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Stirling Electricity Supply Station (A. C. Hanson, engineer),
Colquhoun street
Stirling Golf Club (James Macluckie, sec), Golf house, "Victoria pi
Stirling Journal & Advertiser (Estab. 1820) & Bridge of Allan
Reporter (James Hogg & Co. proprietors & publishers) ; office,
9 King street
Stirling; Journal Bill posting; Co. largest bill-
posters in district; office, 9 Xing street
Stirling Model Building Society (James A.Gibson, sec.),47Port st
Stirling Natural History & Archgeological Society (Robert Kidstcn
& D. B. Morris, joint sees ; Daniel Ferguson, treasurer), Dum-
barton road
Stirling: Observer Office (Munro & Jamieson,publishers),
26 Upper craigs
Stirling Public Hall (William Ogilvie, manager), The Arcade
Stirling Public Hall Co. Lim. (Robt. Taylor, sec). '16 Barnton st
Stirling Savings Bank (Thomas Muirhead, actuary), 4 Port st
Stirling Sentinel Office (Coojl & Wylie, publishers), 9 Barnton st
Stirling Tracts (The) (Dmmmond's Tract Depot, publishers),
17 Dumbarton road
Stirling Unionist Club (J. W. Heron, hon. sec ; James McCal-
lum, club master), Thistle street
Stirling Peter, dairyman, Raploch
Stirling Rebecca (Miss), confectioner, 2 Spittal street
Stirlingshire Building & Investment Society (E. Gentleman, 8eo.),
2 Dumbarton road
Stirlingshire Central Unionist Committee (R. Whyte, eec), 4
King street
Stirlingshire Conservative Association (J. Monteath Parnil, hon.
sec & treasurer), 20 Barnton street
Stirlingshire Friendly Assurance Society (John Bamaey, «ea),
14 Bruce street
Stirlingshire Liberal Association (James Rennie Archibald, sec),
63 Port street
Stirlingshire Liberal Unionist Association (R. Whyte, eec.), 4
King street
Stirlingshire Rubber Co. (The), 1 & 3 Arcade
Stoddart I. & M. (Misses), boot & shoe mas. 8 Dumbarton road
Storrar Robert, hair dresser, 33 Upper Craigs
Strang William & Co. drapers, 67 Barnton st. ; res. 5 Prince's st
Suttie Alfton (Miss), shopkeeper, 78 Cowane street
Swan Andrew & Son, watch makers & jewellers, 8 Port street
Swan Andrew.watch maker(Andrew Swan & Son), 7 Clarendon pi
Swan Robert, jeweller (Andrew Swan & Son)
Syme John, general smith, 20 & 21 Abbey road
Taylor Catherine (Mrs.), Cross Keys P.H. 7 St. John street;
res. 52 Broad street
Taylor Ser.-Maj. James George, klrill instructor to No. 13 Co.
1st Fifeshire (Fife & StirliWg) Royal Garrison Artillery
(Volunteers), St. John street; res. Bellfield, Upper Bridge st
Taylor John, jobbing gardener, Barn road
Taylor Margt. Walkenshaw (Mrs.), innkeeper, 76 St. Mary's wynd
Taylor Robert, solicitor, hon. sec. to Stirling county ball & eec.
Stirling Burgh Liberal Association & clerk & treasurer to Lar-
bert school board (Morrison & Taylor), 19 Park terrace
Taylor William F. district manager National Telephone Co.
Limited, 33 Friar street
Templeton William, tobacconist, 85 Port st. ; res. 5 Snowdon pi
Thomson & Bolton, laundry, 27 Abbey road
Thomson Jane & Elizabeth (Misses), milliners, 9 & 11 Arcade
Thomson Christina (Miss), stationer & news agent, 55 Cowane
street; res. 74 Cowane street
Thomson Duncan, butcher, 35 Friars street & 11 Upper craigs
Thomson Elizabeth Robertson (Mrs.), shopkpr. 19 Seaforth place
Thomson George, carriage builder, Orchard place
Thomson James, carriage builder (George Thomson), 20 Park cres
Thomson Margaret (Mrs.), householder, 42 Queen street
Thomson Matt. O. watch ma. 18 Murray pi. ; res. 21 Albert place
Thomson R^hert, butcher, 29 Port street
Thomson William Low, householder, 16 Nelson place
Thurman John E. & Co. rag, flock & waste merchants. Forth
Bridge mills, Stirling; TA "Thurman, Stirling"; TN 0194.
See advert
Thurman John E. mer. (John E. Thurman & Co.),Bridge Haugh
Togneri Pietro, confectioner, 116 Baker street
Towers Walter, electrical engineer (Stirling Electricity Supply
station), 42 Dumbarton road
Town House & Court House (William S. Williamson, town
officer). Broad street
Traynor William John, Mechanics' tavern, 4 St. Mary's wynd
Turnbull A. S. printer (Hutton & Turnbull), 45 Murray place
Tyler Harry Peter, boot & shoe maker, 28 Port street
Union Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (Robert Macluckie,
agent), 22 King street
United Youm? Men's Christian Association (James Macpher-
son, sec. ; Frederick F. Baxter, treasurer), Allan park
"Valentine James D. ironmonger (W. Somerville & Valentine),
24 Nelson place. See advert
Visitor (The) for Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Doune & Callander
(.Cook & Wylie, publishers), 9 Barnton street
Venters John, collector inland revenue, 15 Allan park
Virtue & Co- ironmongers, silver & electro plate
dealers & furniture warehousemen, 14- Murray
place ; T N 13 ; T A " Virtue, Stirling "
Waddell R. D. (branch), pork butcher, 29 Murray place
Walker John, chemist & photographic dealer?
67 King; street; res. 5 Victoria place
Walker Ronald, architect (Macluckie & Walker), 13Randolph ter
Wallace Matthew, laundry, Upper craigs
Wallace Monument (David B. Morris, clerk; William Middle-
ton, caretaker), Abbey craig
Wallace Robert, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 81 Port street
Wallace Robert, draper, 8D Port street; res. 9 Irvine place
Walls Alexander, plasterer. Thistle street; res. 14 Allan park
Walls John, painter &c. 3 Maxwell place
Walls Robert, miller & grain mer. Kerse mill & 66 Port street
Water Works Office (David B. Morris, clerk, King street; Ebenzr,
Gentleman, collector, 2 Dumbarton road & A. H. Goudie,
superintendent), King street
Watson Adam Alma, business manager, 9 King street; res.
Watson M. H. fruiterer, 65 Port street
Watson William, boot & shoe maker, 15 Barnton street
Watt Alice (Mrs.), householder, 26 Millar place
Watt George, boot & shoe maker, 48 Arcade
Watt Henry P. auctioneer & valuer; furniture
stored at moderate rates, 3 2 Baker street j
res. Causewayhead
Watters Alexander, spirit dealer, 65 Baker street
Watters Sergt.-Major L. G. Princes street
Wedderspoon Janet (Miss), dress maker, 16 King street
Weights & Measures Office (Peter M'Nab, inspector), 38 Upper
Weir William Alexander, commercial traveller, 5 Forth crescent
Welsh Edward, general dealer, 14 Broad street
Welsh Patrick, solicitor & procurator fiscal & clerk to Forth
Fishery Board (Campbell & Welsh), Springwood
Whamond David, grocers' manager, 11 Coburg avenue
White D. G. town clerk depute & clerk & treasurer to Combina-
tion hospital, King street
Whitehead Stewart, temperance hotel, 9 Port street
Whyte Frances (Miss), private nursing home, Woodcliffe, Upper
Bridge street
Whyte Robert, solicitor, clerk & treasurer to the public library
committee & sec. to the Stirlingshire Liberal Unionist Asso-
ciation (Hill & Whyte), 6 Drummond place
Whvtt Alex. M.D. physician & surgeon, 20 Clarendon place
Williamson William S. town officer, 23 Baker street
Wilson Andrew F.I.C. analytical & consulting chemist & bnxgto
& county analvst, 10 Viewfield street
Wilson Andrew F.. L.F.P.S.G. surgeon & medical officer to the-
burgh, 1 Viewfield place
Wilson James Irvine, dentist, 76 Port street
Wilson Janet (Mrs.), householder, 25 Millar place
Wiison John, ship owner, Abbey
Wilson William, goods agent Caledonian Railway Co. 9 Dean ores-'
Wmgate & Curror, solicitors, 2 Dumbarton road
Wingate Charles, solicitor & sec. & treasurer to the faculty of
solicitors & procurators of Stirling, 48 Barnton street; res.
8 Wallace street
Wordie & Co. carting agents, 3 Thistle street
Wordie John (Mrs.), cooper, 33 King street
Working Men's Liberal Association Rooms (George ChriBtie, hon.
sec), 54 Port street
Wright John, draper, 4^ Cowane street
Wright John, grocer, 37 Friars street & 14 Viewfield place; rea.
19 Queen street
Wright Marv (Miss), householder, 8 Dean crescent
Wylie Daniel, stationer &c. (Cook & Wylie), 5 Glebe avenue
Wylie William, contractor, 14 Winchel place
Wvllie. Sandeman & Co. laundry proprietors, Abbey mill
Wyllie Helen (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 1 Seaforth place
Yates David, cork manufacturers (Adam Robert & Yates Lim.)V
12 Douglas terrace
Yates John, clothes dealer, 1 St. John street
Yellowlees David & Sons, tanners, 48 Queen street
Yellowlees Robert, tanner (David Yellowlees & Sons), 6 Victoria st*
Young James & Alexander, bakers & confectioners, 3 & 54 Baker
street & 9 St. Mary's wynd
Young John &â–  Co. clothiers, 62 Port street ,
Young Eliza (Miss), confectioner, 4 Upper craitis
Young Isabella (Mrs.), beer & porter dealer, 61 Lower Bridge ift
Young James, baker (J. & A. Young), 52 Baker street
Young Robert, dairyman, Well green
Young: Whaley Hardie,
Allen Park house
Young William, spirit dealer, 5£ Drip road
Younger Helen (Mb=s), dress maker. 45 King street
Yule William, head master, Craigs Board School; res.4 Dean cres
accountant, 62 Port street; res.
Derrick Oliver P. 11 Baker street
Maclean & Henderson, 53 Murray place
Young Whaley Hardie, 62 Port street
Aerated Water Manufactm-ers.
See Mineral & Aerated Water Manufrs.
Marked thus * are Commission Agents.
Elder Adam, North British railway station
Oliphant Archd. (biscuit), 14 Bayne st
♦Sinclair James, 18 Millar place
Speedie Bros, (cattle), Auction market,
Wallace street
Agents — Bicycle & Tricycle.
See Cycle Agents.
Agents — Coal & Colliery.
Christie James R. 20 Forth crescent
Dewar John, Wallace street
Agents— Forwarding.
Forsyth George (to Wordie & Co. Limited,
carriers). Thistle street
Wilson William (to the Caledonian rail-way)
Railway station
Wordie & Co. (railway) (George Forsyth,
agent), 3 Thistle street
Agent — House.
Simpson Andrew, 44 Murray place; TA
" Simpson "
Agent— Shipping.
Learmonth Archibald, 7 Murray place
Agricultural Engineers.
See Engineers — Agricultural.
Agricultural Implement Makers.
Kemp & Nicholson
Scoular John
Analytical Chemist.
See Chemist — Analytical.

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