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Park James D. brush manufacturer (Park Bros.), 24 Millar place
Paterson Agnes (Miss), news agent & tobacconist, 29 Up. craigs
Paterson Alexander, commercial traveller, 25 Prince's street
Paterson Alexander, solicitor, 62 Port street
Paterson James, commercial traveller, 6 Forth crescent
Paterson John, inspector of poor & clerk & collector to Parish
Council & insurance agent, Broad street
Paterson Robert, news agent, 41 Cowane street
Paton George R. arch itectu ral & cabinet
carver, 17 Lower craigs
Paton William, agent Royal Bank of Scotland, 25 King street
Paul Archibald, draper, 5 & 7 ; & res. 9 Newhouse
Pearson William, manager Public Hall, Dumbarton road
Penman Andrew, spirit dealer, 61 Port street
People's Journal Branch Office, 43 Murray place; literary depart-
ment, 11 King street
Peter Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 15 Queen street
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (John Raffan, local
sec), 16 Port street
Philip Robert B. head master of St. Ninians' board school,
23 Newhouse
Philp & Dobbie, solicitors, 3 Port street
Pinder Benjamin A. storekeeper, Forth street
Platfc & Common L.D.S.R.C.S.Edin. dental surgeons, 64 Murray pi
Piatt Leon J., L.D.S.R.C.S.Edin. surgeon-dentist, 64 Murray pi
Plenderleith George, blacksmith, 6 Upper craigs; res. 1 Allan pk
Porter Andrew, spirit dealer, 2 Lower Bridge street
Porter William, spirit dealer, 63 Port street
Public Hall (William Pearson, manager). Dumbarton road
Public Library (R. Whytc, clerk & treasurer; WilliamB.McEwan,
librarian), Exchange area
Pullar J. & Sons, dyers to the King: (Pullars
dye works, Perth), 91 Port street
Pye Janet (Mrs.), householder, 15 Millar place
Queen's Nurses' Home (Miss Forbes & Miss Jones, nurses in
attendance), 53 Murray place
Raffan John, chemist & druggist, 16 Port street
Raines & Co. Limited, steam threshers & balers, Bridge haugh
Ralston John S. confectioner (Keith & Ralston), 1 Albert place
Rayne David, grocer, 100 Cowane street; res. 14 Union street
Reid E. & J. (Misses), berlin wool repository, 32 Murray place;
res. 23 Forth place
Reid B. (Miss), confectioner, 20 Newhouse
Reid Henry, district manager National Telephone Co. Limited
Reid R. M. road surveyor for the central division of the county,
Barnton street
Reid Roderick, postmaster, Maxwell place; res. 5 Queen's road
Reid William, hosier & glover, 21 Friars street
Reid William Douglas, engineer, Callender Cable Construction
Co. Limited, Balmoral place
Reyburn William M. agent, Clydesdale Bank, King street
Richardson David, clerk, 9 F?rth crescent
Richardson Robert, news agent, 54 Barnton street
Riddle George, tobacconist, 60 Port street
River Forth District Salmon Fisheries Office (Patrick WeHh,
clerk; James McRae, inspector), County buildings
Robb Henry, solicitor, secretary & treasurer of the Stirling Com-
bination poor house (Wingate & Curror), 2 Dumbarton road;
res. 3 Abercromby place
Roberts Alexander, vintner, 29 Baker etreet
Roberts J. W. supervisor of inland revenue, Commercial Bank
buildings, Murray place
Roberts Robert, butcher, 19 Port street
Robertson Andrew & Son, coal merchants, Wallace street
Robertson James & Sons, tailors & clothiers,
16 Murray place
Robertson & Macfarlane, wholesale & retail grocers &, wine &
spirit merchants, 42 Port street & 3 & 5 Dumbarton road; T A
"Grocer, Stirling"
Robertson Jessie (Mrs.), apartments, 7 Maxwell place
Robertson John B., M.B., CM. surgeon, 6 Pitt terrace
Robertson Louis, tailor (J. Robertson & Sons), 25 Wallace street
Robertson Patrick, tailor, 55 Lower Bridge street
Robertson Robert, tailor (J. Robertson & Sons), 27 Wallace st
Robertson Thomas, coal merchant, Railway station
Robson Hugh S. agent to Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited,
79 Murray place ; res. 19 Melville terrace
Rodgers W. M. photographer (Crowe & Rodgers), 13 Victoria feq
Rogers William, fruiterer, 28 Barnton street
Ronald Tuomas, upholsterer, 46 King street
Ross F. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 96 St. Mary's wynd
Ross George, potato merchant, Hillside cottage, Glencoe road
Ross Thomas, Btone mason, Station road; res. 3 Bruce etreet
Roxburgh Alexander White, manager. 33 Millar place
Roxburgh Jean (Miss), confectioner. 7 Barnton street
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (William Paton, agent), 25
King street
Royal Infirmary (J. W. Duffus M.B. house surgeon; Donald
McFadyen M.D. consulting surgeon; Miss Peebles, matron),
Spittal street
Rubber Company of Scotland Limited (The) (R. B. Black, man-
aging director & secretary), manufacturers of India rubber
valves, sheet insertion, hose pipes, washers, joints, rings,
belting, deckle straps &c Forfhvale works ; T A " Forth-
vafe " ; T N 4
RusseJJ Ar/;A<«A{d, coal master, Polmaise collierv
Salmond Patrick, hatter, 53 Barnton street
Samuel James G. supt. Railway station, Murray place; res.
12 Prince's street
PandemanRidley,launderer(Wyllie,Sandeman & Co.),22 Forth ere*
Sanders Charles, photographer. Castle hill
Sands Alexander S. wheelwright. Raploch
Sangster Alexander S. china & glass dealer,
metal, skins, rug & waste dealer, 56 & 84 Spittal street
Scorgie Ann (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 9 & 11 Seaforth place
Scotland Thomas, painter, 25 Broad street
Scott Alexander, janitor. High school, Spittal street
Scottish Co-operation Wholesale Society Limited, mineral water
manufacturers, Abbey road
Sempill John D. procurator fiscal to the justices of the peace,
chief constable for Stirlingshire & inspector of weights &
measures for the county, County buildings; res. Broomfield
villa, Newhouse
Scoular John, agricultural engineer
Shairp William, druggist, 79 Port street
Shakespear & Chalmers, cycle makers, 32 Barnton street
Shaw John, boot & shoe maker, 37 Cowane street
Shaw William Carstairs, householder, 7 Allan park
Shearer Robert S. & Son, booksellers &c. 6 King street
Shearer John, bookseller &c. (R. Shearer & Son), Benview,.
Queen's road
Shennan Basil D. boot & shoe maker, 45 Port street
Shennan James Wilson, boot maker, 49^ Cowane street
Shirra William L. bookseller & stationer, 83 Port street; rasv
8 Albert place
Sim John, bank teller, 21 Millar place
Simpson Andrew, auctioneer, 44 Barnton street & 44 Murray
place; T A " Simpson "
Simpson Andrew, undertaker; branch funeral office, 8 Bow
street; & 44 Murray place
Simpson Ebenezer, architect, 16 King st. ; res. 14 Abercromby pi.
Simpson James, telegraph supt. 7 Dean crescent
Simpson Margaret (Miss), baby linen dealer, 18 Friars street
Simpson William, pawnbroker, 32 Bow street
Sinclair James, commission agent, 18 Millar place
Sinclair James, confectioner, 13 Murray place
Sinclair Jessie (Mrs.), spirit dealer, Newhouse
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing machine makers (Thomas/
Kinniburgh, manager), 22 Barnton street
Sloan John, steward County club, Murray place
Smart Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 17 Douglas street
Smellie William, photographer, 5 Viewfield place
Smith Andrew, schoolmaster Industrial school, 84 Baker street
Smith Charles, dairyman, Raplock
Smith Gabriel, boot maker, 41 King street
Smith Institute (Museum & Picture Gallery) (James Sword,.
curator), Dumbarton road
Smith James, tobacconist, 39 Murray place
Smith James D. manager of Gas Co. Thistle cottage, Thistle-
street; res. Bellfield road
Smith James Kemp, engineer (Kemp & Nicholson), 13 Windsor pt
Smith Robert, joiner, ll Barnton street
Smith Robert, temperance hotel, 38 Murray place
Soldiers' Memorial Home (James Campbell, hon. sec. & treas.-
Miss Maynard Frayling, lady supt.). Mar lodge
Somerville William & Valentine, ironmongers, 1 to 5 Port
street; TN 35; T A " Iron "
Somerville David, ironmonger & Iron & steel
merchant, 13 King street & 16 Dumbarton road
Somerville James, nail maker (J. & W. Somerville), 75 Newhouse-
Somerville James Watt L.D.S.Edin. dentist, 4 Viewfield place
Somerville William, ironmonger(SomervilleWilliam & Valentine),.
11 Meville terrace
Somerville William, tobacconist & news agent, 2 Barnton street;
res. 19 Forth crescent
Soutar & Co. tailors &c. 53 Murray place
Soutar u. W. tailor (Soutar & Co.), 67 Wallace street
Sowdan & Forgan, piano-forte, organ & music
sellers, 6 Murray place. Estab. 1855
Speed Archibald, ironmonger, 5 Broad street
Speedie Brothers, auctioneers & live stock
agents, Stirling auction market, Wallace street; TA
" Speedie Brothers, Stirling"; "Speedie Brothers, Cupar";
" Speedie, Glasgow "
Speirs James, grocer, 49 Cowane street
Spite Francis & Co. Limited, chemists, 56 Port street
Spittalmyre Bowling Club (John Campbell, sec), Bruce street
Station Hotel (James Lennox, proprietor), Murray place; T'jSfc
"Station Hotel. Stirling"; TN 30. See advert
Steel J. & C. & Co. brass founders, Abbey road
Steel John, plumber &c. 22 Murray place; res. Wellwood, Al-
bert place
Stevens James, hair dresser, 34 Barnton street; res. 39 Millar pi
Stevenson Brothers, Golden Lion hotel (family, commercial, post-
ing & undertaking), King street; TN 37. See advert
Stevenson Charles Preston, pianoforte, organ
& music warehouseman, agent for all leading makers, 2£
Arcade ; res. Park place. See advertisement
Stevenson Janet (Miss), dress maker, 27 Murray place
Stevenson Robert, dealer in brushes, toys & fancy goods,.
75 Port street .
Stewart D. & J. jewellers ; speciality, scotch pearls mounted or
unmounted, 22 Port street & Main st. Callender & Falkirk
Stewart Daniel, watch maker (D. & J. Stewart), 24 Dumbarton rdl
Stewart Daniel, jun. jeweller (D. & J. Stewart), 3 Coburg avenue
Stewart James, wheelwright &c. Lower craigs; res. 7 Friars st
Stewart Jane (Miss), householder, 3 Windsor place
Stewart Janet (Mrs.), milk dealer, 53 Cowane street
Stewart John, boot maker, 40 Barnton street
Stewart John, boot maker, 15 tipper craigs
Stewart John, smith, 13 Friars street
Stewart John M., M.R.C.V.S. vet. surgeon, 49 & 62 Murray plao»
Stewart Peter, apartments, 35 Dumbarton road
Stewart Peter W. Crown inn, 41 Arcade
Stirling Agricultural Society (Andrew C. Buchanan. sec. ),26Port st
Stirling Amateur Boating & Swimming Club (R. Houston, sec),
Forth side
Stirling Art School (Leonard Baker, art master; David B.
Morris, sec), held at the High school, Spittal street, in con-
nection with ine South Kensington Museum) (now called Vic-
toria & Albert Museum)
Stirling (The) Club (A. C. Buchanan, sec. & treasurer; JohD
Dunk, club master), 41 Port street
Stirling Combination Hospital (D. G. White, clerk & treasurer),.
Drip road
Stirling Co-operative Society Limited, 12. 14, 16 & 18 King
street; 36, 38 & 40 Cowane street; 37 "Upper craigs; 1 Broad
street &. butchers at 45 Cowane street
Stirling (The) Club (A. C. Buchanan, sec. & treasurer; John
Dunk, club master), 41 Port street
Stirling (The) County Club (Mungo Cochran, sec. ; John Sloan,
steward), Murray place

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