 Victoria sb
Hinds & Son, painters. 36 Arthur stueet
Hodkinson Jonathan, fish & game dealer,
Victoria street
Hodkinson Peter, game dealer, Queen street
Hunter William & Son, photographers,
Victoria street
Hunter Charles, cycle agent, 16 Victoria st
Hunter James, postmaster
Hunter William, boot & shoe maker, fancy
repository & stationer, Victoria street
Industrial Home (Miss Joan Duff, supt. ;
Andrew B. Matthews, treasurer & sec)
Irving James,chemist & druggist, Victoria st
Jolly William, stationer, Victoria street
Kay Andrew, baker, Arthur street
Kelly Margaret (Mrs.), dress ma.64Queen st
Kelly William M. solicitor & notary public
& insurance agent, 42 & 44 Victoria st
Kemp Alexander, hair dresser, Albert street
Kerr Thomas & George, bank & insurance
agents & factors, Clydesdale Bank Lim.
Victoria street
Kerr George (T. & G. Kerr), solicitor &
notary public, factor, bank & Insurance
agent, Clydesdale Bank Lim. Victoria st
Kerr Thomas (T. & G. Kerr), factor, bank
& insurance agent, Clydesdale Bank Lim.
Victoria street
Lambie Robert, tailor, 44 Victoria street
Law Sarah (Mrs.), refreshment rooms,
Railway station
Little John, draper, 7 Queen street
Litterick James, spirit dealer, Arthur st
McAulay R. G. (Mrs.), dress maker &
draper, 38 Victoria street
M'Cartney Violet (Miss), grocer, Alfred pi
McCleary Emily (Miss), grocer, 29 Arthur st
M'Cormick Andrew, solicitor & notary pub-
lic & insurance agent, 60 Victoria street;
& at Creetown
M'Creadie William Fraser, blacksmith, 49
Queen street
M'Creatii Thomas, ironmonger, china, glass
&c. dealer & seedsman, 28 Victoria street
McCredie J. & W. booksellers, stationers,
news agents & printers, 12 Victoria street
M'David Hugh & Sons, tailors, Albert street
McDavid William, tailor, 3 Queen, street
McDonald Donald, cabinet maker & uphol-
sterer, 55 Victoria street
McDowall John & Mary (Miss), drapers,
70 Queen street
M'Dowall Peter, mason, Queen street
McEwen Walter & John, grocers, bakers
& confectioners, 47 & 49 Victoria street
McGaw Robert, builder, 1 Church lane
McGeoch James M. saddler & boot & shoe
maker, 73 Victoria street
McGeoch Peter, George inn, Queen street
M'Giverin Peter,boot & shoe ma.l9Albert st
McGuffie Alexander, miller, Corsbie
M'Guffog Janet (Miss), draper, 3 Arthur st
McGuigan Alice (Mrs.), grocer, Princes st
M'Jannet Agnes (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 8
Dashwood square
McKeand John, draper, 39 Queen street
Mackie George, joiner, 11 Albert street
McKie Norman James M.D., CM. surgeon,
14 Arthur street
M'Kinlay William, grocer, 28 Arthur street
McLauehlan Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 38
& 40 Albert street
M'Lean Roderick, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages &session clerk for Penninghm
McLellan William, joiner, Station road
McMaster Wm. builder, 32 Albert street
M'Millan Hall (William Carmont, hall
keeper), Dashwood square
McMillan Alex, spirit dlr. 46 Victoria st
McMillan John, grocer, 18 Arthur street i
McMillan John, solicitor, 2 Queen street
M'Murray Adam, grocer & treasurer of
burgh rates, Dashwood square
M'Phater Angus, confectioner, 32Victoria fit
M'Wnirter David, butcher, 26 Victoria fit
Mair Frances Mary (Mrs.),tailor,75 Queen st
Mair Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, 23
Victoria street
Matthews Andrew Baird, solicitor & notary
public, J.P. factor, bank & insurance
agent, 37 & 39 Albert street
Maxwell Geo. & Thos. builders, 8 Queen st
Maxwell Samuel, Galloway Arms hotel,
family, commercial & posting
Mercer Margt. (Mrs.), plumber, 5 Victoria st
SCOT. 90*

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