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Medical Officer, David Matthews M.B.,
CM., B.Sc. Glenluce
Olerk, Registrar of Births, Deaths &c.
Robert C. Lupton
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
William McQuiston
Police Station, John Hamilton, constable
Established Church, Rev. William Forsyth
United Free Church, Rev. John Hunter
Chairman, John Dalrymple
Members, Five
Clerk & Treasurer, Charles Kenmuir
Board Schools: —
New Luce, Jerome Wallace, master
Glenwhilly, Miss Minnie Mcllwrick, miBt
New Luce, James M'Gill, station master
Glenwhilly, Henry Chatfield, station master
Forsyth Rev.Wm.(Estab.),New Luce Manse
Hunter Rev. John M.A. , (United Free
Baird James, Commercial hotel
Boyes Alexander, tailor
Keatings Michael, shopkeeper
Kenmuir Charles, grocer & spirit dealer &
clerk & treasurer to school board
Loch of Larg Curling Club (Wm. Jolly.sec)
Lupton Robt.C. registrar of births, deaths&c
M'Gaw William, joiner & cartwright
McHarg James, grocer
M'Janet Maggie (Miss), spirit dealer
M'Neillie James & Alexander, stone masons
McQuiston William, inspector of poor &
collector of rates, Barlure
Murray John & Samuel, blacksmiths
Nish John, joiner & cartwright
Blackwall John, Hardcroft
Dalrymple John & Alex. Craigbernock
Dalrymple John, Kilfedder & Glenwhilly
Dodd Mrs. Margaret, Markdhu
Drynan John (trustees of), Knoekibae
Fisher William, Galdenoch
Frederick Robert (heirs of), Gasshead &
Galloway Hugh, Garvilland
Hutcheson Thomas McK. Drangower
Hyslop John (heirs of), Darnmow
Laidlaw Thomas (heirs of), Marklach
Littlewood Thomas, Auchmantle
McDowall Nigel G. Artfield
McFadyean Andrew (heirs of) & Gavin,
McHarg Mrs. Jessie, Dolgynap
Mcllwrick Alexander, Quarter
Mcllwrick Gilbert, Miltonise, Balmurray
McKie Andrew, Kilhern
McMillan Samuel H, Glenchamber
McQuaker Archibald, Gleniron
McQuisters Thomas & William, Barn-
McQuisten James & John, Balneil
McQuisten William, Barlure
McWhirter William, Drumpail
Mitchell Charles, jun. Little Larg
Mitchell James, sen. & jun. Airyolland
Ross William, Glenison
Templeton John, Pultadee
Wilson Thomas, Airyolland
OLD LUCE (or Glenluce) is a parish, in
Wigtownshire poor combination and Stran-
raer small debt court district, about 12
miles long by a width varying from 3£ to
7£, and is bounded on the north by Inch
and New Luce, north-east by Drumpail
Burn, which separates it from Kirkcowan,
east by Mochrum and south by Luce Bay.
Glenluce is a village and burgh of barony
on the banks of the river Luce, and on the
road from Newton Stewart to Stranraer, at
the head of Luce Bay, which here forms a
tolerably good harbour for small vessels;
it is 19 miles east from Portpatrick, 18
west from Wigtown, 16 south-west from
Newton Stewart and 10 east-by-south from
Stranraer. The Portpatrick and Wigtown-
shire joint line runs through the town,
and is joined by the Girvan line at Dun-
ragit station, which is in the parish. The
principal hotels are the " Commercial "
and the " King's Arms." About a mile
to the north of the church, and further
up the vale from which the village takes
its name, are the ruins of Luce Abbey,
founded by Rolland, Lord of Galloway, in
1190, for monks of the Cistercian order;
the ruins at present cover about an acre
and a half, but the only part now re-
maining entire is the Chapter house, a
small apartment on the east side of the
cloisters, with a central shaft, about 14
feet high, from which spring eight arches
supporting the roof : tradition reports that
Michael Scott, the wizard, was once abbot
here : many curiosities, together with
several skeletons in an upright position,
have been found on the site : in the collec-
tions of the Ayrshire and Galloway Archaeo-
logical Association, vol. v. a full descrip-
tion is given of the abbey, with plans.
Dunragit House, in this parish, is the seat
of John Charles Cuninghame esq. D.L.,
J.P. The Earl of Stair K.T., L.L. John
Charles Cuninghame esq. D.L., J.P. Sir
Mark J. McTaggart Stewart bart. D.L.,
J.P. of Ardwell, Stranraer and James
M'Douall esq. D.L. , J.P. of Logan, are
the principal landowners. Acreage of the
parish, 31,596 ; rateable value, £16,362 ;
population in 1891, 2,517. and in 1901,
2,157; of the village of Glenluce, 798.
St. Helena Island, with 2 inhabitants in
1901 is included in this parish.
Post, M. 0. & T. 0., T. M. 0., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Glenluce (Railwav
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.6.
Wigtownshire added) ; Miss Helen Car-
son, postmistress. Deliveries, 6.15 a.m.
& 5.20 p.m.; dispatches, 5 a.m. & 3.50,
6.20 & 7.30 p.m
Post & T. 0. Dunragit (Railway Sub-Office.
Letters should have R.S.O. Wigtownshire
added) ; James McKay, postmaster. De-
liveries, 6.30 a.m. & 4 p.m. (for callers
only); dispatches, 3.30 & 6.35 p.m. Pos-
tal Orders are issued & paid here. The
nearest money order office is at Glenluce
Chairman, Robert Haswell
Councillors, Thirteen
Medical Officer, David Matthews M.B.,
CM., B.Sc
Clerk, Inspector of Poor & Collector of
Rates, Andrew McCaig
Registrar, George Templeton
Sanitary Inspector, James Brand
Police Station, Glenluce, William Thomson.
Public Hall & Reading Room, Rev. John
Urquhart, sec. & treasurer
Wigtownshire Golf Club, John Cullen, Jun.
hon. sec. & treasurer
Established Church, Rev. James F. Smith
United Free Churches, Rev. John Urquhart
& Rev. Robert Carslaw
Chairman, Rev. James F. Smith
Members, Seven
Clerk & Treasurer, George Templeton
Board Schools: —
Glenluce, John M'Pherson, master
Glen of Luce, William Michie, master
Droughdool, Charles Hunter, master
Glenluce, William M'Hafiie, station master
Dunragit, Samuel Gordon, station master
Carslaw Rev. Robert (United Free)
Cowan George, Mains of Park house
Cullen John, jun
Ouninghame John Charles D.L., J.P. (of
Craigends), Dunragit
Dalrvmple-Hay Adml. Rt. Hon. Sir John
Charles bart. P.O., G.CB.,D.CL.,F.R.S.,
F.R.G.S., D.L., J.P. Graigenveoch
Dalziel Miss
McDowel Capt. William O'Donel Young
J.P. Gillespie
McKie John M.B., CM
MacM aster Mrs
Matthews David M.B., CM
Milroy Joseph
Rodan Archibald, Millbank cottage
Smith Rev. James F. (Estab.), The Manse
Syminton Thomas, Bankfield
Urquhart Rev. John (United Free Church)
Walker James G. Balkail
Alexander Thomas, Crown P.H
Campbell Mary (Miss), grocer & general dlr
Carson Jessie (Miss), game dealer
Carson William, boot & shoe maker
Carson William, grocer & spirit dealer
Chesney Thomas, saddler
Clanachan Andrew, news agent
Copeland John, butcher
OLD LUCE. 1425
Cowan George, jun. ironmonger & miller,
Bridge of Park
Cullen John, jun. solicitor, insurance agent
& agent for the National Bank of Scot-
land Limited (branch)
Dougan Alexander, stationer
Erskine David, blacksmith
Gardiner James, boot & shoe maker
Graham Alex. & Sons, cartwrights & joinrs
Hamilton Thomas, grocer
Hannah William M. watch maker
Henry T. K. draper
Henry William, grocer & general draper
Hughes Robt. & Andrew.cartwrights&jnrs
Ironside John, Burn's Cottage P.H
Irvine James, glass & china dealer
Irvine Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker
Kelly Jane (Mrs.), dress maker
Kilpatrick Jane (Miss), dress maker
Lene Matilda (Miss), The Cock P.H
Lindsay Andrew, draper
M'Caig William & Son, tailors
M'Caig Andrew, inspector of poor, collector
of rates & insurance agent
McCall Alexander, King's Arms hotel &
M'Clelland John, blacksmith, Balnesh
Clew Elizh. (Mrs.), grocer & general dlr
M'Cormack William, cactwright & joiner,
MacCracken John, general dealer
McCracken Robert, manager United Cream-
eries Limited, Challoch (postal address,.
M'Creadie Grace (Miss), Commercial hotet
McCreadie John, grocer
McDowall George, coal merchant
M'Dowall Thomas, tailor
M'Dowall William, stone mason & contrctr
M'Harrie James, blacksmith, Ford house
Mcllwrick William, grocer, Dunragit
McKie John M.B., CM. surgeon
McMillan Jane (Miss), grocer
McNally William, cartwright & joiner
MacWilliam James, blacksmith
Marshall John, miller, Milton mill
Matthews David M.B., CM., B.Sc. surgeon
& medical officer for the parishes of New
Luce & Old Luce
Miller John, baker
Miller Thomas, coal & lime agent
Milroy Andrew, ironmonger & joiner & _
Milroy Joseph, plumber
Muir James, boot & shoe maker
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch\ â– 
(John Cullen, jun. agent); draw on Lon- -
don office, 37 Nicholas lane E C; Bank
of England EC; Glyn, MillB, Currie &
Co. EC; Coutts & Co. WC & Union
of London & Smiths Bank Limited E C,â€ΕΎ
Nish John, blacksmith, Ballochjargon (pos-
tal address, Dunragit R.S.O)
Nish Maggie (Miss), dres& maker
Public Hall & Reading Room (Rev. John
Urquhart, sec. & treasurer)
Raitt Wm. grocer & general dlr. Dunragit
Ralston Wm. Henry, factor, Dunragit
Rusk John, stone mason
Russell Agnes (Miss), grocer & general dlr
Stewart James, joiner & cartwright, Bal-
lochjargon (postal address, DunragitRSO)
Straiton John, tailor
Stroyan John, shopkeeper
Stroyan John & William, butchers
Templeton George, joiner & cartwright
Templeton George, registrar of births,
deaths & marriages & clerk & treasurer
to the school board
Templeton John, stone mason & contractor
Turner Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeper
United Creameries Limited,
butter, cheese & margarine makers, Dun-
ragitR.S.O. ; Telegrams," Cream-
ery, Dunragit"; & at Tarff, Kirk-
cudbrightshire & Sorbie, Wigtownshire
Wallace James, tailor
Wigtownshire Golf Club (John Cullen, jun..
hon. sec. & treasurer)
(Marked thus t receive their letters through--
Dunragit R.S.O.)
Adair William & John, Balnesh
Anderson John, Annabaglish
fBroadfoot Charles, Doughdol
Chalmers John, Gillespie
fClanahan Robert, park of Little Genoch
Clark Thomas, Craig
Clive Peter & Thomas, Glengorrie
tCochrane Miss Jessie, Whitecrook
Coupland Miss Mary (trustees of), Officera
Cowan George, Camrie
Cunninghame John Charles, High Boreland
Cowan George, Mains of Park
SCOT. yo

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