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Gibson Charles M.D.Edin. 11 Park terrace
Eighefc Robert Campbell M.D. & C.M.Glas.
6 Park avenue
McFadyen Donald M.D. & C.M.Glas. 2
Park avenue
Mackintosh William Alexander M.B. &
C.M.Edin. 3 Park terrace
McNicol Peter Burden M.D. & C.M.Edin.
10 Pitt terrace
Moorhouse James Ernest M.D. & C.M.Edin.
M.A. & B.Sc.St.And. 1 Glebe avenue
Murray James Hay M.D. & C.M.Edin. 19
Glebe street
Ttobertson John Brown M.B. & C.M.Edin.
6 Pitt terrace
Whytt Alex. M.D. & C.M.Edin. 20 Claren-
don place
Wilson Andrew Eairlie L.F.P. & S.Glas. 1
Viewfield place
Military Clothiers.
lawsons Ltd. 25, 32, 34 & 36 Baker st. ;
T A "Lawson "; T N 25
"Walls Robert (water), 66 Port street &
Kerse mills
Dunn & Wilson, 24 Port street
Gardner Miss Jane, 63 Barnton street
Jenkins G. R. 43 King street
M'Lachlan & Brown, 8 Murray place
Thomson Misses J. & E. 9 & 11 Arcade
M'Naughton William, Park lane
Miller Robert & Son, Upper craigs
Owen George, 24 Upper craiga
Mineral & Aerated Water Mnfrs.
Buchanan Andrew, 9 Baker street; T A
" Treasurer Buchanan "
Duncan James, Drip road
Liddell Robert, 40 King street
Miller J. & J. St. Ninian's Well road
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society
Ltd. Abbey road
Music Sellers.
Sowdan & Forgan, 6 Murray place
â– Stevenson C. P. 23 Arcade. See advert
Music Teachers.
See Teachers of Music.
News Agents.
Armstrong Robert, 12 Viewfield place
Gordon William, 120 & 122 Baker street &
5 Abbey road
Gordon William, 36 Forth crescent
Marriott Mrs. Elizh. Forbes, 52 Cowane st
Menzies John & Co. Railway station
Paterson Miss Agnes, 29 Upper craigs
Paterson Robert, 41 Cowane street
Richardson Robert, 54 Barnton street
Somerville William, 2 Barnton street
Thomson Miss Christina, 55 Cowane street
Newspaper Reporter.
HcPherson James, 43 Murray place
With their proprietors &. publishers & days
of publication.
Bridge of Allan Gazette (Saturday, Id.)
(Munro & Jamieson, publishers), 26 to
32 Upper craigs
Bridge of Allan Reporter (Saturday, Id.)
(James Hogg & Co. publishers, 9 King st
<Callander Advertiser (Saturday Id.) (Munro
6 Jamieson), 26 to 32 Upper craigs
Dundee Advertiser & People's Journal
(branch office), 43 Murray place
Dundee Evening Telegraph (branch office),
43 Murray place
Beople's Journal for Stirling (weekly)
(Eneas Mackay), 43 Murray place
Stirling Journal (friday, Id.) (James Hogg
oc Co. publishers), 5 King street
Stirling Observer (Wednesday & Saturday,
Id.) (Munro & Jamieson), 26 to 32 Upper
Stirling Sentinel(Cook & Wylie),9 Barnton st
Visitor (The), for Bridge of Allan, Dun-
blane, Doune & Callander (Cook &
Wylie), 9 Barnton street
Notaries — Public.
See Solicitors.
Nurserymen & Seedsmen.
Craig John, Nurseries & 3 Murray place
Drummond W. & Sons Limited, Murray
place ; nurseries, Coney park
Hutchinson Thos. Causewayhead road
Nursing Institutions.
Queen's Nurses' Home (Miss Forbes & Miss
Jones, nurses in attendance), 53 Mur-
ray place
Whyte Miss Frances (private), Woodcliffe,
Upper Bridge street
Oil Cake Merchant.
Macfarlan Parian, Shore wharf
Old China Dealer.
Hogan Mrs. M. 64 & 64J Baker street.
See advertisement
Stewart D. & J. 22 Port st. ; & Callander
Organ "Warehouse.
Stevenson C. P. 23 Arcade. See advert
Gavin Hugh & Sons (complete), The Tour-
ists' Emporium
Lawsons Ltd. 25, 32, 34 & 36 Baker st. ;
T A "Lawson ''; TN 25
McKinlay J. & Son, 61 & 63 Murray place
Brown Robert, 34 Murray place
Carson William & Son, 54 Port st. See advt
Dowell John (trustees of), 27 Dumbarton
road. See advert
Henderson Gilbert, 20 Viewfield street
Johnstone Adam, 30, 32 & 34 Arcade
Lamb John, 25 Port street
Scotland Thomas, 25 Broad street
Walls John, 3 Maxwell place
Carson William & Son, 54 Port street
Dowell John (trustees of), 27 Dumbarton
road. See advertisement
Cormack Mrs.Annie, 8 to 16 St. Mary's wynd
Murray James, 6 Bank street
Simpson William, 32 Bow street
Perambulator Manufacturers.
Banks Brothers & Co. Burnside works.
Lower craigs
M'Ewen & Co. Abbey Road works
Begbie Charles, 2 Wallace street
Crowe & Rodgers, 57 Murray place
Sanders Charles, Castle hill
Smellie William, 5 Viewfield place
Walker John, 67 King street
See Medical List.
Pianoforte Dealers.
Ewing T. A. 27 Friars street
Sowdan & Forgan (& organ), 6 Murray pi
Stevenson C. P. 23 Arcade. See advert
Picture Frame Maker.
Dewar Mrs. M. Wilson, 35 Arcade
Foster Robert, Burghmuir
Walls Alexander, 26 Thistle street
Cairns William, Orchard place
Crichton William G. 71 Port street
Duff J. & J. 29 Dumbarton road. T.A.
• Duff, Plumber"; T N 1 x 3. See advt
Frater Robert, 73 Port street. See adverb
Hardie David C. 66 Upper craigs
Macpherson Thomas, 16 Dumbarton road
Merrilees John, 14 Friars street
Steel John, 22 Murray place
Pork Butcher.
Waddell R. D. 29 Murray place
Potato Merchants.
Bennett Adam, Seaforth place
Ferguson Daniel, Upper craigs
Ross George, Hillside cottage, Glencoe road
Cook & Wylie, 9 Barnton street
Hogg Jas. & Co. 9 King street
Hutton & Turnbull, 45 Murray place
Klrkwood H. M. & Sons. 33 King street
Munro & Jamieson, 26 to 32 Upper craigs
Provision Dealers
Bilsland J. & J. 13 Newhouse
Buchanan Andrew (merchant), 9 Baker Bt.
TA "Treasurer Buchanan"
Cullens W. & J. 10 & 12 Baker street:
T A " Cullens "; T N 32
Dougall Archibald, 85 St. Mary's wynd
Henderson Mrs. Sarah, 6 Cowane street
Lipton Limited (merchants), 26 Murray pi
Noble Mrs. William, 39 Lower Bridge st
Public Company.
Stirling Public Hall Co. Limited (Robert
Taylor, sec), 46 Barnton street
Public Houses.
See Spirit Dealers.
Rag Merchants.
Thurman John E. & Co. Forth Bridge
mills. See advert
Refreshment Rooms,
Blackburn John, Railway station
Di Ponio Benedette, 88 Baker street
Jamieson Miss Grace, 12 & 13 Maxwell pi
M'Alpine Peter, 2 & 4 Murray place
McEwen Angus, 27 King street
McEwen William, 48 Baker street
McKillop Donald, 51 Baker street
Norris Alexander, 55 Murray place
Oswald Miss Agnes, 42 & 44 Arcade
Scorgie Mrs. Ann, 9 & 11 Seaforth place
Wyllie Mrs. Helen, 1 Seaforth place
Registrar of Births, Deaths &
Gentleman Ebenezer, 59 Murray place
See Refreshment Rooms.
Rope & Twine Maker.
McGibbon Duncan, Seaforth place
Saddlers & Harness Makers
Gentles Thomas & Son, 31 Port street
Macdonald Duncan, 15 King street
M'Kinlay M. 5 Friars street
Saw Mill Owners.
Brisbane Thomas, Wallace street
Johnston James, Abbey road
McPherson William, Barnton joinery wrks. ;
TA " M'Pherson, Joiner"
Schools — Private.
Graham Misses, 10 Abercromby place
Hogg Miss Margaret Murray, 4 Melville ter
Schools — Public.
See Official.
Seed Merchants.
Drummond W. & Sons Limited, Murray
place; nurseries, Coney park
Gray James & Co. 7 Upper craigs
See Nurserymen & Seedsmen.
Sewing Machine Makers.
Singer Manufacturing Co. (Thomas Kinni-
burgh, manager), 22 Barnton street
Shetland Warehousemen.
Gavin Hugh & Sons, The Tourists' Em-
Ship Owner.
Wilson John, Abbey
Shoe Makers.
See Boot & Shoe Makers.
Anstruther Mrs. Catherine, 54 Cowane st
Brass John, 1 & 2 St. Mary's wynd
Bremner Mrs. Kate, 107 Baker street
Carson Alex. 11 St. John street
Dick Miss Sarah, 12 Broad street
Fraser James, 52 Lower Bridge street
Fraser Mrs. Mary, 11 Broad street
Ging Mrs. M. 27 Broad street
Gray Mrs. Jane, G2 St. Mary's wynd
Hall Mrs. Eliza, 36 Abbey road
Hall John. 40 Forth crescent
Hill John, 38 Broad street
Kerr Mrs. M. 50 St. Mary's wynd
Kidd Matthew, 91 Baker street
McCallum William, 19 Broad street
Macdonald Mrs. Isabella, 9J St. Mary's
McLean Mrs. Margaret, 93 Lower Bridge st
McPherson Mrs. M. 22 Broad street
Morrison Mrs. Sarah, 11 Viewfield place
Ross Mrs. F. 96 St. Mary's wynd
Suttie Miss Alison, 78 Cowane street
Thomson Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson, 19 Sea-
forth place
Silk Mercers.
Jenkins G. R. 43 King street
Johnston W. & A. 42, 44 &A% King street
Virtue & Co. 14 Murray place

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