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1410 ASSYNT.
ACHANY, see Lairg.
ACHINTOUL, see Kilponax.
ALTASS, see Crkich.
ARMADALE, see Stratht.
ASSYNT is a large parish, on the
Minch Channel, between Kyle Sku and
Loch Enard, and is in Sutherland poor com-
bination; it is 23 miles long from Stoir
Point to the Cromalt Hills, and about 13
broad, bounded on the east by Eddrachillis,
south-east by Ross-shire, south-west by
Lake Veyatie and the river Kirkaig, which
divides it from Cromarty, and west by the
Minch. Assynt kirk, which is on the
southern extremity of the lake of that
name, is 20 miles north-west from Lairg
station on the Tain and Golspie section of
the Highland railway. In the parish there
are nearly thirty lakes, the largest being
Assynt, about 8 miles in length by 1 in
breadth. Cama 4 miles long, with a breadth
of nearly 1 mile; and Urgiall 2 miles long
and 1 broad. Assynt lake contains salmon
and trout. Inver is a sea loch on the shore
of the village of the same name. The
mountains in the parish are Ben More,
3,273 feet in height, Canisp, 2,779 feet,
Quinag, 2,653 feet, and Suliven, 2,403 feet
Oldney Island, which is included in the
parish, is in the southern part of Eddra-
chillis Bay, and is about 1£ miles long by 1
broad. In 1891 it wa3 uninhabited. About
5 miles west of this island is Stoer Point,
a prominent headland. Sithean Mor on
this headland rises to a height of 530 feet.
Slate, spat and marble are found in this
parish. The area of the parish is 110,111
acres; rateable value, £5,500; the popula-
tion in 1901 was 2,386 in the civil and 1,154
in the ecclesiastical parish.
Lochinver is a village in this parish, and
near Inverloch, West Sutherland.
Post Office, Assynt; M. Munro, post-
mistress. Arrival from & dispatch to
Lairg daily. Postal Orders are issued
& paid here. Lochinver is the nearest
money order & telegraph office, 14 miles
Post Office. Elphin; John McLeod, post-
master. Letters through Lairg arrive &
are dispatched twice a week. Postal
Orders are issued & paid here. Ullapool
is the nearest money order & telegraph
office, 16 miles distant
Post, T. & M. O., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Lochinver; W. Wil-
son, sub-postmaster Arrival from & dis
patch to Lairg daily
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
for Assynt, Bobert Macleod
Inspector of Poor, John Mackay
Established Church, Bev. John McCallum
"United Free Church, Bev. Norman M'Kay
Public Schools: —
Assynt, J. McNab, mistress
Actimelvioh, Miss Emslie, mistress
Culkein, Neill M'lver, master
Drumbeg. Murdo Kerr
Elphin, J. Macdonald, master
Lochinver, I. NewlaDds, master
Unapool School, J. McLeod
Lochinver to Glasgow, the "Clansman,"
weekly in summer & autumn ; James
Gordon, agent, Lochinver
MacCallum Rev. John (Estab. Church)
M'Kay Rev. Norman (United Free Church)
M'Donald Mrs. innkeeper, Altnagealgach
Mackenzie John, Culag hotel, Lochinver
Rose Alex, innkeeper, Drumbeg
Ross W. shopkeeper, Drumbeg
Wallace William, innkeeper, Inchnadamph
Forbes John
M'Kenzie Thomas J.P
Maclennan Felix P
Aird Hector, joiner & wright
Aird Hector, miller
Gordon James J.P. agent
McCaskill Donald, baker
Macdonald Charles, shopkeeper
Mackenzie James, shopkeeper & draper
Mackenzie John, hotel (Sutherland Arms)
M'Kenzie Kenneth, shopkeeper
M'Kenzie Thomas, shopkeeper
M'Lean Hugh, blacksmith
M'Leod Colin, boot & shoe maker
Macleod Donald, boot & shoe maker
M'Leod Hugh, boot & shoe maker
Simpson James, factor
BACKIES, see Golspie.
BALIGILL, see Stratht.
BRORA is a thriving village, in the parish
of Clyne and small debt court district of
Dornoch ; it is on the south-east coast, at
the point where the river Brora falls into
the Moray Firth, and is about 12 miles
south-south-west from Helmsdale, and 6
north-north-east from Golspie, and has a
station on the Tain and Helmsdale section
of the Highland railway. The climate is
very dry and the temperature warm, and
the sands here attract a large number of
bathers. The links have long been famous
for golf. There is excellent fishing in the
Brora water, and at Strathbrora, both of
which places abound -with salmon. About
a mile of free sea trout fishing is also to be
had. The curing of fish employs some of
the inhabitants, and there is a distillery
in the neighbourhood, and a coal pit which
ha3 been worked for 300 years. Bricks
and tiles are made here, and there is a
large tweed mill. In the village is a
branch of the Town & County Bank.
Population in 1901, 543.
Post, T., M. 0., T. M. 0., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Brora (Railway Sub-
Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Sutherlandshire added); Miss Margaret
Mackay, postmistress. Deliveries, 8 &
10.15 a.m. & 1.40 p.m.; dispatches, north,
1.12 p.m.; south, 10.55 a.m. & 4.40 &
10 p.m
Medical Officer, Riccardo Stephen M.B.,
Inspector of Poor, Dougal Sutherland
Police Station, Alexander Will,, constable
Fishermen's Hall, James Baillie, sec
Brora Institute, Andrew Fenton, sec
Temperance Hall, Robert Wilson, sec
Golf Club, William Adams, sec
1st Sutherland (The Sutherland Highland)
Rifle Corps (C Co.), Capt. William C.
Ross: Andrew Fenton, drill instructor
Free Church, Rev. Kenneth Cameron M.A
School, Hugh Winchester M.A. master
Railway Station, Donald Cameron, agent
Cameron Rev. Kenneth M.A. (Free Chrch)
Gunnis Francis G. Gordonbush
Nicoll George M.B., CM
Sutherland Donald
Adams William, inland revenue officer
Baillie James, boot & shoe maker
Baxter John, surveyor
Brora Golf Club (William Adams, sec)
Brora Institute (Andrew Fenton, sec)
Brora Temperance Hall (Robert Wilson, sec)
Cameron Donald, station master
Campbell Donald, joiner & wright
Dingwall John, tailor
Donaldson William, chemist, druggist &
news agent
Fishermen's Hall (James Baillie, sec)
Gibson J. Ross, bank accountant
Gordon Kenneth, bookseller, news agent,
ironmonger, grocer & general dealer
Grant Donald, road contractor
Grant George G. tailor, grocer & gen. dlr
Grant Joseph J. tailor & hair dresser
Gunn John, meal dealer
Hunter Thomas M. wool & cloth mills
M 'Hardy Hugh, ground officer '
M'Kay Alex, grocer & generl. dlr.Ea. Brora
Mackay & Ross, drapers & grocers
M'Kenzie Janet (Miss), grocer & general dlr
Matheson William, grocer & general dealer,
Melville David G. chemist, druggist & to-
Melville John, brick maker, engineer <fc
colliery owner
Menzie James, engineer
Munro Harriet (Mrs.), draper, grocer &.
general dealer
Munro William G. blacksmith
Murray Grant & Co. stone masons &
quarry owners
Murray George Finlay, carpenter
Murray Grant, joiner & wright
Paul Andrew, watch maker & jeweller
Robertson George, tailor
Rodger Ranben M. supervisor of inland
Ross George, butcher
Sinclair George, Station hotel
Sinclair John, boot & shoe maker
Smith William, baker, grocer & general dlr
Stephen Riccardo M.B., CM. physician &
surgeon, medical officer for parish of
Clyne, & certifying factory surgeon for
the parishes of Rogart, Golspie, Clyne,
Loth & Kildonan
Sutherland A. & G. joiners, wrights & bldrs
""utherland Dougal, inspector of poor for
parish of Clyne
Sutherland George, Sutherland Arms hotel
Sutherland Hector, tailor
Sutherland William, grocer & fish curer,
Lower Brora
Sutherland William, draper & insurance agnt
Sutherland William, registrar of births,
deaths & marriages for parish of Clyne
Town & County Bank Limited (branch) (J.
Ross Gibson, accountant); draw on the
London Joint Stock Bank Limited, Lon-
don EC
Whitelaw William, inland revenue officer
Will Alexander, police constable & sec. of
Brora institute
Wilson Robert, baker, grocer & general dlr
CLASHMORE, see Dorxoch.
CLYxTE is a large parish, in the Suther-
land poor combination and Dornoch small
debt court district, 20 miles in length by
from 4 to 8 in breadth, and bounded on
the north by Loth and Kildonan, on the
south by Golspie and Creich, on the
west it extends as far as the Strathbrora,
and on the east by the Moray Firth coaaii
line, including Brora. Clyne kirk is about
2 miles north from Brora station, which is
in the parish, on the Tain and Helmsdale
section of the Highland railway, about 12
miles south-south-west from Helmsdale and
6 north-north-east from Golspie. Loch
Brora, about 4 miles long and 1 broad, is
in the parish, and after receiving, at its
northern extremity, the waters of the
Strathbrora, the Blackwater and Skinsdale,
all of which rise in the parish, forma the
Brora river, which falls into the Moray
Firth at the village of Brora. The Duke of
Sutherland K.G. is the principal land-
owner. The area, including Brora, is
74,504 acres; the rateable value is £7,346;
the population in 1001 was 1,724, of which
Brora possessed 548.
The nearest post & money order office is at
Brora R.S.O
Chairman, Capt. William Ross
Clerk, Dougal Sutherland, Brora
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
William Sutherland, Brora
Inspector of Poor, Dougal Sutherland, Brora
Established Church, Rev. John Spark M.A
Chairman, Peter Stuart
Clerk, John Macleod
School, Doll, Miss Mary Sullivan
Hall J. Balnacoil
Houston Mrs. Kintradwell
Spark Rev. John M.A. (Established Church)
Ainslie & Co. (Peter Stuart, manager),
Clynlish distillery
Fenton James, brewer, Clynelish distillery
Stuart Peter, manager for Ainslie & Co
(Letters are received through Brora R.S.O.)
Ainslie & Co. (Peter Stuart, manager)
Baxter John, Clyne Milton
Macleod Mrs. Catherine, Clyne Milton
Rose Andrew, Kintradwell
Ross Capt. William, Inverbrora
Shaw James T. Gordon bush
Sutherland George, Easter Brora
Sutherland Miss
Melville John, grocer

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